Blake Alexander Jenner (born August 27, 1992) is a 26-year-old American singer and actor who is the incumbent winner of the second season of The Glee Project. On Glee, he portrays Ryder Lynn.

He was signed for only 7 episodes, but similar to Samuel Larsen (Joe), Damian McGinty (Rory) and Alex Newell (Unique), his contract was extended.

Personal life

The youngest of four brothers, Mike, Derrick and Richard, Jenner was interested in music and film growing up. He began playing drums, writing short stories and acting them out at school starting when he was nine years old. While performing in plays throughout middle school and high school, he also appeared in television commercials.

Throughout his youth, Jenner took acting and improvisation classes, participating in his school's drama department and Impromedy, an improv and sketch comedy group based in his hometown of Florida.[1] Eager to pursue a career in acting, Blake moved to Los Angeles after graduating a year early in the summer of 2010.[2]

Jenner was in a relationship with his highschool sweetheart, Maria Correa, who moved from her hometown to live with him in LA. They dated for 3 years.[3]

Since February 2013, he has been dating his Glee co-star, Melissa Benoist. They were reported to be engaged in July 2013.[4] Their engagement was confirmed in December 2013.[5] Jenner reportedly got married to Benoist in late March 2015,[6] however it'd be reveled that the couple got married in June 2013.[7] In December 2016, Benoist would file for divorce citing irreconcilable differences for the reason.[7]


Upon arriving in LA, he worked as a waiter, a clothing store associate, and appeared in films like Wurlitzer, The Truth In Being Right and horror movie Cousin Sarah. He made a guest appearance on ABC family's sitcom Melissa & Joey as jock Miller Collins. Though he has received some rejection he continued to forge ahead because of the love he had for his craft. Soon after in 2012, Jenner was discovered through industry channels to audition for The Glee Project, a music-based television reality show. After besting thirteen contestants and winning the second season, Blake is featured as Ryder; the star football player/lead vocalist on the 4th season of the FOX hit, Glee.[1] He later won the Choice TV Breakout Star at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards.[8]



Year Title Role Notes
2010 Fresh 2 Death 2010 Connor Short film
2011 Wurlitzer Alexander Moore Also executive producer, producer
2011 Cousin Sarah Brett Marks
2012 The Truth In Being Right Jeffrey Short film
2014 Billy Boy Billy Forsetti Also Writer, Producer
2014 Love At First Site Sydney
2015 Crawlspace Tommy
2016 Everybody Wants Some Jake
2017 Sidney Hall Brett Newport


Year Title Role Notes
2011 Melissa & Joey Miller Collins Episode: "A House Divided"
2012 The Glee Project Himself Season 2
2012–2014 Glee Ryder Lynn Recurring (Season 4)
Regular (Season 5)
Guest (Season 6)
2016 Supergirl Adam Foster Recurring (Season 1)
  • He has appeared in a commercial for Best Buy. 
  • He has appeared in a commercial for KFC. 

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Oh yeah. You look at Tyler, or you look at Abraham, or you look at Aylin or Ali or Shanna, and everybody had these very, very compelling stories. Michael and I, we probably seemed to have the most normal, average stories. When it came to the finale, I was really, really, really nervous, just because I was up against two girls that probably have the best, most compelling life stories of everyone in the competition, and here I am, the whitest half-Cuban ever. That’s all that I had. When you look at me, I’d have to tell you what I’ve been through; with Aylin and Ali, you could know some of what they had been through just by looking at them.

—Blake Jenner, talking about his experience on The Glee Project

Even the people you don’t think are vulnerable at all [are vulnerable]. I want to get across that everyone is sensitive and has something.

—Blake Jenner

Acting is like therapy without the bills.

