The Emma-Will Relationship, commonly known as Wemma, is the friendship, and now romantic relationship between Emma Pillsbury, and her husband Will Schuester.

They started off as being just close friends, although Emma is in love with Will while he is still married to Terri. Will's love for Emma develops over time, after Emma gives Will advice for the Glee Club and its members, although the roles in the relationship are constantly reversed. Eventually in Season One, after discovering that Terri is faking her pregnancy, Will divorces her and becomes available to date Emma. In Season Three, they get engaged in Yes/No, and in Nationals, they have sex for the first time, where Emma loses her virginity to Will. In All or Nothing, they get married, in Trio Emma revealed she was pregnant and became parents in Opening Night when they welcomed their first child, a son named Daniel, into the world.


Season One

Will and Emma's relationship begins with the two being close friends. Emma is completely and deeply in love with Will, although he is married. Will has strong feelings for Emma, which most likely result to his failing marriage and, and from her listening to his problems and giving him advice when he needed it the most. The two have moments where their sexual tension and attraction to one another are strongly evident, but both have to hold back their feelings because Will was married and his wife, Terri, is pregnant.

Emma, tired of pining after a married man and being alone, starts dating football coach Ken, whom she doesn't even like in a romantic way. Eventually the two get engaged. Despite her engagement and Will's marriage, their feelings for one another do not disappear.

Will discovers his wife's fake pregnancy and he leaves her stating that he doesn't feel the same for her as he once did. Emma later tells Will that Ken has dumped her because she took the kids to sectionals for him. Will is shocked about this and apologizes, but she tells him that she is the one at fault because she was settling for Ken and if Will had shown any interest in her she would've left him in a heartbeat. She confesses to Will that she can't see him without feeling heartbroken and has decided to resign as guidance counselor. Will, convinced he loves her, tries to convince her to stay, telling her that he left Terri. On the day of her resignation, Will is listening to the club perform Kelly Clarkson's My Life Would Suck Without You and realizes that he feels that sentiment about Emma. He runs to find her and catches her right before she leaves. He then kisses her for the first time, finally being able to release the built up feelings the two have had to hold in. This, along with nervous smiles afterwards, begins their relationship.
Wemma 1


They do begin to date, and Emma even tries to push aside her mysophobia to try to become intimate with Will. She is still uncomfortable with intimacy, and she admits to Will that he is the first guy she has let get that close to her sexually. Will doesn't seem pleased by the news and later cheats on her with Shelby Corcoran in a lusty make-out session. Emma, unaware of this, tells Will that they need to spend time alone so he that they can work on their separate issues; however, in the next episode The Power of Madonna, Emma attempts to lose her virginity to Will, but does not go through with it because she is still not ready.
Will takes it well, and tells her that she doesn't need to sleep with him to prove anything. He also tells her that he has filed for a divorce from Terri and that while they are waiting, they need to get help for her problems. He gives her a card for a counselor which she gladly accepts.

Emma later finds out that Will cheated on her in the episode Bad Reputation, and she is furious. She confronts him about it, calling him a slut and declaring their relationship over. Will tries to apologize, but she doesn't accept it, which leaves Will's heart crushed.

In the season one finale, Emma reveals to Will that she has been seeing her dentist, Carl Howell, and that she thinks she and Will had their chance. Will is heartbroken and breaks down into tears. Later, he sees Emma arguing with Figgins about the Glee Club, and he finally confesses that he loves her, and that they are not over, followed by a kiss that leaves Emma stunned.

Season Two

In season two, their friendship hits choppy waters when Will meets Carl for the first time. Though Will pretends to be friendly with Carl in front of Emma, the two talk about Will and Emma's relationship in Britney/Brittany. Will states that he may not be willing to back off of Emma, but eventually he and Carl come to an agreement: Will will leave Emma and Carl's relationship alone, but if Emma starts 'leaning Will's way' again, he will go after her. Later in the episode, in an attempt to seem more easygoing, Will buys a new car (which happens to be the same car Carl has in a different color) and takes Emma for a spin in it. However, his ride is stopped by ex-wife Terri, who he gets into a heated argument with in front of Emma. Emma runs off into her own car and leaves.

However, in The Rocky Horror Glee Show, Will discovers that Carl is helping Emma with her obsessive-compulsive disorder, something that Will was never able to significantly improve. She informs him of her date with Carl when they went to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Will decides to make said play the school's musical, despite the controversy it would cause. Carl discovers this and auditions for the role of Eddie by singing Hot Patooti, and Will grudgingly lets Carl join the play. However, Will becomes fed up with Carl's mishaps in the production. He decides to take the role of Rocky from Sam Evans and play it himself, asking Emma for help with the number Touch a Touch a Touch a Touch Me. It becomes overly heated quickly and Emma runs from the room. Carl then confronts Will about breaking his promise to back off of Emma and the two face another argument. In the end, though, Will decides to cancel the play, admitting to Emma that it was just a ruse to get her to like him again, and makes another promise to back off.

