Dakota Stanley was a Vocal Adrenaline choreographer in Season One, who made his one-episode appearance in Acafellas. He was portrayed by Whit Hertford.


Season One


Quinn and Santana convince Rachel to tell Mr. Schuester that they need a new choreographer instead of him, due the fact that he doesn't have any professional training in dance. This is done as a plan by Sue Sylvester to take down New Directions as it is well known that he is a cruel and abusive man who has even caused his students to have complete nervous breakdowns and panic attacks. The group is shocked to find a vomiting and terrified Andrea Cohen when they arrive at Vocal Adrenaline's school, who warns them of him. The Glee Club finally catches up to Dakota after the performance of Mercy at Vocal Adrenaline's auditorium and he informs them that they will need $8,000 to hire him and another ten thousand if they place in the top three, and drives away in his sports car with his supermodel girlfriend.

The Glee Club and the Cheerios have a car wash and raise the money. Dakota comes and reveals that Andrea was not kidding. Within only the first five minutes of being there, he insults and alienates the entire group (with the exception of the Cheerios, telling them not to change a thing) for their imperfect physical appearance (such as Rachel having a prominent nose, Finn being tall, etc.) He tells Finn how he feels like a woodland creature compared to him and was prepared to make Mercedes and Rachel starve themselves if they wanted to stay in the club.

The group become furious with the abuse and prepares to leave. However, Rachel stops them, and then proceeds to fire Dakota on the spot, and then for good measure, insults him for being shorter than her. He leaves in a huff, and they get Will to return as their choreographer.


  • Originally, he was to be portrayed by Cheyenne Jackson, but Cheyenne pulled out due to sickness. Cheyenne was later cast to portray another Vocal Adrenaline director, Dustin Goolsby.


Finn: What's wrong with you?

Dakota: What's wrong with me? What's wrong with me is that you're freakishly tall! I feel like a woodland creature!

Finn and Dakota Stanley, Acafellas

You gots to go, Effie!

—Dakota to Mercedes, Acafellas

Get off my stage!

—Dakota to Vocal Adrenaline after their performance of "Mercy", Acafellas

Finn: Now hold on a second!

Dakota: Oh what was that, Frankenteen? Why don't you wipe that dopey look off your face and get some lotion for those knuckles you've been dragging on the ground.

—Finn and Dakota Stanley, Acafellas

Dakota: Artie, you're cut. You're not trying hard enough.

Artie: At what?

Dakota: At walking.

—Dakota Stanley and Artie, Acafellas

Uh, why don't you shut your face-gash and stay away from aerosol cans 'cause you could burst into flames at any second.

—Dakota to Kurt, Acafellas

You...Ehh, nose job.

—Dakota to Rachel, Acafellas



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