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The Bushwick Apartment is an apartment in New York, where Kurt currently lives. Kurt and Rachel rented it during Britney 2.0, the second episode of Season Four, after Kurt arrived in New York and Rachel moved out of her NYADA dorm. Santana moved in during Diva, the thirteenth episode of the same season. The apartment has been the stage for various musical numbers performed by Kurt, Rachel, and Santana. During the first part of the fifth season, the performances were done by the band Pamela Lansbury, which was led by Kurt, with DaniElliott, Rachel, and Santana. During Trio, this band was dissolved and was reformed as  One Three Hill, with Kurt, Elliott and Dani being its members, while Rachel and Santana were kicked out of the band. Due to a fight with her Funny Girl understudy, Santana, Rachel left the apartment and moved in with Elliot. Following the events of New Directions, Santana went on an extended vacation with Brittany after they reconciled, leaving Kurt as the only person living there for the while being. In New New York, we learn Rachel moved back into the apartment after an out of town run of Funny Girl. Blaine and Sam, who have come to live in New York City after graduation as well, move into the apartment as well. Both of them move out due to conflicts, to move in with Mercedes in New New York and Blaine moved back in at the end of The Untitled Rachel Berry Project.


Britney 2.0

The apartment appears for the first time in this episode. Rachel and Kurt are seen happy riding their bikes inside the apartment saying that it costs 1800 bucks every month, since they are going to rent it. In the next scene, they are having dinner where Rachel asks Kurt if he heard anything about Finn, to which he replies that he didn't and that she asked her the same thing the day before. Kurt tells her that he's actually giving her space. He also tells her that in New Directions, they're doing Britney songs again. Meanwhile, he's planning to re-audition to NYADA and that he has recently found a new job at Rachel looks happy for him. She talks about Cassandra July, her dance teacher, and Kurt, surprised, asks her if that Cassandra July is the same one known as Crazy July, and tells her about the incident occurred ten years before during a Broadway show. He tells her that if Cassandra wants her to be sexy, then she should be sexy. That's why Rachel would later perform Oops!... I Did It Again.

It later reappears when they are painting the walls there. Rachel has painted 'Finn' all over the wall, and asks Kurt if it's too obvious. He tells her that he hasn't called her yet because he loves her and not because he's forgotten her, so she should enjoy the freedom he's giving her. Then, Brody knocks at the door and Kurt opens it. He leaves them alone so they can talk, while he's going to buy some cake. Brody tries to kiss her after he says he really liked dancing with her, but Rachel tells him she can't do it since she's already with somebody else.

During Marley's performance of Everytime, Rachel is seen painting over the wall that says 'Finn', looking sad.


Brody and Rachel kissing before Finn arrived.

Kurt is in the apartment getting ready for his job interview at He looks nervous about what would happen there. Next, Rachel and him are talking about Rachel's feelings at the time, where she says she feels the same as before graduation. Kurt explains that she feels that way because she hasn't adjusted to New York properly, so he suggests to go to a place he knows (which is Kurt is seen talking with Blaine (through Skype) about the video he filmed about Rachel's makeover, to which Blaine says it is great, and Kurt says he wants to show it on once it's edited.

After Rachel and Brody perform A Change Would Do You Good, she invites him to have dinner in the apartment, and Brody accepts. When Rachel is preparing the dinner, and getting dressed up, she has an accident when the meal is burning up and she's scared but she gets to put some water into it, but then Brody knocks the door. When he arrives there, he gives her - again - a bunch of flowers. They ended up eating pizza, since the duck that she was preparing had burned. They talk about this 'New Rachel' and how well she has adjusted to this new style, but Brody is intrigued about the 'Old Rachel' and that's why he asks her to tell him a secret. Rachel confess her secret and says she had never told anybody about it before, not even Finn. After a silence moment, they kiss but then someone knocks the door. Assuming that is Kurt, Rachel goes on to open the door, only to find out that it is Finn. He finally reappears as he watches Rachel and Brody together.

The Break-Up

Glee.404.hdtv-lol 242.jpg
Rachel and Kurt talk about what happened after Finn arrived at the apartment. Finn makes an observation about the place saying it's awesome, and Rachel tells him they can sort of see Manhattan from there. Finn tells Rachel he isn't in the army anymore and it is implied that he is living there now, at least temporarily.

Later, Kurt, Rachel and Finn are seen planing to go to Callbacks when Blaine surprisingly arrives there. Everyone is pleased to be with their friends, specially Rachel, who says that "it is like the old good days."

After they return from Callbacks and each couple have an argument, they are seen singing Don't Speak back in the apartment while laying in their beds, visibly upset by what happened. Finn wakes before dawn with the aim of leaving the building, being picked off by Kurt, who asks him if he want him to say something to Rachel and hugs him before he leaves.


Brody is visiting Rachel and Kurt for Thanksgiving. They are seen talking about the turkey and the Holiday in general. Rachel and Brody prepare the turkey and Rachel realizes that it's almost time for Sectionals to start. She tells Brody and Kurt about how he felt before her first competition and that she gave herself a "soulful monologue," as it is shown that Marley is doing the same just then. Later, Kurt and Rachel are feeling homesick while Brody is the turkey out of the oven. Isabelle and some friends of hers arrive at the apartment before they perform Let's Have a Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time looking very amusing.

