Al Motta is the father of Sugar. He made his one-episode debut in I Am Unicorn, the second episode of Season Three. He was previously mentioned in the prior episode, The Purple Piano Project.

He is portrayed by Rick Pasqualone.


Season Three

The Purple Piano Project

Since Mr. Motta loves the arts, he donates three repossessed pianos from his store, "Motta's Pianos" to the Glee Club. It is also revealed that he is Sugar Motta's father.

I Am Unicorn

Mr. Motta makes a private donation to McKinley High, so they can afford a second Glee Club (later called "The Troubletones") starring his daughter Sugar, since she was rejected from New Directions in The Purple Piano Project when she auditioned with Big Spender. He also pays to have Shelby Corcoran tracked down so she can come and direct the new Glee Club since she is "The best show choir director money can buy." This is the first and last time Al Motta is seen in Season Three and he doesn't make an appearance at all in Season Four.


Al was mentioned by Sugar reminding everyone that he isn't in the Mafia. 


It can be assumed that Al Motta is a generous man, since he willingly donates three pianos to the Glee Club. He loves his daughter so much that he pays for a second Glee Club just for her, the Troubletones, and a very extravagant party. He calls her a "super-nova", suggesting he has great faith and belief in his daughter. It can be assumed that he is very wealthy, although perhaps by questionable means; in Heart, it is suggested that he is in the Mafia.



  • Sugar was supposed to sing Sugar, Sugar to him and the Glee Club, but Santana would have stopped the performance because it was terrible.


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