Bradley "Brad" Buecker is one of Glee's directors, producers, and editors. In addition to Glee, he has worked with American Horror Story, The New Normal, Nip/Tuck and Scream Queens.

Personal life

Buecker graduated from the University of Michigan in 1994.[1]


After received attained his engineering degree, he settled into a job in the bar-coding business in Boulder, Colorado. His first big break was after he filmed and produced a documentary on the desegregation of Denver, which was aired by PBS. He enrolled at the American Film Institute (AFI), earned a master’s and befriended a classmate who happened to be editing The Bachelor television series for the ABC network. Learning that the show needed an editor to work the night shift, Buecker took the job.

The contacts he made at AFI led Buecker to a day job editing Nip/Tuck, where he eventually became a producer. The show provided a gateway to the world of scripted TV dramas and introduced him to the show’s creator Ryan Murphy. Murphy asked Buecker to be a part of the team on the production of his new show, Glee.


While producing Glee, Murphy promoted Buecker to co-executive producer of Glee and American Horror Story. Both shows were Golden Globe nominees in two categories.

Episodes Directed

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Season Six


Year Title Role Notes
2009 Nip/Tuck Himself 2009 - 2010: Supervising Producer (19 episodes)
Glee Himself 2009 - 2011: Supervising Producer (44 episodes), 2011 - 2013: Co-Executive Producer (44 episodes) and 2010 - 2015: Director (15 episodes)
2011 American Horror Story Himself 2011 - 2013: Co-Executive Producer (25 episodes), 2013 - 2015: Executive Producer (26 episodes) and 2010 - 2015: Director (9 episodes)
2012 The New Normal Himself 2012 - 2013: Co-Executive Producer (22 episodes) and 2013: Director ("Dairy Queen" and "Stay-At-Home Dad")
2015 Billy Boy Himself Producer and post-production
Scream Queens Himself 2015: Director ("Haunted House")


GLEE - Behind the Scenes with Bradley Buecker

GLEE - Behind the Scenes with Bradley Buecker


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