Aphasia is a student at Jane Addams Academy. She is a skilled robber and pick-pocketer who was charged with robbing a bank. In Hairography, the eleventh episode of Season One, she is caught pick-pocketing Will's wallet by her choir director, Grace Hitchens.

She is portrayed by actress Telisha Shaw.


Season One


Aphasia is in Ms. Hitchens' office being told off for a misdemeanour. She's asked why she tried to rob a bank and replies sassily with "Because, Ms. Hitchens, that's where they keep the money." On her way back to class, she steals Will's wallet just by brushing past him, but has to return it to him. Even though he almost lost his wallet, Will is impressed by her skill. In the song Bootylicious, Aphasia is lead the back-up vocal for Shadonza, she was also mentioned in the lyrics.


She is very sarcastic and usually grumpy and angry. Aphasia usually rolls her eyes when she gets told off for breaking the rules.


Back-up singing
Season One
Song Episode Sung by Backup with
Bootylicious Hairography Shadonda N/A



  • Aphasia, ironically, is the medical term used to describe a disability with communication.



Grace Hitchens: You're a good kid, Aphasia. Why did you try to rob a bank?
Aphasia: Because, Ms. Hitchens, that's where they keep the money.

—Aphasia and Grace Hitchens, Hairography

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