Right before Sectionals, Kurt moves away from the others and calls Blaine to wish them luck, tell him he is trying to forgive him and invite him to meet at Christmas. After they finish talking, Isabelle notices that Kurt has talked with Blaine and they share a happy embrace.

Swan Song

Kurt is seen at the start of the episode saying Rachel that Blaine told him by phone New Directions lost at Sectionals. Rachel hesitates for a moment trying to decide whether calling Finn or not, but she thinks it will damage him instead of helping him. Kurt and Rachel talk about the winter showcase and how eager they are to know if they are invited or not to the ceremony. Kurt talks about how prestigious is being invited to perform there and how renowned are the winners of the competition. Rachel is seen receiving an invitation by Carmen at NYADA.

Glee, Actually

Burt kurt and blaine glee actually.jpg
Despite Rachel's pleas to join her in Lima, Kurt plans a solo holiday in New York to save money for school, but he's surprised by the arrival of his Christmas tree-bearing father Burt. Burt recalls how he forgot to get a tree the year that Kurt's mother died until he saw the disappointed look when Kurt had nowhere to hang his favorite ornament, made from his mother's perfume bottle. He realized the tree's importance and would never forget again to focus on their holiday traditions.

Shortly after, Burt and Blaine are watching a football game when Kurt joins them, but he gets bored in just 20 seconds. Apparently Blaine and Burt made a bet about that since Burt asks him to pay him. Blaine reveals to Kurt and Burt that he's thinking of applying to NYADA after graduation, and Kurt gives him his blessing.

During Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Blaine, Kurt, and Burt are seen setting the table for the Christmas dinner.

Sadie Hawkins

Kurt realizes NYADA resembles high school with its cliques and pecking order and tells Rachel he wants to join Adam's Apples, the NYADA glee club. While Rachel's time is increasingly occupied by Brody, she tells him they aren't in high school anymore and glee club is a social and professional suicide.

When Brody is late for the dinner she prepared, Rachel stands up for herself and is ready to walk away from their relationship, but he smoothes things over by professing the depth of his feelings for her. They dance without music for a while, and when he offers to look for an apartment nearby, she suggests that he should just move in.


Rachel lands a leading role in a student film but must commit to appearing in a topless scene - prompting a visage of her old high school self to visit her and questions her morality. She ends, dueting with her former self on Torn. Ultimately, she decides to do the topless scene.

RachelQuinnSantana 4x12.png
While they are having breakfast, Kurt looks disgusted by Brody's casual nudity around the apartment, but Brody claims he's just showing his support for Rachel's decision - which Kurt opposes, insisting serious actresses don't do nudity. Brody continues to support her, and Rachel insists she's going through with it, with or without Kurt's support. Later, Rachel returns to the apartment to find Quinn and Santana, who have shown up in New York for an 'intervention' after receiving a call from Kurt. Both of them strongly advise Rachel against filming the topless scene.


The episode opens in New York, where Rachel is showcasing her talent to the students at NYADA. Kurt states that she is becoming a nightmare and acting like a diva since she won the Winter Showcase. He is jealous to see Rachel and her new found friends discussing the upcoming Funny Girls auditions. He is tired of seeing her show off her skills, going out with Brody, leaving the bathtub dirty, consuming all the hot water and clogging the sink with her hair extensions.

Rachel and Kurt have a discussion after he blurts out that he is tired of her behavior recently. Kurt says he can beat her at any time, strengthened by the fact that his performance at the Winter Showcase is still the topic of discussions lately. Rachel takes on the challenge of the so-called Midnight Madness Diva-Off. She reminds him of their sophomore Diva-Off - referring to Defying Gravity - to which Kurt reveals that he purposely missed the note, Rachel is upset by this, feeling that he demolished all her certainties. Brody explains to Rachel what the Midnight Madness is: a challenge to the death with one song that will give eternal glory to the winner.

After the Midnight Madness and Rachel losing, Kurt forgives her for her intolerable behavior and they hold hands and are make peace again. Kurt says that a little bit of fighting between them once in a while it's fine.

Inspired by Brittany's speech as she once again calls her a genius, Santana sings Girl on Fire, leaving the school and going to New York. At the end of the song, Santana exits a train station and walks up to Kurt and Rachel's apartment, telling them she's "moving in" much to their shock.

I Do

The apartment is briefly seen when Rachel returns home to find it decorated with hearts and flowers by Brody - neither of them are entirely honest with the other about how they spent Valentine's Day.

Girls (and Boys) on Film

Santana suffers through a snowbound weekend in New York with her roommates gee​king out over musical theater, and her open hostility unnerves Rachel - but not as much as her baby-themed movie marathon choices, as Rachel continues to sweat out the possibility that she's pregnant. Kurt opts for Moulin Rouge!, envisioning himself dueting with Blaine on Come What May. Still, as they watch the real movie scene, Kurt tears up but tries to conceal the reason from possible new guy Adam, though Santana bluntly reveals that it was Kurt and Blaine's dream to sing the song to each other at their wedding.

Vlcapture 00006.png
Santana next expresses her misgivings about Brody, revealing that she found a large stash of cash and a pager among his belongings. She's convinced he's a drug dealer, and when Rachel attempts to prove otherwise, Brody's evasive behavior only bolsters Santana's theory.

