One Love
Álbum: Glee: The Music, Volume 4
De: Bob Marley
Interpretada por: Puck y Artie
Solos: Noah Puckerman, Artie Abrams
Lugar: Patio del William McKinley High School
Episodio: Never Been Kissed

One Love es una canción presentada en el episodio Never Been Kissed. La versión original pertenece a Bob Marley, de su álbum Exodus. Fue cantada por Puck y Artie en el patio trasero del William McKinley High School. Puck canta esta canción con Artie pidiendo propinas y obligando a todos los estudiantes que estaban alli a dar dinero, en un intento de "enseñarle" a Artie como "se hacen las cosas"


One Love
One Heart
Let's get together and feel all right.

Artie (Puck):
Hear the children cryin' (One Love)
Hear the children cryin' (One Heart)

Puck y Artie (Puck):
Sayin' give thanks and praise to the Lord
And I will feel all right,
(Sayin') let's get together and feel all right

Let them all pass all their
dirty remarks,
There is one question
I'd really love to ask.

One heart
Is there a place
for the hopeless sinner,
Who has hurt all mankind
just to save his own?
Believe me

Artie (Puck):
One Love. (What about the One Heart?)
One Heart (What about Love?)
Let's get (con Puck:together and Feel all right)
As it was in the beginning (One love)
So shall it be in the end (One Heart)
All right

Puck (Con Artie):
Give thanks and praise to the Lord (Artie:Oh)
(And I will feel all right.)

Puck y Artie:
Let's get together and feel all right.

Puck (Artie):
One more thing,
Let's get together
to fight this Holy Armagedeon (One Love)
So when the Man comes
there will be no,no doom.

One Song.
Have pity on those
whose chances grows thinner,
There ain't no hiding place
from the Father of Creation,

Artie y Puck:
One Love.

What about the One Heart?

Puck (Artie):
One Heart. (Oh)
What about the..

Artie (con Puck)
Let's get (together and
feel all right)

Artie (Puck)
I'm pleadin' to mankind. (One Love)
Oh what about the One Heart? (One heart)

Puck (con Artie)
(Give thanks)
and praise to the Lord,

Artie y Puck:
And I will feel all right (Artie:Yeah)
Let's get together and feel all right.

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U.S. Billboard Hot 100 41


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