During Special Education, Will invites Emma to be his guest at sectionals. She accepts, but on the date of the performance, tells him that she can't go. When he asks why, she tells him that she hid the fact that she was going from Carl and they had a big fight—however, when they made up, he told her that he loved her. Will is upset, but after tying with the Warblers at sectionals, shows Emma the trophy. Afterwards, Emma tells Will that over the weekend, she and Carl went to Las Vegas and got married. Will, though he claims he is happy for her, is visibly upset with this and spends the next few episodes trying to get over Emma.

In Blame It on the Alcohol, Will decides to loosen up and go drinking at a honky-tonk bar with McKinley's football coach, Shannon Beiste. He ends up getting far drunker than he had anticipated and drunk dials Emma, giving her several sleazy compliments and admitting that he still has feelings for her. The next day, he apologizes to Emma for drunk dialing her, but she says she never got the message. As it turns out, he accidentally left the message on Sue Sylvester's answering machine, and she in turn broadcasts it over the school's intercom. When Emma hears what he said, she covers her mouth with her hand in shock, even though she seems quite enthusiastic and happy about the message which shows she is interested.

In Sexy, Emma decides to head the celibacy club, with its only members being Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray. Preaching abstinence to the kids doesn't work, so she tells Will and his friend, substitute teacher Holly Holliday about it. When Emma and Holly get into a debate and Emma admits that she doesn't think sex is for children or adults, Holly calls her naive and leaves. Emma decides to challenge Holly's promiscuous ways of sex-ed by performing Afternoon Delight with the Celibacy Club (in addition to Carl and the Celibacy Club's newest member, Noah Puckerman) in the belief that the song is about having dessert in the afternoon. When she finds out that the song is about sex, she becomes upset, and Carl decides to have a 'counselling session' with Holly about Emma's fear of intimacy. During the session, Emma admits that she and Carl have never had sex before, and Carl asks her if she's still in love with Will. Upon discovering that she is, he leaves the room angrily. Emma asks Holly if she can keep her feelings a secret from Will. It is later revealed that Carl wants an annulment.


Will comforting Emma when her OCD gets worse.

In A Night of Neglect, Will finds Emma polishing a table, and learns that her OCD has come back worse than ever since Carl filed for an annulment, they eat lunch together and Will tells Emma he will help her through this and be there for her. Holly and Will later break up because Holly cannot commit and she knows Will is still in love with Emma which leads Holly to finally tells Will that Emma is in love with him too.

In Born This Way, Emma and Will are still working through her problems, and he tries to help her get past it, by getting her to eat unwashed fruit which doesn't work... Emma helps Will with the Glee Club in making costumes for their number Born this Way so they can come to terms with their differences. Emma originally puts on her shirt "GINGER", but after Will tells her he is disappointed with her she eventually changes it to the truth "OCD." She also begins to get therapy for her and take medicine that the therapist has prescribed, even though she's scared at first. Will puts "Butt Chin" on his shirt and in the end, they hold hands and dance with the Glee Club.

In Rumours, Emma sneaks into April Rhodes and Will's practice session, where she overhears them practising over her up and coming Broadway show, written by Will. During the performance, Emma realizes that Will can be achieving so much more with his life, and not just remain a high school teacher. When Emma confronts Will about this, although Will knows he has potential, he can't ditch his kids. It's been his dream to be on Broadway, but has a bigger dreams of winning Nationals. Emma is also seen having a better control over her OCD since seeing her therapist. She's been using her prescription regularly and was shown eating grapes, without the extreme cleaning.

In Funeral, Emma and Will are in the his apartment packing up his belongings before he heads to New York with the kids. After Nationals he will be staying for a while to appear in Crossrhodes: The April Rhodes Story, but he's shown to have little confidence that the play will succeed and plans to be back a week after it opens. Emma encourages him to follow his dreams, telling him that he's given up so much for others to succeed and that now it's his turn.

In New York, Emma is congratulating Mr. Schue on coming 12th, even hanging a banner. Will thanks her and is humored by the banner. There was also a deleted scene that shows what happens between them when Will gets back to McKinley.

Season Three

The writers stated that Will and Emma would be getting major forefront focus the entire year, especially the front ten. According to Murphy, Will and Emma's new series storyline was going to be their journey to marriage and a family. They were also seen having a brief kiss in one of the season promos.

In The Purple Piano Project, Emma was seen to have moved in to Will's apartment. Emma makes breakfast and lunch for Will and they shared a brief kiss in the kitchen.


Will And Emma.

In Asian F, Will invites Emma's parents over for dinner. Will later yells at them for being ginger supremacists and for criticizing Emma for her OCD and calling her freaky rather than helping her. At the end Emma is praying that her OCD will get better and Will joins in saying he will help her get better, singing Fix You with New Directions.

In Yes/No, Emma is talking to Sue and Beiste and thinks that Will is not in love with her. This leads to the three of them singing Wedding Bell Blues. At the end of this number, Emma accidentally asks Will to marry her. Will then makes a Proposal assignment for the Glee Club. They help him with finding the perfect song to sing to Emma. Artie performs Moves Like Jagger/Jumpin' Jack Flash, but Will rejects the idea. Will goes to see Emma's parents to ask for their permission in Emma's hand in marriage, but they do not give permission. They think it is not a good idea because if they ever have children, they believe Emma wouldn't be able to handle the pressure. At the end of the episode, the Glee Club are doing synchronized swimming while singing We Found Love.