Still pushing her Brody theories, Santana reveals to Rachel that she knows about her pregnancy test. Rachel claims that she doesn't know what Santana's talking about, but Santana continues to push for answers. Rachel breaks down in Santana's arms, and Santana comforts her, looking very concerned.


After a visit to the doctor, Rachel determines she's not pregnant, but Santana urges her to use the scare to take a deeper look at where her life's going, especially her relationship. Meanwhile, Brody's secretly working as a paid escort, trysting with clients to Marina And The Diamonds' How to Be a Heartbreaker as Rachel ponders how to deal with her feelings for him. Shortly after, Santana trashes Brody despite Rachel's defense, believing that Rachel is underselling herself by being with him.

Rachel and Kurt confront Santana, embarrassed by her antics at NYADA and concerned about her threats to Brody. They insist she needs to dial it back or move out. Santana explains that she loves them and reads people better than they do, but when they persist, she caves in and leaves.

Guilty Pleasures

Kurt is sitting in his acting class watching a performance andlearning about how to become a more vulnerable actor by acting out their secret shames. When he gets up to act, we learn all of Kurt's guilty pleasures including, what he is the most shamed about, his "boyfriend arm," which he named Bruce. A while after, Santana is still bickering with Rachel and Kurt, this time in the bathroom, because she doesn't have any shelf room for her products. Kurt wants Santana to wait on telling Rachel about Brody until after her big audition as it will distract her from her goal, which Santana agrees upon only if Kurt gives her extra room. Santana then offers to cheer Rachel up by playing an innocent little prank on Kurt, but when the two girls go in to put his hand in a pot of warm water, they see his little secret. Kurt reluctantly introduces the girls to Bruce and makes it clear that they cannot borrow him.

Vlcapture 00007.png
Afterwards, Kurt gives Santana and Rachel their own special pillows and Santana proceeds to tell Rachel that Brody is a gigolo, which Kurt confirms, after she is tired of hearing that Rachel and Brody might get back together. As Rachel leaves NYADA after breaking out with Brody, Radiohead's Creep starts playing, which summarizes where both Rachel and Brody are at in their relationship.

Rachel comes home and finds Santana and Kurt bonding over a The Facts of Life marathon and she tells them that she and Brody came to an understanding and the relationship is over. She thanks Santana and her Mexican third eye, and says that she's ready to move on and see older guys. She wants them to watch her biggest guilty pleasure movie because she just got out of a relationship: Mamma Mia. Rachel picks up the movie and as she walks to the couch, she starts to slowly sing Mamma Mia and is joined by Santana and Kurt, who sing with her until the end of the episode.

Sweet Dreams

Rachel is preparing for her Funny Girl audition. Playing the role has been her dream for virtually her entire life, ever since she first saw the movie at age 5. During her monologue, she tries on different hats, looks at her Barbra shrine, thinks about how Barbra became a star and convinces herself that she too can become one, which ends with her saying "Hello gorgeous."

Rachel calls Finn and asks him about how things are going on at college and sounds shocked when she hears that Puck is there with him and is roommates with him. She asks him about the audition and wants to know what song he thinks she should sing. He suggests she go with something that takes her back to her roots, something that will make the producers fall in love with her.

Over in Rachel and Kurt's apartment, Kurt bakes cookies while Rachel waits by her phone. After some small talk, her phone rings with word that she's gotten a call-back.

Lights Out

Rachel and Kurt confront Santana: having learned that along with working at Coyote Ugly she's bouncing at a lesbian bar and working as a cage dancer in another, they worry that she's squandering her talents, but Santana insists she needs time to figure out her life path and blows off their concern.

After a talk with Isabelle at, Kurt returns home and tell Santana and Rachel they are invited to the New York City Ballet Gala, a high-profile charity event she's organizing. This sparks fond childhood memories for Kurt and Rachel, although Santana's not interested in helping throw the party - but Kurt's promise of a gown from the vault that she can keep changes her mind.


Vlcapture 00008.png
Starting the episode, Rachel calls Will to tell him she's one of the finalists for the role of Fanny Brice in "Funny Girl" and credits him for helping her to get there. Will looks very happy and congratulates Rachel for her big achievement. Later, Kurt is seen sweating out the results of his dad's latest medical tests, and it's shown that he's preparing for the medical visit with some rituals: he's saving light blue socks and touching his nose three times at 14 and 28 past the hour for good luck.

All or Nothing

The apartment appears for under a minute during a phone call between Santana and Sam.

Love Love Love

Image 202354 6.jpg
During Yesterday, the first performance of the season, Rachel goes out into the streets of New York and visits some places, one of which is the apartment. She finishes the performance there, longingly staring at her reflection in the mirror.

Tina in the Sky with Diamonds

The apartment is briefly seen at the end of the episode, while Rachel, Kurt, Santana, and Dani perform Let It Be in celebration of Rachel's acceptance in Funny Girl, while the New Directions does the same song in honor of Tina.

The Quarterback

Vlcapture 00009.png
Starting the episode, we hear a voice over Kurt gives in New York about how he couldn't even look at the suit he wore to Finn's funeral and he mentions that he would go back to Lima for a memorial Will organized and that he doesn't want to remember how Finn died, but how he lived. As Kurt prepares to leave, he tells Rachel he is going to which she doesn't reply. Due to Finn's death, Rachel must be incredibly emotional.

