La seguente è una lista delle canzoni originali cantate in Glee, in genere scritte dal produttore musicale della serie Adam Anders e pochi altri. In rari casi sono state composte da alcuni attori. E' il caso di Still Got Tonight, cantata da Will nella Seconda Stagione e scritta dall'attore che interpreta tale personaggio, Matthew Morrison; Colorblind, cantata da Mercedes e scritta da Amber Riley; Rise e This Time, scritte da Darren Criss (l'attore che interpreta Blaine Anderson) e cantate rispettivamente dalle Nuove Direzioni e da Rachel nella Sesta Stagione.

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Prima Stagione

Immagine Titolo della canzone Scritta da Cantata da Episodio
200px Mckinley, Hey! Mercedes Jones Mercedes Jones Wheels

Mckinley, Hey! is a first original song written by Mercedes Jones. She sings it in a audition for Cherriors, and then she rejected by Sue.

Seconda Stagione

Immagine Titolo Scritta da Cantata da Episodio
200px My Headband Rachel Berry Rachel Berry Blame It on the Alcohol

My Headband is the first original song written by Rachel. She writes the song after being encouraged to write an original song by Finn in Comeback. In Blame It on the Alcohol, Rachel performs the song for Finn. She believes the song is a hit, and tells him that she wrote it because it was a topic she was familiar with, but Finn tells her the song is bad and not very emotional, and that Rachel needs to do 'a little living' before she can write an anthem. In Original Song, Brittany says that My Headband is her favorite song.

200px Only Child Rachel Berry Rachel Berry Original Song

Only Child is the second original song written by Rachel. She first performs it for Finn in the episode Original Song, and gives him a box of tissues, telling him that it is very emotional and that he should not be ashamed to cry. After the performance, Rachel tells him the song title, which Finn had already assumed based on the lyrics. He tells her it is an improvement from My Headband, but that the song still shows no painful emotion, and that he cannot feel it when she sings it. Rachel is then frustrated with Finn and questions if he's ever struggled to write a song.

200px Trouty Mouth Santana Lopez e Tina Cohen-Chang Santana Lopez

Trouty Mouth is an original song written by Santana and Tina for Sam after the Glee Club is assigned to write original music. Santana also writes the song in spite of being turned down by Brittany in the episode, Sexy. Santana performs the song in Original Song, accompanied by Tina on the piano. Sam interrupts their performance, angry with her offensive lyrics and song title. Will agrees with Sam's argument, saying that the song has not got the epic feel needed for regionals. Santana and Tina are offended by this. After Mercedes' performance of Hell to the No, Santana says she has written another verse of Trouty Mouth, and Sam holds up a 'HELL NO' sign in protest.

200px Big Ass Heart Noah Puckerman Noah Puckerman

Big Ass Heart is an original song written by Puck for Lauren after the Glee Club is assigned to write original music. He performs the song after Santana's performance of Trouty Mouth in Original Song. He introduces the song as "Big Ass," to Lauren's dismay, but finishes the title with "Heart." Lauren and the rest of New Directions enjoy the song, including Sam, to Santana's dismay because he did not like her original song for him. However, Will still doesn't think the song is good enough for regionals.

Helltotheno Hell to the No Mercedes Jones Mercedes Jones e le ragazze delle ND

Hell to the No is an original song written by Mercedes after the Glee Club is assigned to write original music. The New Direction's girls, excluding Quinn and Rachel, provide backing vocals. The song is received positively by her fellow Glee Club members, including Mr. Schuester, but he still thinks that it isn't regionals material, saying that the song does not come from a place of pain and does not show true emotion.

200px Get It Right Rachel Berry Rachel Berry con Brittany Pierce e Tina Cohen-Chang

Get It Right is the third original song written by Rachel Berry. She writes the song in Original Song, prior to regionals after being scolded by Quinn for still having feelings for Finn. The song is about him, and is inspired by the things Quinn said to her. Finn tells her that he likes the song, meaning she has finally done what she has wanted to for several weeks. She performs the song at regionals, with Tina and Brittany on backing vocals. The song is received positively by the crowd, leaving Rachel pleased, just in time for the following performance, Loser Like Me.

200px Loser Like Me Nuove Direzioni Nuove Direzioni

Loser Like Me is an original song written by New Directions, excluding Quinn and Rachel, in the episode Original Song. The song is inspired by Sue's hate for the Glee Club, along with many other negative attitudes towards it. Will comes up with the name after Santana tells him that Sue put dirt in Brittany and her lockers, Mercedes tells him that she threw sticks at her, and finally when Tina tells him that she called the Ohio Secretary of State saying she was Tina and that she wanted to legally change her name to Tina Cohen-Loser. New Directions perform the song at regionals, after Rachel's performance of Get It Right. During the performance, Sue seems to realize that the song is inspired by her. After winning the competition, Rachel tells her fellow club members that the song was amazing and that it inspired her.

200px Fonduta Per Due Brittany Pierce Brittany Pierce Rumours

Fondue For Two is an original song written by Brittany to be the theme song for her web show of the same name.

