I can be whoever you want me to be.

—Elliott Gilbert, A Katy or A Gaga

Elliott Gilbert is a recurring character in the fifth season of Glee. He is a NYU student who auditions for and joins Kurt's cover band, Pamela Lansbury and later One Three Hill, befriending Rachel, Santana and Dani. He later befriends Blaine in New New York.

He is portrayed by American Idol Season 8 runner-up and singer Adam Lambert.


Season Five

A Katy or A Gaga

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Elliott is first introduced when he auditions for Kurt's band. He comes in with an overzealous outfit and explains his reason for being late. He begins singing Marry the Night after he explains why he chose the song: Lady Gaga inspires him to be himself. His performance involves swinging on chandeliers, a variety of facial expressions, and more. Santana and Dani are thrilled with the audition and encourage Kurt to allow Elliott to join. Kurt, however, isn’t as appreciative of the performance, and says that Elliott "Isn't quite what they're looking for," and if he is willing to "tone it down," Kurt would think about it.

Later on, Santana is still angry with Kurt for not allowing Elliott to join, but is unable to convince him to reconsider. Knowing that Rachel and Kurt are closer than she and Kurt, Santana shows Rachel Elliott's performance, which she recorded on her phone. Rachel then confronts Kurt, as she believes that Elliott has true talent, and urges Kurt to
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reconsider as well. During their conversation she tells him Santana Lopez told her he wouldn't accept Elliott because he was afraid of sharing the "lavender limelight" Kurt scoffs at this and says if he were afraid of sharing the spotlight he would have started a one man show, not a band. He says the real reason he rejected Elliott was because he thought he would make them too different. He has seen Rachel Berry and Santana Lopez achieve main stream success and he want's that for himself as well. Then he tells her he's tired of being different and challenging people all the time. It's exhausting and there's nothing wrong with wanting to be well liked by everyone for a change. Rachel says that that may be true, but the things that are different about Kurt have always been his greatest strengths and she thinks the same is probably true of Elliott as well. She encourages Kurt to give Elliott another chance. He says he thinks Rachel is right, but unfortunately he doesn't have any way to get in touch with Elliott. He doesn't even know his real name.
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Latter Kurt sees Elliott in the Broadway café. Kurt almost doesn't recognize him, as he is not wearing his elaborate costume. Elliott tells Kurt his real name (prior they had referred to him as "Starchild"), and requests to speak with him and Kurt agrees. Elliott explains he really wants to join the band because he came to New York to do something fun and this seemed like the perfect opportunity for him. He tells him that he always travelled from New Jersey, the state he came from, and New York and that he was turned down for NYADA and therefore went to NYU. Kurt then tells Elliott that he can join the band because he thinks that Elliott might be the thing he needs to make it successful.

The band comes together to think of a name, and they can’t really agree on one. After Kurt disagreeing on another one, Rachel comes in and comes up with the name Pamela Lansbury. They all think the name is perfect and use it for the band. After Rachel joins the band as well, they start rehearsing and sing Roar.

Puppet Master

Elliott is having a meeting with Pamela Lansbury in which Kurt tells them about their debut gig. They are excited until they find out it’s on Thursdays at Callbacks. Elliott and Santana don’t think it’s the best place to have their first performance, but Kurt insists to perform there. Kurt explains his vision to the others, in which Elliott and other band members perform Into the Groove in the crowded bar.

Elliott and the band are at Callbacks, but there is only one person sitting there. They are disappointed and a couple of days later, at another meeting, they think Kurt will stop with the band. Elliott says Kurt is a great leader though and that he’s allowed to fail. After that, Kurt comes in and tells the band that the man who was sitting there during the performance liked the performance a lot and arranged a new gig for them at a better and more popular place. Then, a postman comes in with a box from Blaine with puppets for the band as a way to say sorry for not being at their first gig. They think it’s creepy, but sing The Fox with the puppets anyways.


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After the girls cancel on the Pamela Lansbury meeting Kurt had called, Kurt and Elliott decide to continue the meeting with just the two of them. Elliott is seen in the Bushwick Apartment, making small talk with Kurt. His first few responses, however, are those imagined by Kurt to be rude (Kurt is convinced at this point that Elliott is trying to take over Pamela Lansbury). When asked, he talks about his past and how he started off performing as a young child, taking singing and piano lessons. At the mention of guitars, Kurt asks if Elliott would teach him how to play. At this point, Ellifott's confusion at Kurt's odd behavior becomes apparent, and he repeatedly protests against Kurt's excessive compliments. Instead of directly answering Kurt's question, Elliott tells Kurt he should get his own guitar, as he believes that "having the right instrument makes all the difference."

The next scene begins with Kurt and Elliott arrive together at a music shop. Once there, Elliott initiates a performance of I Believe in a Thing Called Love, in which he and Kurt sing and dance wildly around the store.