A Katy or A Gaga

After the auditions for the new band Kurt is starting are held, Rachel confronts Kurt about why he rejected Starchild from the group, thinking it is because he doesn't want to share the "lavender limelight." Kurt tells Rachel that Starchild's looks is just too "out there" and he feels that he has to be more mainstream to be successful. Kurt feels that his own past tendency to be "out there" has held him back while both Rachel and Santana have found success. Rachel reminds Kurt that his unique factor is what got him to New York and into NYADA and encourages Kurt to give Starchild a chance.

Pamela Lansbury.jpg

Later, Kurt, Elliott, Dani and Santana are trying to decide on the band’s name. Rachel comes home from Funny Girl auditions and jokingly suggests that they name the band Pamela Lansbury, which everyone actually agrees on. Kurt again invites Rachel to be part of the band, pointing out that Barbra Streisand found time to do other projects even when she was doing Funny Girl. This time Rachel agrees, and everyone celebrates.

The End of Twerk

Back from one of her rehearsals, Rachel shows Kurt her new "hairstyle," but shortly after reveals that it had merely been a wig. Towards Kurt she explains that she thinks he's leading a boring life and that she wants them to start being more of a rebel. The two of them arrange to go to a tattoo studio. At breakfast the following morning, Kurt reveals to have gotten a tattoo. When he shows it to Rachel she realizes that it doesn't say "It gets better" as intended, but "It's get better." Kurt then becomes hysterical and tries to think of what he can do now. He decides to talk to the tattoo-shop owner. On the way he asks Rachel what tattoo she had gotten. Much to Kurt's dismay Rachel claims to not have gone through with the tattoo.

Vlcapture 00010.png

After talking with the tattoo-shop owner, Kurt returns home and shows Rachel later that day that he got the lettering changed to "It's got Bette Midler". An amused Rachel remarks that "it's genius" and "makes absolutely no sense." Kurt says that it makes perfect sense and that he loves it. He also has gotten his tongue pierced. He tells Rachel that he had been in trance ever since Finn's death, and that the tattoo and the piercing were his "shock back into life." Soon after that, Rachel reveals that she had gotten a tattoo saying Finn.

Movin' Out

In Lima, it's revealed that Blaine has his audition for NYADA, and Sam has an interview for a potential scholarship. For that reason they're about to head to New York for the rest of the week. They perform Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) to make up for their absence while traveling to The Big Apple. They happily unite there with Rachel, Santana, and Kurt in their apartment.

After Sam's interview, which didn't go very well, Rachel tries to encourage Sam to keep looking for scholarships, but he then confesses he doesn't even want to go to college and is only trying to do so for prestigious reasons. He also tells Rachel that he had wanted to become a male model ever since he was a child and has a concrete vision of what he wants to achieve. Rachel then promises him she will hire a photographer to take pictures of him he can use to apply to agencies. Shortly after, Rachel introduces Sam to the photographer that took all the pictures for Funny Girl whom she had hired for a private shooting with Sam. He then takes many pictures of Sam in various costumes and a few in his underwear. Rachel and Sam share a few glances during the session.

MO 94.png
Kurt and Blaine are deciding on an outfit for Blaine to wear at his NYADA audition. When Blaine sees how much energy Kurt is putting into his audition his feelings of guilt become too big and he gives away that he no longer wants to audition for NYADA. There are many more things Blaine is interested in, and he doesn't want to go to a school where all he can study is performing arts. Kurt is able to see through this, however, and thus realizes Blaine is simply scared of not being great enough for New York. Kurt encourages him further by saying that he is great and will make it even if NYADA doesn't accept him. Through those words Blaine manages to regain some of the confidence he'd been lacking.

A little later, Santana is shown to be very annoyed by a song Blaine is composing to thank them for letting them stay in their flat. When Sam declines food that Rachel offers him they all become worried. They try to convince him that starving himself won't end well and that he should rather look for another agency, but Sam won't listen. Blaine then suggests they sing a song to convince Sam. The five of them sing Just the Way You Are as the others notice Sam and Rachel's chemistry, specially Santana.

Puppet Master

Kurt announces to Pamela Lansbury that he booked them their very first gig, unfortunately the rest of the gang isn't very enthusiastic about their location, even when Kurt tells them about his dream Into the Groove performance. While Kurt is pitching them the idea, Blaine calls and starts complaining about New Directions, Kurt calls him a puppet master and explains to him that maybe he wants to control them.

Following the failure of the concert, Kurt has gathered the members of Pamela Lansbury, minus Dani, and tells them that they haven't failed and that he has booked their second gig at the Williamsburg Music Hall, which is one of the hottest music venues in Brooklyn. Then they get a knock at the door, and receive a package of puppets from Blaine, which Santana calls "creepy as hell." The episode closes out with New Directions in Lima and Pamela Lansbury in the apartment singing The Fox with their respective puppets.

Previously Unaired Christmas

In New York, Santana is in town just stopping by to see Kurt and Rachel as she tries to get over breaking up with Brittany. Rachel tells Kurt and Santana she got jobs for them tree as elves at a store's Santa Land display. After working for a while, they meet Cody, also known as "Sexy Claus," who agrees to help them out with their troubles if he can come over for dinner first. So they invite him to the apartment for a tree-trimming party.

