• ElectraHeart

    With the end of Season Four fast approaching, it is once again time for the Glee Wiki Awards. For those of you new to the wiki or unaware of what this event entails, the GWAs are an opportunity for everyone on this wiki to vote on their favourite parts of Season Four. We go through two stages of voting as we narrow down the choices and find the overall favourites, which then concludes in an awards show where we announce the winners!

    This years awards will be taking place on Saturday the 8th of June at 10PM UTC, although this may be subject to minor changes closer to the event. If you wish to see what time the awards will be in your timezone, I suggest using this website which will convert it for you.

    We also need presenters to help us at the…

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  • Hrsefinatic101

    GWA 2012 Results

    June 17, 2012 by Hrsefinatic101

    2012 RESULTS

    First off I do would just like to say how much the staff who worked on prepping for the GWA's appreciates you all for attending! I hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves; I know I did. :) It was so much fun and I can not wait for next year's!

    To those who could not attend the awards this evening, here is a a list of all the winners that you all can fan girl about, lol. Once again, many thanks to the great audience we had, the presenters, and my fellow host, Sasha. ;)


    Award Winner
    Best Male/Male Duet Somebody That I Used To Know
    Best Female/Female Duet I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)
    Best Female/Male Duet Smooth Criminal
    Best Male Solo Cough Syrup
    Best Female Solo Never Can Say Goodbye

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  • ElectraHeart

    It was amazing to see so many of you taking part in voting for the GWAs, and it's almost time to find out who all of you chose as the winners!

    I'm gonna get straight to the details you all want to know around the live award show. The award show will take place...

    To find out the time of the awards in your time zone I suggest you use this link here.

    The awards will take place

    We would love to see as many of you as possible attending on the day. I hope you are all just as excited as we are.

    This blog is only a short one, and I'm sure you have many questions related to the awards. Feel free to ask anything below, also feel free to ask if you are having troub…

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  • ElectraHeart

    Firstly, I would like to commend the AMAZING effort put in by everyone here. We received 2004 votes over the 6 days the poll ran, and it is great to see so many people participating in this event. It's not over yet though. The voting many of you just participated in was only part one. From this poll we have found the top 4 nominees from every category, and now is when you get to decide the ultimate winners.

    Once again all the categories will be in the poll for you to decide your favourite, but only the top 4 will be there. I am truly sorry if your favourite didn't make it through the first round, but we must go with the majority. If you would like to review the content of the previous blog once more you may click here to do so.

    Voting will o…

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  • ElectraHeart

    Hi guys! Now that another season is over, it's that time again!

    Hrsefinatic101 and Svwiki99 present...


    This year is gonna be bigger and better than before. For season three we've made it easier to vote, and more enjoyable to attend the awards on the day! Voting details will be down the page, but first I will tell you a bit about how the awards will play out.

    Firstly, which is what this blog post it for, round 1 of voting. All the nominees for each category are featured in voting, and users pick their favorite for each of them.

    Secondly, the top 4 nominees from each category, decided by the users, move on to round 2 of voting. The users will once again pick their favorite from each category.

    Finally, the awards. Out of …

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  • Gleekobsessed

    New Badge Track

    May 24, 2012 by Gleekobsessed

    Hey guys, I noticed that we have a badge track for relationships, friendships, and songs, but not characters, so I talked it over with a few people, and now there is one for characters!

    If you guys want any other badges, make some suggestions in the comments. :)

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  • Gleekobsessed

    Well, we finally got some new chat addons that we have been talking about for a while. :)

    The first is now, instead of a star next to chat mods' names, there is a slushie.

    Also, there is a new message at the top linking the rules and chat mod list.

    Anything else you might want, just ask in the comments. :)

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  • Hrsefinatic101

    Well, the time has come to find out who your 2012 Glee Wiki Award Presenters are. There were a lot of possible candidates, and remember EVERYONE can attend the awards ceremony. Without further a due, here is a complete list of your 2012 board of the GWA's.


    1. Hrsefinatic101
    1. Svwiki99


    1. GLeeLOVER
    2. Gleekobsessed
    3. Gleek4life353
    4. SamAndQuinnForever123
    5. ClevanOTP

    All of those chosen, more details will follow later on about presentations. Thanks everybody and we hope for all of your participation when voting begins!

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  • ElectraHeart

    Chat Down

    May 12, 2012 by ElectraHeart

    Hi guys. Unfortunately, chat is having problems again. Wikia Staff are usually around to fix this problem, but unfortunately they don't work on weekends, so if it doesn't start working again itself, we will have to wait till Staff are back at work. I apologize for the inconvenience this brings, it's annoying for everyone. In the meantime, we'll have to live without chat.

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  • ElectraHeart

    It's almost that time again! Last year, the Glee Wiki Awards for season two were a great hit, so this year we are having GWAs for season three! Voting will start soon after Goodbye airs, which means voting will be not too long after 22 May! These awards are open to everyone on the Glee Wiki, and it will be great to see many of you attend! They will be hosted by myself (Svwiki99) and Hrsefinatic101, but we also need 5 presenters to help us present these awards. This is where some of you come in! If you are a Spam Team member or Chat Mod here on the wiki, and you are interested in helping out with the Glee Wiki Awards, leave a comment below and the admins will decide who we think are the 5 best suited for the job of presenting. If you are ch…

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