Douglas Capouch (professionally known as D.C. Cody), born August 31, 1990, is a 28-year-old American actor. Besides his appearance on Glee, he has appeared in a number of television series, television shorts, movies, and television award shows.

He portrays Scott Cooper on Glee.

Personal life

He was born on August 31, 1990 and grew up on a ranch on the outskirts of Billings, Montana. As a child he was rather interested in playing hockey and most sports, until his mother introduced him to acting. He is currently living in Billings, Montana.


At the age of thirteen, his mother enrolled him in acting classes, and later he atteneded an AMTC (Actors models and talent competition) in North Carolina on a scholarship. He began doing commercials and small parts in film and telelvision. At the age of 16 he decided to quit acting to devote his time to football. However he was injured and after six months of physical therapy decided he would return to acting. Besides appearing in Glee he has appeared in television series, television shots, movies, and signed a deal with Nickelodeon, for which he has participated in multiple television award shows for, including Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2011, Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2012, and the TeenNick Halo Awards.


  • He portrayed Wesley in the television series of America's Most Wanted.
  • He portrayed Sven in the television series Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures.
  • He portrayed Tim in the television series Up All Night.
  • He portrayed "Other Student" in the television series 90210.
  • He portrayed "Middle School Jerk" in the 2007 movie Towelhead.
  • He portrayed "Bully" in the 2007 movie Uncle P.
  • He portrayed "Ridgeway Boy #2" in the television series Zoey 101.
  • He portrayed "Choir Member" in the 2003 movie Rogues.
  • He was an extra in the television short Chocolate Girls.


  • Won state hockey championship gold medal.
  • Had football scholarships offered in high-school.


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