The next day, Elliott returns to the Bushwick Apartment, admiring Kurt's record collection. Kurt is still acting strange when Elliott finally chooses to confront him about it. He begins by saying that he is glad that he and Kurt are friends, as he is the "only gay friend who isn't crazy or has tried to hook-up." He admits that he figured out what Kurt was trying to do and Kurt caves, saying he just wanted to know what his deal was. Elliott states that he is not trying to take over his band and they decide to be real friends as opposed to frenemies, and "kick ass" together. Kurt agrees and they capture the moment with a selfie of Elliott kissing Kurt on the cheek.


He is first seen in NYADA getting Rachel her clothes and a beverage. Thanks to a flashback we learn that after moving out of her apartment Rachel went to Elliott's one and very dramatically asked him if she could stay. We learn that they are now roommates. She asks him if he wants to stick around and sings Funny Girl songs with her, but he declines and suggests they sing something more rock-n-roll, he then handles a partition to her and to the band and the both of them start to sing Barracuda.

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He is then seen coming in the Bushwick apartment while Santana was fixing her hair. He is surprised by how much hair she got, but she takes that as a compliment. She then explains to him her "master plan" to get the part of Fanny from Rachel, he makes fun of her plan, but she tells him he can't get it because he doesn't know Rachel as much as she does. He then asks her where Rachel's sheet music are because he is here to pick them up and he informs her that they are roommates which surprises Santana a lot. She's upset that he let her moved in with him and she calls him a traitor. He responds that he doesn't even knows Santana that much and that he let Rachel moved in because he needed the money. Santana then tells him that she might know a way for him to get money.

At the Spotlight Diner, Elliott gets stuck in the middle of Rachel and Santana's feud. The three perform Gloria together at the Spotlight Diner, during which Rachel and Santana are hostile with one another and vie for Elliott's attention. After the performance, both girls demand to Elliott to choose sides. Elliott tells the girls to "work out their stuff" and is clearly annoyed with all the drama. Elliott tells Kurt he is quitting Pamela Lansbury until Rachel and Santana patch things up.


Kurt attempts to mediate a discussion with both girls, but neither is willing to admit wrongdoing. As a result, Elliott, Kurt and Dani agree to kick them both out of the band and they start a new band, named One Three Hill. Elliott performs The Happening with Dani and Kurt as their first performance as a trio. Back at the loft, Elliott, Kurt and Dani discover Rachel and Santana talking seemingly without fighting. Elliott tells the girls he thinks they are both amazing, and hopes they will make up. Unfortunately, Rachel says that is not likely. Later Elliott sings Hold On with Kurt and Dani.

New New York

Elliott is first seen with Kurt at the music store, when Kurt begins to talk about the recent problems with his relationship with Blaine. First, Elliott states that at first he felt their engagement was a mistake, but after seeing both Kurt and Blaine together, he realized they have something special. Elliott tells Kurt that he should set boundaries between himself and Blaine, thinking that all they need is some space. He then changes the subject by saying that he found a group song that their band could perform. Both of them start singing Rockstar.


Elliott is seen again when Blaine shows up in his apartment after having a fight with Kurt. Blaine confronts Elliott due to his jealousy, telling Elliott that Kurt is his fiancé, not Elliott's. Blaine also insults Elliott by calling him a "Glitter Rock Vampire." Elliott, however, remains calm throughout the confrontation, and assures Blaine that he is only friends with Kurt and doesn't see him as more than that. Elliott gives him relationship advice, stating that Kurt loves Blaine very much, and that Kurt does not stop talking about him. To clear the air between them, Elliott hands Blaine his guitar, and together they sing about glitter rock vampires, marking the beginning of their friendship. This is his last appearance on the show.

Old Dog, New Tricks

Kurt says that One Three Hill's been on a hiatus ever since Elliott went to his yoga retreat.


Solos (In a Group Number)
Song Episode Solos with
Roar A Katy or A Gaga Dani, KittyRachel, Sam, Santana, Tina, and Unique.
Into the Groove Puppet Master Dani, Kurt, and Rachel
The Fox Artie, Blaine, Jake, Kitty, Rachel, Santana, and Tina
Gloria Trio Rachel and Santana
The Happening Dani and Kurt
Hold On Artie, Blaine, Dani, Kurt, Rachel, Sam, Santana, and Tina
Unreleased Songs


  • The stage name, Starchild, is an homage to the David Bowie album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars. Coincidentally, Adam Lambert models his music style and fashion after David Bowie. 
  • He is nicknamed "Glitter Rock Vampire" by Blaine in New New York when Blaine worries Elliott has romantic designs on Kurt. Coincidentally, the actor donned a glamorous vampire costume when he guest starred on Pretty Little Liars.
  • He was the only person who auditioned for Kurt's cover band.
  • He is the second character to be portrayed by an American Idol runner-up; the first being Frida Romero, who is played by Jessica Sanchez.
  • Elliott is gay - Rachel refers to him as her "new best gay", which he does not rebute - although he does express a dislike for that term, saying it makes him feel like a "Pet".


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