Cooper Jay Anderson is the older brother of Blaine Anderson who appeared in Big Brother.

He is portrayed by actor Matt Bomer. The younger version of him is portrayed by child actor Dylan Sprayberry.


Season Three

Big Brother

Cooper appears as he catches up with Blaine and Kurt in the hallway, giving a hug to his brother. Blaine introduces Kurt and he is in awe of Cooper and flails as a huge fan. However, Sue quickly sweeps Cooper away from them and asks him to sign her breast, which he does. "Keep on Dreaming, Yours....... Cooper Anderson," he writes generously as Sue calls him a Disney prince.

Sue later asks Cooper to run a "master class" of acting to teach the New Directions all about the world of acting. His clearly limited knowledge of the world of acting, and acting techniques are demonstrated from the start. Cooper's main advice to the children was to never go to New York, and to point/shout your lines in a dramatic scene. Cooper also tells them to always ignore whatever your scene partner is doing, as it is the route to "great acting." During the "Cooper Anderson Acting Master Class" the two Anderson brothers sing a mash-up of Duran Duran hits Hungry Like the Wolf/Rio.


Cooper with Blaine at Breadstix.

As the episode progresses the tension between Cooper and Blaine grows. Blaine is sick of being outshone, and put down by his older brother. This is clearly demonstrated when the two are eating at Breadstix, and Cooper refers back to the Brother's duet, telling Blaine he was "a little bit pitchy," and that Blaine's dancing "lacked a theme."

Blaine vents his frustration by singing Fighter, by Christina Aguilera, whilst boxing. Cooper was seen watching him by the door.

The two brothers reconcile, and Blaine forgives Cooper at Kurt's request, and persuasion (using a toy dog) Cooper and Blaine sing Somebody That I Used To Know as a duet in the auditorium, at the end of which, Cooper reveals that Michael Bay has cancelled his audition for his new movie, leaving Cooper devastated. Blaine shows his brother support by offering to help make a video audition of Cooper, in an effort to make Michael Bay reconsider Cooper for his new movie.

Season Five


When Will asks how April Rhodes and Holly Holliday know each other, Holly mentions that there is a whole Facebook page for people who were guests for the New Directions, which included Cooper.


Cooper is the "face" of the "fastest growing international credit rating website" as put by Kurt, and as such has attained a fairly high level of fame. Cooper thinks that he is a really talented actor, but really is totally misguided in most of what he says. Although Cooper is really competitive, and very critical of Blaine, he does show compassion towards his little brother, and reveals that the reason he is so hard on Blaine is because he is so talented.




  • His name is Anderson Cooper in reverse.
  • In the show, his brother is gay and he is straight. But when it comes to the real life actors, it is the other way around, with Matt Bomer being gay, and Darren Criss being straight.
  • Coincidentally, Mr. Anderson is an alias name of Matt Bomers character in another tv show, NBC’s Chuck, Bryce Larkin.



I'm sorry — are you talking to me right now? Because I can't tell if you are talking to me if you don't point your finger.

—Cooper to Blaine, Big Brother

It also wouldn’t kill you to stop letting Kurt pick out your clothes.

—Cooper to Blaine, Big Brother

Cardigan’s coming off!

—Cooper about Blaine taking off his cardigan, Big Brother

Things are serious, a man in a dress is dead!

—Cooper Anderson, Big Brother

Hold on a sec, I want to remember this emotion so I can use it in a scene some day.

—Cooper Anderson, Big Brother

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