Damian Joseph McGinty, Jr. (born September 9, 1992), is one of the two winners of the Glee spin-off The Glee Project in which young hopefuls compete for a spot on Glee

Personal Life

McGinty was born in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, as the son of Damian McGinty, Sr., and Joanne McGinty. Damian has two siblings, Emmet and Gemma.

McGinty has been in a relationship with Anna Claire Sneed since (made it official in) April 2014[1]; the couple married on June 1, 2019.[2]


McGinty has been performing for over a decade, winning his first singing competition when he was just five years old. In 2006, McGinty won another competition and the following year he made a CD which was recorded for charity. He is a former member of the popular Irish singing group "Celtic Thunder."

He won a 7-episode arc on Glee in season one of The Glee Project, although his contract was extended. He played Rory Flanagan, an exchange student who is living with Brittany's family. His first appearance was in Pot o' Gold, where he was Brittany's 'leprechaun'. After that, he went on to portray Rory till the end of Season 3.

When Glee premiered its fourth season, it was revealed Damian wouldn't portray Rory that season. Before coming back on Glee for its third Christmas episode, Damian McGinty was busy making his EP (Source ).

Damian Mcginty's Extended Play album

Damian McGinty's Extended Play album was released on December 12, 2012. 

Damian ep

The pop/alternative genre album contains five songs: 

  1. "Run"
  2. "This Is Your Song"
  3. "With or Without You"
  4. "Yellow"
  5. "That's What Friends are For"

This Glee actor, playing the role of Rory, is soaring high in the American iTunes charts. The pre-orders for his debut EP outsold Justin Bieber, Ke$ha, Christina Aguilera, and even the Glee soundtrack, putting the album on top 13 of the charts between Maroon 5 on 12, and One Direction on 13 (November 28, 2012). (Source)


  • Damian McGinty (Rory Flanagan) and Samuel Larsen (Joe Hart) said that they wanted a storyline with Dianna Agron (Quinn Fabray) or Heather Morris (Brittany Pierce). McGinty finally got it with Morris, and Larsen with Agron.
  • Damian won his first singing competition at 6 years of age.
  • When he was still a child, his parents thought it would be a good idea for him to sing karaoke at a local pub. After he sang someone said he should try out for Celtic Thunder. After going through the audition process, he finally made it. He began touring with the Irish vocal group, Celtic Thunder, at age 14.
  • He was the youngest member of "Celtic Thunder."
  • Damian had to resign from Celtic Thunder due to the commitment of starring in Glee. He described the parting as "bittersweet."
  • He was the youngest contestant on the The Glee Project (September 9, 1992), with the second being Alex Newell (August 20, 1992).
  • His audition song for The Glee Project was "Lean On Me."
  • He had trouble acquiring a U.S. visa to work for The Glee Project and almost had to drop out of the competition. However, his visa pulled through last minute and he was able to be a part of the final 12.
  • On his first time in the bottom 3 on The Glee Project, instead of singing "I wish that I had Jessie's girl," he accidentally sang "I wish that I was Jessie's girl."
  • He was the only one of the final four contenders to never win a homework assignment.
  • Along with Alex, he was the contestant who performed for Ryan Murphy most times.
  • A feature predicting his win on The Glee Project was the second highest-rated article ever for the industry blog, garnering tens of thousands of views.
  • Hannah from The Glee Project had a crush on Damian. She said that he admitted to liking her back, just that it was edited out of the show.
  • He once had a girlfriend, Jenna, for three years but when faced with choosing her or his career, he decided to pick his career. This caused him to pick "Numb" as his vulnerability because he's not sure if he'll ever be able to love someone for the amount of time needed.
  • Originally, Damian was chosen to be eliminated in Sexuality, but Cameron Mitchell's decision to withdraw from the competition (due to the fact that he wasn't comfortable with being kissed by someone other than his girlfriend and thought that, if that's what he needed to do to be an actor, he wasn't ready) saved him for another week.
  • His voice type is a bass-baritone, a unique voice type among the final 12.
  • He can be spotted in the audience of Glee: The 3D Concert Movie during Teenage Dream
  • His favorite drink is a Caramel Macchiato and a Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks.
  • Damian's favorite singers are Michael Bublé and Frank Sinatra.
  • His favorite bands include Coldplay and Journey.
  • His musical role models are Paul McCartney and Gary Barlow from the UK band "Take That."
  • Damian has been learning guitar for the last two years, but isn't sure if he can play well yet.
  • His favorite breakfast is yogurt and fruit.
  • Damian enjoys eating Thai food, which he recently discovered and loved, and sushi, which he ate for the first time while on tour with Celtic Thunder.
  • He is a fan of the UK hit show "The X Factor"and is a fan of Jedward, an Irish act originating from the show. However, he was ineligible to audition for "The X Factor" due to his recording contract with Celtic Thunder. He is however, eligible to audition for The Glee Project with a recording contract.
  • His "Irish" rap has been very popular among many members of The Glee Project cast, including McKynleigh Abraham and Lindsay Pearce who seem to be able to recite the rap on their own.
  • His favorite characters on Glee are Artie, Quinn, and Sue.
  • He loves football (soccer).
  • His favorite TV shows are Lost, Alcatraz and Glee.
  • If he wasn't a performer, he stated that he would most likely be a lawyer.
  • It has been stated several times that he is best friends with Cameron. The two are often referred to as "Dameron."
  • He is living in LA with Cameron Mitchell as his roommate.
  • He and Cameron have a webshow together called CDTV with videos found in both his and Cameron's YouTube channels. His rap Do You Know Whatta Mean? was performed by the two, with Cameron beatboxing, in Damian's first video.
  • This clip of Damian at the Glee concert in Dublin was featured in Glee 3D. This is further supported when Damian states that he was in the movie. (Source)
  • Has always wanted to meet former "The X Factor" UK and USA judge Cheryl Cole because he thinks she is "the most beautiful woman in the world,"
  • These artists would be seen on his iPod: Adele, The Beatles, Bobby Darin, Coldplay, David Gray, Dean Martin, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble.
  • His favorite song is "Lego House" by Ed Sheeran.
  • His first concert was to see Lenny Kravitz.
  • Damian's favorite vacation spot is Marbella, Spain.
  • Prior to the show, Damian has never had a singing lesson. However, currently, he is enrolled at North Western Regional College majoring in performing arts.
  • He had a goldfish named Rufus who died on Sept. 5 2011, but now currently owns a fish named Angus. (Source)
  • Damian goes to Mass. (Source)
  • He misses Ireland because of his family and friends, but he does love LA.
  • He had never heard of Jessie's Girl, even though it was sung by Finn in Laryngitis.
  • In just the few weeks between when his first episode wrapped and when it premiered, Damian has kept busy with a video supporting school children in Haiti, a video from his new band, and a video launching season two of The Glee Project. (Source)
  • Closest friends on the set of Glee are Kevin McHale (Artie), Darren Criss (Blaine), and Cory Monteith (Finn).
  • All the Glee cast members understand his accent, except for Lea Michele (Rachel).
  • His celebrity crush is Selena Gomez.
  • His name is often misspelled "Damien," and is misspelled in the same way on the back of Celtic Thunder's Storm DVD.
  • Damian is often referred to as "the little Irish guy".
  • His nickname is "Damo."
  • His favorite movie is Toy Story 3.
  • He was named after his father.
  • His favourite colour is red.
  • His favourite sweet treat is chocolate chips.
  • Chris and Cory think he's the sweetest of the Glee Cast.
  • He loves to play FIFA.
  • He loves to wear sunglasses and frequently loses them as stated in a Glee 3D interview.
  • He once asked if Gotham City was an actual city.
  • Thought the term B-Fast meant Belfast.
  • In a post-finale interview of the Glee project with him and co-winner Samuel Larsen, he stated the if he saw Tony Benett sitting in front of him, he would cry.
  • The first time he ever watched Twilight, he cried.
  • He likes Taylor Swift's music.