In The Spanish Teacher, Emma mentions that she and Will reveal everything as Emma helps Sue due to the declined request from Will to be her donor using pamphlets. Emma comes home to a frustrated Will with a new box of pamphlets in hand and hands them to Will to see what he thinks of them. He rejects her saying that all these pamphlets are useless and her life story should be imprinted into a pamphlet. Emma storms off in anger missing Will's apology from afar.

Emma comes home to find a neatly plated dinner table and a pamphlet made by Will. The pamphlet shows an implication of what of his wrong actions followed by a sincere apology which concluded with a kiss.


Before the pilot, it has assumed that Will and Emma have known each other for a while. Ken obviously has a crush on Emma, but Emma has a crush on Will. When Will tries to inquire Emma about him taking over Glee Club, Emma's shoe is stuck by the gum on the floor. Will sees it and helps her by using his credit card to take the gum away, due to the fact that Emma is mysophobic and has OCD. Emma then signs up as a chaperone for New Directions, to see their rivals, Vocal Adrenaline, perform, so she can spend time with Will. Ken tries to ask Emma out, but she tells him that she is interested in someone else (Will). At the VA performance, they share a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Will's wife discovers that she is pregnant so Will resigns, in need of a better job to support his family. Emma is dismayed to learn this and she tells him that the only life worth living is one he is passionate about. This advice, along with hearing the Glee kids perform Don't Stop Believin', convinces him to stay. (Pilot)

Emma catches Will after hours at the school while he is working as a janitor. She offers to help him clean and the two chat. He asks her about her deal with cleanliness and she tells him about an incident that happened when she was younger which resulted in her mysophobia. Will tries to help her through it by putting chalk dust on her nose, his attraction to her surfacing for the first time as they almost kiss. (Showmance)

Will gives Emma mild hope that he may have had a crush on someone other than his wife before. They sit next to each other at the Glee Club's Invitationals and Emma looks at Will during the performance of Somebody to Love. (The Rhodes Not Taken)

Will and Emma have a moment over lunch as she wipes mustard off of his "cute Kirk Douglas chin dimple." He tells her that she is the most honest and impartial person he knows and wants her to be the celebrity judge for the Glee kids' mash-up competition. Both are dismayed when Terri begins to work at the school. Later Will finds out that Ken has proposed to Emma and he asks her what she was going to do about it. She asks him if he can think of any other options she might have and he has no answer. In the end, Emma accepts the proposal, under certain conditions. She tells Will and they share a longing look from across the hall. (Vitamin D)


Will and Emma ballroom dancing to I Could Have Danced All Night.

Will gives Emma dance lessons. On her first lesson he sings Thong Song and ends up slipping on her overly-extravagant dress and pulls her on top of him where they lie together smiling and laughing with each other and looking like they're about to kiss. Will then tells her she needs a new dress. He goes with her to the bridal salon and is as smitten as ever when he sees her in the new dress. They waltz together to see if she can dance in it and once again their attraction is strongly evident. Emma says that Will's sunglasses are sexy. Will also, when telling Emma that the two songs don't go together, is referring to she and Ken. (Mash-Up)

Will leaves Terri after finding out that she has been faking her pregnancy. Emma tells Will he's a lot to lose. (Mattress)

Emma attends Sectionals for Will and Ken dumps her because of this. She admits her feelings to Will and decides to resign from the school as she is ashamed of actions towards Ken and heartbroken over Will. As she is about to leave Will catches her and they share their first kiss. (Sectionals)

Tumblr l0upj2NNx21qbrmgpo1 500

Will and Emma at their first date

The show returns to find that Emma has, in fact, not resigned from the school. Will and Emma sit in her office, smiling with Will noting that it's weird how they have been in exactly the same situation before, but now he can kiss her if he wants. He leans in to kiss her, but she stops him and tells him she needs to clean up first. He tells her that he doesn't care because they've kissed before. Emma apologizes for the unattractive quality that is her mysophobia and Will tells her that she is adorable and she is right. They need to clean up before they can begin a relationship. He says they should go on a date at his house. Later on they slow dance in Will's living room to Neil Diamond's Hello Again. Will says it's the perfect song for them and Emma loves it. They kiss slowly and then fall on to the couch kissing in an almost passionate way until Emma breaks away saying that it's too much too fast for her. She admits to Will that she is a virgin because she hasn't found the right person who won't reject her when things get hard with her problems. Will doesn't seem very pleased by this news, but tells her it's okay. She doesn't believe him and begins to cry. Will tells her that he understands then kisses her forehead and goes to put in a movie.

