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Be proud of who you are.

—Blaine Anderson, Dreams Come True

Blaine Devon Anderson is a major character on Glee. He is an alumnus of McKinley High School and former Dalton Academy student. Blaine makes his debut in Season 2, in the episode Never Been Kissed as the lead singer of the Dalton Academy Warblers, but later transfers to William McKinley High School at the beginning of Season Three. Blaine is openly gay and is now married to Kurt Hummel as of the episode A Wedding. Despite revealing his infidelity in The Break-Up, Kurt eventually decides to forgive him. Blaine goes on to propose to Kurt at the beginning of Season Five. In New Directions, it is revealed he has been accepted into NYADA and, in the same episode, he graduates from McKinley, along with Tina, Artie, Becky, Brittany, and Sam. It is revealed in Season Six premiere that the engagement was called off and he was cut from NYADA after his grades slip because he is depressed, and he started dating Dave Karofsky afterward. He was working at Dalton Academy as the coach of the Warblers until Dalton Academy burned to the ground with nothing left to save, so he joins New Directions alongside Kurt, Rachel, and Will as a new co-director, while the Warblers join New Directions as well. Karofsky broke it off with Blaine when he realized their 'time was up' after Kurt came back to Lima. Blaine and Kurt finally got married in the final season.

He was a recurring character introduced in Season 2 but was promoted to the main cast in Season 3 onwards. He is portrayed by actor and singer-songwriter Darren Criss.




Blaine is implied to come from a wealthy family because he tells Kurt that not everyone can afford to attend Dalton, implying that he can. His older brother, Cooper, was very critical and domineering when they were young, and it is implied that Blaine is not very close to his father because of his sexuality. Before moving to Dalton Academy, Blaine went to a public school where he was constantly bullied because of his sexuality. Just after he came out, he attended a Sadie Hawkins dance with a friend who was the only other openly gay student at his school. While waiting for his friend's dad to pick them up, he and his friend were jumped by homophobic bullies and were beaten mercilessly. Blaine then decided to transfer to Dalton because of their zero-tolerance bullying policy and has soon gained a lot more confidence since.



Blaine singing Teenage Dream.

Never Been Kissed

Blaine first appears at Dalton Academy, where he runs into Kurt, who is trying to spy on the school's glee club. After leading him down a shortcut to the senior commons, it is revealed that Blaine is the lead singer of the Warblers during a performance of Teenage Dream. Kurt and Blaine later have coffee with Wes and David where Blaine accurately guesses that Kurt is having trouble with bullies at McKinley High. He then gives him advice to stay strong and stand up to Karofsky. Blaine is later approached by Kurt again to confront Karofsky, after his first confrontation ended with Karofsky unexpectedly kissing him. However, Karofsky becomes violently defensive, pushing Blaine against a fence, and leaves. Kurt becomes saddened about Karofsky being his first kiss that "counted." In hopes to cheer him up, Blaine takes Kurt out to lunch and Kurt begins to see Blaine as a role model.

The Substitute

Blaine and Kurt have become very close friends as Kurt even breaks plans to hang out with his best friend, Mercedes. After doing this a second time, Kurt invites Mercedes to a dinner with Blaine at Breadstix where Blaine reveals a little about himself, such as his love for Vogue, his stance on politics involving the gay community, and his love for college football. It is then clear that Kurt is too immersed with Blaine to even spend time with his friend.

Special Education

Blaine tries to help Kurt acclimate to the customs of Dalton Academy and seemingly aloof Warblers. After Kurt unsuccessfully auditions for a solo at Sectionals with Don't Cry for Me Argentina, Blaine advises Kurt to not try to stick out so much. When Kurt's ward, Pavarotti, appears to have fallen ill, he asks for Blaine's help. Blaine then explains that Pavarotti is merely molting, and tells him that he has "got food, water, he seems to like his cage. Just give it a little while. He'll be singing again in no time," which can be taken as a metaphor for Kurt. The Warblers went on to perform Hey, Soul Sister at Sectionals and tied for first place with the New Directions.

A Very Glee Christmas

Tumblr mxfym8xHkD1qgrxsfo2 250

Kurt and Blaine singing Baby, It's Cold Outside

While Kurt studies in one of the commons, Blaine pops in and tells him that he is studying too much and convinces Kurt to help him rehearse a duet he is doing for an off-campus performance. After they both finish singing Baby, It's Cold Outside, Blaine asserts that his female partner will definitely not be as good as Kurt, leaving Kurt smiling. When Blaine leaves, Will, visiting from Lima to ask Kurt for advice on getting a gift for Sue, asks Kurt if Blaine is someone special. Kurt lets him know that he and Blaine are just friends, but admits that he is in love with him.

The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

After practicing a sassy number of Bills, Bills, Bills with the Warblers for Regionals, Blaine and Kurt have coffee with Rachel and Mercedes at The Lima Bean. When the girls let them know their problems at McKinley and how the football team is down several players, Blaine reveals that the football team only needs four more members to compete. Later on, he attends the McKinley Championship football game with Kurt where he watches the girls playing football with the guys and is later seen enjoying the performance of Thriller/Heads Will Roll.

Silly Love Songs

Blaine jeremiah

Blaine serenading Jeremiah.

Blaine is out with Kurt at The Lima Bean once again, exchanging opinions on Valentine's Day, which he admits is his favorite holiday. He also tells to Kurt that he has a crush on a guy and asks his advice on if it would be too cheesy if he sang his feelings to . At this point, Kurt assumes that it is him Blaine was referring to and happily encourages Blaine. During an emergency Warbler council meeting, Blaine reveals that he is in love with the junior manager of the Gap at the local mall, much to Kurt's shock, and wants to serenade his crush with help from the Warblers. Blaine serenades his crush, Jeremiah, at the mall by singing a rather inappropriate song, When I Get You Alone, with Kurt and the Warblers. After the performance, Blaine anxiously waits for Jeremiah with Kurt outside. When Jeremiah comes out, he rebuffs Blaine's feelings and tells him that he was not only outed by the performance, but fired from his job as well. Jeremiah then mentions that a relationship between the two would not work, since Blaine is a minor and it would be an illegal.


Blaine and the Warblers singing Silly Love Songs

Heartbroken, Blaine becomes more cynical towards Valentine's Day, lamenting over the fact that he made the relationship all up in his head. Frustrated with Blaine's obliviousness, Kurt then reveals to Blaine that he has feelings for him and that he believed that all the flirting between them meant something more. Blaine then admits that he is clueless and cares about Kurt, but wants them to remain friends since he is inexperienced at dating. Kurt accepts this and compares their relationship to the film When Harry Met Sally, in which the two main characters ended up together. Blaine and Kurt are then seen at the end of the episode, performing Silly Love Songs with the Warblers for the crowd at Breadstix, including Kurt's friends.

Blame It on the Alcohol


Blaine during Spin the Bottle.

Blaine attends Rachel's basement party with Kurt where Blaine gets really drunk and ends up making out with Rachel during a game of spin the bottle. Afterwards, Blaine and Rachel sing Don't You Want Me on Rachel's makeshift Oscar stage. Because Blaine was so drunk and unable, Kurt lets him sleep at his house where he is discovered the next morning in Kurt's bed by Kurt's father, Burt. While Blaine is out on another coffee date with Kurt, Rachel calls Blaine and asks him out, to which he accepts. Blaine then begins to question his sexuality, to which Kurt dismisses that bisexuality does not exist. Blaine gets upset at Kurt for not understanding his confusion and accuses Kurt of acting like Karofsky, storming out afterwards. Blaine agrees to date Rachel, but Rachel tells Kurt that while the date was lovely, there was no kiss at the end like she had expected. After Kurt mocks the date for being too gay, Rachel bets that she can kiss Blaine, while sober, to prove that he is at least bisexual. However, when she actually does kiss Blaine, he confirms that he is without a doubt "100% gay." Rachel does not take the news badly, as she believes it would be perfect drama and inspiration for writing an original song.


Sue visits Kurt at the Lima Bean, where he is having coffee with Blaine. In an effort to form an alliance, Sue tells them about how New Directions are set to perform "sexy numbers" and encourages them to outsex them to impress the judges at Regionals. Despite Kurt being dismissive, Blaine immediately decides that the Warblers need to be sexier. He invites the girls from Dalton's sister school, Crawford Country Day, to view a Warbler performance of Animal to test their sex appeal. During the performance, Blaine notices how awkward Kurt's sexy faces are and tells him he needs lessons on how to look sexy. However, Kurt's lack of sexual knowledge causes a rift between them and Blaine believes that extra steps need to be taken. Blaine approaches Burt at his auto shop and boldly asks him to give Kurt "the talk." Sensing that Burt is uncomfortable, Blaine confides to him that his relationship with his father is not the same as Burt's with Kurt. He tells him that he worked on a car with his father because he believed his father wanted him to get his hands dirty to make him straight. He also reveals that his father never had "the talk" with him and he had to search himself. He advises Burt to initiate the sex discussion because he fears that Kurt will be ill-informed due to him shying away from the subject.

Original Song


Blaine during Blackbird.

Blaine opens the episode, singing lead in Misery, where an unimpressed Kurt tries to ignore him. After the performance, Kurt tells him that sometimes it feels that they are not The Warblers, but "Blaine and The Pips." Blaine then rebuffs this claim by saying the council decides who sings. During a meeting with the Warblers, Kurt informs everyone that Pavarotti has died and sings Blackbird as an ode to their fallen ward. It is then that Blaine realizes that he is in love with Kurt. At the next meeting, Blaine proposes that they try something different and pitches a duet with him and Kurt for Regionals, much to Kurt's surprise. The Warblers follow Blaine's lead and calls for a vote where they unanimously decide that Blaine and Kurt will perform the duet together. Blaine later interrupts Kurt decorating Pavarotti's casket to rehearse their duet. Blaine finally tells Kurt how he feels and admits that he wants to be with Kurt. He tells him that Kurt moves him and leans in for their first kiss. Blaine backs away, bashful, and remarks that they should practice. Kurt impishly replies, "I thought we were," and both boys initiate a more passionate second kiss. At the Regionals competition, Blaine and Kurt perform Candles and Blaine ends the performance with Raise Your Glass. In the end, they do not win at Regionals, mostly due to one of the judges' homophobic views, and New Directions advance to Nationals. Afterwards, Blaine and Kurt bury Pavarotti and Blaine says that despite their loss, they still have each other. They hold hands as they walk away from Pavarotti's grave.

A Night of Neglect

Blaine goes with Kurt to McKinley for the benefit concert New Directions is holding for the The Brainiacs. He comments that Kurt seems to miss McKinley. The pair are then interrupted by Karofsky, who starts insulting their presence at the school. Blaine then bravely stands up to Karofsky and shoves him. Karofsky then shoves Blaine back and before things can escalate, Santana intervenes and threatens Karofsky to leave them alone. Blaine and Kurt are revealed to be the only ones, other than The Heckling Club, attending the concert. Despite this, they enjoy the performances and support Kurt's friends.

Born This Way

Blaine joins Kurt and his friends Mercedes, Santana and Tina at the Lima Bean to discuss the possibility of Kurt transferring back to McKinley. Blaine chimes in saying that if it was not for Karofsky, he would be all for it and that he just wants Kurt to be safe. This helps Santana cook up a scheme to get Kurt back to McKinley and win prom queen. When Santana's plan works and Kurt transfers, Blaine decides to serenade him with Somewhere Only We Know in the McKinley courtyard with the Warblers as a way to say goodbye. As the song ends, Kurt hugs Blaine, tears in both their eyes. During the hug, Kurt tells him that he will never say goodbye to him. Blaine takes one last look at Kurt as he joins his friends, knowing he will be happy with his friends, and leaves.

Prom Queen


"Excuse me. May I have this dance?"

Blaine and Kurt are having dinner at Breadstix where Kurt asks Blaine out to his junior prom. Blaine is reluctant to go at first and reveals that he once asked a guy out to a Sadie Hawkins dance at his old school and three guys had beaten them up. Kurt tells him that he does not have to go if he does not feel comfortable. Touched, Blaine agrees to go to prom with Kurt. Later, at Kurt's house, Kurt shows Blaine, Finn and Burt the outfit he plans to wear to prom: a kilt. Blaine then agrees with Burt when he tells Kurt that kilt is attracting unwanted attention. Kurt gets defensive and says he will go to prom in his kilt with or without Blaine. At the prom, Blaine and Kurt dance to Puck, Sam and Artie's energetic performance of Friday, but decide to skip the slow dance to Rachel's Jar of Hearts, fearing backlash. Blaine performs next with Brittany and Tina, singing I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You. During his performance, a fight breaks out between Finn and Jesse St. James over Rachel. In a shocking twist, Kurt finds that he has been voted prom queen as a cruel joke with Karofsky being the prom king. Blaine chases Kurt into the hall after he runs away, hurt over the fact that the students decided to humiliate him. While in the hallway, Blaine attempts to comfort him by telling him that it was just a stupid joke. Kurt states that the bullies cannot touch them or what they have and gains the confidence to go out there and get coronated. Kurt accepts his crown and sceptor and prepares to have the King and Queen dance with Karofsky. When Karofsky, afraid of being outed in front of everyone, runs off saying he cannot dance with Kurt, Blaine steps in and asks Kurt to dance during Mercedes and Santana's performance of Dancing Queen. At the end of the episode, Blaine and Kurt are seen taking a photo together with the rest of New Directions.

New York

Blaine and Kurt are having another coffee date with each other, following the New Directions' devastating loss at Nationals in New York. Blaine then tells Kurt that he loves him for the first time. Kurt says that he loves Blaine too and states that he has had a pretty good year.

In Season Three, Darren Criss, who portrays Blaine was promoted to series main cast. He remained in this position for the rest of the series.

The Purple Piano Project


Blaine performing It's Not Unusual.

Blaine and Kurt are having coffee at The Lima Bean where Kurt urges Blaine to transfer to McKinley. Blaine seems hesitant at first, claiming he has not decided because he will miss his friends at Dalton, to which Kurt replies that he wants his senior year to be magical, but that the only way that will happen is if he gets to spend every minute with Blaine. Sometime within the first week, Blaine arrives at McKinley, not dressed in his Dalton uniform, confirming to Kurt that he has transferred. Blaine assures Kurt that he transferred for him and could not stand to be apart from the person he loves. In order to get the New Directions to warm up to him, Blaine performs It's Not Unusual with Santana and the Cheerios in the courtyard. However, this backfires when Santana and the Cheerios pour lighter fluid on a purple piano in the courtyard as part of Sue's political protest against the arts, and it is set ablaze by Quinn's cigarette. This occurrence leads to some members, notably Finn, to disapprove of Blaine's presence. Despite this, Blaine joins the New Directions in performing You Can't Stop the Beat.