Partners on the Glee Project

  • Hannah (Pairability)
  • Matheus (Pairability)
  • Lindsay (Sexuality)


For songs performed on Glee, see Rory Flanagan.

The Glee Project


  • Lean On Me (Audition Song)
  • Jessie's Girl (Individuality)
  • Are You Lonesome Tonight (Vulnerability)
  • Danny Boy (Sexuality)
  • I've Gotta Be Me (Generosity)
  • Beyond The Sea (Glee-ality)


  • Lady Is A Tramp (Matheus) (Pairability)
  • These Boots Are Made For Walkin (Matheus) (Pairability)

Solos (In a group number)

  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered (Individuality)
  • Firework (Individuality)
  • Bad Romance (Theatricality)
  • We're Not Gonna Take It (Theatricality)
  • Please Don't Leave Me (Vulnerability)
  • Mad World (Vulnerability)
  • Hey, Soul Sister (Dance Ability)
  • U Can't Touch This (Dance Ability)
  • Need You Now (Pairability)
  • Bulletproof (Tenacity)
  • Under Pressure/Ice Ice Baby (Tenacity)
  • Like A Virgin (Sexuality)
  • Teenage Dream (Sexuality)
  • True Colors (Believability)
  • The Only Exception (Believability)
  • Lean on Me (Generosity)
  • SING (Generosity)
  • Don't Stop Believin' (Glee-ality)
  • Raise Your Glass (Glee-ality)



Damian McGinty - Falling Slowly (Studio Cover version)

Damian McGinty - Falling Slowly (Studio Cover version)

Damian Mc Ginty interview on Seattle's Q13 Fox, December 6, 2012

Damian Mc Ginty interview on Seattle's Q13 Fox, December 6, 2012

Damian McGinty singing 'This Is Your Song' at the Sons and Daughters Concert Derry Londonderry

Damian McGinty singing 'This Is Your Song' at the Sons and Daughters Concert Derry Londonderry

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