Will and Emma go on their first date where Emma admits she is a virgin. It appears that Will isn't very pleased with this news. Later he meets the Vocal Adrenaline coach Shelby Corcoran and the two have a make-out session in Will's apartment. Will stops it before it go any further. He tells her that he is still married and is kind of seeing someone that he really cares about, but for some reason, it isn't working. Shelby tells him that he needs to get himself straightened out and when he does, to give her a call. She gives him her card and then leaves. A few days later Emma is making Will a surprise dinner at his house when Terri comes by to pick up the rest of her DVDs. She and Emma have a small confrontation until Emma asks her why she is there because she would like for her to be gone when Will gets home. Terri goes to the living room and finds Emma's copy of The Jazz Singer. Emma tells her that it has her and Will's song in it. Terri says that that was her and Will's song at prom and, if she doesn't believe her, then to look it up in the old Thunderclap. The next day Will is in Emma's office looking at books when she walks in with the yearbook. She hands it to him and tells him to turn to page 42, the page of the prom. He does and realizes what she is pointing out. He says that he has no memories of that night. She tells him that he still does subconsciously. She is on the verge of tears as she tells him that he needs to spend time alone and discover who he is by himself before they can begin relationship. He agrees to this and leaves her in her office to cry at her request. (Hell-O)

Will and Emma discuss the issues of virginity the girls of the Glee Club have been facing recently. He says that he knows this subject is Emma's blind spot and they decide to work together to help the girls. Will tells Emma that maybe along the way they can help her also. Later Emma confronts Will in the stairwell and tells him that she needs to take control of her body like Madonna and to do so, she was planning on "doing the nasty" with him at his apartment that night. He agrees. That night she is in his bathroom looking in the mirror as she prepares to lose her virginity with him. She begins to sing Like a Virgin with Will and they make intimate contact. It turns out to be a dream sequence and Emma is seen at the end still staring into the mirror. The Monday following, Emma comes to Will's office and he was visibly worried about her. He asked where she had been and he'd been calling her all weekend. She tells him that she was embarrassed because she couldn't go through with it and that she really wanted to, but always freaks out. Will cuts her off and tells her that she doesn't need to sleep with him to prove anything and that she took power of her body when she told herself she wasn't ready that night and ran out of his apartment, albeit with no shoes on. He says that he never should have invited her over that night and they need to enforce a strict no-dating policy until his divorce is finalized. Emma asks how long that might be and he smiles and tells her that he filed that day. He tells her that while they are waiting, they need to take action to get help with her problem. He gives her a card for a counsellor and tells her the information she needs. She takes the card—and her shoes that he brought back to her—and leaves his office, quietly thanking him. (The Power of Madonna)

Emma ends any romantic relationship she and Will ever had. When Will is talking to an elderly teacher, Emma calls Will a slut in front of the whole staff in the staff room, after Sue tells her that he had a short relationship with Shelby Corcoran and April Rhodes slept at his place. This leads to Will getting a bad reputation and making teachers as well as students disrespect him. Emma finds out about Will kissing Shelby and sleeping with April via Sue, who tells her that she bribed the landlord into putting baby monitors in his apartment underneath his couch and bed. Emma is shocked about this greatly and Sue tells her she needs to toughen up and let Will know how he made her feel and to do so in a public setting. Later Emma goes to the teacher's lounge with Sue and she is wary about confronting Will this way, but Sue gives her more encouragement. Emma walks into the lounge and confronts Will who is talking with a lady who had just lost her husband. In front of everyone in the lounge, Emma angrily lets Will know that she knows of his actions with Shelby and April and how it's made her feel. Will keeps silent with a remorseful expression while Emma ends her speech by calling out that he is a slut and everyone needs to know that along with the fact that she needs him to know she is through with him. Later, Will brings her a bouquet of flowers to her office and she takes them, albeit indifferently. He tells her that he knows he messed up and knows how his detours in his discovering himself business may have hurt her, but that's not who he is. Emma tells him that she just can't forgive him .In a pleading and sorrowful voice he tells her that it's killing him and he just wants her to look at him the way she used to. She says that she can't and that may be a good thing because if the relationship is going to work between them then they need to see each other for who they really are. She thanks him for the flowers and he leaves with a heartbroken expression. (Bad Reputation)

Will and Emma kiss, after Will proclaims his love for Emma. Emma tells Will that she is seeing her dentist now and he is heartbroken to the point of tears. Towards the end of the episode, Will walks down the stairs at school to see Emma and Figgins having a shouting match. As Emma storms out of the principal's office, Will goes to ask what that was about and she answers that it's not fair that Glee Club is getting cut, and was furious to the point of hysteria that Will was just letting this happen. Will asks if Emma cares so much only because of the kids, to which she replies yes. Angry, Will grabs her arm as she begins to walk away and tells her that he loves her, and that he knows she loves him too, dentist or no dentist, and then he kisses her. (Journey)

Emma tells Will that Carl helps her fight her illness (OCD) and advises him to relax more. He proceeds to casually buy the same car as Carl, and even performs Toxic with his students at the homecoming assembly. Emma later tells him that by "relaxing" she didn't mean being someone who he isn't. (Britney/Brittany)

Emma and Will are seen holding hands while in the hospital waiting room. (Grilled Cheesus)