Vlcapture 00011.png
At the apartment, Cody gets them high on helium plus alcohol and they sing The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late). Afterwards, the high inspires Rachel to invite Santana to move to New York, and Kurt begins making out with the manipulative Santa Claus. The next morning however, Rachel and Santana appear sick and dazed where they fell asleep fully dressed and Santana suggests they'd been roofied. After the girls get up, they find a half-naked Kurt bound and gagged on his bed, and the apartment empty. The rough trade Santa was actually there to rob them. Kurt feels ashamed by what happened, especially when they learn that Cody also robbed Santa Land - and got them all fired. Fortunately, Rachel says that she has gotten them new jobs as living mannequins, and they close out the episode working and singing Away in a Manger.


Kurt talks with Blaine on the phone about his fear of Elliott trying to take over Pamela Lansbury, so Blaine counsels him, telling him to keep his friends close, but his enemies closer. After the talk is over, Rachel says that she'll have to miss Pamela Lansbury rehearsal so that she can go to the casting for her understudy, which she believes she doesn't need. Santana also declines to attend the rehearsal, and Kurt is left unhappy.

Kurt embraces the newfound free rehearsal time to get background information from Starchild. After a somewhat awkward conversation, Elliott advises Kurt to take a trip to a music store with him to buy a guitar. While at the store, they sing I Believe in a Thing Called Love.

Pezberry frenemies slap.jpg
Back in the flat after Rachel's understudy audition, Rachel complains to Kurt about Santana auditioning and, when she arrives home, demands an explanation for why she auditioned for the understudy without telling her first. Santana, angered, accuses Rachel of elitism, telling her that all her time in New York as been spent getting back at her for the bullying she received from Santana in high school. Rachel believes Santana is the one who can't take the fact that she's a star. Santana unleashes a barrage of abuse, telling Rachel that she should realize that Santana is just as good as her - without having had all the support Rachel's been given. She tells Rachel that she is "short and awful, and that is never going to change." Rachel, snapping, slaps her. In the stunned silence that follows, she tells Santana that she thinks she should move out. Santana agrees, and, receiving a call, confirms that she has been chosen as Rachel's understudy in Funny Girl.

Kurt and Elliott hang out again at the Bushwick loft, with Elliott telling Kurt that he's glad that he met him, although he knows Kurt believes he wants to take over the band. He explains that he just wants to be a part of the band due to the talent and personalities in it - and he just wants to make it big with them. Kurt apologizes, and they take a "Pamela Lansbury selfie" in reconciliation.

Rachel and Santana have one final fight, both asking Kurt to side with them. Kurt remains neutral, and so an upset and frustrated Rachel decides to leave the flat for her own sake. Tina, Artie and Blaine sing Breakaway with New Directions as the scene alters between the choir room and Rachel packing. As Rachel is leaving, Kurt hugs her. She takes a picture of her and Santana on graduation day, tearing into pieces in Santana's face, before walking out.


Santana, who now only shares her apartment with Kurt, is visited by Elliott. Santana tells him about a plan she has to enable herself to play Fanny Brice instead of Rachel. Elliott objects, suggesting that what Santana is doing is childish, but she thinks that Rachel is very immature herself and will antagonize anyone who aspires the same thing as she does, including her friends. Elliott does not continue the argument, instead mentioning that Rachel has moved in with him, which makes Santana feels betrayed. When Elliott reveals that one reason he's having Rachel live with him is that he needs money, Santana mentions a means by which she could help him.

Sometime later, Kurt is unsuccessfully trying to get Santana and Rachel to make up. Annoyed with their unwillingness to compromise, Kurt announces that he has decided to continue making music without the two of them, and will work exclusively with Dani and Elliott. He invites the girls to their first gig, and expresses hope that they will both come. Although they refuse to do so as friends, they both agree to attend the concert together.

Hummelpezberry trio (2).jpg
Afterwards, Rachel gets caught searching for a scented candle in a drawer occupied by Santana's lingerie. Rachel and Santana end up discussing their lack of female friends other than each other, and how it isn't the same not being friends. Rachel then seeks for explanation as to why Santana auditioned for her understudy, to which Santana reminds her that she'd have done exactly the same in her place. They are interrupted by the members of One Three Hill, who express surprise over them being in the same room peacefully. Rachel and Santana make it obvious that they aren't making up, however, and leave the apartment without further argument.

By the end of the episode, in Lima, the seniors perform Hold On in the auditorium. In New York, One Three Hill is also shown to be performing Hold On, as are Rachel, who is in NYADA, and Santana, who is hanging out with strangers in front of the Spotlight Diner.

New New York

The scene in the loft opens with Kurt and Blaine sleeping in bed together, the clock ticking in the background. Their domestic bliss is evident when Blaine slowly gets out of bed, careful not to wake Kurt who's still sleeping in their bed. He starts to make some pancakes for his fiancé wearing a tank-top as Kurt comes in still half asleep. He set out the Sunday Chronicle for Kurt to read and Kurt gladly thanks him.


