Daniel Finn Schuester is the son of Emma Pillsbury and Will Schuester. He is born in the episode Opening Night.



After multiple attempts of conceiving a child, Emma tells Will that she is pregnant the week before Nationals. Will has doubts but Emma says that she has had her pregnancy confirmed by her doctor.

New Directions

The New Directions alumni and members (along with Sue and Holly) film a video for Daniel to tell him how amazing his father has been and how he has changed many of their lives, and that Will will love him with the same amount of love and devotion as he had for them, quoted by Sue, "no matter how talentless, misshapen, ugly, miserable or sexually ambiguous he is". After the video, the glee club perform their final number, Don't Stop Believin'.

Opening Night

He is born. Emma calls Will to tell him that her water broke, prompting him to immediately fly back from New York and make it just in time to see the baby born. Afterwards, Will calls his former students to tell them that they have named the baby "Daniel Finn Schuester," the middle name derived from the late Finn Hudson.

Loser Like Me

Daniel makes his first appearance here. Will entertains him with his dance moves (which Daniel seems to enjoy) while discussing his new job as coach of Vocal Adrenaline.

What the World Needs Now

He is seen during What the World Needs Now during the party at Will and Emma's apartment, meeting most of the New Directions and Alumni for the first time.


Will and Emma are shown taking Daniel for a ride in his stroller in the park.

Dreams Come True

Daniel sits with Will on the floor of the nursery before heading to school. After playing some notes on a xylophone, Will holds him close and says "You see that, Danny? Dreams really do come true."



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