I Am Unicorn

When the school musical is announced as West Side Story, Blaine informs Kurt that he plans to audition for the role of Tony, much to Kurt's chargin as he feels that Blaine would be a shoe-in for the role. When Blaine realizes how upset Kurt is over it, Blaine decides to step aside and let Kurt audition for Tony while he auditions for Bernardo or Officer Krupke, using his status as a junior as an excuse. However, when Blaine auditions with a brilliant rendition of Something's Coming, Artie asks him if he could read for Tony instead.

Asian F


Flowers for Blaine.

Before the results of the casting list is revealed, Kurt surprises Blaine with beautiful flowers as a way to express that no matter who won the role of Tony, they will still be happy for each other. The casting list is posted and it is revealed that Blaine did win the role of Tony, opposite Rachel who got the role by default after a bitter Mercedes refused the role and leading her to quit.

Pot o' Gold

In order to cheer up New Directions after Mercedes quit, Blaine performs Last Friday Night in the choir room to remind the group what glee is all about—fun. Though it was well received by the majority of New Directions, Santana is displeased with the fact that Glee Club is turning into the "Blaine and Rachel show," prompting her to quit the club and convince Brittany to join The Troubletones, founded by Rachel's biological mother, Shelby, and spoiled rich girl Sugar.

The First Time

While rehearsing Tonight for West Side Story, Blaine and Rachel are informed by Artie that their performance lacks sexual passion, which makes everyone, including Emma and Beiste, uncomfortable. After Blaine and Rachel admit that they are virgins, Artie expresses that doubt that they could genuinely play Tony and Maria without first experiencing sex. Kurt later brings the topic of sex up to Blaine in Blaine's bedroom, to which Blaine responds by saying that he wants Kurt to be comfortable. Blaine later pays a visit to Dalton Academy to invite the Warblers to see West Side Story and gets sucked into a performance of Uptown Girl led by Nick, Thad, and a new Warbler named Sebastian Smythe. After some obvious flirting, Blaine and Sebastian later have coffee together at the Lima Bean where they are interrupted by Kurt, who instantly feels threatened by Sebastian's advances on Blaine. Sebastian then proposes that they got to the gay bar Scandals in West Lima. After getting a couple of fake IDs, Blaine and Kurt head down to the bar with Sebastian where Blaine becomes obnoxiously drunk and attempts to have sex with Kurt in the backseat of his car. This leads to an explosive fight that ends with Blaine storming off and walking home.

Klaine's first time

Blaine and Kurt's first time.

On opening night of the musical, Blaine and Rachel have a conversation about their failed attempts at losing their virginity. Rachel, inspired by Tina's reminiscence of her first time, informs Blaine that the roles of Tony and Maria are more about finding their soulmates and tapping into that emotion to portray two people in love, which she says is an experience that each of them know very well with their respective partners. Blaine apologizes to Kurt in the auditorium after opening night ends in success and Kurt apologizes for ever agreeing to go to Scandals. Blaine tells Kurt that Sebastian means nothing to him and loves Kurt. The couple then share a kiss. At the end of the episode, during an intercut of Blaine and Rachel duetting One Hand, One Heart, Blaine and Kurt lie on a bed together, sharing Eskimo kisses and soft touches, implying that they are about to have sex for the first time.

Mash Off

Hot for teacher blaine gif1

Blaine during Hot For Teacher

Blaine helps Puck sing Hot for Teacher with Mike and Finn, unaware of Puck's attraction to Shelby. He is also seen assisting in the group numbers Hit Me with Your Best Shot/One Way or Another and I Can't Go for That/You Make My Dreams.

I Kissed a Girl

In honor of Santana's coming out, Blaine and Kurt show their support by singing Perfect. Despite the heartfelt performance, Santana insults them and says the song is another thing to add on her list of terrible things. They take their seats, visibly disappointed.

Hold on to Sixteen

Feeling resentment from Finn, Blaine lashes out at Sam during a glee rehearsal for Sectionals after Sam turned down his idea in favor of selling sex with Blaine insulting Sam by saying he is not for sale. Finn confronts Blaine, who is hitting a punching bag in the locker room, about his fight with Sam. Blaine questions if Finn has a problem with him and Finn replies that he was jealous and intimidated by Blaine's talent. Finn apologizes and the two reconcile. At Sectionals, Blaine performs Control and Man in the Mirror with the New Directions. Despite stiff competition, the New Directions win and advance to Regionals.

Extraordinary Merry Christmas


Blaine and Kurt during the Christmas special.

Blaine and Rachel perform the original song Extraordinary Merry Christmas for the Glee Club, but Artie requests they sing a more upbeat song for the Christmas special he is directing. Blaine helps co-host the special with Kurt and they both perform Let It Snow before singing a quartet with Rachel and Mercedes in My Favorite Things. The Christmas special ends up being a success. Blaine, along with the New Directions, would later perform Do They Know It's Christmas? at the homeless shelter. In a deleted scene Blaine gives Kurt a promise ring in the school hallway.


Blaine is rarely seen in the episode. He joins the boys in the opening group number, Summer Nights and sings backing vocals in Moves Like Jagger/Jumpin' Jack Flash. When the Glee Club finally decides on a song for Will's proposal to Emma, Blaine performs in We Found Love with synchronized swimming team at Sam's suggestion.


Tumblr lyqcwxqYQs1qekbyuo1 500

Blaine performing Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'.

Blaine discusses Sectionals with Kurt, Mercedes, Santana and Brittany before singing Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' as a way to start Michael week when Will states he is thinking of performing Michael Jackson for Regionals. Blaine later has coffee with Rachel, Kurt, Santana and Artie at the Lima Bean, discussing their favorite Michael Jackson memories. After a small heated discussion on Michael's impact on their lives, Sebastian interrupts them out of nowhere and informs them that the Warblers will be performing Michael Jackson songs at Regionals. When asked how he found out about New Directions plans for Michael, Sebastian reveals Blaine had told him, causing a small rift between New Directions and Blaine. When New Directions discuss what happened in the choir room, Will asks them what Michael Jackson would do? After several suggestions, Blaine suggests that Michael would "take it to the streets." Blaine, Artie, Santana and Sebastian lead a New Directions versus the Warblers face-off in a parking garage with Bad, which ends horribly when Sebastian tosses a slushie at Kurt. However, before it can hit him, Blaine intervenes and takes the slushie to the face, falling on the floor and screaming out in pain. Kurt explains to New Directions the next day that Blaine has a scratched cornea and would need surgery. In an attempt to cheer him up, Kurt, Rachel and Finn visit a bed-ridden Blaine at his house, singing Ben to him and bringing him eye-patch themed movies. During the visit, Blaine proposes a toast for Kurt, who found out about his NYADA finalist letter. It is later revealed that the slushie that hit Blaine contained rock salt, which is why Blaine's eye was injured.


252852299 640

Sugar's "extra special" guest.

Throughout Valentine's week, Kurt receives Valentine's cards from a secret admirer, believing it to be Blaine. However, it is later revealed at Breadstix for Sugar's Valentine's Day party that it was actually Karofsky who sent them because he is in love with Kurt. Despite being flattered by the gestures, Kurt rejects Karofsky because he loves Blaine, prompting Karofsky to storm out. At the end of the night, Blaine makes a surprising return and leads Love Shack with the New Directions.

On My Way

Blaine's feelings towards Sebastian have drastically changed. Even when Kurt mentions his name, Blaine gets upset. Blaine sings Cough Syrup as a possible number for Regionals. When New Directions catches news of Karofsky's suicide attempt, Blaine joins the Glee Club in the auditorium and discuss what they are looking forward to experiencing in the future. Blaine says he is looking forward to marriage equality in all fifty states. Later on, he, along with Kurt, Brittany and Santana, confronts Sebastian at the Lima Bean over his blackmailing of Rachel, but Sebastian says he has changed because he feels partially responsible for Karofsky's attempt. After this, Blaine begins to forgive Sebastian and even cheers the Warblers on at Regionals. He participates with the Glee Club in Fly/I Believe I Can Fly and the New Directions go on to win Regionals. In an act of good sportsmanship, Blaine shakes hands with Sebastian and the two appear to be on good terms. He is later seen waiting for Quinn at Rachel and Finn's wedding, unaware that she has just gotten into a car crash.

Big Brother

Several days have gone by since Quinn's car accident, Blaine is lamenting his older brother, Cooper, visiting Lima. They meet up at his locker where Kurt instantly becomes enamored with him as he recognizes Cooper from his credit rating commercials. Blaine watches as Kurt and Sue fawn over Cooper and after Cooper is pulled away by Sue, explains to Kurt that this is the reason why he and Cooper do not talk much. Sue introduces Cooper to the New Directions where he is asked to coach a master acting class to help those with a future in the entertainment business.

Hungry Like A Wolf - Rio

Blaine and Cooper singing Hungry Like the Wolf/Rio.

During the class, Rachel suggests for Blaine and Cooper to perform together and with some pressure from Kurt, a hesitant Blaine duets Hungry Like the Wolf/Rio with Cooper. While the performance was a hit with the New Directions, Blaine is disappointed that Cooper acts like they are applauding for him solely. The two brothers have lunch at Breadstix together where Cooper charms the waitress to give them free Cokes, using a Scottish accent, much to Blaine's annoyance. During lunch, Blaine gets increasingly annoyed with Cooper's criticisms, until he has an outburst, saying that all Cooper does is tell him what he is doing wrong. There is then a flashback to Blaine and Cooper's childhood, showing their troubled relationship. Cooper tells Blaine that despite their age gap, he wants to be closer to Blaine and Blaine nods, seemingly regretting his words.

Bliane and cooper

Blaine confronting Cooper.

During Cooper's second master class, Blaine is visibly annoyed with the horrible advice Cooper is giving his friends. While practicing a scene from NCIS, Cooper's constant criticisms become too much for Blaine and they break into an argument with Blaine wondering why Cooper cannot just support him. Cooper then uses the argument as an example for the master class, which frustrates Blaine. In the school hallway, Blaine watches as Cooper take pictures with Blaine's friends and boast about his life. Cooper tells Blaine that he is going to audition for Michael Bay's new movie and is disappointed when Blaine's unenthusiastic about it. Blaine tells Cooper that he is sick of Cooper making everything about him and expresses his frustration by singing Fighter.


Blaine singing Somebody That I Used to Know with Cooper in the auditorium.

Kurt comes by Blaine's locker and tries to cheer him up with a small, dog plush toy. Kurt then gives Blaine advice on siblings and encourages Blaine to make amends with Cooper. Kurt tells Blaine that Cooper has not left Lima yet and is waiting for him in the auditorium. Blaine and Cooper then sing Somebody That I Used to Know before Cooper apologizes to Blaine for being so hard on him. Cooper reveals that he is only like that because he knows that Blaine is talented and will be successful. They make up with each other and Cooper reveals that his audition with Michael Bay was cancelled because they found someone better and/or hotter. They embrace each other again and Blaine tells Cooper that he will help him film his acting to show Michael Bay that how talented Cooper is.

Saturday Night Glee-ver

Blaine, along with Brittany and Mike, start off the episode, performing You Should Be Dancing through the school, ending in the auditorium where Blaine reveals that since Nationals' theme is vintage, they thought they could perform disco, to which Will nods in approval. The New Directions however, are not all that enthusiastic about the idea, as they think disco sucks. Nevertheless, Blaine is excited when Will and Sue work together to turn the choir room into a disco hall where they receive their assignment: performing songs from the movie soundtrack of Saturday Night Fever. Blaine, along with Will and Joe, perform Night Fever together as the New Directions have a dance-off to see who will win a replica of the white suit worn by John Travolta in the film. Blaine is later seen enjoying the performances of the finalists, Mercedes, Santana and Finn, as the New Directions close off the episode with a dance number to Stayin' Alive.

Dance with Somebody

After Will reveals to the Glee Club that they will be paying tribute Whitney Houston, Kurt excitedly gushes about what song he will sing while Blaine looks uninterested. After Kurt asks if Blaine can come with him to Between the Sheets, the music store, to help him pick out a song that can double as his glee assignment and his NYADA audition. Blaine, however, declines and tells Kurt to text him later. Unbeknownst to Blaine, Kurt has been texting another guy named Chandler Kiehl and although he claims it means nothing, Rachel points out to Kurt that if he is not willing to show Blaine these messages, then it is not completely innocent. During Rachel and Santana's rendition of So Emotional, Blaine is visibly upset when Kurt ignores him in favor of reading the text messages from Chandler. Later when Kurt and Blaine plan to have a Being Bobby Brown marathon, Blaine looks through Kurt's phone and confronts Kurt about the text messages. Blaine accuses Kurt of cheating, but Kurt denies it and says that it is only texting. He also points out that Blaine used to do the same with Sebastian. Blaine replies that all of those tests were family friendly. After the argument, Kurt tells him that it is okay.


Blaine singing It's Not Right But It's Okay.

During Glee Club, Blaine decides to express his anger by singing It's Not Right, But It's Okay as his glee assignment. After the song, Blaine storms out of the choir room. Later, after receiving some advice from Burt, Kurt sings I Have Nothing as an apology and later takes Blaine to "couples therapy" with Emma where the two hash out their problems and make amends. Blaine and Kurt reaffirm their love for each other and hug it out. Towards the end of the episode, Blaine and Kurt are happy again. Kurt tells Blaine that he told Chandler to stop texting and receives a text from Blaine. Kurt invites Blaine for glee practice even though it is not mandatory and says that he wants to cherish the last few glee practices left. They arrive in the auditorium where they sing My Love Is Your Love with Artie and Mercedes as the rest of New Directions join in.


With Kurt and Rachel's NYADA audition looming, Blaine assists Kurt with critiquing his performance of The Music of the Night. Finn calls together the boys of New Directions to help Puck, who is suffering in grades. Puck tells everyone that he ran into his dad and does not want to end up like him, so they guys agree to help Puck study for his European geography exam. Later, Blaine and Finn cheer on Kurt and Rachel as their audition for NYADA. After Kurt puts on a show-stopping performance of Not the Boy Next Door, Rachel unexpectedly chokes during her audition and Carmen Tibideaux, the dean of NYADA, leaves. At three o'clock in the morning in the choir room, the guys of New Directions struggle to help Puck remember the material. The guys then perform The Rain in Spain to help jog Puck's memory. After the taking the test, Puck thanks the guys for his help and says that they all taught him how to be a man, even Blaine.


