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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the song of the same name.

Diva is the thirteenth episode of Glee's fourth season and the seventy-ninth episode overall. It premiered on February 7, 2013. 

Kurt is getting worried as Rachel and he begin to drift apart since she has become more egotistical after winning the Winter Showcase. He begins to plan out a diva-off challenge, known as "Midnight Madness," to thrash Rachel and ensures that he is prepared to win. Back at McKinley, Finn needs to find a large topic so that the New Directions are able to have the right attitude to tackle Regionals, and in order to help, Emma thinks of "Diva Week," where the New Directions are set out to beat each other to be the winner. Santana makes a surprising return to Lima from Louisville, after finding out about Brittany and Sam's relationship which ends with Santana making a huge decision about her future. Tina begins to properly confront her feelings towards Blaine, using the week's assignment to assist her and Emma begins to stress out because of her wedding next week which ends up leading to an unexpected event. 

The episode was directed by Paris Barclay and written by Brad Falchuk.


The episode opens in New York, where Rachel is showcasing her talent to the students at NYADA. Kurt states that she is becoming a


nightmare and acting like a diva since she won the Winter Showcase. He is jealous to see Rachel and her new found friends discussing the upcoming Funny Girls auditions. He is tired of seeing her show off her skills, going out with Brody, leaving the bathtub dirty, consuming all the hot water and clogging the sink with her hair extensions.


In Lima, Emma is struggling with the preparations for her wedding, scheduled for the following week. It's revealed that Will's campaign has been a huge success. Finn sits near her and questions her about the wedding. She explains about the wedding and the honeymoon plans. Finn then states that he is a bit undecided what to do with the Glee Club for Regionals. Emma reflects a bit and then tells Finn to try to encourage through a competition, just as Will did with the Glee Club in the past. Finn and Emma announce to Glee Club the idea of the Diva Week to make find to the kids their inner strength and security in their voice. Emma tells the club the definition of a 'Diva' which results in mixed reactions. The girls and Blaine are shown to be excited, especially Unique who claims to be the only diva in the Choir Room. Even Tina, Blaine, and Marley express themselves about it, along with Brittany who kicks off the performance of Diva. Meanwhile, at home, Rachel and Kurt have a discussion after he blurts out that he is tired of her behavior recently. Kurt says he can beat her at any time, strengthened by the fact that his performance at the Winter Showcase is still the topic of discussions lately. Rachel takes on the challenge of the so-called Midnight Madness Diva-Off. She reminds him of their sophomore Diva-Off to which Kurt reveals that he purposely missed the note, Rachel is upset by this, feeling that he demolished all her certainties.


Tina approaches Blaine and gives him a kit to get rid of his cold and flu. Walking through the corridors, he thanks her and tells her that he wants to make the Glee Club believe that men can be divas too. He states he will do so by using a full dose of Freddie Mercury. Blaine begins singing Don't Stop Me Now at the piano. The Glee Club are shown to enjoy the performance extremely, all singing and dancing along.


Later, when they are talking about divas, Finn and Emma announce the return of a special Diva. Santana arrives through the door with a few cheerleaders from Louisville and they begin to, perform Nutbush City Limits. Everyone seems to enjoy the performance, except for Tina. Brittany gets up and high-fives Santana, and asks her why she came to town without telling her, to which Santana replies by asking why she didn't tell her that she was dating Sam. She reveals that she found out in a phone call from Tina. Santana then says that she has a girlfriend and gives her girlfriend Elaine a kiss on the lips. In New York, Brody explains to Rachel what the Midnight Madness is: a challenge to the death with one song that will give eternal glory to the winner.

Back in Lima, In Ms. Pillsbury's office, Finn consults with Emma about Rachel. She advises him to date someone. Emma also asks to help with the preparations for the wedding. He chooses from a centerpiece of white flowers instead of blue saying they represent purity just like her.