Will realizes that Carl is making Emma better. Carl and Emma are seen picking out costumes. Carl dances with Emma when he is singing What Ever Happened to Saturday Night?. Later, when they are practicing, Carl barges on-stage at the wrong moment and Emma compliments him, despite the scriptural error. Emma tells Will that she and Carl saw the Rocky Horror Glee Show, and Will makes the kids put on the show with Emma as the costume designer. When Will needs help practicing, Emma sings Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me to Will, which leads to Emma taking Will's shirt off and sexy dancing around him. (The Rocky Horror Glee Show)

Will flirts with Terri, and has sex with her. Meanwhile, Will also seems to take a liking to Holly Holiday. (The Substitute)

Just before Will gets on the bus to Sectionals, Emma kisses him on the cheek. Also, near the end of the episode, when she finishes making out with Carl, Emma has a worried look on her face. It is possible she regrets the marriage, and her feelings for Will are still there, even if she denies it. Will gets an extra ticket to Sectionals and asks Emma to accompany him and she agrees. Later, right as they are boarding the bus, Emma sadly tells him she can't go since Carl recently told her he loved her and she has decided to spend the weekend with him since he has been suspicious of Will's motives ever since his behaviour in The Rocky Horror Glee Show. She kisses him on the cheek and wishes him luck. Will is obviously saddened as he boards the bus. When Will returns from Sectionals and shows Emma their first place trophy in her office she seems to be dismayed. Will is devastated when she shows him the wedding ring on her finger and announces her marriage to Carl over the weekend. Will congratulates her and leaves quickly. (Special Education)

Will tries to call Emma when drunk, even though the message gets sent to Sue instead, it is obvious he still has feelings for Emma. (Blame It on the Alcohol)

Emma admits to Carl and Holly she is still confused over her feelings for Will, in a discussion with Holly about why the couple can't have sex. This results in Carl saying he is moving out of her condo, though it is unknown if they have split up. Will is very happy when he finds out Holly Holliday has returned, and laughs at many of her jokes. Emma does not like her. Will and Holly perform a rendition of Prince's Kiss, resulting in a kiss. He asks Holly to go out with him, and although she initially refuses, she decides to give it a try at the end of the episode, where it was revealed that Emma probably still had feelings for Will. (Sexy)

Emma admits that Carl asked for an annulment, and is gone. Will helps her by scrubbing her grapes and telling her that he'll always be there for her. At the end, Holly tells Will that Emma's still in love with him. (A Night of Neglect)

Will asks Emma to help him with the Glee Club assignment about loving yourself, and she happily agrees. At the end, Emma shows him her shirt, which says "OCD" and he pulls her out on stage and they hold hands and dance with the Glee Club. (Born This Way)

This episode shows Emma eating grapes without having to clean them to the extreme individually, after Will suggested that she might get some help to overcome her OCD. Emma admits that she's been getting better, because of her medication. Emma sneaks into April and Will's practice of April's Broadway show, and realizes that Will has a much greater potential then a teacher. Emma talks to Will about him leaving McKinley as a teacher and instead make a career on Broadway, which Will refuses. Although Broadway has been a dream for him, so has winning Nationals with the kids. (Rumours)

Will asks Emma to help pack up his apartment. While packing vests, Emma asked the importance of a certain one, to which Will stated "I was wearing it when I met you." Emma insisted it's time to let things go. However, later on in the episode she is seen wearing the vest. Will asks her why and she responds, "I couldn't let it go." Then, she kisses Will on the cheek as she watches him go then walks away crying. (Funeral)

Will is seen with his arm around Emma as he looks at the banner congratulating New Directions for placing 12th at Nationals (which she made). There was also a deleted scene that shows what happens between them when Will gets back to McKinley, which has been described as "major development." (New York)

It is revealed within the first few minutes of the episode that Will and Emma are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend and living together. They wake up in bed together and make each other's lunches. They share a brief kiss then head off to school. Later, they watch Sue on the news in bed while Will kisses her neck, and are alarmed by Sue's announcement to cancel arts programs. They are then seen in the teacher's room and Will declares that he has a plan to ruin Sue's plot, and Emma says dreamily, "So this is what being turned on feels like." In Figgins office, Will also states that he and Emma are thinking about starting a family, although they have not had sex yet. (The Purple Piano Project)

Will selects Emma to direct the musical, along with Artie and Shannon. They are also seen sitting at lunch together, and Will has his arm around Emma. (I Am Unicorn)

Will finds her wedding magazines, and allow her to look at his secret things. He also wanted to meet her parents, because he wants to marry her someday. Emma returns home and Will surprises her by inviting
Fixyou wemma
her parents, Rusty and Rose, over for dinner. Emma pulls Will to the side and says she is ashamed of her parents because they are ginger supremacists. They prefer the company of other gingers. Emma's OCD problems start appearing and her parents cruelly comment on it, causing Will to yell at Emma's parents, calling them "racist" and telling them that they should support her daughter. In Emma's room, she begins to pray in front of Will. Down on her knees she begins to cry. Will wants to help Emma, but he doesn't know how to help. He wants to learn to pray, so that God will help Emma. Will then proceeds to sing Fix You as his prayer for Emma. (Asian F)

