It's 10 am, and I'm drunk
Interpretada por: April Rhodes
Solos: April
Episodio: Eliminada del Capitulo Rumours

It's 10 am, and I'm drunk es una canción original interpretada por April Rhodes que probablemente fue planeada para aparecer en el capitulo Rumours, pero no fue así. Esta canción es el primer y único solo de April, pero aun así no fue lanzada oficialmente.

Contexto de la canciónEditar

Es claramente una canción escrita por el alcoholismo de April, por lo que se deduce que seria parte de su musical "CrossRhodes"


Officer why the third degree?
Told ya, I've been drunk since a quarter 'til three
On rum and coke and some pink Chablis
I'm drunk in the mornin' that's the way that I be
I'm drunk when I wake and then I'm drunk when I dine
I'm drunk when I hit the unemployment line
Lost my job when I asked my boss to pay me in wine
So depressed when I'm sober
When I'm drunk it's cloud nine
Oprah's not even on yet, and I can barely stand
I drink booze that's been bottled, I drink booze from a can
And I puke in my shoes and in my baby grand
I got hooch shootin' out of my mammary glands!
It's 10 A.M. and I'm drunk as a skunk
Eggs, bacon and booze
That's why I've got so much spunk
Ain't no sobriety test th I haven't flunked
I've tried bein' sober, let me tell you, that stunk
And now it's not even noon and I'm drunk!
I tried bein' sober that really stunk
Now it's 10 A.M. and I'm drunk


It's 10 AM & I'm Drunk - Glee (Audio)

It's 10 AM & I'm Drunk - Glee (Audio)

It's 10 AM & I'm Drunk - Glee (Audio)

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