Booty Camp was an after school club started by Will in an attempt to help certain members of the New Directions improve their dancing skills. Mike assists Will in the choreography and training. The sessions officially started in I Am Unicorn, the second episode of Season Three, but before that episode, a Booty Camp session was held in Born This Way, the eighteenth episode of Season Two.


Born This Way

Will originally creates Booty Camp in order to improve the New Directions' dancing - in particular Finn's. However, while practicing their moves, Finn accidentally fractures Rachel's nose, making her consider a nose job. This results in Will setting the glee club's assignment for that week - to accept yourself and love yourself for who you are.

I Am Unicorn

Will initially chooses Finn, Puck, Kurt, and Mercedes to join the group, as he feels that they are the members that most need to improve their dancing. Blaine also chooses to join, in order for him to catch up with the New Directions. At the end of the episode, Quinn joins, as well as returning to New Directions.

Asian F

Santana, Tina, and Brittany are also members of Booty Camp. When Mercedes struggles, Will has a go at her, and she imagines a Dreamgirls-like scene, in which she and the other members of Booty Camp sing It's All Over. During the song, Mercedes and Santana argue, before other members join in. At the end of the song, Mercedes discovers that the auditorium is empty, and leaves New Directions.

As Blaine was nowhere to be seen in It's All Over, it's unknown whether he's still a member of Booty Camp. However, this might be because the scene is in Mercedes' imagination, and she doesn't know Blaine well enough for his presence to make a difference to the song, or Mercedes' decision to quit.

Big Brother

With Nationals looming, Will hands control over to Sue Sylvester, who begins to co-run the group. By this time, the entire Glee club is involved. Quinn invites Joe to Booty Camp, where he becomes a member of New Directions. Sue tries to help the kids get focused in time to win the National Championships in Chicago.


Sectionals is soon to come, and without Mr. Schue around, Finn picks Gangnam Style as the choice of the song. As it's Thanksgiving, Mercedes, Mike, Quinn, Santana and Puck return to Lima as promised and assists in mentoring the New Directions for Regionals. Mike does a Booty Camp class for the boys to pick out the best boy dancer to dance during one of the dance solos with Brittany. He plays Fantastic Baby by BIGBANG to give the boys the feel of K-Pop (Korean pop) music as for their upcoming Sectionals. Jake, although the best dancer in New Directions, lets Ryder take the spotlight due to a deal they make earlier.



Former Members

Known songs


  • When Booty Camp started, the only member whose reasons for joining weren't explained was Tina. However as of Big Brother, Rachel, Joe, Sugar, Sam, Artie, and Rory also joined without explanations, but it can be assumed that at that point the whole Glee Club joined so they can improve their dance skills.
  • When Sue first decided to help run Booty Camp, she scolded the New Directions, calling them a "coven of tardy, narcissistic, bloated bags of cellulite who will stab each other in the back at the first glimpse of a solo in a competition hosted by a late night horror movie host."



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