They are seen in their bedroom watching the news together when Sue accuses Burt of having a baboon heart, and Will gets upset. Emma tells him not to be so angry and not to fight back, pulling him closer as he moans. (Mash Off)

They sit next to each other and watch the Troubletones and Unitards performances together. When the New Directions win and Will is on stage with them he tells Emma that he did it for her. (Hold on to Sixteen)

They go to the homeless shelter together and sing along to Do They Know It's Christmas? (Feed The World) while sitting on the piano, playing along, together. (Extraordinary Merry Christmas)

Sue and Shannon encourage Emma to edge her way to marriage with Will and she accepts, singing Wedding Bell Blues and inadvertently asks Will to marry her. Will picks up Emma's hint and begins to find ways to ask her in song via the New Directions. Sometime after, Will and Emma are present with Burt and Carole, as Carole reveals to her son, Finn, the truth about his father after Finn expressed interest in joining the army. Later in the evening, Will asks Emma's parents for permission to marry her and -although it does not go well- ignores the rejection from her parents and proposes to her with We Found Love, bringing Emma to tears and she accepts. (Yes/No)

Will learns that there is a tenure position opening up at McKinley, and he wants the spot to help support Emma and their future family. Later, Will is trying to translate a song into Spanish to impress the Glee Club. He quickly gets frustrated though, so Emma uses some of her new pamphlets to help will out. He responds by saying they are silly, and she says that he is mean. He then asks if she has a pamphlet for that, so she walks away. Later, Will finds out from Beiste that Emma's pamphlet on hygiene for the football team really was really good. Beiste showed it to Cooter, and he was making all of the football teams in Ohio buy them. That night, Will makes a dinner for Emma to apologize and to congratulate her on the new Tenure position. (The Spanish Teacher)

After hearing Sue's anticipation of learning the gender of her child, Emma is excited, and questions her who she'll be going with. Emma then nominates her and Will to attend. At the hospital, Sue considers the couple able to be told anything that she is told about the baby. (Big Brother)

Will visits Emma in her office commenting on his surprise that the Glee kids are still taking the loss of Whitney Houston so hard two months after her death. Emma tells Will about how hard she took it when Princess Diana died at the start of her senior year. She explained that the timing of the event led her to use that as a representation of the loss of her childhood and saying goodbye to everything at high school. Whitney is the Glee kids' Diana Will surprises Emma with a 3D card for an appointment with Mr. Lavender, the premier wedding planner of Northwestern Ohio. Emma doesn't believe they need him because having the wedding at Christmas-time means decorations will be taken care of. Will blurts out that he wants to move the wedding up to May. Will doesn't see a reason to wait, but Emma says it takes a lot of time to plan a wedding. Will interrupts her with a kiss and she agrees they could let Mr. Lavender worry about it.

Will comes home to find Emma meeting with Mr. Lavender. When he says there aren't any venues available in May that can accommodate a stage for New Directions to perform, Will becomes upset. When it is suggested they look at dates in September, Will tells Mr. Lavender to leave and that they will do it themselves.
Wemma Dance With Somebody

Will pours some champagne to celebrate him finding the perfect wedding location: a campground that will accommodate their needs. Emma points out that she has OCD and throws away brooms after a single use and wonders why he thinks she'd want to get married at a campground. He explains it is the only place available. She suggests moving the date to November. He refuses. She says the glee kids will come back for the wedding. He breaks in with his worry that they won't and it is obvious this was the real reason he wanted the wedding in May. He doesn't want them to leave. She mentions he'll have new students each year, but he talks about how much he got from these particular kids. She tells him that even if they got married on the moon in ten years, the kids would be there. (Dance with Somebody)

Emma comes with Will and New Directions to Nationals in Chicago. After they win Emma gives Will a pamphlet that says "When it's finally time to have intercourse." When Will discovers this pamphlet in his office, she is standing in the doorway smiling then walks away leaving a shocked yet pleased Will behind.

Glee emma will nationals

Emma and Will talking about what they did after Nationals

After school that day, Will comes home and yet again finds Emma standing in their apartment with the same smile wearing an orange nightgown. He is obviously turned on by this, and they are later seen about to have sex, and end up doing it at last. He thanks her for the night before the next day and for sticking by him/supporting him all year long. Sue also states that Emma looks "different," referring to the fact that Emma had sex the night before. (Nationals)

At graduation, Will is in the audience with the rest of the faculty, student body, and families cheering on the graduates and Emma is the diploma presenter for the graduates. Will and Emma, along with the rest of the glee kids, are present at the train station saying farewell to Rachel. (Goodbye)

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Emma and Will have a meeting with Brittany in Emma's office, after noticing Brittany's sudden down-spiral. Will tells her that she should start having daily appointments with Emma, but Brittany says that she doesn't have the time, and she walks away, thinking she was doing a voice over, leaving Will and Emma confused. The two confer on a plan to help her. Emma suggests bringing "Britney" back and Will goes with the idea. They both watch the performance of Gimme More at the assembly with concern, watching Brittany become increasingly out of it as she obviously lip syncs. Later on, there is a brief scene showing them tutoring Brittany using flash cards of famous people. (Britney 2.0)