When Kurt and Blaine talk about how wonderful it is to be living together in New York, Kurt worries that they're turning into an old married couple, but Blaine reassures him that he has nothing to worry about by starting to sing You Make Me Feel So Young. Kurt happily sings along as he pulls Blaine close and they dance together, clearly very much in love. They dance around the house, Kurt brushing his teeth as Blaine washes his face, pulling Kurt closer to him using his towel. Kurt and Blaine make their bed together, having a goofy pillow fight. They re-enter loft with bags of groceries in their hands. Putting them down,Kurt playfully pushes Blaine on top of the couch, with the full intention of kissing him and spending some much-needed alone time with his fiancé, until they are rudely interrupted by couch-surfing Sam. Blaine groans, clearly annoyed as Sam goes to take a shower. Kurt pleads Blaine to talk to Sam about moving out, seeing as Sam was only supposed to

stay with them at the loft for a few weeks, which turned into a few months.

The next scene in the loft begins with Sam going steady playing video games. Blaine enters the loft aggravated, noticing that Sam was still sitting on the couch where he'd been all day. He begs Sam to get some air and stop playing videogames for a little while. They leave the loft to go sing in Times Square.

Artie is seen talking on the phone to the police about his mugging incident. He tries desperately to convince the officer on the phone to help find his expensive laptop and other belongings that were stolen. Meanwhile, in the background, Blaine is using the SodaStream machine and Kurt becomes very stressed due to the noise. Blaine offers Rachel a sugar-free drink, but she turns it down in favor of some herbal tea with lemon.

Blaine is busy placing tape around the unoccupied space in the loft, trying his best to reorganize the apartment with the hopes of helping Kurt out. Sam enters the loft happy to tell his friend that he booked his first big modeling gig after getting a much-needed haircut. He also tells Blaine that he's moving into an all-models apartment. 

Later that night Kurt enters the loft enraged to find Blaine reorganizing it without his permission. Blaine tries to reassure him an office space would be great for the loft. Kurt resents his decision and demands that Blaine put the furniture back where it was. Blaine refuses, and demands that Kurt do it since it's his apartment. Kurt agrees, and Blaine storms out. 

Blaine enters the loft later on that day to find Kurt looking very worried. Kurt asks where Blaine has been for the past six hours, seeing as he got a text from Elliott after Blaine stopped by to confront him. Blaine reveals that he think he needs to move out, to give he and Kurt some space from each other. Kurt reluctantly agrees, though he also emphasizes that his and Blaine's relationship is precious to him, and that no matter what they will always belong to each other. 

Artie and Rachel enter the loft excitedly, revealing that Artie confronted his mugged on the subway using pepper spray and when the man was caught, the cops found his laptop. Blaine reveals to the rest of the group that he's moving out of the loft, hoping to move in with Sam. Mercedes makes an impromptu visit, telling everyone that she's staying in New York to work on her album.

In the end of the episode, the gang is seen happily eating dinner together in the living area of the loft, smiling and talking about there days with Rachel singing People in the background.


At the apartment, the group come together for their weekly pot-luck dinner. Mercedes finds a leaflet and asks what it's about, and Rachel explains that it's for their neighbours friend, who was assaulted. They reflect on the rising levels of hate-crime in New York with sadness, and Kurt suggests that they change the subject. He begins talking about the upcoming mid-winter critiques at NYADA. As they discuss whether to perform a duet, Mercedes and Sam unsubtly play footsie under the table. Artie notices, and Mercedes, flustered, tells the group that she has restless leg syndrome, and forgot to take her iron pills.

Blam bash.jpg
After their argument and Kurt leaving the hospital, Rachel and Kurt reconcile. They reconfirm their love for each other and share a hug, before they are joined by the rest of the group for their third pot-luck dinner. Sam and Mercedes announce that they are dating, and the rest of the group are happily surprised. They talk about Kurt's mid-winter critique performance the next day, and all assure him that they will be there to support him.


After Blaine’s soliloquy about cronuts, Blaine appears to be making breakfast for Kurt, doing push-ups in their room. Later that day, Blaine is then seen struggling trying to put on his now-tight jeans, and realises he has gained the “freshman fifteen" since he has moved to New York.

Later the following night, Artie, Sam, Kurt and Blaine are all at the loft Artie reveals that he has Chlamydia. Everyone are surprised at this, Sam “Slut-shaming” him. Artie continues, telling them that he’s been sleeping with more than one person, Sam further disappointed at him, and they all advise him to tell the girls.

Rachel and Mercedes are both seen talking about their love lives. Mercedes asks Rachel about her first time and questions herself if she’ll be good at it, Rachel assuring her that their is nothing to worry about, saying that Sam will always be good to her.

Tested promo blaine kurt.gif
Later, Kurt and Blaine argue, Blaine confesses that he is starting to feel insecure about himself, feeling jealous that Kurt’s change in physique and confidence has turned their lives around. He states how he liked protecting Kurt, but now he feels that since he has changed so much, will one day realise that he doesn't love Blaine anymore and will leave him. Kurt says he will always be with him, but they have to be honest with each other.

Near the end of the episode, Rachel and Mercedes once again talk about her and Sam, saying how hard is to find a person like him.Rachel states their was a feeling about herself and Sam, but she says she’s forgotten it, and talk a little about how Finn and her always knew what would happen.Mercedes advises her to go find someone, saying its been too long being alone, which Rachel seems to consider.