—Blake Jenner


  • He plays the drums and the guitar.[9]
  • He cited Jim Carrey as his inspiration for acting after watching his performance in Dumb and Dumber.
  • He is athletic and noted his favorite sports are basketball and football.
  • In high school, he was a wrestler on his school's wrestling team. He also played varsity football.
  • His height is 6'2."[9]
  • He confessed that Captain Underpants is his favorite book series.
  • He enjoys watching The Office and Arrested Development, which are two of his favorite shows.
  • In his blog, he stated that poetry helps get his feelings out in the world easier. By the end of eighth grade, he won a state-level critic’s choice award in the monologue category.[1]
  • He always wanted to go to Australia.
  • He is known for being musically inclined, yet has never had a musical lesson taught by a professional.
  • His favorite color is blue.
  • He knows how to juggle.[10]
  • One of his dream roles is a role similar to Leonardo DiCaprio's in Basketball Diaries.[9]
  • He is deathly afraid of snakes. [11]
  • He has a wide range of favorite artists and his favorite genre is rock.
  • Michael Jackson is one of his inspirations to become a musical entertainer. He would watch his music videos when he was younger. The Way You Make Me Feel is his favorite MJ song and the one song he would like to sing if he were given the chance to on Glee.[10]
  • He played Creon in his high school’s production of Oedipus Rex.[12]
  • If he had to choose one person from the cast to duet with on Glee it would be Darren Criss.
  • On the Glee Project, he was closest to Michael, Nellie and Abraham. [13]
  • To keep his Glee Project win a secret until the finale show aired, he referenced Harry Potter and how everyone couldn't say the name of Voldemort.[13]
  • Monkeys and dogs are his favorite animals.
  • He can't live without music, movies, his family and his car.
  • In his freetime, he likes running while listening to music.
  • He was picked on in junior high for joining the drama club. According to Blake, they were looked on as "aliens."[2]
  • After witnessing a schoolmate getting beat up, he has been a supporter to the fight against bullying.[2]
  • His favorite character on Glee is Finn.
  • In an interview for he said that the hardest elimination for him was Nellie.
  • He did his senior coursework through Florida Virtual School.[1]
  • As shown in the Glee Project 2: Romanticality promo, when it comes to singing, his vocal weakness are harmonies. 
  • His favorite song to perform on the Glee Project competition was Waiting for a Girl/Boy Like You by Foreigner.[14]
  • Blake owns a teacup Maltipoo named Milli.[3]
  • He enjoys outdoorsy activities like hiking.
  • His drama coaches from back home, Ozzy Quintana and Ray Bode, praise him often and said that he was not afraid to take risks and put himself out there in order to become successful. Maintaining contact with both mentors, Jenner would often ask for criticism of his performance.[1]
  • He has a homosexual brother, Ricky, whom he would watch Glee with back home.[1]
  • One of his odd jobs was being a parrot salesman.
  • He also worked at Johnny Rockets and as a waiter.[15]
  • In the Glee Project, he went the longest without getting any negative feedback (5 episodes).
  • His favorite candy are Twizzlers.[9]
  • When he was seven years old, he had an extremely strong crush on Bubbles, The Powerpuff Girl.[9]
  • Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johansson are his ultimate celebrity crushes.[14]
  • While working at a drive thru, he would practice his accents and even did impersonations. He also frequently loved to do old man voices and then watch the customer's reaction when they came to the window.[15]
  • According to his Access Hollywood interview, when talking about his favorite celebrities, Blake claimed he can imitate Ryan Reynolds and can also do 'The Grinch Face'. He also wrote a letter to Jim Carrey when he was younger, but never got a response. He is still waiting for one.[16]
  • He says during Season 1, he was rooting for Damian and Cameron.
  • He is Caucasian, German, White and Spanish. His mother is from Cuba.
  • He has an obsession for gummy candies.[9]
  • If he wasn't an actor, he would want to become a teacher.[9]
  • His go-to song is Drops of Jupiter by Train.
  • The Miami Dolphins are his favorite football team.
  • Asked to choose which Disney Princess he had to be, he picked Ariel from The Little Mermaid because she could breathe underwater.
  • His favorite teenage cult-classic movie is The Breakfast Club.[17]
  • He is the only Glee Project winner to become a regular Glee cast member.
  • His favorite superheroes are The Flash and Spider-Man.
  • He knows how to skateboard.[9]
  • If given a superpower, he'd like to fly.[9]
  • Before acting, he once performed skits at the Roxy Theatre.[1]
  • He has also worked with Groundlings, a comedy troupe in Los Angeles.[18]
  • One of his most recent Groundlings guest shows were with Ian Brennan and Michael Hitchcock, executive producer and writer of Glee respectively. It was called Cookin' With Gas.[19]
  • He was rated number 63 on BuddyTV's 100 Sexiest Men of 2012.[20]
  • He is the second Glee actor to make an appearance on Supergirl. The first being Melissa Benoist, the third Peter Facinelli and the fourth Grant Gustin.



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