Anthony Rashad is a member of the Titans, who appears to be on good terms with the New Directions. He only appears in The Substitute, the seventh episode of Season Two, when Kurt announces to Mercedes that he has set her up on a date with him.

He is portrayed by Darrel Davenport.


Season Two

The Substitute

His first appearance was in The Substitute when Kurt announces in the lunchroom that he has found Mercedes a guy. Although Mercedes thinks he is cute, she seems to be offended, and accuses Kurt of setting them up because they are both black. Kurt counters that because he's noted Mercedes isolating herself more, obsessed over tater tots, and trying to use her friendship with him as an alternative to trying to find a boyfriend. She eventually concludes he is right and agrees to talk with Anthony.


Mercedes Jones

Mercedes waving to Anthony

Mercedes waving to Anthony in the lunchroom.

In The Substitute, Kurt's new friendship with Blaine begins to take up more of his time, and he grows concerned that Mercedes is feeling left out. Kurt attempts to set her up with Anthony, a member of the football team who he seems to be on good terms with. Anthony seems interested in Mercedes; he smiles at her when she looks in his direction. She responds by smiling and waving in greeting. Mercedes is at first reluctant to talk to him, but after Kurt voices his concerns about her recent behavior regarding tater-tots, Mercedes decides to take a chance on Anthony. By the time Valentine's Day comes around, Mercedes is saying that it is best if she is single for awhile and that she doesn't need a man. It is unclear if Mercedes and Anthony ever did go out, if they simply had a bad date and broke it off, or if they simply never spoke to each other even though they were set up together.



  • He is the first person on Glee to have a crush on Mercedes since Puck only used her.
  • He is only mentioned once after his debut in The Substitute.

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