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I Lived by OneRepublic is a song that is featured in Dreams Come True, the thirteenth episode of Season Six. It is sung by the Cast of Glee.

This is the final number of the series. Sometime in 2020, Sue, now the Vice President of the United States, comes back to McKinley with Becky and invites Will, Burt, Carole, Emma, Figgins, Sheldon, and also Terri to a rededication of The Auditorium for Finn, renaming it as "Finn Hudson Auditorium". Then, Sue introduces the New Directions, as the curtain opens and shows Tina, Artie, Mercedes, Sam, and Quinn in the stage as Will joins in. Later, Kurt, Blaine, Rachel, and most of the former main and recurring members of New Directions (excluding Marley and Rory) join to sing and celebrate Glee. The song ends with everyone putting their heads down and the screen zooming out from the picture of them in the auditorium as the episode, and therefore the series, ends. Thank you for watching this video! Please comment and like!

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  • I Lived

    I Lived ist ein Song aus der dreizehnten Episode der sechsten Staffel, Träume werden wahr, und…


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