Class president Brittany is in charge of the prom theme and issues a ban on hairgel because hairgel hadn't been invented yet. Blaine is horrified as he is embarrassed to be seen with his hairgel. Blaine is later seen in the auditorium, singing Big Girls Don't Cry with Kurt and Rachel. The three of them share their discontent on prom and decide to have their own prom, the anti-prom. However, their anti-prom turns out to be a bust and they leave for the prom where Brittany orders Blaine to remove his hairgel. Although hesitant at first, he agrees and his hair ends up making him look like Borat.


Blaine Puck

In Tina's Dream, Blaine is now Puck!

Blaine is seen at the mall with Kurt, agreeing with Kurt's stance against Sue's plan of having him cross-dress to face-off against Vocal Adrenaline's transgendered lead singer, Wade "Unique" Adams. Tina runs into the pair and subsequently hits her head on the water fountain. There, Tina enters an alternate reality where everyone in New Directions are switched with another member. Puck is dressed like Blaine while Blaine is dressed like Puck, adopting each other's mannerisms.


The New Directions prepare to compete at Nationals in Chicago. Blaine is a featured soloist in Paradise by the Dashboard Light. After the competition, the New Directions are crowned champions and they return home to the school, following their win. Members of the hockey team approach them with slushies, though it turns out to actually be confetti. By the end of the episode, everyone in New Directions celebrate Will's win for Teacher of the Year by singing We Are the Champions.


Goodbye 17

"I'm never going to say goodbye."

As the New Directions prepare to say goodbye to their seniors, Blaine questions Kurt on their future and how Kurt's graduation will impact their relationship. Kurt, however, says that he will never say goodbye to Blaine and imagines a future many years from now with him. Later, as a goodbye song to each other, the seniors, including Kurt, perform You Get What You Give and the juniors, including Blaine, sing In My Life. Blaine attends the graduation with Tina and Brittany to see Kurt off.

Kurt ends up not getting accepted to NYADA while Rachel is accepted after Tina helped her set up a re-audition. Even though Rachel says she will decline the offer and apply next year, Finn sends her off on the day they were supposed to get married and New Directions, including Blaine, along with Will and Emma.

The New Rachel


Blaine vs. Tina, Brittany and Unique for "The New Rachel."

The new year sees big a change with New Directions, in personality and popularity. After Jacob Ben Israel asks Artie, Blaine, Brittany and Tina which of them will become the new Rachel, they all simultaneously respond that they will take Rachel's place as lead soloist. When Will introduces last year's MVP Unique from Vocal Adrenaline to the group, Blaine, Tina and Brittany are not very receptive to the idea and Blaine asserts that there is already enough competition for lead soloist. After Unique tells them that she will be the "New Rachel," Blaine declares they have a sing-off. With Artie judging, Blaine, Brittany, Tina and Unique sing Call Me Maybe, with each acting overly competitive with each other. Later at lunch, Artie and Sam exclaim that Unique should not be wearing make-up in public, and Blaine tells her she can be Unique during performances. After some insults are exchanged about the new lunchlady with the new Cheerio, Kitty Wilde, and her football goons, Bobby and Phil, the group are then scolded by Marley Rose, who turns out to be the lunchlady's daughter. After Marley is accepted into New Directions, Artie names Blaine the winner of the New Rachel contest after an online poll on Jacob's website.

It's time kurt

Blaine encourages Kurt to go to New York.

When Kurt joins Blaine in the school courtyard, Blaine tells him he is stuck in Lima and belongs in New York. Blaine then tells Kurt that he will join him next year and serenades him with It's Time with some accompaniment from the Cheerios and the band. The Glee Club apologizes to Marley for getting so caught up with Kitty and the jocks' insults at her mother and Blaine invites her to sing lead vocals in Chasing Pavements at glee rehearsals where the New Directions welcome their newest member as Jake Puckerman, Puck's younger half-brother, looks on.

Britney 2.0

After Brittany suffers from a meltdown over Sue kicking her off the Cheerios, Will declares a second Britney Spears tribute week, entitled Britney 2.0. To start things off, Will has Blaine and Artie perform a Boys/Boyfriend mash-up. When several performances from the New Directions are unsuccessful in getting Brittany off her funk, Blaine suggests they lip-sync at the student assembly. After a poor performance of Gimme More, reminiscent of '_performance Britney Spears' disasterous VMA performance, Blaine pulls the curtain and gets scolded for suggesting they lip-sync.


Blaine Everybody Wants To Rule the World

Blaine singing Everybody Wants to Rule the World.

In an attempt to make his senior year worthwhile and occupy his time while Kurt is off in New York, Blaine joins several after-school clubs, such as the Sewing club, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons club, and the Superhero Sidekicks Appreciation club while singing Everybody Wants to Rule the World. Blaine then signs up for student council elections opposite Brittany, who hopes to get re-elected for a second term. Afterwards, Brittany approaches Artie to be her vice presidential candidate and convinces Blaine to use Sam as his vice president. Blaine is not enthusastic about the idea when he learns that Sam is not very well-versed on elections. Nevertheless, he attempts to school Sam on his debate answers.


Sam giving Blaine some much-needed "bowtie" advice.

Blaine and Kurt chat with each other on Skype, discussing Kurt's adventures in New York. Blaine is disappointed that he cannot get a word in edgewise about his experience and fears he is being marginalized by Kurt's accomplishments. At the debate, Blaine shows his frustration at Sam's performance, which consist of stripping in front of the whole school. When it is Blaine's turn to debate, he is more successful, especially after Brittany suggests they ban summer vacations and weekends. Blaine wins the presidency and celebrates with the New Directions. He lies to Artie about Kurt's response, since he had not told about it yet. Blaine then tries to call Kurt, but Kurt ignores his call in favor of having drinks with his colleagues. Blaine tells Sam that he feels very alone without Kurt and reveals that he transferred schools because of Kurt, despite saying otherwise. Sam tells him that what he is doing is important and that they can be best friends, which cheers Blaine up.

The Break-Up

Blaine and Brittany watch Jake and Marley during their lunchtime exchange and ponder on the early days of their relationships with Kurt and Santana, which have now harded due to their current circumstances of long distance. Blaine feels neglected since Kurt keeps dismissing his calls because Kurt is busy with his job at Vogue.Com. When Kurt finally picks up, their exchange is brief and flippant, leading Blaine to sing Barely Breathing in the auditorium, picturing Kurt with him. After the performance, he receives a message on Facebook from someone named Eli.C, who propositions Blaine to come over. Blaine looks miserable as he walks out of the room.


Blaine singing Teenage Dream (Acoustic Version)

Days later, Blaine shows up at Kurt and Rachel's loft in New York to surprise Kurt with flowers as they along with Finn and Rachel go to Callbacks, a karaoke bar, for a double date. After Rachel performs a duet with another NYADA student named Brody Weston, Blaine goes up and sings an acoustic version of Teenage Dream, dedicated to Kurt, reminiscient of the first time they met. Blaine is extremely emotional during his performance, leading Kurt to realize that something is very wrong. While walking through Central Park, Blaine is devastated as he reveals that he had sex with Eli.C, leaving Kurt crushed. Meanwhile, Finn and Rachel also officially calls things off when Rachel reveals that she has been seeing Brody after Finn left without any explanation. The two broken couples express their emotions through Don't Speak as they all go to sleep that night without speaking to each other.


Blaine and Kurt singing Don't Speak.

Blaine returns to McKinley to find Finn alone in the choir room. Finn asks why he did that to Kurt. Blaine does not have an explanation or an excuse, and says that Kurt will not talk to him. He sends Kurt a large bouquet of roses with a note saying he is sorry, but Kurt dumps it into the trash. At the end of the episode, Blaine and Kurt, along with Rachel, Finn, Brittany, Santana, Will and Emma sing The Scientist, each expressing their romantic troubles with one another.

The Role You Were Born to Play

As Sam signs up for auditions for the school play, Grease, he notices that Blaine is acting sullen. Blaine reveals that he has not slept and lost his appetite since the break-up and says that Kurt will not even speak to him via phone or text. At the request of Finn, Blaine auditions for the school play with Hopelessly Devoted to You which is lauded by Artie and Finn, believing him to be the Danny Zuko of their dreams. However, Blaine is too distraught over his break-up with Kurt to play the part. Artie asks him if there is a part he can play, and Blaine suggests Teen Angel, on account that there is only one scene. Later, when the cast list is put up, it is revealed that Blaine was cast as Teen Angel.


Blugar andermotta beauty school dropout blaine sugar

Blaine singing Beauty School Drop Out.

On opening night, Blaine and Finn have an awkward reunion with Kurt and Rachel, who are visiting from New York to see the school play. During the play, as he performs Beauty School Drop Out, Blaine gets distracted for a split second when he sees Kurt in the audience. Finally, after the play, Blaine tries to stop Kurt in the hallway to talk, but Kurt is not interested. Kurt angrily tells Blaine that he cannot trust him anymore and hastily exits with Rachel, leaving Blaine completely devastated.

Dynamic Duets


The Secret Society of Superheroes Club.

Blaine leads the Secret Society of Superheroes as Nightbird, a parody of Nightwing from the DC comics. Tina texts him during the club, asking if he has spoken to Kurt yet, to which he reminds her not to use his "Night phone" for personal reasons. When Tina's assistant, Dottie Kazatori, runs in and says there is an emergency, the entire club rushes to the choir room to see the Nationals Trophy has been stolen. In its place, there is a laptop with a message from someone in a Dalton uniform, their face blurred and voice altered.


Blaine with The Warblers, singing My Dark Side.

After listening to Finn's terrible ideas for Sectionals, Blaine goes to confront the Warblers at Dalton. At the staircase, he runs into Sebastian and assumes he was the one who left the video message, but Sebastian reveals that it was the new captain of the Warblers. He leads Blaine into the library where he meets Hunter Clarington, a former military academy student. Hunter tries to talk Blaine into coming back to Dalton to rejoin the Warblers since he only transferred to McKinley because of Kurt. Although he declines, Hunter tries to butter Blaine up by making him wear the Dalton blazer and put on an impromptu performance of My Dark Side with the Warblers.


"We can be heroes."

Blaine returns to McKinley to tell him that he is going back to Dalton, but Finn does not like the idea, saying that Blaine belongs in New Directions. Blaine tells him that he does not fit in here and that everywhere he looks, he is reminded of Kurt. He says the Warblers are his birthright and his destiny. After Finn informs the New Directions that Blaine is leaving for Dalton, Sam confronts Blaine as he cleans out his locker. Sam asks Blaine about the situation with Eli.C and Blaine reveals the details. Sam tells Blaine to stop vilifying himself and to give himself one day to feel like a hero. They then sing Heroes together as they help do charity work with the rest of New Directions. Afterwards, Blaine and Sam go on one last mission to reacquire the Nationals trophy from the Warblers. Blaine apologizes to the Glee Club for doubting that they were his home and gives a pep talk that they have the team, the talent and the leader, Finn, who returns the trophy to its rightful place. At the end of the episode, the New Directions sing Some Nights together.


Shortly before the New Directions perform at Sectionals, Blaine receives a call from Kurt for the first time since their break-up and walks away to take the call in private. Kurt tells him that he misses him and he believes Blaine is sorry, but is not ready to forgive him yet. Blaine tells Kurt he loves him, to which Kurt replies that he loves him too before hanging up. The New Directions then perform Gangnam Style at Sectionals, which ends abruptly due to Marley collapsing on stage.

Swan Song


Blaine and Tina are on the Cheerios!

Following Marley's collapse at Sectionals, the New Directions drag Marley to the choir room and try to wake her up. Sue walks in to inform them that the Warblers have been announced the winners. As a result of the loss, the New Directions disband and scatter across the school to find their place by joining other clubs and sports. Blaine and Tina join the Cheerios as the others join various other clubs. When Finn gathers the Glee Club in the auditorium, they are non-committed to continuing with practice. At the end of the episode, Finn sends an e-mail to everyone to come to the courtyard where they all sing Don't Dream It's Over together.

Glee, Actually

Blaine is mentioned in Artie's flashback when Artie asks Kurt what Blaine thinks of Kurt being held back a year with Kurt looking bewildered, asking who Blaine was as he had never met him in that timeline.


Blaine and Kurt sing White Christmas.

Blaine surprises Kurt in New York when Burt sends Kurt to the ice rink as a Christmas present. Blaine asks Kurt if he is happy to see him, to which Kurt replies that he is. As they skate on the ice together, they continue their tradition of singing a Christmas song together, singing White Christmas. After the duet, Blaine tells Kurt that even if they even if they are no longer together, they will still be there for each other. Afterwards, Blaine, Kurt and Burt enjoy a quiet Christmas together, singing along to Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas as they set up the dinner table.

Sadie Hawkins

Blaine is listening to Sam's speculation on Sectionals as Sam believes that they somehow cheated. Sam asks Blaine if he has any chapstick and Blaine takes the time to admire Sam's lips. Tina and Sugar come out and tell them that they are late for their student council meeting. At the meeting, Tina proposes the idea of hosting the first annual Sadie Hawkins dance as a way of expressing female empowerment and for girls who are never asked out to prom to get a chance to snag a date. Blaine tries to dismiss this, but is outvoted by the group.


Blaine and Tina by the lockers.

Later, Blaine and Tina enter a science classroom together, laughing together at Sam saying he wants to sit under Uranus, before Finn enters and gives this week's assignment: woman power, suggesting that the New Directions girls serenade to the guys to ask them out. At the next Glee Club meeting held in the boys' locker room, Tina sings I Don't Know How to Love Him to Blaine, who is oblivious to her intentions. Tina then asks Blaine to the Sadie Hawkins dance, but Blaine politely declines the offer, humiliating Tina. Tina later apologizes to Blaine as he once had a bad experience at a Sadie Hawkins dance, but later demands an apology when Blaine says that was not the reason why he said no. Blaine then reveals that he has a crush on Sam and agrees to go with Tina to the dance as friends.

Blina Sadie Hawkins dance

Blaine and Tina's final dance.

At the dance, Blaine gets on stage with the other New Directions guys to perform No Scrubs. After the song, Blaine joins Tina for a dance. As they enjoy each others company, they are about to share a kiss when they are interrupted by Sam, who has discovered a lead in the case. Blaine then leaves with him to the boys' locker room to see Finn. Blaine and Sam provide the evidence they have found of steroid use from the Warblers, including a video of Hunter having Roid Rage. They then bring in Blaine's old friend and former Warbler Trent, who reveals that the Warblers were using steroids and agrees to testify against them. Blaine returns to the dance for one final dance with Tina. At the final meeting of the Too Young to Be Bitter Club, Tina declares that she has found love in Blaine, and she disbands the club.


Blam men of calender pic

Blaine, Mr. January.

