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Trouty Mouth is an original song featured in Original Song, the sixteenth episode of Season Two. It is sung by Santana. She is accompanied by Tina on the piano. Before being able to finish the song, Sam interrupts, angry and offended with the constant mouth jokes. Santana wrote this song with help from Tina.

After the New Directions discover that they are forbidden to sing My Chemical Romance's Sing, Rachel suggests that they should write original songs for Regionals as it will increase their chances of winning. Santana protests when Rachel and Quinn offer to write one, saying that all of them should have the chance to write their own songs. Thus, Will assigns them to write original songs.

After Will rejects Hell To The No as a song for Regionals, Santana again offers "Trouty Mouth," saying she has written another verse for the song (though Sam objects by holding up a "Hell No" sign). The additional verse was not performed, or included, in the version released on iTunes.


Santana: Guppy Face, Trouty Mouth, Is that how people's lips look where you come from in the South?

Grouper Mouth, Froggy Lips, I love suckin' on those salamander lips.

Wanna put a fish hook in those lips, so cherry red If you tried hard enough, you could suck a baby's head!

Whoo! Oh, yeah-eah, yeah.

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    Trouty Mouth ist ein Song aus der sechzehten Episode der zweiten Staffel, Unsere eigenen Songs…


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