Ride Wit Me
07x02 Ride Wit Me
De: Nelly
Interpretada por: New Directions
Lugar: Sala de Música
Episodio: Throwdown

Ride Wit Me, en español Avanza Conmigo, es una canción presentada en el episodio Throwdown. Fue cantada brevemente por todos los miembros de New Directions quienes se extrañaban unos entre otros porque Sue los había separado y les dijo que no se hablaran. Finn tocaba la batería y Puck la guitarra. La versión original pertenece a Nelly.


New Directions:
Hey, oh, Hey Oh!

Where they at where they at,
Where they at where they at,
Where they at where they at,
Where they at come on now

New Directions (New Directions):
If you wanna go and take a ride wit me
We three-wheelin' in the fo' with the gold D's
Oh why do I live this way?
(Hey) Must be the money!

In the club on the late night, feelin' right
Lookin' tryin' to spot somethin' real nice
Lookin' for a little shorty hot and horny
So that I can take home (I can take home)

She can be 18 (18) wit an attitude
Or 19 kinda snotty actin' real rude
But as long as you a thicky thicky thick
Girl you know that it's on (Know that it's on)

I peep something comin' towards me up the dance floor
Sexy and real slow (Hey)
Sayin' she was peepin' and I dig the last video
So when Nelly, can we go; how could I tell her no?
Her measurements were 36-25-34

New Directions:
I like the way you brush your hair
And I like those stylish clothes you wear
I like the way the light hit the ice and glare
And I can see you moving way over there



Ride With Me - Glee (Audio)

Ride With Me - Glee (Audio)

Ride With Me - Glee (Audio)

Glee - Ride With Me

Glee - Ride With Me


Nelly - Ride Wit Me ft. St

Nelly - Ride Wit Me ft. St. Lunatics

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