In What the World Needs Now, an alternate version of this song called Queso por dos is used, featuring Spanish lyrics.

200px Nice to Meet You, Have I Slept with You? April Rhodes April Rhodes e Will Schuester

Nice To Meet You, Have I Slept With You? is a song that April wrote for her Broadway Show Crossrhodes: The April Rhodes Story.

200px It's 10 am and I'm Drunk April (?) April Rhodes

It's 10AM and I'm Drunk is a song which was supposed to be featured in Rumours, but got cut from the episode. As it was cut from the episode it is unknown who wrote the song.

200px As Long as You're There N/D Sunshine Corazon coi Vocal Adrenaline New York

As Long as You're There is an original song that was performed by Vocal Adrenaline in New York. It is sung as a competitive entry for the National Show Choir Championship. This performance placed Vocal Adrenaline in the Top 10 for the Showcase.

200px My Cup Brittany Pierce Artie Abrams e Brittany Pierce

My Cup is an original song written by Brittany and performed with Artie. During the performance, the group looks on at the pair with confused looks on their faces, and Santana is seen laughing during the performance. This leads Quinn and Puck to coming up with the idea to leave the hotel room and explore New York City.

The song is briefly reprised in Season Four's episode All or Nothing, where it is once again sung by Brittany and Artie.

Pretending Pretending Finn Hudson Finn Hudson e Rachel Berry

Pretending is a ballad written by Finn that is sung by both himself and Rachel. During the performance, their chemistry flares up resulting in an unplanned kiss right as the performance ends. This kiss costs them Nationals and puts them in twelfth place because it was inappropriate to the judges.

200px Light Up the World Nuove Direzioni Nuove Direzioni

Light Up The World is an original song performed by New Directions at Nationals. It's sung after Pretending. The setlist didn't place them in the top 10, with them placing 12th, leaving the New Directions distraught.

Terza Stagione

Image Title Written by Performer(s) Episode
200px I Am a Shining Star Sugar Motta Shelby Corcoran and Sugar Motta I Am Unicorn

I Am a Shining Star is an original song featured in I Am Unicorn, the second episode of Season Three. It is sung by Shelby and Sugar.

Sugar is practicing with Shelby, but is completely ignorant of the fact that she sounds terrible. After a while, a frustrated Shelby stops her and begins to sing, asking if Sugar can hear the difference. Sugar, however, believes she sounds better than Shelby.

200px Extraordinary Merry Christmas N/A Blaine Anderson and Rachel Berry Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Extraordinary Merry Christmas is an original song performed by Blaine Anderson and Rachel Berry for the Christmas special, because Artie (the director of the special) wanted a more cheerful happy song.

200px Christmas Eve with You N/A Emma Pillsbury and Will Schuester N/A

Christmas Eve with You is an original song sung by Will Schuester and Emma Pillsbury. This song was featured on the second Christmas album but was not performed on the show. It is the first original song that hasn't appeared on the show without a reason. Other original songs that were not featured were cut because of time constraints.

Season Four

Image Title Written by Performer(s) Episode
200px Busters Get Popped Stoner Brett Stoner Brett The New Rachel

Busters Get Popped is an original song performed by Stoner Brett as an audition song to New Directions, while they were searching for new members. His audition was unsuccessful.

200px Outcast Marley Rose New Directions Sweet Dreams

Outcast is an original song performed by New Directions with Jake, Kitty, Marley, Ryder and Unique on lead. It is written by Marley.

200px All or Nothing Marley Rose Blaine Anderson and Marley Rose All or Nothing

All or Nothing is an original song performed by New Directions, with Blaine and Marley singing lead. It is performed as part of their setlist for the 2013 Midwest Regional Championship.

Season Five

Image Title Written by Performer(s) Episode
200px Glitter Rock Vampire Blaine Anderson and Elliott Gilbert Blaine Anderson and Elliott Gilbert New New York

Glitter Rock Vampire is sung by Blaine and Elliott as a way to calm Blaine down after stressing about Kurt and Elliott's friendship.

200px Shakin' My Head Mercedes Jones Mercedes Jones The Untitled Rachel Berry Project

Shakin' My Head is an original song, sung by Mercedes. It is most likely one of Mercedes songs off her debut album, Park and Bark. The performance takes place in a New York Shopping Mall at the beginning of Mercedes' Nationwide Mall Tour. Brittany is one of the dancers and back-up singers for this song.

Sesta Stagione

Immagine Titolo Scritta da Cantata da Episodio
File:Tumblr inline njfjxsf6dc1qmks8t.png
Queso Por Dos Brittany Pierce  Brittany Pierce What the World Needs Now
Queso por Dos is an original song. Brittany sings a Spanish version of Fondue for Two since her guest is Santana's grandmother. She also speaks a little Spanish for her episode. The translated lyrics are very similar in meaning with those of the original version.
Rise Warblers ND
Rise N/D New Directions The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester
Rise is an original song performed by New Directions with Head Warbler, Jane, Kitty, Madison, Mason, Spencer, Roderick and Super Gay Warbler on lead.
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