With the Warblers disqualified and the New Directions advancing to Regionals, the Glee Club has to find a way to pay for the expenses. Tina proposes a sex "Men of McKinley" calender, though it is clear that she is using this as an excuse to see Blaine half-naked. After doing so poorly on the SATs, Sam becomes obsessed with his body image and Blaine suggests he is over-compensating for his flop. Sam accuses Blaine of being jealous, prompting Tina to come to his defense. Sam conducts a seminar and offers techniques on posing for the calendar, warming the guys up with "bro-ga" and working out to the mash-up Centerfold/Hot in Herre. Blaine follows Sam back to the locker room where Sam has a breakdown because he believes he has to hold on to his physical qualities to feel special, but Blaine reassures him that he will still be loved.

412 naked-2 262

Blaine and Sam.

Blaine is called into Emma's office after Blaine enlists her help to find schools that are receptive to students who did not perform well on their SATs, as well as other options for Sam. Later, as Sam struggles with his personal essay he is writing for one of the colleges, Blaine presents him with a video of their friends revealing the many things Sam has accomplished and what he is brought to their lives. Moved to tears, Sam embraces Blaine, thanking him for his help. The calendar ends up becoming a success and the New Directions end the episode with a performance of This Is the New Year, with Blaine as one of the soloists.


When Finn and Emma team up for this week's assignment, diva week, Jake makes a comment that guys have no business during diva week, to which Blaine contradicts him by saying that guys can be divas too. Shortly afterwards, Blaine performs Diva with the girls of New Directions to start up diva week.

Schermafbeelding 2013-02-09 om 01.01.36

Blaine singing Don't Stop Me Now.

Blaine is shown to have gotten a cold. He is cared for by Tina, who still has feelings for him. He refuses to take some of the medicine, however, since he claims it makes him sleepy, which he does not want to risk during diva week. He reveals that he is going to prove that men can be divas by singing Don't Stop Me Now in Freddie Mercury-inspired attire. Some time later, he is approached by Tina, who provides him with more medicine and tells Blaine of her apprehension of not being diva enough, due to her Asian ethnicity. Blaine reassures her that she can be a diva and offers to help her with the assignment.


Tina can't help how she feels about Blaine.

At Blaine's home, Tina wonders if he has ever been interested in girls, but Blaine tells her no, except for that one time with Rachel. Blaine then presents Tina with a list of songs from many famous divas, including Madonna and Cher. Eventually, Tina reveals to Blaine that she is in love with him, but Blaine is asleep, overcome with his tiredness from the medicine. Tina then takes the time to tearily apply Vicks VapoRub on his chest to decongest his nasal tracts, while also admiring his physique. The next day, Blaine is confronted by an angry Tina and tells her that he is feeling healthier again. Tina responds that it was her achievement alone and that she is sick of showing Blaine so much affection, only to get none in return. She then storms away and performs Hung Up in the courtyard, which ends up being a success with everyone and leads to Tina winning diva week. Blaine gives Tina a flower after her victory and expresses his delight, since people have finally noticed what a diva Tina truly is. He also thanks her for being so caring towards him that week and apologizes for not being grateful about it. He then invites Tina to be his date to Will and Emma's wedding, to which Tina happily accepts.

I Do

Blaine and Kurt reunite on Valentine's Day before Will and Emma's wedding, making out heavily in a car in the parking lot before being interrupted by Mercedes. Blaine attends the wedding with Tina, which is short-lived when Emma runs away from the church. Nevertheless, Will allows the wedding guests to attend the reception where the New Directions are performing.


Blaine and Kurt singing Just Can't Get Enough.

Blaine and Kurt duet together, singing Just Can't Get Enough where the two are seen casually flirting with each other. Kurt is then confronted by Tina about his treatment of Blaine, arguing with each other Kurt says Tina "vapo-raped" Blaine while he was asleep. During Finn and Rachel's performance of We've Got Tonite, Blaine slow dances with Kurt before taking him to a hotel room where they have sex. Afterwards, Blaine asks Kurt about the status of their relationship, but Kurt is aloof and seductively says he will meet Blaine downstairs. Nevertheless, Blaine is extremely pleased with the night's events. Blaine is walking down the hallways at McKinley with Kurt and Tina, and Tina apologizes to Kurt for attacking him at the reception. Kurt accepts the apology while remains Blaine clueless about the exchange. Tina also apologizes for throwing herself at Blaine like she did, and mentions that the legendary chemistry between him and Kurt has returned. Blaine then promises Tina that he will help her find a boyfriend and the trio run off together, arm-in-arm. Blaine and Tina are later seen performing in Anything Could Happen.

Girls (and Boys) on Film

When Will announces another girls vs. boys mash-up competition with a movie theme, Blaine and Brittany thought they could start off the week by getting the New Directions to perform Shout, dancing all over McKinley.

Klaine ComeWhatMay GaBoF

Come What May

While Kurt is snowed in at his loft with his boyfriend, Adam Crawford, Santana and Rachel, Kurt suggests they watch Moulin Rouge together. He eventually falls asleep and dreams of Blaine and him singing Come What May, ending in a passionate embrace. When he wakes up, Santana comments that Come What May is the song Kurt said would be for his and Blaine's wedding. Back at McKinley, Blaine joins the guys to singing Old Time Rock & Roll/Danger Zone for the mash-up competition with Sam leading the Old Time Rock & Roll parts with Jake and Ryder while Blaine leads the Danger Zone parts with Joe and Artie, paying homage to Tom Cruise. Blaine, along with the rest of New Directions, are later seen assisting Will in serenading Emma with In Your Eyes and ending the episode with a performance of Footloose.


After the revelation of Finn kissing Emma, Finn and Will are confronted by Blaine, Tina and Artie, who point out that they are feuding. The three tell them that for the first time, they are the ones giving them the musical assignment: famous feuds. Sue calls Blaine and Tina into her office where Sue threatens Blaine to rejoin the Cheerios. When Blaine declines, Sue gets aggressive in her pursuit to make him rejoin, such as putting cement in his hairgel, ruining his parents' credit score, and flying a banner over the school that reads: "Blaine is on the bottom." Fed up with this treatment, Blaine challenges her to a face-off. Later, Blaine assists Will and Finn's feud duet by doing back-up for Bye Bye Bye/I Want It That Way.

StillBeliveSuperBass Feud

Blaine vs. Sue.

Blaine and Sue perform their mash-up of I Still Believe/Super Bass in the choir room, with Sue pulling out a flashy, outlandish performance to one-up Blaine. After the performance, Blaine complains that Sue cheated, but still loses when the New Directions vote her as the winner. In Sue's office, Sue makes Blaine and Becky co-captains and has him comply with the standards of the Cheerios. After the meeting, Sam approaches Blaine in the hall and it is revealed that this is all a plan to take down Sue from the inside.

Guilty Pleasures


Blaine and Sam in Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.

Blaine meets Sam by his locker and offers him money for his family, believing that Sam is stealing macaroni because his family is hungry. However, Sam reveals that he is stealing the macaroni for his macaroni art. Sam then asks Blaine what his guilty pleasure is, since he revealed his. Blaine, who still harbors a crush on Sam, admits that the band Wham! is his guilty pleasure. Tina interrupts them and announces that Will is out sick for the week and Glee Club rehearsals is cancelled. Blaine and Sam decide to take the lead of Glee Club this week with the theme being "guilty pleasures," and perform Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. In the locker room, Sam reveals that he has something to tell Blaine, but is too embarrassed, leading Blaine to speculate that Sam is in love with him. However, it turns out that Sam is actually a "Fanilow," a fan of Barry Manilow. Blaine laughs and encourages Sam to express his love for Barry by singing Copacabana in front of the club.


Blaine and Sam discussing Blaine's crush.

Afterwards, Sam finds Blaine reading in the library and is upset that Blaine is not being completely honest with him about his guilty pleasure. Blaine later plays the piano and sings a powerful performance of Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) in the auditorium. Tina then questions who the song was about, a smirk on her face because she knows that the song's about Sam. Blaine lies and says it's about Kurt, but Sam had noticed that Blaine was staring at him. Sam later confronts Blaine in the auditorium and tells him he knows the song was about him and says that he's not mad, he's actually flattered. They hug it out, which gets awkward when he thinks Blaine is getting turned on, but it ends up being Blaine's breath mints. At the end of the episode, they sing Mamma Mia with the New Directions.

Shooting Star

When a shot rings out during school, the New Directions minus Tina and Brittany, are on lockdown in the choir room, all visibly frightened and upset. He helps Artie with hiding behind the piano and texts his loved ones at Will's order. When the SWAT team arrives and says the coast is clear, Blaine and the Glee Club share a hug together along with a few others.


Blaine and Tina after the shooting.

At the end of the episode, Blaine and Tina have a conversation in the hallway, saying that he and his parents talked, cried and hugged each other all night. Tina said she wanted to be there with them, but Blaine convinces Tina that it was the scariest thing to have ever happen to him. The two take comfort in one another as they join the New Directions in the auditorium where they perform Say.

Sweet Dreams

Following the shooting, everyone in New Directions begin to act strangely. When Will announces that theme for Regionals is "dreams," he proposes that their setlist should consist of the songs Dream Weaver, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), and You Make My Dreams. Afterwards Blaine holds a secret meeting with the Glee Club to express his disagreement with Will's selections. Marley suggests using one of her original songs, but Blaine and the rest of the club rejects the idea.


You Have More Friends Than You Know.

Later when Blaine tells Will of their ideas, Will expresses disappointment in Blaine for allowing this to happen. Marley calls a meeting with Blaine, Sam and Unique and tells them that she wrote a song for them after Will's scolding of the Glee Club and how this affected them. The four then sing her original song, You Have More Friends Than You Know, together and Blaine comments how incredible the song was afterwards. Blaine and Becky are called into Sue's office to find that swim coach Roz Washington has taken Sue's place. Roz assumes that they put a hex on Sue, causing her to accidentally drop a gun in school. Therefore, she instructs them that they are never to place a hex on her. After taking the verbal oath, Blaine notices that Becky is acting strange and questions her, but she rebuffs him. At the end of the episode, Blaine performs Marley's original song Outcast with the New Directions.

Lights Out

Blaine is seen exercising in Sue's aerobics class, subtly eyeing a cute guy. After the exercise is over, Blaine confesses to Sue that he plotted to get her fired, but then realized that the Cheerios are lost without her. Later in the episode, Blaine performs We Will Rock You with the New Directions and ends the episode with the Glee Club in performing Longest Time.



Blaine asking Burt for permission to marry Kurt.

With Kurt, Mercedes and Mike visiting to help assist the New Directions with Regionals, Blaine takes the time to take Kurt out on a coffee date at the Lima Bean with Mercedes and Mike. Both talk about the marriage equality in New York that is now legalized and Mercedes asks them what their relationship status is, with Blaine confirming that they are not together. He is later seen performing Superstition with Mercedes and New Directions. Later in the episode, Blaine calls Burt to the auditorium to give him a rainbow pin to show support for gay marriage and then formally asks Burt for permission to ask Kurt to marry him. Burt rejects him and they both talk about how important marriage is. Afterwards, he asks Kurt in the hallways to stick around for Regionals, who happily agrees before Blaine performs For Once in My Life with New Directions.

All or Nothing

Sam is urging Blaine to reconsider his plan to ask Kurt to marry him, but Blaine is determined and wants Sam to be his best man.


Blaine and Tina go ring shopping.

Later one, Blaine goes to the jewelry store with Tina to pick out an engagement ring for Kurt where Tina not-so-subtly tells him that if he were buying her a ring, she would want the largest. Suddenly, Blaine runs into Jan, the jewelry store manager, who at first believes that Blaine and Tina are getting married. Blaine corrects her that he is actually buying a ring for his boyfriend. Afterwards, Sam comes along and agrees to be Blaine's best man. Jan later invites Blaine and Kurt out to Breadstix to meet her partner, Liz where the couple share their experiences together. Afterwards, Jan asks Liz to legally marry her, which excites Blaine and Kurt.


Blaine and Marley singing All or Nothing.

During the show circle before Regionals, Brittany reveals that she is going to MIT and has to leave immediately, leaving the Glee Club, including Blaine, saddened. Afterwards, the New Directions follow up The Hoosierdaddies at Regionals with Hall of Fame, I Love It, and Marley's original song, All or Nothing, which Blaine and Marley lead on. After New Directions are declared the winners, Blaine attends Will and Emma's impromptu wedding in the choir room where the episode ends with Blaine standing next to Kurt, clutching his engagement ring behind his back.

Love, Love, Love

Blaine is first seen in the choir room, as Will announces the assignment of that week and the next, The Beatles. He defends the band when Kitty claims that no one relates to them anymore. He is later seen having fun at the carnival and singing along with the rest of the club during Drive My Car.


He and Kurt have a picnic on the bleachers in the courtyard, during which Blaine asks Kurt to give him a second chance, promising that he will never cheat on him again. They discuss their break-up and Kurt's relationship with Adam, and Kurt finally agrees to dating him again. When Blaine tries to serenade him in celebration, Kurt stops him, saying he will not sit around and be sung to anymore, before blowing a whistle to summon a marching band. The two of them perform Got To Get You Into My Life together, singing and dancing around the courtyard, amidst students and band members. At the end of the performance, they meet atop one of the lunch tables and share a kiss.


He is next seen entering the choir room with Will, where he informs the rest of the club of he and Kurt's rekindling and his intention to propose. Sam gets carried away in an attempt to convince the astonished Glee Club, and Blaine asks him to calm down, before explaining that he intends to ask for their competitors' help, and organize a proposal of epic proportions, a "cultural statement." His friends immediately disagree, with Tina even going so far as to call him crazy and, after a little more convincing, he and Sam start performing Help! and run out of the choir room, followed by everyone. During this performance they go around the different schools recruiting other clubs' help. They run through the halls and courtyard of McKinley, and then arrive at Carmel High School. They sneak in to find rival club Vocal Adrenaline practicing, and Blaine dances with a girl briefly, then singing to them until both clubs head out together. Next they arrive at Haverbrook School for the Deaf, where after a failed attempt to sing to their Glee Club, Blaine and Sam request their help through sign language. Finally, the three glee clubs arrive at Dalton Academy and invade The Warblers' headquarters. As the performance comes to an end, Trent offers their help, and when Sebastian requests a show of hands in agreement, everyone raises their hand, including Blaine himself. The two then hug each other cheerfully. Back in the choir room, when Kitty references the Glee Club's long history of failed relationships during her speech to Artie, Blaine interrupts her, declaring he and Kurt will have a happy ending. He later meets there with Sam, Jake, and Ryder, where he tells them about Tina's break-ups with Artie and Mike, and claims he is worried she has become lonely and bitter. They all agree to try to help her.


