Britney Jean Spears, born December 2, 1981,[1] is an American pop icon, singer, dancer and actress. She made an appearance as herself on Glee in Britney/Brittany.

Personal life

Spears was the second child[1] born to Lynn Spears and James Spears.[2] She has an older brother, Bryan, and a younger sister, Jamie Lynn.[1]

She was married to Jason Alexander in January 2004.[3] The marriage was annulled less than 55 hours later.[4] Spears married Kevin Federline in September 2004[5] but they divorced in November 2006 (finalized in July 2007)[6] due to "irreconcilable differences."[7] The couple had two sons, Sean and Jayden, both born in September 2005 and 2006.[5][8]

Spears reportedly checked in and out rehabilitation, and then shaved her head in a while the paparazzi took pictures in February 2007. Spears spent time at a treatment center in March 2007.[9] She would have an another breakdown in January 2008 and had two psychiatric evaluations during that month.[10]

Spears would become engaged to Jason Trawick in December 2011[10] but she would break it off (reported) in January 2013.[11]

She was in a relationship with David Lucado from 2013 till (reported in) August 2014.[12][13] Spears is in a relationship with Charlie Ebersol, reported in Novmber 2014.[14]

Spears was announced to get a dedicated day and receive a key to the Las Vegas Strip on November Fifth, during what's going to be called "Britney Day."[15]


Spears tried out for The New Mickey Mouse Club at age eight but didn't get picked; she tried again at age eleven and got in. She appeared on Star Search in 1992. Spears would sign with Jive Records and would release her first single, ..".Baby One More Time" off her ...Baby One More Time album (1999). She would release Oops! I Did It Again in 2000, and would shed her virginal image in the Britney album in 2001.

Spears starred in Cross Roads in 2002, another album, In the Zone would be release in 2003. She would release Greatest Hits: My Prerogative in 2004, star in Britney and Kevin: Chaotic with then-husband, Kevin in 2006, her single "Gimme More" would be release - despite her personal issues during that time - in 2007.

Blackout was released in 2007, she appeared on How I Met Your Mother after her breakdown issues and her album, Circus, was released in 2008.

She released Femme Fatale in 2011, joined The X Factor in 2012, and released her eighth album, Britney Jean, in 2013.

Spears's residency at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino titled Britney: Piece of Me will run from December 2013 till February 2015.[16]

Spears's new lingerie line collection, Intimate Britney Spears, was released in September 2014.[17]

Spears in an interview with Billboard stated that she is "slowly but surely" working on a ninth studio album.[18]

She collaborated with Iggy Azalea and released "Pretty Girls" in May 2015.

Spears is going to guest star on The CW’s Jane the Virgin in the fifth episod, announced in August 2015.[19]


Season Two


She was featured in Britney/Brittany, which was a tribute to her and her songs. Five of her songs were performed. She appeared in Artie's, Brittany's, Santana's, and Rachel's dream sequences at the dentist's office. She first appeared in Me Against the Music, throwing Brittany against the wall and saying that it was a fantasy. Next, she was the teacher in Baby One More Time. Finally, she is seen in Stronger, saying that Tina was a fool for breaking up with Artie.


Year Title Role Notes
1999 Hooves of Fire Donner TV short; US version, voice
2001 Longshot Flight Attendant
2002 Robbie the Reindeer in Legend of the Lost Tribe Donner TV short; US version, voice
Crossroads Lucy Wagner
2003 Pauly Shore Is Dead Britney Spears
2006 Will & Grace Amber-Louise ("Buy, Buy Baby")
2008 How I Met Your Mother Abby ("Ten Sessions" and "Everything Must Go")
2011 Criminal Criminal short
2015 Jane the Virgin



"Hey Artie! [to Tina] Girl, you are such a fool for breaking up with such a sweetheart!"

—Britney Spears, Britney/Brittany

Brittany: You're really hot.
Britney: You're sweet.
Brittany: Your breath smells really good.
Britney: So does yours. And you know because this is a fantasy.
Brittany: Wow....

—Britney Spears and Brittany, Britney/Brittany

Songs covered by Glee

Song Sung Episode
I'm a Slave 4 U Brittany Britney/Brittany
Me Against the Music Brittany and Santana Britney/Brittany
...Baby One More Time Rachel Britney/Brittany
Stronger Artie with the McKinley Titans Britney/Brittany
Toxic Will Schuester and New Directions Britney/Brittany
Hold It Against Me Brittany with the Cheerios Britney 2.0


Artie and Blaine Britney 2.0
Womanizer Marley, Tina and Unique Britney 2.0
3 Joe, Sam and Tina Britney 2.0

'U Drive Me Crazy

Marley and Jake Britney 2.0
Oops!... I Did it Again Rachel Britney 2.0
Gimme More Brittany with New Directions Britney 2.0
Everytime Marley Britney 2.0
Toxic (Season Five) Quinn, Santana and Brittany 100



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