Santana and Sam meet in the auditorium, where they sing Make No Mistake (She's Mine) to try to win the hand of Brittany. Unknown to them, Brittany witnessed a portion of their performance with a frown on her face. Blaine and Tina continue to speak in front of the lockers. Tina admits that she does not feel like a diva and believing she has no chance to win Diva Week. Blaine offers to help her and invites her to his house in the afternoon to find the perfect song. At Blaine's house, Blaine and Tina lie down on the bed and consult some of the biggest hit song of old school divas, including Cher, Aretha Franklin, and Madonna. Blaine begins to feel tired and lies down on the bed. Tina, ready to express her feelings, tells him that she is falling in love with him, and that they can both have a sexless relationship. She turns around to see that Blaine is really asleep. Tina slowly unbuttons his shirt then proceeds to sit on his stomach and apply the vaporub to his chest. Crying, she comes off him and rests her head on his chest.


In a secluded classroom at NYADA, Brody presents the Midnight Madness and opens the scene to where Rachel and Kurt compete against each other with the song Bring Him Home, from the musical Les Miserables. At the end of the song, as per protocol, people who attended the performances line up on the side of their favorite, and Rachel's followers pick Kurt's side resulting in a close run win for Kurt. Sue Sylvester offers Santana a job of being in charge of the Cheerios, Santana thinks this is great because she will be able to stay closer to Brittany. She asks Sue to not tell her mother that she dropped out from college. Sue then replies by saying she couldn't because she doesn't speak Spanish.


Tina confronts Blaine and gets mad at him for not understanding that she has feelings for him. Before Blaine can get a proper explanation of what has happened, Tina starts the performance of Hung Up, dressed like Madonna in the music-video, starting in the school corridors and quickly moved to the school yard. Later on, Emma and Finn are beginning to announce the winner of Diva Week, much to her own shock, Tina wins. Later in the halls, Blaine gives a chocolate rose to Tina and asks her to forgive him, he then invites her to go to Mr Schue's wedding with him as his date. She is extremely pleased and agrees.


Emma is going crazy whilst trying to plan her wedding as due to her OCD she feels everything has to be absolutely perfect. Finn tries to calm her down and ends up kissing her before walking out of the room leaving her speechless.


In the auditorium, Brittany talks to Santana because she wants to find out why she lied. Brittany, in fact, found out that Elaine, the cheerleader who pretended to be dating Santana, was actually bribed with a couple of concert tickets and special T-shirts. Santana apologizes but Brittany tells her she is not going to leave Sam, because he makes her feel like smart. However, Brittany wants Santana to get herself a real girlfriend,


but not a best friend because she already has one of those. Inspired by Brittany's speech as she once again calls her a genius, Santana sings Girl on Fire, leaving the school and going to New York. At the end of the song, Santana exits a train station and walks up to Kurt and Rachel's apartment, telling them she's "moving in" much to their shock.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Diva Beyoncé Blaine Anderson, Brittany Pierce,
Tina Cohen-Chang and Unique Adams
Don't Stop Me Now Queen Blaine Anderson with New Directions
Nutbush City Limits Ike & Tina Turner Santana Lopez with the Cardinals
Make No Mistake
(She's Mine)
Barbra Streisand and Kim Carnes
(Kenny Rogers and
Ronnie Milsap version)
Sam Evans and Santana Lopez
Bring Him Home Cast of Les Misérables Kurt Hummel and Rachel Berry
Dancing on My Own † Robyn Brittany Pierce
Hung Up Madonna Tina Cohen-Chang
Girl on Fire Alicia Keys Santana Lopez
  •  denotes a cut song.

Guest Cast

Guest Stars


  • Kayla Kalbfleisch as Elaine
  • J.D. Phillips as Bernard, Sycophant #2

Absent Cast Members


  • This is the eighth time an episode has a song of the same name in it. Home, Dream On, Silly Love Songs, Blame It on the Alcohol, Born This Way, I Kissed a Girl, and Extraordinary Merry Christmas all featured songs with the same name as the title as well.
  • An eighth song, Dancing on My Ownwas going to be sung by Brittany, but was cut for unknown reasons.
  • Filming for this episode ended up being overlapped with filming for the next episode.
  • Santana's arrival scene in New York parallels Rachel's from Goodbye. They both emerge from train stations examining their new surrounding in awe, and they are both wearing coats and berets ala Mary Tyler Moore.
  • This episode drew a 2.2 rating with 6.03 million total viewers. Source
  • This is a tribute to artists known as 'divas'. Also, Ryan Murphy stated via Twitter that this was a tribute to 'diva week' to Beyoncé in which she is one of the diva artists tributed in this episode.
  • This is the second time that a Diva-Off was featured/occurred in a 13th episode of the show. The first being Comeback where they featured a Diva-Off between Rachel and Mercedes. (Season Two)
  • This is the first and only episode where Santana sings two solos in the same episode.
  • Darren Criss got very sick during filming so it was written into the episode that Blaine was sick too.
  • Darren says Don’t Stop Me Now was probably the hardest number he ever did on Glee because he had a 103 degree fever while filming.[1]
  • Jenna Ushkowitz says she and Darren Criss were nervous about the vapo-rub scene but ultimately found it harder to read through than to shoot.[2]