Tina arrives in the auditorium to find the four of them dressed up as The Beatles. Blaine as Paul McCartney introduces the rest of the band with a British accent, and they perform I Saw Her Standing There, dedicated to her. Blaine and Tina are seen briefly dancing together during the performance. Blaine and the boys offer their company as prom dates to her and, after she picks Sam, she and Blaine share a hug.


Blaine is last seen at Dalton Academy during his performance of All You Need Is Love. He is seen preparing with Rachel, Mercedes, and Santana's assistance before meeting Kurt outside. Serenading him, he leads Kurt into the building, where Sebastian and the rest of the Warblers dance and sing back up alongside the three girls. In the hallway, The Warblers and New Directions perform together, before Rachel pulls Kurt away and Blaine runs off. He soon reappears at the bottom of the staircase where they first met, with Kurt descending towards him among members of all four glee clubs. As the performance comes to an end, Blaine delivers a moving speech, telling Kurt that their hands were "meant to hold each other fearlessly and forever," after which he gets down on one knee and proposes marriage to his impressed boyfriend. Kurt accepts and they share a loving kiss and a hug as everyone else applauds in celebration.

Tina in the Sky with Diamonds


The episode opens with Blaine sitting at the piano in the choir room, talking to Sam about his engagement and Sam and Tina's prom date. Will and the other members of the Glee Club come in and briefly discuss the Beatles until they are interrupted by Sue through the intercom. She announces that Blaine is one of the nominees for prom king and he appears very proud, as his friends congratulate him. When Tina confronts Kitty about her campaign posters, Blaine reassures Tina and they walk away together. He is next seen talking to Artie by the lockers. He invites Sam to join them picking up their tuxedos for prom, but he declines, showing them a supposed snake bite he has to get looked at. The two quickly recognize the fake bite as another excuse for seeing the new school nurse, Penny Owen, and try to encourage their friend. When Sam criticizes his own personality, Blaine attempts to comfort him, but only manages to point out one positive trait of Sam's, his impressions.


At prom, during the performance of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Blaine takes a picture with Artie and Tina, and then with all the prom court nominees. The group then goes on stage, where Sue announces that Stoner Brett has been elected prom king, much to Blaine's visible disappointment. He cheerfully applauds Tina when she is pronounced prom queen, and like the rest of the prom attendees, is left in utter shock when Dottie Kazatori slushies her. He and the rest of New Directions follow Tina to the choir room as the crowd bursts into laughter. When Tina attempts to leave in tears, Blaine stops her, assuring her that she has their full support. He begins the performance of Hey Jude at the piano, as the club cleans Tina up and accompanies her back to the gym, where she accepts the crown as the performance comes to an end. He is later seen performing in Let It Be with the rest of the club.

The Quarterback


Blaine and the other Glee Club members, Santana, Puck, Kurt, Mike, and Mercedes, open the episode with the performance of Seasons of Love in the auditorium.


Blaine is seen in the choir room several times throughout the episode, and watches the performances of I'll Stand by You, Fire and Rain, If I Die Young, and No Surrender. He joins the remaining Glee Club members near the memorial at Finn's locker and is one of the members to add a pair of drumsticks tied with a black ribbon to it. Rachel then arrives, and during her performance of Make You Feel My Love, Blaine is seen crying and holding Kurt's hand.

A Katy or A Gaga

Blaine is at the piano with Artie when Will walks into the choir room and informs the New Directions about their competition at Regionals. Blaine provides input on the most threatening of the rival clubs, Throat Explosion, claiming that they have a lot of experience and a large budget. When Will asks the members to identify themselves either as Katy's or Gaga's, Blaine proudly states that he is a Katy. Will then instructs the Katy's to perform Gaga and vice versa as the weekly assignment.

Blaine Applause
He is next seen with the other Katy's, Artie, Marley, Ryder, and Sam, in the auditorium, trying to come up with innovative ideas for their number. During their performance of Applause, Marley shows up dressed in a Katy costume instead, throwing Blaine and the rest of the team off. She is afterwards lectured by Will and her friends, including Blaine, for not complying with the assignment and interfering with the performance. Blaine is seen nodding in agreement when Will suspends Marley from Glee Club for her behavior. Blaine is later seen enjoying the performance of Wide Awake. He is in the choir room when Tina runs in and announces that Throat Explosion
intend to perform Applause at Nationals, and claims that they are mocking them, because they feel confident enough to just reveal their set-list beforehand. Him and the other members are then suspended for a week by Sue for their bold costumes, and protest by performing Roar in the hallways and in a jungle set in the auditorium. During the performance, Blaine is seen banging on his chest and swinging around on a liana.

The End of Twerk

Blaine is shown to be tidying up the choir room while listening to music and dancing to it. Unbeknownst to him, Tina is watching and films him while doing so. Once he notices that, he is embarrassed and tries to get her to stop. She then shows the video around during Glee Club. Will tells him that he has no need to be ashamed, however, since the judges at Nationals would appreciate the New Directions following his example and being a little bit scandalizing. That leads him to make "twerking" the week's assignment. He later participates in a presentation Will holds for the school board, dancing with Kitty to present a group of dances Will summarizes as "dirty dancing." They all used to be considered shocking years ago, yet are not able to cause even a tiny uproar these days. He is also mentioned by Rachel who refers to his and Kurt's ritual of Skyping regularly as boring and says he is a fan of Adam Levine, and later by Kurt, who announces he will be Skyping with Blaine to show him his tongue piercing, and maybe even get lucky by playing some Maroon 5. At the end of the episode, he sings and dances to On Our Way with the rest of the club, a song he suggested himself.

Movin' Out

Blaine is first seen in the choir room when Will announces the weekly assignment, Billy Joel. He informs the rest of the club that he will be spending the week in New York for his NYADA audition and some help preparing for it from Kurt and
Rachel, accompanied by Sam. Because the two of them will be missing the assignment, they kick it off by performing Movin' Out (Anthony's Song), with Blaine at the piano.

Continuing the performance, they leave McKinley and arrive in New York, where they take the bus to the Bushwick Apartment. Kurt and Rachel are thrilled to see them and both hug Blaine. He is next seen sitting with Sam at the Spotlight Diner. Kurt joins them and is surprised to find out Blaine has been visiting colleges around the city, despite wishing to study at NYADA. Kurt assures him he'll be offered a spot after the way he talked him to up to Carmen Tibideaux. Blaine is then pulled up to the piano and introduced to the staff and clients at the diner by Kurt, before performing Piano Man while the staff dances around the room holding up candles. Later, Blaine is watching Kurt go through his clothes at the apartment as they plan an outfit for the big audition. He tells Kurt that he might not want to be a performer because he has other passions, like Medicine. His fiancé doesn't believe him, and pulls him to sit with him on the bed, telling him that he is scared, and that he can't run away from his talent just because he feels nervous, because he has a gift. Blaine thanks him for knowing him, and they share a loving hug.


Blaine, along with Kurt, Sam, Rachel, and Santana, talk at the apartment, with Santana complaining about a piano Blaine bought for them as a thank you for letting him and Sam stay there for the week. They then talk about Sam's new diet and his meeting with modeling agent Bichette, and decide to perform Just the Way You Are to assure him he doesn't need to lose weight. Despite her earlier complaints, even Santana joins in, and Blaine shares looks and smiles with his friends and fiancé throughout the performance. Tina announces that "Blam" is back as the two arrive near the rest of New Directions and Sue at McKinley, and Sam informs them that Blaine crushed his NYADA audition. When Sue tries to continue confronting Will, and despite her complaints, Blaine and the other members and students perform You May Be Right.

Puppet Master

Blaine comes into the choir room after Will got caught up in a staff meeting and tries to present ideas for Nationals. Everyone except Jake dismisses him, calling him controlling and bossy. The conversation upsets Blaine as he fails to unite everyone, leading him to sitting in the next room acting like an upset child. He calls and complains to Kurt afterwards; Kurt reminds him that Glee Club is about equality, but also accidentally calls him a 'puppet master'. He changes the subject to Pamela Lansbury's debut gig and asks Blaine to fly to New York to see it. Blaine agrees before proceeding with his complaints.

Tina Puppet

Tina's Puppet performing with Blaine You're My Best Friend

In the choir room, he complains to Brad about his problems before settling in the back corner and accidentally inhaling gas leaking through the vent, leading him to a daydream about everyone being puppets and encouraging him to show his greatest potential. Blaine performs You're My Best Friend the puppets until the real Tina snaps him out of his dream. Sam and Kitty then complain about him being quiet during the entire practice and his pity party. He then runs into Jake in the halls and tells him to sit in the back corner. He does and dream-performs Nasty/Rhythm Nation.

Later in Arts and Crafts class, Blaine asks the teacher for permission to use the materials to make a puppet version of his fiancé. Though permission is given and the doll is made, it is soon yanked away by Sue, who warns Blaine not to put his hand in butt of any puppet, or he will be in a world of trouble. He tries to steal it back after school, but Sue catches him and sends him to detention, which forces him to miss Kurt's performance. He calls Kurt minutes before the performance and gets scolded (both by real Kurt and puppet Kurt). The next day in detention, he has another puppet dream of Jake and Becky. He has a conversation with the two before the real Jake snaps him out of it.


Blaine during the performance of The Fox with Sam

He makes a Tina puppet to cheer himself up, but Tina catches him. She comes to tell him that the others feel bad about their behavior towards him and agree to let him have at least one solo number in one of the Nationals songs. He hands the Tina puppet to Tina, then sends a new Kurt puppet to Kurt as an apology, and also sends puppet versions of Rachel, Santana and Starchild; In Glee Club, he apologizes to everyone for his behavior and then presents a doll version of each and every one of them, ending the episode with The Fox.

Previously Unaired Christmas

At the end of the Glee Club meeting Blaine starts singing Joy to the World, but all the New Directions' members tell him to shut up. In the McKinley High Non-Denominational Christmas Club he comments how the Club looks a lot like Glee Club, as all the New Directions are part of it. Later he is seen decorating the Christmas tree with the others, and humming O Christmas Tree when Sue comes to judge their tree. He enjoys watching the performance of Mary's Little Boy Child. At the next Christmas Club meeting, after Marley tells them that Kitty think she's not worthy of the role of Mary, Blaine seems shocked and asks Marley if she understood her correctly, thinking that Kitty might have been snarky. He then suggests that if they make Kitty accept the role, she might stop being so horrible. At the rehearsal he dances dressed as angel Gabriel. He is seen in the living nativity at the end of the episode being one of the shepherds. When Becky joins them, he compliments her Baby Jesus costume.


Blaine frenemy
In the beginning, Blaine can be seen performing Whenever I Call You Friend with New Directions in the choir room. Meanwhile, Blaine has a phone call with Kurt, who worries about his band, Pamela Lansbury, being taken over by bandmate, Elliott. Blaine gives him advice and tells him to keep his friends close and his enemies closer. While then, Blaine is mentioned to have a solo at Nationals for being "The New Rachel." Later on in the episode, due to Tina and Artie's speech-off for valedictorian, Blaine is considered the new valedictorian - which angers both Tina and Artie. Blaine feels guilty and tries his hardest to apologize to them about the situation. Meanwhile, Becky shows Blaine a "Pamela Lansbury selfie" from Kurt and Elliott as she assumes Blaine and Kurt broke up. However, Blaine denies it and believes the selfie is just for friendship. In the choir room, Blaine tries to request singing a song with Tina and Artie instead of giving a valedictorian speech. Therefore, he sings Breakaway with the three and New Directions altogether in the auditorium.


Blaine, along with Sam and Tina, performs Jumpin' Jumpin' in the Choir Room. It is the first time they do a song together, even though they have been good friends. When Tina breaks down crying after the song, Blaine and Sam comfort her.

Later that day, Blaine is trying on his graduation robe, together with Sam. Tina walks in on them and starts crying again. When Tina tells them she's afraid she'll never hear from them again, Sam promises her to send a Vine of him doing an impression every week. Blaine says they should do something to remember their senior year by, and they all agree on organizing an overnight lock-in.

At night, Sam, Blaine, and Tina climb through the Choir Room window to get into school. As soon as they're all inside, they start singing Don't You (Forget About Me). During the performance, they do lots of crazy stuff, like rollerskating around the halls, dancing with each other and messing around in various school offices. They get caught by Becky, who is eager to play Twister and drink energy shots with them. Blaine, along with Sam and Tina, doesn't seem to be too excited for this plan.

Later on, Blaine is playing Twister with Becky, who is obviously flirting with him. Sam and Tina left them, and when the game is over Blaine tells Becky he is gonna walk his cramp of and goes looking for them. He ultimately finds them in a classroom, where they are making out. They are both startled by him, and abruptly break their kiss. Tina says it happened because of the 11-hour energies, and Sam adds it was cheap, sordid nostalgia as well. Blaine is shocked, blames them for ruining the night and runs away.

The next day, Blaine is walking in the hallways of McKinley when Sam and Tina run after him, trying to apologize to him. Sam tells him that they just tried making out, and that it was hot, but they both decided they don't want to be a couple. However, Blaine doesn't accept their apology. He explains that he wanted to have a fun night with the two of them, but instead they made it all about themselves and shut Blaine out. He didn't want to feel like a third wheel, suggests they just hang out by themselves that night, and fondle each other's boobs. After he walks away, they are left confused.

When Blaine enters the Choir Room the next day, Sam and Tina are waiting for him. They come up to him and are shown to be regretful. Blaine tells them he's sorry about freaking out, and he now realizes that they will be friends forever. They all agree to that and hug each other. During Glee Club, Blaine wants to do a final number with the seniors, and Sam invites Artie to be a part of it. The four of them then perform Hold On in the auditorium.

City of Angels

Blaine sings I Love LA with the other New Directions Boys, on their way to Nationals in Los Angeles. He is the first one to recognize their competition, Throat Explosion and their leader Jean Baptiste in the hotel lobby. At night, he joins the rest of the Glee Club to the Nationals stage, telling them he did things like that all the time with the Warblers.

When Sam confronts Throat Explosion about the stolen Finn plaque, Blaine quickly follows him out to support him. Blaine tells him that they're just trying to psych them out, and they should let it go and focus on winning the competition. Blaine and Tina open their Nationals with their More Than a Feeling duet. He sings back-up and dances to America and has solo lines in I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, with the other seniors. When it's announced they came in second place, he's just as disappointed
Blam CoA
as the rest.

Back in Lima, Blaine and Sam are hanging the Finn plaque back on the wall, which was given back to them by Jean Baptiste.

