Beauty School Drop Out
Album: Glee: The Music Presents Glease
Rilascio: 6 novembre 2012
Di: Grease
Cover di: Blaine Anderson
Luogo: The April Rhodes Civic Pavilion
Episodio: Glease

Beauty School Drop Out è una canzone del musical Grease presente nell'episodio Glease, il sesto della quarta stagione. Dopo l'incontro imbarazzante tra Kurt, Rachel, Blaine e Finn, Rachel e Kurt si abbracciano dopo Kurt dice che era stata cattiva idea andare a vedere il musical. Inzia Beauty School Drop Out. Il pubblico applaude, Finn e Artie guardano in soggezione.

Blaine si trova alla cima delle scale, come L'angelo dei giovani. Blaine inizia a cantare. Sugar interpreta Frenchie ed è molto sorpresa. Will è tra il pubblico. I riflettori sono su Blaine e cammina per le scale. Le ragazze delle Nuove Direzioni ballare attorno a lui con i bigodini nei capelli, esattamente come in Grease. Blaine prende il manto di Sugar che cade a faccia in giù sul divano. Rachel e Kurt si guardano con soddisfazione. Blaine poi si siede accanto a Sugar mentre continua a cantare. Blaine canta, il suo sguardo viene fermato quando vede Kurt, e verso il basso. Rachel guarda verso Kurt, dato che si rende conto che Blaine ha guardato verso di lui. Verso la fine della canzone, Blaine lascia andare le mani di Suagr e sale le scale, ancora guardando Kurt. I riflettori si spengono il Blaine, Sugar sviene e il pubblico applaude, Finn è impressionato. Blaine guarda verso il pubblico, verso Kurt.


Your story sad to tell
A teenage never do well
Most mixed up non-delinquent on the block

your futures so unclear now
what's left of your career now
can't even get a trade in on your smile
beauty school dropout
no graduation day for you
beauty school dropout
missed your mid-terms and flunked shampoo
well at least you could have taken time,
to wash and clean your clothes up
after spending all that dough,
to have the doctor fix your nose up

better get movin
why keep your feeble hopes alive
what are you provin
you've got the dream but not the drive

if you go for your diploma you could join the steno pool
turn in your teasin' comb and go back to high school

beauty school dropout
hanging around the corner store
beauty school dropout
it's about time you knew the score

well they couldn't teach you anything
you think you're such a looker
but no customer will go to you
unless she was a hooker

baby don't sweat it
you're not cut out to hold a job
better forget it
who wants their hair done by a slob

now your bangs are curled your lashes twirled,
but still the world is cruel
wipe off that angel face and go back to high school

baby don't blow it
don't put my good advice to shame
baby you know it
even dear Abby'd say the same

now I've called the shot,
get off the pot, I really gotta fly
gotta be going to that malt shop in the sky

beauty school dropout (beauty school dropout)
go back to high school
beauty school dropout (beauty school dropout)
go back to high school
beauty school dropout (beauty school dropout)
go back to high school

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Glease - Beauty School Drop Out

Glease - Beauty School Drop Out

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GLEE - Full Performance of "Beauty School Dropout"

GLEE - Full Performance of "Beauty School Dropout"

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