Opening Night

After waking up from a nightmare about how everyone dislikes her performance of Lovefool, Rachel talks to Kurt about the bad reviews that have been posted about her, before her Opening Night. Kurt takes away her technology, saying the big stars don’t let the bad things distract them, and Kurt starts being optimistic about her show, saying that she should surround herself with people she does know, which Rachel seemingly agrees on.

Tina arrives, where Mercedes, Rachel, Sam, Blaine and Kurt are gathered, with a gift for Rachel. Rachel is resting her voice, where then Tina accidentally starts to shake Rachel’s confidence, by reminding her of her past issues. Mercedes interrupts and asks about Brown University, where Tina reveals she had been dating. Everyone confidently says he is gay. She praises how so many blogs are saying her show will be a hit, but lists some that say it won’t be, oblivious to everyone telling her to shut up. Rachel acts at ease, saying she only cares what her friends think. Rachel goes to rest, and Mercedes ushers Tina out.

Later that night, Kurt awakens and catches Rachel again listening to the criticism. In the morning,  Kurt asks Tina, Sam, Mercedes and Blaine to fill Rachel with love and optimism, or everything will be ruined for her. Kurt takes her presents, with a card from Barbra Streisand, saying she will be great. Rachel sees a mistake in her name, correctly believing Tina wrote it. Blaine tries to give her a massage, while Sam plays a song for her on his guitar, which she cuts off the strings.

As the 5 of them decide on what to do next, Sue arrives, criticising the apartment and the neighbourhood. Sue reveals that Will booked tickets to watch the show, and has come to see Rachel fail, which she hears. Being disgusted at sharing a bed with Will, she stays in Kurt’s room.

Tumblr n920s69qkG1qij0tco1 500.png

Kurt calls Santana, and sees Sue bringing Rachel’s confidence even lower. Sue leaves, and Santana goes to Rachel’s room, where she reads reviews about what people said about Barbra’s and then talks about how even though she may not stand her at times, she knows she will do well. Rachel, back to normal, see’s everyone worried and exclaims that they need to get out of that. Relieved, they all hug her, as she gets ready for the night.

The following morning, they talk about how its almost time for the review, when Mario appears from Kurt's room. Rachel recognises him as the man who walked from the show. Sue appears, and they realise, horrified, what had happened the night they were out. Sue talks about how she considered to watch Act 2, so she could walk out again. Santana starts to argue, but is interrupted by Rachel, who starts to retaliate at Sue, calling her an empty-hearted person, who finds happiness in other people’s sadness. She further explains that the joy she felt that night with her friends, will never happen to Sue and kicks her out. Embarrassed in front of Mario, Sue goes back to her room to pack and leave. Everyone cheers at how she handled it.

The Back-Up Plan

Rachel talks to Kurt about her offer, as he gets ready for his performance. She tries to convince him about how it will be her breakout role, yet he still feels unhappy about her plan to lie to Sidney. When Rachel asks what he would do if he was asked for the role, he reluctantly agrees, but says she shouldn’t lie to Sidney. Rachel, already on the phone, confirms her audition, with Kurt walking out, concerned.

Later that evening, after Kurt and Blaine’s performance, Kurt helps dress Blaine for his invitation. Kurt encourages him to go after Blaine feels guilty that he got the invitation. He advises him that he doesn’t feel envious of him, but happy. Blaine says he loves him, and goes. Kurt watches him as he leaves, feeling slightly sad.


Rachel calls Kurt back at the apartment, and pleads him to help her, after being placed in a dilemma . He tells her to ring up Sidney, tell him the truth and face the consequences, and then agrees to help, enlisting Santana.

The following day, Rachel prepares a meal made as a thank-you gift for Santana. Rachel explains how she has to meet up with Sidney the next day, feeling she’s getting fired. Santana tells her not to worry, and says that she liked playing Fanny. She wondered why she had been invited, which Rachel replies that she wants something back. Santana is humiliated at first, but tells her that she’s trying to change, to which Rachel replies that why she is doing this. Santana says she wants to use her abilities to protect the people she cares about, than doing wrong. Rachel, affected by this, tells her she made in time to see the second Act, saying it was great. She begins to cry, saying she ruined everything. Santana saying she’ll never be held down, no matter how much she can’t stand her. They begin to eat, on a happy note.

Old Dog, New Tricks

After establishing what cause Rachel has chosen to, Santana says she has a plan for her campaign, calling it “Broadway Bitches". She starts off by saying that she has organised that Rachel takes the rescue dogs for a walk, wearing a designer dress, being photographed. Kurt enters the loft, Rachel explaining her charity, with a performance. Kurt asks to be part of it, as One Three Hill is on hiatus, but they nervously say they don’t want him, saying he will steal Rachel’s spotlight. Kurt, seeing through the lie, wishes they could ever “throw the bone” to him, and storms out.

Tumblr inline n5ca1dlyh91rkot76.jpg

The following day, after the publicity stunt fails, Santana reassures an unhappy Rachel, that everything will be alright and to follow the plan. Kurt arrives, declaring he is Peter in Peter Pan. The girls do not care about it, saying they are too busy with Rachel’s campaign to go to his performance, that is on the same day as her event, ignoring his requests to come. Kurt, angry at them, speaks directly to Rachel about how he is being treated like the dogs- being casted away once done being convenient for her. He leaves, with Rachel being irritated at him. 