100 As Glee club is coming to an end, Blaine and the rest of New Directions and the alumni come together to celebrate everything the club has meant to them over the years. Will gives everyone the assignment to re-do songs that the club has performed in the past, but with a new twist. Will also announces that April will be joining them. April has brought along a bottle of sparkling cider and champagne glasses to kick off the celebration and suggests they perform Raise Your Glass. Blaine points out that it was actually the Warblers, not New Directions that did Raise Your Glass. April honks Blaine's nose and says that she always had a soft spot for "prep school boys." Blaine joins in with the rest of the group in singing and dancing as Will and April start off the performance. As Rachel, Kurt and Mercedes perform Defying Gravity Blaine is seen sitting in the audience, cheering his fiance on. Later, April tells Blaine and Kurt that she heard about their engagement and congratulates them. April gives Blaine and Kurt flasks of alcohol as a wedding gift. She does, however, warn them that young couples that marry often end up getting divorced. After Sue has uncovered April's shady financial situation, which results in her no longer being able to fund the auditorium for New Directions, April brings in Holly to lift the Glee Club's spirits with the song Happy. Blaine and Mercedes sing and dance along and the rest of the group joins in as well.

New Directions

We first see Blaine, together with Kurt entering the Choir Room enthusiastically. They can't wait to share their big news with Artie, Rachel, Sam, and Tina, telling them Blaine got into NYADA. Their friends are all very excited, with Tina stating they're all going to New York. Sam accidentally hits Tina with the trophy he was wearing, which leads her to having another dream. During the New York skit, Blaine is living together with Kurt and they both work at the Spotlight Diner.

Blaine is in the auditorium, with the rest of the old and present New Directions, listening to I Am Changing. He is also seen dancing to Holly's performance of Party All the Time, together with Kurt, Mike, Puck, Quinn, Rachel and Will. Later on, he is hanging out with Artie and Sam in the Choir Room, when Tina comes in to tell them she didn't got in Mitzvah University. They try to convince her that she doesn't need a university to go to New York, by singing an acoustic version of Loser Like Me together.

Later that day, Blaine is in the Choir Room again, watching Rachel and Santana perform Be Okay, and Puck and Quinn perform Just Give Me a Reason. He is sad when Mr. Schue tells them Glee Club is officially over. Later that week, he performs Don't Stop Believin' with the rest of the alumni and present New Directions, for Mr. Schue. At the end of the episode, Blaine graduates together with the rest of the seniors and Brittany.

New New York

This episode opens a few months after Blaine's graduation. Blaine, Artie, Sam and Kurt meet Rachel in the center of New York, singing Downtown. She offers them lunch as a thank-you for being so supportive during her out of town Funny Girl run, and they gratefully accept. He and Kurt accompany her in her town car.

Blaine NNY
The next day, Blaine makes Kurt a pancake breakfast. Kurt remarks that since they have started living together they have become like an old married couple, but Blaine disagrees, singing You Make Me Feel So Young and Kurt joins in. As the song finishes, they begin to have a romantic moment, but are awkwardly interrupted by Sam. With pressure from Kurt, Blaine agrees to talk to Sam about moving out.

Later he comes home to find Sam playing video games, which he has apparently been doing all day. Blaine encourages him to be more proactive in finding a job, and tentatively brings up the subject of him moving out. He encourages Sam to face his fears and embrace change, and despite Sam's reservations, takes him to Times Square where they sing Best Day of My Life and dance with several street performers. Blaine tells Sam if he can sing and dance in the middle of Times Square, he can pretty much do anything. Sam agrees that it is time for him to "conquer the city." At NYADA, Blaine covertly joins Kurt's mime masterclass. Kurt is shocked, and begins to feel like Blaine is infringing on his need for some personal space. Later, back at the loft, Kurt attempts to comfort Artie after his mugging in the subway, but is interrupted by Blaine loudly using a SodaStream machine which raises the tension even more.Rachel comes home with a diva attitude and asks Blaine to make her some lemon water which he agrees to do. Evidently irritated with both Blaine and Rachel, Kurt leaves the apartment.

Blaine decides to make some changes in the apartment, and starts taping off areas to set up a workspace. He reveals that he doesn't quite feel at home at the loft, since it was originally Kurt and Rachel's apartment, and he craves his own space. Sam comes home and informs Blaine that he took his advice and has landed his first modeling gig and will be moving out. Blaine seems sad to see Sam go, but is also very happy for him and the two share a congratulatory hug. When Kurt comes home, he is immediately furious with Blaine for rearranging things in the apartment without consulting him first. He calls the workspace “hideous," and refers to the loft as his home, rather than a space they are both sharing. Blaine retaliates by pointing out that not all of Kurt’s design decisions are brilliant. Kurt says that Elliott was correct about their needing boundaries in the relationship, which makes Blaine angry.
Blaine NNY2
Kurt demands that Blaine put everything he moved back in its proper place, but Blaine tells Kurt to do it since it's “his apartment”. He leaves and goes to Elliott’s loft to confront him. He accuses Elliott of trying to “steal” Kurt away from him. Elliott remains level headed and reassures Blaine that he is not after Kurt, and only thinks of him as a friend. He also says that Kurt is clearly in love with Blaine, as he talks about him all the time. Blaine apologizes and comes to realize that some boundaries in a relationship is healthy. The two have a jam session to relax and clear their heads.

Blaine returns home to apologize, telling Kurt that Elliott is a good friend. He reveals that he didn't come home right away because he needed some time to think, and Kurt says he has also been doing the same. Blaine tells Kurt that he thinks he should move out, so they can take a step back to evaluate the situation. Kurt initially fears that the move will be a step back in their relationship, but Blaine assures Kurt that making the decision together will actually make them stronger. They reveal their plan to the rest of their flatmates, and Blaine decides to move in with Sam at Mercedes' apartment, an arrangement that everyone seems happy with. Later, as Rachel sings People at her Funny Girl rehearsal, Blaine and Kurt are seen walking hand in hand enjoying some much needed alone time together after which they have dinner with Sam, Mercedes, Rachel and Artie.


Tumblr n3s3d24zZs1qg49w0o1 1280

Blaine, Kurt, Rachel and Sam attend a candlelight vigil for Russ, a NYADA student who was a victim of a hate crime because he was gay. As Blaine, Kurt, Rachel and Sam walk to where the crowd has gathered for the vigil, they sing No One Is Alone. The next day, at the Bushwick loft, Blaine, Rachel, Artie, Kurt, Mercedes and Sam have gathered for their weekly potluck dinner. The recent "gay bashing" of Russ is brought up. Mercedes, who did not know Russ, asks what happened. Blaine explains that Russ was beat up by strangers, but luckily survived the attack. The group continues to discuss the prevalence of hate crimes toward people who are gay, and how they seem to be increasing in NYC. Kurt suggests they change the subject before "everyone is too bummed to eat." The discussion turns toward the upcoming Mid-Winter Critique at NYADA, the assignment being to perform Sondheim songs. Blaine, Rachel and Kurt seem excited about the assignment.

Broadway baby blaine rachel anderberry blainchel bash

Blaine and Rachel decide to perform a duet for the Mid-Winter Critique and select Broadway Baby. Carmen Tibideaux sits with her arms crossed during the entire song and she appears displeased. When Blaine and Rachel have finished, Carmen tells them that they did not follow the directions of the assignment, as they were supposed to perform individual songs. Carmen also accuses both of them of feeling "above their classmates." Carmen threatens to fail them, but then changes her mind because she feels the performance was a good one and offers them the opportunity to re-do the assignment at a later time. Later, at the Bushwick loft, Blaine tries to comfort Sam who is upset after Mercedes tells him she won't date him because he is white and she is black. Blaine offers to read Sam some Star Wars fanfiction, which is apparently something that helps Sam sleep. Blaine then gets the phone call from the hospital informing him that Kurt has been hurt. Several scenes are shown of Mercedes, Rachel and Artie getting the news as well.

Tumblr n3qna9Ppnx1qh16too4 250kl3

At the hospital, a visibly upset Blaine attempts to get information regarding Kurt's condition. Rachel, Sam, Mercedes, and Artie are also there. A doctor emerges and informs the group that Kurt has been sedated with morphine due to his injuries, but will recover. The doctor also tells them that Kurt is unconscious, but they can visit him. Rachel mentions that she feels guilty about leaving Kurt by himself after an argument they had earlier. Blaine reassures her that the outcome would have been the same if she had been with Kurt and that it is not her fault. Blaine, who says he wishes Kurt knew they were there, begins to softly sing Not While I'm Around. As if on cue, the rest of the group leaves the hospital room so Blaine can be alone with Kurt. After he finishes the song, he lays beside Kurt and gently caresses his face. It is revealed that Blaine also performs the song for his Mid-Winter Critique. After Kurt gets out of the hospital, he and Blaine return to the place where the vigil was held for Russ. Blaine tells Kurt that Russ, who was apparently in a coma, woke up and will recover. Kurt places some roses on the memorial. Later, Blaine, Kurt and the rest of the group are having yet another Monday night potluck dinner. Sam and Mercedes announce they are dating, much to the surprise of everyone. Blaine proposes a toast to Kurt in support of his upcoming performance for the Mid-Winter Critique. Blaine is last seen smiling proudly as Kurt performs I'm Still Here for Carmen Tibideaux after which he and Kurt, Burt, Rachel, Sam, and Mercedes share a group hug.


Blaine first appears in a WWII era STD PSA (Public Service Announcement) along with Kurt, Artie and Sam.

Blaine cronuts
Next, Blaine is seen walking around and enjoying the city, especially various ethnic cuisines. Blaine reveals that his favorite discovery food wise in the city is the "cronut"-a dessert which is a cross between a donut and a croissant. Unfortunately, Blaine discovers his recent indulgences have led to him gaining the dreaded "Freshman 15" as he is having trouble fitting into his clothes.

At NYADA, Blaine and Kurt are taking a stage combat class. While Kurt seems to excel in the class and has clearly been working out and taking care of himself, Blaine sits nearby, (snacking on cheese puffs) watching Kurt and reflecting on the situation. It seems that Blaine has been feeling out of sorts since coming to NYC and reveals that while he is proud of Kurt's accomplishments, he is also feeling a little jealous and uncomfortable with Kurt being regarded as a "sex object." Later, Blaine and Kurt meet Artie and Sam at Serendipity for some guys bonding time. Sam mentions that he and Mercedes have not had sex yet and that he would like to get tested for STDs to ensure he has a "clear bill of health" should the time come. In the spirit of camaraderie, the rest of the guys offer to accompany Sam to the clinic to get tested as well. They toast the occasion with frozen hot chocolates which Kurt expresses reservations in eating due to his recent health kick, but Blaine encourages to go ahead and eat it anyway.

At the Bushwick apartment, Artie confesses to Blaine, Kurt, Sam that he has contracted Chlamydia although he isn't sure how. Blaine asks Artie if he uses condoms. Artie confesses that he doesn't, which Blaine says explains the situation. However, when Sam starts to "slut shame" Artie, Blaine requests that he calm down as Artie clearly feels bad enough. Blaine does tell Artie that he needs to inform the women he has been sleeping with recently, for the sake of their health. Artie later takes Blaine's advice.
Blaine testedpic

Back in stage combat class, Blaine once again struggles which Kurt picks up on. However, Kurt assumes Blaine's recent decline in confidence has to do with the move to a new city and other changes and notes that he and they as a couple are being tested. When the two meet up at Mercedes' apartment, Kurt suggests a date night so they enjoy some alone time, which Blaine cheerfully agrees to. However, tensions arise when Blaine mentions he has cooked a decadent meal for the two.Kurt says they shouldn't eat it because it's rather heavy and that he would rather they get salads out instead. Kurt then finds an adult website on Blaine's laptop while searching for movie playing times. Kurt appears to be hurt by the content and mentions that they haven't been intimate in at least a week. Blaine offers an explanation, but Kurt doesn't want to hear it and leaves the apartment. The next day, Kurt and Blaine are in combat class again. Blaine questions why Kurt left the diner before Blaine got there, as they were going to walk to class together. Kurt says that he simply forgot to tell him he got off work early, but it seems that Kurt blew Blaine off because he is still angry about the adult website he found on Blaine's laptop. Blaine tries to talk to Kurt about it, but he refuses, saying that they talk too much. As combat class starts, Kurt and Blaine sing Love Is a Battlefield. Blaine continues to struggle throughout the class.


At the Bushwick apartment, Kurt comes home to meet Blaine. They have a discussion about the recent tensions between them. Blaine admits that earlier in their relationship it made him feel good to be able to help and "protect" Kurt and now in the present he feels as if Kurt is pulling away from and him and he is not needed. Blaine also admits the reason he has been using the adult website and they have not been intimate in some time is due to his feeling insecure. Kurt tells Blaine that he would never judge him, but he also won't apologize for his recent accomplishments or for not being a "delicate flower." Blaine confesses his fear that Kurt will stop loving him if he continues to change. Kurt tells Blaine that would never happen and pleads Blaine to talk to him the next time he is feeling that way. In the final scene of the episode, Blaine is with Kurt, Artie and Sam at Serendipity again. Blaine reveals he is going on a diet to help lose some weight. Kurt and Blaine have agreed to eat home more often and cook healthier meals. Since Mercedes has told Sam him that she needs to wait until she is married to have sex, (which he agreed to) Sam suggests they all partake in a guys' absence club, which Blaine and the other guys reject.

Opening Night

He is first seen in Rachel's nightmare watching her performance and dancing. Next we see him in the apartment when Tina comes to visit, and he tries to stop Tina from talking about the negative comments about Funny Girl that bother Rachel. Next day he comes to the apartment along with Sam, Mercedes and Tina, and tries his best to make Rachel feel better so she could go on stage that night. After they all fail at cheering her up, he talks to others commenting that it's weird of Rachel to behave this way because she usually pushes people away to get on stage. He is shocked when Sue comes into the apartment and takes Kurt's room without even asking for permission. When Santana manages to cheer up Rachel, he participates in the group hug.

Blaine ON

He watches Rachel's opening night and enjoys her performance. After the show Blaine and the others congratulate Rachel on her Broadway debut. When she says she doesn't want to go to the cast party, Blaine suggests a club in Greenwich Village. He has fun with his friends and can be seen dancing a lot in the club. The group comes back to the apartment early in the morning. When Tina mentions she got the DJ's number and shows the paper with the number, Blaine tells her the DJ was clearly gay and takes the number away from her. After Rachel's confrontation with Sue, Blaine claps to show how great Rachel was at standing up for herself. When the group gets to the newspaper stand and buys The New York Times he is both nervous and excited to hear what the critic thought of the show. He reads a part of it, visibly happy that it's good news. When Mr Schue calls Rachel, he's glad to hear everything is fine and that Mr Schue now has a baby boy.

