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Robert "Bobby" "Boom Boom" Surette is a character on Glee who made his first appearance in The New Rachel, the first episode of Season Four. He is a student and jock at McKinley.

He is portrayed by Jesse Luken.


Season Four

The New Rachel

Bobby is portrayed as the new jock bully of the Glee Club, along with his best friend Phil Lipoff. He was first seen at the Lima Bean where Kitty tells Kurt that her iced latte was too cold.

At first, he is a "friend" of New Directions, because of their new popularity. He and Phil made fun of Marley's mom during lunch with the glee club and pressured Artie into saying something mean too. The second time this happens, Marley gets mad and reveals that she is the daughter of the new cook. At last, he, Phil and Kitty tell the glee club members that they were no longer popular, and he and Phil throw slushies at Marley and Unique.

Britney 2.0

He and Phil Lipoff insult Mrs. Rose at lunch. Marley tells them off saying that Mrs. Rose is her mother and Jake tells them to apologize. The two of them refuse, so Jake attacks them, starting a short fist-fight, only to be pulled apart by Will.

Dynamic Duets

Bobby appears with Phil and rudely interrupts Jake and Mrs. Rose's conversation. Bobby rudely interrupts them as well and makes fun of her. Jake defends her and almost gets up with them and the rest of their friends, but Ryder and the superheroes come and save Jake. Phil and the others leave because of the threat Ryder made.

Glee, Actually

Bobby only appears with his friend Phil, picking on Jake. Jake then starts wrestling with him and Bobby on the ground. This fight is soon broken up by Jake's brother Puck, who tells them to leave Jake alone or he'll beat him up. The jocks leave and don't return for the remainder of the episode. This is the last time he's seen on the show to date.



Are you an only child or do you have a twin who's still in there?

—Bobby Surette to Marley Rose about Mrs. Rose, Britney 2.0

Dude, imagine the size of her dumps.

—Bobby Surette to Phil Lipoff about Mrs. Rose, Britney 2.0

Is that all I get Jumbo? Why so stingy?

—Bobby to Mrs. Rose, Britney 2.0

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