  • Blaine says he is a gold star gay, except for "that one time [he] kissed Rachel Berry," referring to Blame It On The Alcohol However, in said episode, they kissed twice.
    • However, the second time he and Rachel kissed, he felt confident that he was gay, whereas the first time he was questioning his sexuality.


I think you need to be somewhere that's as big and as hot as you are. It's okay to follow your dreams.

Brittany to Santana

I'm not breaking up with Sam. I really like him. He makes me feel really smart and think about things, like where air comes from, and how come in every movie about Jesus he dies at the end.

Brittany to Santana

Rachel: Oh, hey, you're awake.
Kurt: An hour before my alarm clock.
Rachel: Oh, when you're in there, can you make me a little tea, please, with some honey and lemon? You know, it's really good for my throat.
Kurt: Sure, I'll just run down to the store and get you some.
Rachel: I'll take that as a no. An incredibly rude no that deserves an explanation.
Kurt: Okay, Rachel, truth time. You have been a nightmare ever since the Winter Showcase.
Rachel: I knew it was only a matter of time before you became jealous of all of my success. And just when we were getting inseparable.
Kurt: Oh, we became close because you became tolerable, but now you've got that weird naked boyfriend and that weird Legion of Sycophants. Now you are like, you're like annoying, self-righteous Lima Rachel on steroids.
Rachel: You know what? Let me give you a lttle bit of truth, Kurt. Okay, the only reason why Carmen Tibideaux even let you sing at the Winter Showcase was because she knew that you and I were friends.
Kurt: You might have won the showcase, but my performance was the one that everyone was talking about because I blew you away and I can do it again. Midnight Madness, you and me, head-to-head.
Rachel: I wouldn't do that if I were you, babe.
Kurt: Oh, why not?
Rachel: 'Cause I already beat you once. Diva-Off, sophomore year. Remember?
Kurt: Only because I threw it. That high F in Defying Gravity? I can hit that baby in my sleep. I tanked the note on purpose.
Rachel: Okay, why would you do that?
Kurt: 'Cause I didn't want to win. I wanted to save my dad the embarrassment of having his son sing a song written for a woman.
Rachel: I don't believe you. Take that back.
Kurt: I can't. It's truth time.
Rachel: That was my first big win. That was the foundation that I built all of my confidence on for the past two years.
Kurt: Aw, consider it cracked. Get ready for Diva-Off Part Two. And this time, I'm not throwing anything.

Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel

You are a diva. And you have been a nightmare. But you're not a diva because you're a nightmare. You're a diva because you're talented, and ambitious, and because no one else in the world can do what you, Rachel Berry, can do. That's what being a diva's all about. Being an original. One of a kind. So hold the nightmare, but bring the diva.

Kurt to Rachel

Tina: Here, I put together a little cold buster kit for you!

Blaine: Cool, Uh, how'd you know?

Tina: Your nose was red yesterday.

Tina Cohen-Chang and Blaine Anderson

Sue: Do you not remember who got you that scholarship to Louisville? You dropped out a month ago.

Santana: I'm sorry, I hated it there. Everybody thought that I was being a bitch, when all I was doing was being brutally honest with people... Please don't tell my mom.

Sue: Oh, I can't, I don't speak Spanish.

Sue Sylvester and Santana Lopez

What is with you glee club ex-pats? Don't you have jobs? You have to have some source of income so you can pay the staff of scientists who service your teleporters that you all clearly own since you're constantly showing up here.

Sue to Santana

She never wins anything!

Brittany about Tina winning the diva competition



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