The Back-Up Plan

We first see Blaine waiting outside of NYADA for Kurt, who tells him about the latest news that June Dolloway is gonna visit the school. Blaine doesn't know who she is, but is excited once Kurt enlightens him and tells him Kurt was picked to perform for her. Kurt then tells Blaine he wants him to join the performance, by singing Story of My Life together, which Blaine happily accepts.

Later that week, they both perform Story of My Life for June Dolloway. June is happily surprised when she hears Blaine singing. After the performance, she tells him she thinks he's extraordinary and wants him to accompany her to an event next week. They both first think she's talking about Kurt, who is excited to hear this, and are surprised when she tells them she meant Blaine.
Kurt is helping Blaine to get ready for the event later, when Blaine tells him he should just stay home with him. Kurt, however, tells him to stop it. He admits to being a little jealous, but states he's not resentful. He tells him to have fun and don't worry about him. Blaine then joins June to an event which includes a lot of rich people. June tells him they have to be friends if she's going to launch his career. She explains she has to know him really well, to be able to serve him.
When June isn't satisfied with the two million dollar they have raised so far that evening, she goes up on stage and also invites Blaine over. They sing Piece of My Heart together, while collecting money.

Blaine joins June for dinner again later that week, where she announces they are going to do a show to showcase his talent. Blaine is very flattered and excited, but tells her that he would love to have Kurt in the show as well. When June denies his request, Blaine tells her he thinks he can't do it. She then advises him to break off the engagement at all. Blaine reacts shocked, but she explains love isn't everything in life. It's just what humans do: fall in and out of love. But he needs to break it off in order to realize his full potential, according to her. At home, later that week, Blaine spends some time with Kurt for the first time in days. It is revealed that Blaine hasn't told anything about June to him. When he tells Kurt about the show, he is very excited for him, but is also confused as to why he didn't say anything about it. Blaine doesn't know how to tell him te real story. Instead he tells him he didn't say anything about it, because he wanted to work out Kurt's part more first, which makes Kurt even more excited. Blaine, however, is shown to have mixed feelings.

Old Dog, New Tricks

Blaine is first seen having dinner with Kurt, Rachel and Santana. When Kurt asks if anyone wants to catch a matinee, Blaine apologizes saying he doesn't have the time as June has him busy with dinners and rehearsals. He seems interested in Rachel's public image problem, but also tells her she's lucky the producers of Funny Girl don't know she's thinking of leaving. When Santana suggests a publicist, Blaine responds that Rachel can't afford one. He later helps Rachel build a good public image, first by pretending he's a random person on the street that noticed Rachel Berry, the Broadway star, in front of paparazzi, and later by performing with the others at her charity event.


Blaine helps Kurt with his costume before the show, and then watches him perform Lucky Star as Peter Pan. After the show he congratulates Kurt on a great performance, and then, on the behalf of the charity "Broadway Bitches," invites the old Broadway stars from the retirement home to perform with them at the charity event that evening. We last see him at the event singing Take Me Home Tonight during which they give the dogs from the shelter to people.

The Untitled Rachel Berry Project

At the Bushwick Apartment, Blaine helps Kurt and the others get ready for their evening meal together. Excited about the arrival of screenwriter Mary Halloran, Kurt whispers to Blaine that they have to find a way to get her to attend their showcase. Blaine agrees, unconvincingly - he still hasn't told Kurt that June refuses to let him be a part of the showcase. When Mary arrives, Blaine is taken aback by her eccentricity. As she rushes to the bathroom, he and the housemates watch, bemused. At NYADA, Blaine is getting ready for his showcase. June arrives with food, and gives him some advice on show-business. Blaine is clearly distracted, and confesses to her that he is worried about his lie to Kurt - he has told him he will have a place in the showcase. He begs June to let him have just one line, but June refuses. She tells him that her reputation is on the line - and she cannot jeopardise her track record over Kurt. Blaine persists, but June beats him down with a profound and ominous saying before leaving.

Turbp shot5

Blaine performs All of Me in sadness at his misleading of Kurt over his place in the showcase. At the end, Kurt enters, and applauds his performance. He asks if he's planning to put it in the showcase - but Blaine flatly admits to Kurt that June doesn't want him the showcase, cutting him short. Kurt is shocked by his blatant lie, and angrily shouts at him. Blaine begins to apologise, but Kurt walks out, furious. Later, Blaine attempts to be interviewed by Mary, but is distracted by the fact that she's lying under a table. In frustration at her ridiculous questions, he begins to doubt her legitimacy. He later joins the group back at the apartment for the first read through of the 'Untitled Mary Halloran Project'. In the script, he has become 'Slaine' - an art exhibitionist who has recently started an affair with 'Nittany'. The group are forced to stop reading due to the scripts sheer awfulness - and Blaine urges Rachel to speak with Mary about it.


Outside NYADA, Kurt joins Blaine, who is feeding pigeons morosely. Blaine admits that he doesn't want to do the showcase any more - Kurt is more important to him. Kurt wonders what it's like to fly for the first time, and tells Blaine that relationships are like that - you never know what day the person you've given your heart to will drop it like a stone. Blaine begins to apologize once again, but Kurt stops him, telling him that he's not angry with him. He explains that trust is a choice - and he has chosen to trust Blaine, no matter if he slips up now and again. They hug, and Blaine tells him that he's getting a little turned on with all the bird talk. They retreat inside. At the showcase, Blaine performs No Time at All with June, to an adoring audience. Cheered on for an encore, he thanks June for teaching him to have passion in his work, and explains to the audience that he has chosen his last song to express his passion about his fiance. He invites Kurt onto the stage to perform the song with him. June is clearly horrified, but can do nothing as Blaine takes him by the hand and leads him onto the stage.

TURBP Stills 3 (8)
They perform American Boy to a cheering audience. At first, June watches, unimpressed, but she slowly begins to get into the performance, and by the end joins the flatmates on stage, dancing along. At the end Blaine starts to apologize for singing with Kurt, but June stops him. She tells him never to let anyone - not even her - cause him to doubt what he is sure of.

The next day, Blaine and the group stand in the streets of New York, admiring Sam's 'Treasure Trailz' advert. Rachel reflects on the past year, and they all agree to meet up back in New York in six months time - come what may. They have a group hug.

Blaine and the others perform Pompeii through the streets of New York. As they song plays, there is a shot of Blaine arriving at the apartment, suitcase in hand, having just moved in with Kurt. Later in the song, Rachel gets a call from the network. She reveals to Kurt and Blaine that they love the script - and want to make it into a pilot. Realising that she's going to LA, they hug each other, jumping for joy.

Loser Like Me

Blaine reunites with Rachel at the Lima Bean six months after the end of the fifth season. He explains how he and Kurt broke off their engagement, which depressed him so much, he dropped out of school. He returned to Ohio and became the coach of the Warblers. Seeing Rachel going through the ringer herself, he sings Suddenly Seymour with her.

He later takes Rachel to a Warblers rehearsal where he joins in singing Sing with them. Afterwards, he, LeRoy, Sam, and Will stage an intervention to help pull Rachel from her funk.

Blaine is later seen at Scandals, meeting with Kurt for the first time. Unbeknownst to him, Kurt wants him back but he has already moved on to someone else: Karofsky.


Blaine attempts to start new by going for a different style, but realizes, after a poor reception to his knew look, that he doesn't need to change a thing about himself. Afterwards, he meets female student who wishes to join the Warblers. He seeks the advice of his friends, who tell him to give the girl a shot despite his reservations because the Warblers are traditionalists.

He eventually concedes and allows Jane to audition, much to the dismay of the Warbler Council. Jane gives a knockout performance, but she is rejected by the Warblers anyway. After the decision has been made, Blaine attempts to protest by giving up his job as coach in support, but Jane decides to defect to New Directions. Blaine is angered by this and accuses Kurt and Rachel of "poaching", declaring war.


Blaine is last seen snuggling with Karofsky at the McKinley homecoming, watching the fireworks as Kurt looks on with sadness.

Jagged Little Tapestry

Blaine runs into Kurt at the music store while Kurt is looking for sheet music. As it turns out, he's also there with Karofsky, making the moment extremely awkward for all parties. After Blaine leaves, Kurt fantasizes about singing It's Too Late with Blaine all over town.

Later, Brittany and Kurt have a conversation where it's revealed that he is moving in with Karofsky. During Jane and Mason's performance of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow/Head Over Feet, Kurt begins to reminisce about all the times he had with Blaine.

The Hurt Locker, Part One

In an effort to get him back together with Kurt, Sue cooks up a scheme to break-up Blaine and Karofsky. While the Warblers prepare for a scrimmage against New Directions and Vocal Adrenaline, Blaine gets a text from Karofsky about an intruder in their house. When Blaine, Rachel and Kurt rush over, they find a baby bear, put in there by Sue.

While on a date with Karofsky, Blaine is awkwardly greeted by several of Karofsky's former lovers. Shortly afterward, Sue arrive to drop the bombshell that Blaine and Karofsky are actually third cousins. Blaine later complains about all of Sue's shenanigans to Kurt, who assures him that this is just a part of Sue's schemes. He later reveals that he has a date, much to Blaine's surprise, and the two leave with an awkward hug.

The Hurt Locker, Part Two

Blaine runs into Kurt outside of the staff bathroom and the two agree to walk to Invitationals together for the Warblers' performance. When they enter a strange elevator, they are locked in. As it turns out, this is another one of Sue's crazy schemes to get Blaine and Kurt back together. She sends in a puppet named Jigsue (a reference to Saw) to give them the ultimatum of being trapped forever unless they agree to kiss. She sets up a picnic and an atmosphere for them to profess their love to each other. They eat the food and try to escape, but fail. After playing a flirtatious game of Headbands, Blaine and Kurt are visited by Jigsue again where she tries to force them give the world back the "Klaine relationship" they've been denying the world. They both concede and agree to kiss, asserting that it means nothing. They kiss each other passionately in an intercut of It Must Have Been Love and are allowed to leave by Jigsue. They return just in time for the second song by New Directions. The Warblers end up in third place, much to Blaine's shock.

An angry Blaine and Kurt later confront Sue for her actions where Blaine asserts that the plan backfired, though it's clear that both of them are not as over each other as they say they are. Sue remains stoic, still vowing to get them back together, and they both leave angrily.

What the World Needs Now

Blaine's role is minimal in this episode. He shows up during the dream sequence of Wishin' And Hoping as one of the angels, during the performance of Arthur's Theme with the other male alum and the boys of New Directions and sings in the final performance of What the World Needs Now.


Blaine and Rachel confront Will on the behavior of the Vocal Adrenaline when they're egged while heading to work. In an effort to help Rachel transition to a new life, Kurt and Sam enlist the help of Blaine, Mercedes, Kitty, and Artie with this week's assignment. During the "Wheel of Musical Fortune" selections and Kurt purposely rigs the spin so he and Blaine would sing together. Blaine is okay with the results, but asks Kurt not to mention it to Dave because he thinks there's still something between Kurt and Blaine. At Rachel's party, Blaine enjoys the performances until it is time for his duet with Kurt, where they playfully sing Somebody Loves You. Kurt walks Blaine out when he decides to leave early where they reminisce about all of the happy times in their life which ends in Blaine unexpectedly kissing him.

Blaine and Dave return home after grocery shopping where Dave notices something off about Blaine and correctly guesses that something happened between Blaine and Kurt. Despite Blaine's betrayal, Dave insists that he isn't mad and they end things amicably. Blaine leaves and runs to Kurt at McKinley where he learns that he is about to go on a date with Walter, much to his heartbreak.

A Wedding

When Kurt realizes his feelings for Blaine, he breaks things off with Walter and immediately runs to Blaine's apartment to tell him how he feels and they reconcile. Later in the episode, at Brittany and Santana's wedding, Blaine and Kurt are ambushed by Sue and Brittany, who urges them to take the plunge and get married. Though hesitant, they agree to marry each other after Santana convinces them to join her and Brittany at the altar.

The couple walk down the aisle with Brittany and Santana, much to the surprise of the wedding guests. They exchange loving vows simultaneously and they are finally married. They are later seen at the reception, enjoying good times with their friends and family members.

After the wedding, both couples arrive in the auditorium, looking around, and Blaine calls for Sue to come out since they know she's in there. Sue reveals she has a gift for her 'legacy couples' and gives them both a surprise honeymoon. Kurt says they already booked a honeymoon, but Sue had it canceled. Opening Sue's gift, Blaine is visibly excited about 'A weekend trip to Provincetown staying in Andrew Sullivan's cabana house.' After Sue leaves, Blaine remarks in disbelief that they actually went through with the wedding and the episode ends with the couples leaving the auditorium saying they will Skype on their shared anniversary each year and celebrate together every fifth year.

The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester

Shortly after the performance of Rather Be, a devastated Blaine reveals that Dalton Academy has burned down, leaving the Warblers without a school to attend to. Upon learning this, Will holds an emergency meeting and informs the New Directions that they will be merging together the Warblers and the New Directions, much to the outcry of the glee club members.

Blaine joins Rachel, Sam, and Mercedes in the teacher's lounge to discuss Rachel's future at NYADA when he learns that Rachel got a part in a Broadway show, for which he is happy for her.

At the end of the episode, while the newly-formed supergroup perform Rise, Blaine enters with new red blazers in the vein of Dalton uniforms.

We Built This Glee Club

Blaine's role is fairly minimal. He is seen opening the packages left by Sue with the rest of the glee club, only to be surprised by several glitter bombs exploding in their faces. He is later seen showing support for the New Directions as they perform at Sectionals. It's later revealed that Blaine got into NYU.


Blaine is seen at the Lima Bean, a flashback episode to the year 2009. In 2009, he is still a Warbler and speaking with a fellow Warbler, who is obviously gay but denies it when Blaine assumes he is. After Mercedes taps his shoulder to get some sugar, he and the Warbler leave, walking right past Kurt, unaware of their future together.

Dreams Come True

Blaine prepares for the results of Nationals with Kurt, Rachel, and Will. New Directions are announced the winners. Later after Will is appointed as principal after Superintendent Harris decides to make McKinley an arts school, Blaine joins a few of the alumni when he sings Teach Your Children to them.

In the Year 2020, Kurt and Blaine are still happily married and become special guests at an elementary school where they perform Daydream Believer with the children. Later, they are seen at Rachel's house where it's revealed that Rachel is pregnant with their child.

In the final scene, Blaine joins the cast of characters from seasons past and present to perform one final song, I Lived before the series end.