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walks into Emma's office, saying that he really needs to talk with Emma as a guidance counsellor, not a fiancée. Emma tells him to take a seat, and Will talks to her about him possibly joining Blue Ribbon. He tells her that he would have to be away from the kids for several months, and she advises him to follow his dream. He signs his application, showing that he will send it off and wait for an answer. (Makeover)

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Will walks into the living room of his and Emma's apartment, and tells her about him officially being on The Blue Ribbon Panel. At first, Emma is ecstatic for him, but her mood soon dies when she finds out that Will wants her to come to Washington with her. At first, she thinks he means for a long weekend, but after he tells her that he means for a few months, she becomes disheartened.
TheScientist Wemma
She tells him that she didn't want to give up her job, and she didn't want to take a break from her job either. Will continues to try and persuade her, but Emma won't have it, and tells him that she doesn't want to be sitting in a hotel room all day whilst Will is off chasing his dream. She says that she was supporting this because it was his dream, not hers. Will says that he thought they were going to talk about it, and Emma comes back with "We did, you just don't like what I have to say" Will leaves the room. Later, they are singing The Scientist along with Kurt, Blaine, Brittany, Santana, Finn, and Rachel. There is a flashback to their first kiss. (The Break-Up)
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Will and Emma are sitting in a "therapy session" environment with Shannon Beiste where both of them are expressing their own personal views about Will's job opportunity in Washington. Emma doesn't like the idea that she should immediately drop everything for Will's future, while Will thinks that Emma is not seeing the greater picture for them and the arts. But with Shannon's help, Will realizes that he was unfair to just assume she would just follow him and asks her (as an "equal partner") if she would join him, which she agrees.

Later, Shannon confronts Emma in her office, where she tells her that she isn't really happy about going to Washington, and that one of the worst things you can do in a relationship is lie. Emma can't though, because she doesn't want to be an obstacle in Will's dreams.

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Back at their apartment, Emma is believing more frantic as she is cooking seven different recipes. Will calms her, sensing that there is something off. Emma tells him that she really doesn't want to leave Lima and go to Washington. She admits that she doesn't know what it's like to be a wife. She's happy with her job, her kids and helping her kids. She also says she would rather be farther away and feeling closer versus being closer physically, but further emotionally. Will isn't thrilled with the idea, but he totally sees the point she is getting across and agree that he would go solo. (The Role You Were Born to Play)

Will and Emma reunite just in time for Sectionals, watching the New Directions perform Gangnam Style. (Thanksgiving)

While Emma does not appear, her relationship with Will is brought up in Artie's dream, where he is in a different world where he isn't in a wheelchair. Terri is still married to Will and is continuing the fake pregnancy by using a baby doll as their child. Since Will is so drunk and is always drinking alcohol, he doesn't even realize that the baby is fake. Terri asks for Will's pay-check before he "spends it all on flannel shirts and booze." Basically, if Glee Club never existed, Will wouldn't be in love with Emma, and vice versa. Terri even mentions that Emma is off in Hawaii with Ken Tanaka, her husband. (Glee, Actually)

In the episode, Diva, Emma starts freaking out about her wedding with Will when she asks Will about the colored flowers she picked and he said they were "fine" leaving her to get stressed. She continues to get stressed out as her wedding is in a week. Finn sees her stress and kisses her, leaving her shocked. (Diva)

The wedding is days away and Emma continues to plan in an unstoppable manner. When Finn confronts her about the kiss, he says he won't be able to look Will in the eyes and she tells him to get over it and just be the best man for Will as that's how it's meant to be just before Will comes in and kisses her. He notices her stress and she asks him for help, but he promises after glee practice he will, leaving her even more stressed.

At the day of the wedding, all of the old and new friends of Will and Emma attend the wedding, Will seems happy. But Emma isn't. She continues to freak out, saying she can't go through with this as Sue watches her, wearing the exact replica of Emma's dress. During Getting Married TodayEmma escapes the wedding venue by car and starts to weep. When Sue walks down the aisle to everyone's surprise, she tells Will of Emma's escape. Will is distressed as he speaks to Finn and says that she dealt with a lot of stress, but Will kept saying that it was because of her OCD. They both have no idea of her whereabouts, but when Santana says that Emma's parents says they paid a lot for this wedding and is happy to let it go on and were also happy that Emma left (indicating that they didn't want the two to get married in the first place).