The Untitled Rachel Berry Project

In the apartment; Sam, Mercedes, Rachel, Kurt, Artie and Blaine are present. Mercedes asks him if he would like to eat something, to which he refuses, talking about how he has an audition coming up for modelling. Mercedes advises him fiercely that he is taken. Rachel sees this, and states her show should be just like that. Artie wonders if it is right to bring a writer to see the star. Rachel says that it only happens with big stars, and says that the writer is a genius. Kurt feels uncomfortable with it, but Rachel puts it down. A knock on the door interrupts the conversation, where they all believe she has come. Kurt tells Blaine to invite her over to the showcase, as Rachel answers the door. At the door, it is revealed that Brittany has arrived, because she has lost her passport. She questions where Santana is, to which Mercedes replies that she’s doing another Yeast-I-Stat commercial.

Mary Halloran, the writer, arrives feeling slightly anxious. Rachel tries to introduces her friends, but Mary interrupts, explaining about her narcissism. Everyone is astounded at how she is. The smell of Chinese food that was being prepared arouses her to go the bathroom, disgusted by the smell, telling Rachel how exciting it is to work with her.

Mary lays a rug on the floor and starts writing, calling it “The Untitled Mary Halloran Project," with Rachel explaining about her life, where Mary twists the stories to something more interesting in her views. Mary ignores Rachel’s past, except about her Broadway debut. When Rachel asks about her process of working, she acts abnormally, to which Rachel goes away from the subject, and asks how she started writing. Mary explains that in her high school year, she wrote a different version of The Diary of Anne Frank, including a vacuum cleaner in the story. She moved to New York, and won prizes. Mary then says she’s tired after the amount of work they’ve done, where she confuses Rachel, to go to the bathroom, and go through her drawers.

Mercedes arrives to Rachel, Kurt and Brittany sitting on the floor. She questions why there sitting there, to which they reply they need to talk about Sam Kurt asks her if she’s broken up with Sam. Mercedes, surprised, says they haven’t. They say Sam will not be able to stop thinking about sex, once Mercedes has gone on tour. Mercedes says its worth the risk. Rachel continues by saying that if they want to stay together later, they need to break up, which Mercedes ponders.

Turbp shot15.jpg

Back at the apartment, everyone is gathered, to read the script that has been written. Everyone, but Brittany, are fazed by their change of names. Rachel, excited, tries to make everyone continue reading. The first scene shows Kurt’s character in a dinosaur outfit, with Rachel in the bathtub, talking about how her gay NASA dads forgot her birthday, but she never forgets their anniversary. They both start using hashtags. Shaken by the scene, Rachel skips to scene twelve, where Slaine and Nittany sleep together, talking about their sexual orientation, to which they both decide to open a art gallery in the basement, before sleeping together again. Blaine, bemused; while Brittany, smiling at this. They move on to Rachel’s party, where there is a “coffee rave” going on, as her dads haven’t turned up. Artie stops reading, saying how ridiculous it is, everyone but Brittany agreeing. Rachel agrees, saying she’ll change it to her show, or have no show at all.

At the apartment, after reading the new script, everyone is joyed at how it turned out, except Brittany, who says she liked the first one better. Rachel then talks about how she thought Fanny was the role she was born to play, but now believes this was the role. They all make a toast, to being two years in New York. Sam sees something outside, to which he runs out and see’s his body in front of a bus, to which everyone is happy about. He decides to go back to Lima, as he likes how slow the city is, and because everyone is also leaving. Everyone is sad at the split up. Rachel then talks about the events that had taken place that year, including Finn’s death. They all decide to come back after 6 months to the spot they are standing on.

They perform Pompeii, with Blaine moving back into the apartment, as Rachel prepares to hear the news if her version of the script is accept. In mid-song, Rachel gets a call, from the network. Rachel, astounded, reveals that they accepted to script and that she’s going to LA. Kurt, Blaine and Rachel enthusiastically celebrate.

Loser Like Me

The outside of the apartment is briefly shown as a flashback six months prior to The Untitled Rachel Berry Project, as Kurt waits outside it, holding an umbrella in the rain. He waits for everyone who had promised to meet up six months back, saying that their friendship were the most important thing to them, but no one else showed up.



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Season Four
Song Episode Sung by
Don't Speak The Break-Up Rachel, Finn, Kurt, and Blaine
Let's Have a Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time Thanksgiving Rachel, Kurt, and Isabelle
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Glee, Actually Kurt and Blaine
Torn Naked Rachel
How to Be a Heartbreaker Feud
Creep Guilty Pleasures Rachel and Brody
Mamma Mia Rachel, Kurt, and Santana

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Season Five
Song Episode Sung by
Yesterday Love Love Love Rachel
Let It Be Tina in the Sky with Diamonds Rachel, Kurt, and Santana
Roar A Katy or A Gaga Pamela Lansbury
Just the Way You Are Movin' Out Rachel, Kurt, Santana, Blaine, and Sam
The Fox Puppet Master Rachel, Kurt, Santana, and Elliott
The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late) Previously Unaired Christmas Cody Tolentino, Rachel, Kurt, and Santana
Hold On Trio One Three Hill
You Make Me Feel So Young New New York Kurt and Blaine
Pompeii The Untitled Rachel Berry Project Kurt and Rachel