The Bree-Jake Relationship, most commonly known as Brake, is the brief sexual relationship between Bree and Jake Puckerman.


When Bree asks Jake to help her and the Cheerios out with a big number they're working on, Jake says he's not really a choreographer, but Marley convinces him to do it. When Jake later leaves his fellow Gagas, who are preparing for their Katy number, to go help the Cheerios with their dance (much to Kitty's dismay, due to her dislike for Bree), Unique calls Marley as she senses something's wrong. They spy on Bree and Jake dancing, and when Unique tells Marley that this week is her chance to show both Bree and Jake that she can be hardcore, Marley says she won't change herself for him, and if he doesn't want the real her, he can go. After Marley and Jake have an argument about sex, Jake goes to where Bree is training. He simply asks her if she wants to go with him to a private part of the school, which Bree replies: "I love private parts." Later, during Roar, Bree walks in beside Marley watching Jake, as he looks nervous towards both of them. (A Katy or A Gaga)

Bree asks Unique what is she doing in the girls' bathroom, to which she responds she doesn't feel comfortable using the boys' bathroom and asks Bree to keep her secret. Bree agrees to keep the secret but ends up using the boy's bathroom to make out with Jake, which causes the McKinley students to use the different bathrooms, ignoring the bathrooms' assigned gender. She later appears singing, dancing and twerking on Jake during Blurred Lines, in which she secretly films Marley twerking on Jake. She comments how bad Marley is at twerking and mentions she can help by giving her some classes, and tells her about what happened between her and Jake after she refused to let Jake touch her breasts. (The End of Twerk)

Jake is flirting with Bree in My Life. She is seen jealous when Jake stops flirting with her and goes with other girls. (Movin' Out)

Bree is jealous of Jake flirting with a Cheerio, to which he responds he will flirt with all of them. Bree later tells Jake that she is pregnant from his baby and says they must go to the doctor together. The next day, they meet but Bree reveals that she went to the doctor by herself, and that she is not pregnant as she got her period again, but she also says Jake is "toxic." (Puppet Master)


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Blurred Lines The End of Twerk Artie, Kitty, and Will
Nasty/Rhythm Nation Puppet Master Marley
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