Originally, Blaine is portrayed as a charming young man with a confident exterior that often belies his insecurities. He is very composed and shows a lot of self-control, but there are times when he throws himself into situations impulsively, such as serenading another guy in public and consequently getting him fired or seeking out Burt to give Kurt the "sex talk." There are other times that shows Blaine having a temper, such as when he snapped at Sam in Hold on to Sixteen for rejecting his suggestions. He is increasingly portrayed as someone who approves the idea of "fitting in." While he's not afraid of being openly gay, he still prefers to act socially acceptable and warns Kurt that trying too hard and showing too much can be detrimental, as proven in the episodes Special Education and Prom Queen.

After moving to McKinley in Season Three, Blaine has shown a needier, attention-seeking side such as the time his older brother, Cooper visited Lima or when Kurt was texting another guy. Despite his flaws, he remains to be a very passionate and caring young man and loves Kurt dearly.

In Season Four, after encouraging Kurt to leave for New York, Blaine finds himself alone and seeks solace in his friends, Sam and Tina. It is at this time that Blaine shows a more campy, fun side to him and loosens up from his composed, reserved self that he held when he was attending Dalton Academy. He has also grown more dramatic, especially due to his stress about senior year, as shown in Season Five when he catches Sam and Tina tongue-kissing whilst locking themselves in the school for the evening and accuses them of ruining the night he had so perfectly planned.

Towards the midpoint of Season Five, after moving to New York, Blaine's reserved, conservative personality starts coming back, especially in "Tested," when he begins emotionally eating and visiting porn websites to deal with his insecurities about Kurt taking better care of himself and having a brand new independence and maturity, which leads to him feeling as though their relationship is suddenly becoming a battlefield between two guys and not liking the way he feels about himself anymore, which he confides in Kurt, in tears.


In Silly Love Songs, it was Valentine's week and Blaine had revealed to Kurt and the Warblers that he was in love. Naturally, with all the time they had spent together, Kurt was under the impression that Blaine was in love with him, but it turned out that Blaine was in love with Jeremiah, a junior manager at GAP, and had planned to serenade him at his work with When I Get You Alone. However, the performance ended up outing Jeremiah and subsequently getting him fired. Jeremiah later rejects Blaine's feelings because they only went out for coffee twice and dating him would be illegal.

Main article: Blaine-Rachel Relationship (Blainchel/Anderberry)
Rachel and Blaine first met in The Sue Sylvester Shuffle and unexpectedly had shared a drunken kiss at Rachel's party in Blame It on the Alcohol. After the incident, they shared a duet together, Don't You Want Me, and subsequently went out on one date, prompting Blaine to question his sexuality. After the date, Rachel becomes enamored with Blaine, but after they share a sober kiss together, Blaine realizes that he is 100% gay and the two remain very good friends.

Main article: Blaine-Kurt Relationship (Klaine)
Kurt is instantly enamored by Blaine when he goes to spy on the Dalton Academy Warblers. Blaine is not angry when he finds out. They become friends, and Kurt ends up going to Dalton with
Tumblr ll0qc9NIQF1qiqcjdo1 500
Blaine. Kurt admits to having feelings for Blaine after they sing Baby, It's Cold Outside. Blaine doesn't instantly reciprocate his feelings, until Original Song, in which Blaine admits to being mutually in love with Kurt, and they become a couple.

Kurt transfers back to William McKinley High School soon after Regionals. Since he remarks how much he'd love to have Blaine with him during his senior year, the latter transfers to the high school in Lima at the beginning of the school year. Around then do they lose their virginities to each other. Their relationship is tested when it becomesm ore and more aware to Blaine that Kurt will propoably be leaving him behind after graduation, to which Kurt promises they will make it work.

As predicated, Kurt moves to New York in The New Rachel. Blaine starts feeling neglected as a result of their long-distance relationship, and ends up cheating with a man named li. Although Blaine immediately travels to New York to confess this and apologize to Kurt, the latter breaks up with him. Over the new couple of weeks, Blaine repeatedly tries to apologize to Kurt,
but the latter doesn't accept it until he has a heart-to-heart with Isabelle Wright. Kurt and Blaine both manage to move on after speaking themselves out on it in Glee, Actually. Blaine then begins crushing on Sam Evans, and Kurt begins a relationship with Adam Crawford. Despite this, they reunite in Love Love Love, and get engaged in the same episode. After graduating, they move into Kurt and Rachel's apartment together, but Blaine moves out when living together doesn't work for them. While attending NYADA together, a change in their relationship stresses Blaine especially. They also clash when June Dolloway doesn't want Kurt in her showcase with Blaine, but they eventually manage to sort that out, too.

Main article: Blaine-Sebastian Relationship (Seblaine)

Sebastian transfers to Dalton Academy the year after Blaine leaves, and hears a lot about him from his fellow Warblers. He thus quite excited to meet Blaine in person. He makes Blaine drink a coffee with him, and takes him to a gay bar. Much to Kurt's dismay, Sebastian shows a lot of interest in Blaine, causing conflict between them. Blaine appears to be friendly towards Sebastian, until Michael, when the Warblers attempt to copy the New Directions' Regionals-setlist, and Sebastian accidentally injures Blaine's eye with a rock salt slushie aiming for Kurt's chest. They only make up in On My Way, when Sebastian apologizes for his bad deeds. Blaine is among the first to stand up and applaud for the Warblers during their Regionals performance, and during the trophy announcements he and Sebastian look over at each other to make eye contact. Blaine goes over to shake Sebastian's hand when the New Directions win
Blaine suspects Sebastian is behind the robbery of the New Directions' Nationals trophy, when it is in fact Hunter Clarington. Sebastian does, however, help Hunter persuade Blaine transfer back to the Dalton Academy Warblers, but their attempts are ultimatively fruitless.

Despite their bad history, Sebastian agrees to help Blaine set up a proposal for Kurt in Love Love Love.

During The Break-Up, Blaine was shown missing Kurt while he was in New York, and was repeatedly getting frustrated with Kurt ignoring his phone calls to the point where he succumbed to a proposition of a one-night stand from an anonymous poster on Facebook named Eli.C. The two men eventually had sex in a hotel room, leaving Blaine feeling guilty and eventually confessing his misdeed to Kurt, leading to their break-up.

Main article: Blaine-Tina Relationship (Blina/Blatina)

They join the cheerios together in Swan Song. Despite only spending a single day on the cheerleading squad, they remain friends after that. Tina even realizes that she feels for Blaine as more than a friend, and even organizes a sadie-hawkins dance, with the sole purpose of being able to ask Blaine to go to the dance with her. Blaine rejects her at first, but agrees to go with her later on. Despite the fact that Blaine is attracted to men, and even shares having a crush on Sam with her, Tina works herself up on her feelings for Blaine. In Diva, she helps him with a cold he's struggling with. In return, Blaine helps her with the weekly glee-club assignment. While they are brain-storming ideas, Tina tries to find a way to get clsoe to Blaine, although Blaine falls asleep while she is doing so. She then spreads vapor on his chest. Furious at Blaine for not reproducing her feelings, she dedicates Hung Up to him. It makes her realize that her crush on Blaine has no future, and she does gives up on it.

They remain friends following that, and make their final days at school count together with Sam.

Main article: Blaine-Sam Relationship (Blam/Slaine)
Blam wakemeupbeforeyougogo

Sam and Blaine become friends when they are persuaded to run for Senior Class President together. Following that, Sam helps Blaine deal with the latter's failing relationship with Kurt. It is thanks to Sam that Blaine manages to overcome his guilt regarding Kurt in Dynamic Duets.

In the weeks that follow, Blaine starts feeling for Sam as more than simply a friend. Blaine even helps Sam deal with his worries regarding the future in Naked. After spending a week coaching the glee club together in Guilty Pleasures, Blaine comes clean about his feelings for Sam. The latter is shown to be accepting of them, and promises that it won't jeopadize their friendship.

As a proof of their friendship, Blaine even asks Sam to become his best man as he is about to propose Kurt, and although Sam is originally against the engagement, he ultimatively helps Blaine set up the proposal in Love, Love, Love.

Together they move in with Kurt and Rachel following their graduation in New Directions, and move to Mercedes' apartment together in New New York. It is due to Blaine's encouragement, that in this episode Sam gathers the courage to work on his dreams of becoming a model.


Total - 128

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Three
Song Episode Solos with
Control Hold on to Sixteen Artie and Quinn
Man in the Mirror Artie, Finn, Mike, Puck, and Sam
My Favorite Things Extraordinary Merry Christmas Kurt, Rachel, and Mercedes
Do They Know It's Christmas? Artie, Brittany, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Puck, Rachel, Santana, and Tina
Bad Michael Artie, Santana, and Sebastian
Love Shack Heart Brittany, Kurt, Mercedes, Rachel, and Sugar
Fly/I Believe I Can Fly On My Way Artie, Finn, Mercedes, Rachel, and Santana
You Should Be Dancing Saturday Night Glee-ver Brittany and Mike
Night Fever Joe and Will
My Love Is Your Love Dance with Somebody Artie, Kurt, and Mercedes
Big Girls Don't Cry Prom-asaurus Kurt and Rachel
Paradise by the Dashboard Light Nationals Brittany, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Mike, Puck, Rachel, and Santana
Back-up singing
Season Two
Song Episode Sung by Back-up with
Hot For Teacher Mash Off Puck Finn and Mike
The Rain in Spain Choke Finn and Puck Mike

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Four
Song Episode Solos with
Call Me Maybe The New Rachel Brittany, Tina, and Unique
Don't Speak The Break-Up Finn, Kurt, and Rachel
The Scientist Brittany, Finn, Emma, Kurt, Rachel, Santana, and Will
You're the One That I Want Glease Brittany, Finn, Kurt, Marley, Rachel, Ryder, and Santana
Some Nights Dynamic Duets Jake, Joe, Kitty, Marley, Ryder, Sam, and Tina
Don't Dream It's Over Swan Song Brittany, Finn, Marley, Sam, and Tina
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Glee, Actually Brittany, Jake, Kurt, Marley, Puck, and Sam
No Scrubs Sadie Hawkins Artie, Joe, Ryder, and Sam
This Is the New Year Naked Artie, Brittany, Jake, Marley, Ryder, Sam, Tina, and Unique
Diva Diva Brittany, Tina, and Unique
We've Got Tonite I Do Artie, Betty, Finn, Jake, Kurt, Marley, Quinn, Rachel, and Santana
Mamma Mia Guilty Pleasures Kitty, Kurt, Marley, Rachel, Sam, Santana, and Unique
Say Shooting Star Brittany, Kitty, Marley, Ryder, and Sam
You Have More Friends Than You Know Sweet Dreams Marley, Sam, and Unique
We Will Rock You Lights Out Artie, Jake, and Ryder
Superstition Wonder-ful Marley and Mercedes

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Five
Song Episode Solos with
I Saw Her Standing There Love, Love, Love Jake, Ryder, and Sam
Hey Jude Tina in the Sky with Diamonds Kitty, Sam, and Tina
Applause A Katy or A Gaga Artie, Marley, Ryder, and Sam
On Our Way The End of Twerk Artie, Jake, Kitty, Marley, Ryder, Sam, Tina, and Unique
Just the Way You Are Movin' Out Kurt, Rachel, Sam, and Santana
The Fox Puppet Master Artie, Elliott, Jake, Kitty, Rachel, Santana, and Tina
Breakaway Frenemies Artie and Tina
Jumpin' Jumpin' Trio Sam and Tina
Don't You (Forget About Me)
Hold On Artie, Dani, Elliott, Kurt, Rachel, Sam, Santana, and Tina
I Love LA City of Angels Artie, Jake, Sam, and Will
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For Artie, Sam, and Tina
Happy 100 April, Holly, Mercedes and Will
Loser Like Me New Directions Artie, Sam, and Tina
Don't Stop Believin' Artie, Kurt, Rachel, Tina, and Will
Downtown New New York Artie, Kurt, Rachel, and Sam
No One Is Alone Bash Kurt and Rachel
Not While I'm Around Bash (EP) Mercedes, Rachel and Sam
Take Me Home Tonight Old Dog, New Tricks Artie, Kurt, Maggie, Mercedes, Rachel, Sam, and Santana
Pompeii The Untitled Rachel Berry Project Artie, Brittany, Kurt, Mercedes, Rachel, and Sam
Unreleased songs



  • Just like Kurt and Santana, his first on-screen kiss is with someone of the opposite gender (Rachel) despite being openly gay.
  • Blaine's middle name was stated to be "Devon" by Ryan Murphy, the show's creator, on Twitter and was first mentioned in the episode Feud by Sue when referring to his contract with the Cheerios.
  • He uses raspberry hair gel. (Dynamic Duets)
  • Blaine is tied with Rachel for singing in the most episodes in a single season, having sung in at least one song per episode except for one in Season Four.
  • He has the second most solos in the show with 31 (Rachel being first with 46).
    • He also holds the record for most solos sung by a character in their debut season, and most solos sung by a character not in the main cast (this record was achieved before Darren Criss' promotion).
  • Blaine reads Sam Star Wars fan-fiction to help Sam fall asleep at night. (Bash)
  • Despite having transferred from Dalton Academy, Blaine has managed to appear in a Dalton blazer for every subsequent season since his debut in Season Two: in The Purple Piano Project for Season Three, Dynamic Duets for Season Four, Opening Night for Season Five, and Loser Like Me and Jagged Little Tapestry for Season Six.
    • Four of these five instances are concurrent with a song: My Dark Side, Lovefool, Sing, and It's Too Late. My Dark Side and Sing feature Blaine in Dalton Academy putting the blazer on during the performances themselves (or more accurately, feature the Warblers coercing him to put it on), while Lovefool and It's Too Late show him in fantasy sequences (Rachel's and Kurt's, respectively) with the blazer already put on. Blaine has solos in all these songs except Lovefool.
    • 2009 features Blaine in the uniform as well, though he has it on as an enrolled Dalton student.
  • Season Four is the only season where Blaine appears but doesn't sing a duet with Rachel.
  • Season Six is the only season where Blaine appears but doesn't sing a solo.
  • There is an inconsistency with the years in which Blaine is at high school.
    • In Prom Queen, when Blaine is a sophomore, he tells Kurt he transferred to Dalton because he was attacked after a Sadie Hawkins dance at his old school. Sadie Hawkins takes place somewhere around the middle of the school year, or around winter/spring. Sadie Hawkins dances can take place in middle schools, but Blaine specifies he transferred to Dalton after he was attacked, meaning he could only have been in his freshman year of high school when he attended the dance.
      • But, it's still possible that he transferred in the middle of the year.
    • However, in the episode 2009, we briefly see Blaine in his Warbler's uniform with some other Warblers. Since it's 2009, Blaine is a freshman during this short moment, but this is at the beginning of the school year.
      • Unless he was held back a year and repeated his freshman year for whatever reason, this can't be possible. But it is established that Blaine was born in 1995, which means being a freshman in 2009 lines up.