Cameo is a student at a school where Holly was once employed as a substitute teacher. She made her one episode debut in The Substitute, the seventh episode of the second season of Glee.

She is portrayed by Lindsey Sims-Lewis.


Season Two

The Substitute

After being annoyed with Holly's teaching style (she wanted to practice some "tricks" with Math, and Cameo accused her of witchcraft), she punched her in the face, knocking her out. After this, Holly decided to never be strict again. Holly claims that the kids (including Cameo) stole her Air Jordans while she was unconscious. She is a Christian.



Holly: Good morning, class. The syllabus says you're on algorithms. So let's start with some easy ones.

Cameo: Let's start with you kissing my ass.

Holly: Miss Cameo, do you find that algorithms are hard for you to understand?

Cameo: Do you find my fist hard to understand?

Holly: I have some really great tricks that make them very easy to learn.

Cameo: Tricks? What are you? Some type of magician substitute? I'm a Christian, and that devil magic stuff offends me!

Holly: Cameo!

—Cameo and Holly in The Substitute

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