The 2011 National Show Choir Championship was a competition in which show choirs all across America competed to become the National Champion. The Show choirs had to win their Sectionals and Regionals first to qualify. The New DirectionsSingaz Wit Attitude, and Vocal Adrenaline and 47 unknown glee clubs compete during New York, the twenty-second and final episode of Season Two.

As far as seen, an unnamed All-Girls Show Choir (rumoured to be Singaz Wit Attitude) performed Yeah! by Usher featuring Lil' Jon and Ludacris, Vocal Adrenaline performed an original song called As Long as You're There and the New Directions performed their original songs called Pretending and Light Up the World.

After all the performances have finished only ten teams moved on to the Showcase, where they competed for the National Championship although when New Directions won the 2012 Show Choir National Championships, they didn't go on to showcase and it wasn't listed from 1st to 10th place and instead the winners were announced on stage just like Sectionals and Regionals.


Singaz Wit Attitude

Vocal Adrenaline

New Directions


Name Place
Portland Scale Blazers 1st
Vocal Adrenaline 2nd
The Waffletoots 3rd
Singaz Wit Attitude 4th
Jefferson City Airplane 5th
Twelve Steps 6th
Vocal Chords 7th
Soundsplosion 8th
Teenage Scream 9th
Vocal Extreme 10th
New Directions 12th

Note: The black line separates the show choirs who made it to Showcase and those who didn't.


  • The Nationals Theater is actually the Terrace Theater in Long Beach, California. So they didn't actually perform in New York.



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