During Anything Could HappenFinn sees Will flipping through his phone, looking at photos of himself and Emma, feeling upset. (I Do)

In this episode, Will is having a dream about him and Emma singing You're All The World To Me. After this, he wakes up, completely terrified. Shortly after, Finn and Will talk about finding Emma. But, Will tells him that she needs to have her own space, and, if Emma really loves him, she will come back.
Girlsandboysonfilm wemma
After Finn and Artie convinced Emma's parents about where Emma is, Finn tells Will that Emma's been staying with her sister and tries to inspire Will to make a big movie-style romantic play to win her back. Will parks outside the house where Emma's holed up, singing In Your Eyes, with New Directions backing him up, and draws Emma to the window. Will and Emma try to work out just why Emma bolted from the wedding: she felt that she barely knew him anymore when he returned from Washington, D.C. Will suggests starting to get to know each other all over again, beginning with a Friday-night movie date. At the end of the episode, Finn finally reveals to Will that he kissed Emma in Diva, leaving Will heartbroken and disappointed. (Girls (and Boys) on Film)

Will mentions that he proposed to Emma once again in this episode, and the two will get married after Regionals. (Wonder-ful)


After New Directions win Regionals, Emma walks into the choir room with a minister to tell Will that she is finally ready to get married, admitting that she couldn't handle the big ceremony and wanted a small, intimate one with the people she loves. After exchanging heartfelt vows remembering some of their special moments, they finally make it official and seal the union with a kiss as  New Directions cheer. (All or Nothing)

We see Will, Emma, and Shannon talking about how the school, and themselves, were dealing with Finn's death. Emma brings up the fact that she cleared her schedule to provide grief counciling, but no one attended. Sue pops into the conversation and mentions between insults that she had a tree planted in the spot where she caught Finn and Quinn making out for the first time. Afterwards, Will comes in to her office and Emma suggests that he isn't letting himself mourn because of his need to stay strong for the kids. At the end of the episode, Emma returns home to find Will in the living room, clutching the jacket and weeping. She rushes over to comfort him and begins to weep too as the episode ends. (The Quarterback)

Emma hurries Will out of a class, saying that they have to do something. It is later revealed that they were having sex in the faculty bathroom, where Becky sees them and reports them to Principal Sylvester. Mortified, they explain Sue that they are trying to conceive a child.  Emma walks into the Teacher's Lounge later, to announce will that the pregnancy test came up negative. Will says it's fine, but he tells her he made an appointment with a fertility doctor, which leaves her unsettled. When Emma leaves, Sue and Beiste tell Will that if they are trying to conceive, he should not pressure Emma. Following their advice, Will tells Emma he wants to enjoy time with her, and conceive along the way, saying that a baby will not want to be born in a place were there is fear. He starts singing Danny’s Song while they spend an evening together at ease. Emma joins him, and they end up lying on the bed together. Later, Will is discussing what they should pack for the trip to Los Angeles, when Emma announces that she won't be coming to with him. Will looks blank at first, but when Emma tells him that a doctor conformed her she's pregnant, he is giddy with pleasure. They hug, emotional and ecstatic. (Trio)

While in New York to attend Rachel's opening-night performance of Funny Girl, Will's trip is cut short when during a visit with Rachel in her dressing room he gets a phone call from Emma who tells him that her water broke and that she had gone into labor.  He makes it back to Lima just in time for the final few pushes and calls Rachel and her friends from the hospital with the news that Emma has given birth to a boy named Daniel Finn Schuester.  He goes on to tell her that for the first time in his life, he truly feels happy. (Opening Night)

Emma walks with Will and their baby in the park where they see Rachel and Blaine who were just egged. Later, she counsels Will, advising him to quit his job at Carmel, and do what makes him happy. (Transitioning)

Will watches the video of himself performing at the 1993 Nationals with Emma standing behind him. She puts a hand on his shoulder as he emotionally finishes watching it.(2009)

On the first day of school three months after New Directions win Nationals, Emma packs everyone's lunches as Will admits that even though he won't have to worry about funding for glee club or anything else now that he's principal of McKinley, he's scared wondering if he has the talent to do the job. Emma reassures him that he's the most talented man in the world (or at least Ohio). They share a kiss before she leaves for school and he has a moment with his son.
Five years later, they have four more children together, making a total of 5 children. They watch the Tony Awards and celebrate when Rachel wins the award for Best Actress in a Musical. Both are very moved - Will especially - when she dedicates her award to him in a touching speech.
In the fall of 2020, they attend the re-dedication ceremony of the auditorium along with Beiste, Carole, Burt, Figgins and Terri, listening to Sue's speech and later joining everyone in performing I Lived. Both are featured in the portrait on the new dedication plaque. (Dreams Come True)


Sang Together (In a Group Number)
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Like a Virgin The Power of Madonna Finn, Jesse, Rachel, and Santana
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Related Songs

Sang Together (In a Group Number)
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The Scientist The Break-Up Blaine, Brittany, Finn, Kurt, Rachel, and Santana
Getting Married Today I Do Mercedes
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  • Will/Emma, Quinn/Puck, Finn/Rachel, and Brittany/Santana are described as the four most asked about couples on the show according to Zap2It and E! Online.
  • They are each other's second spouse. (Emma's first husband was Carl, Will's first wife was Terri)
  • Will and Emma have been close friends since before Pilot.
  • Emma loses her virginity to Will in Nationals.
  • Will is Emma's third fiancé, after Ken and Carl. Emma is Will's second, after Terri.
  • Composer Kerry Muzzey has written several pieces inspired by the couple, he considers Looking Back to be Will and Emma's love theme.
  • They are first called "Wemma" in All or Nothing.
  • First couple to get married and have a child.
  • Emma-Will relationship is similar to Finn and Rachel's relationship.



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