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The Finn-Rachel Relationship, commonly known as Finchel or Hudsonberry, was the romantic on-off relationship between Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry.

The couple began dating in Season One, in the episode Sectionals. However, Finn abruptly breaks up with her in Hell-O. Their relationship rises up again in Journey and ends in Special Education when Rachel finds out that Finn slept with Santana, while Rachel was with Jesse; therefore, Rachel retaliates by making out with Puck. Once again, their relationship is rekindled for the third time when Finn kisses Rachel in New York. After losing at Nationals, they eventually get back together.

In most of Season Three, they do not experience any significant problems, besides getting to know each other better in order to get used to each other. In Yes/No, Finn proposes to Rachel, which she accepts in the following episode, Michael.

In Heart, they decide to move the wedding to May, but due to Karofsky's suicide attempt in On My Way, Rachel changes the date of their wedding to after Regionals. Their wedding is canceled when they receive the news about Quinn getting in a car accident while on her way to the wedding.

In Big Brother, Finn wants to go to California to work, causing them to quarrel. Despite the support of Mr. Schuester, Ms. Pillsbury, and Rachel, Finn struggles to find his calling outside of Lima. However, with the help of Mr. Schuester, he soon realizes that he wants to be an actor and wants to go to New York with Rachel. In Goodbye, Rachel gets into NYADA, but Kurt and Finn don't get into their prospective schools. Because of this, Finn lies to Rachel and tells her that they are about to get married. However, Finn stops at the train station so Rachel can go to New York. Rachel is hesitant to go because she is in love with Finn, but he tells her "We are just going to sit here and let go. Will you do that? Will you surrender with me?" They share one last kiss before Finn 'sets Rachel free' at the end of Season Three.


In Season Four, Rachel constantly misses Finn but when she goes through a "makeover" she changes her thoughts and ways she views things and kisses Brody, not long before Finn arrives in New York. This causes problems as later, Finn and Rachel have drama-causing Rachel to say that they're done by kissing him and leaving the room, at least for the meantime. In I Do, Rachel and Finn hook-up for the night, she left while he is sleeping. She returns to her apartment and later in the episode is seen taking a pregnancy test. In Feud, it is revealed that it was just a false alarm and Rachel isn't pregnant. Other than in flashbacks or deleted scenes, Sweet Dreams is the final on-screen appearance of Finn, due to Cory Monteith's passing.  

In Season Five, Finn is memorialized in The Quarterback. Rachel does not appear in the episode until the ending when she and Kurt walk up to the memorial in front of Finn's locker as the Glee Club to pay their respects. Back in the choir room, she talks about how much she loved Finn, and she sings the first song they sang together alone, Make You Feel My Love. Later on in the episode, she comes into the choir room to talk to Mr. Schuester and presents him with a portrait and plaque she had made of Finn so other students could know who he was and how important he was. On the plaque is a quote from A Night of Neglect. She realizes that she doesn't think she can move onto anything better, that Finn was "her person."  During The End of Twerk, Rachel secretly gets a "Finn" tattoo on her hip to remember Finn.



Season One

Despite the clique differences (Rachel being a loner and Finn being the popular quarterback), Rachel befriends Finn when he joins New Directions, but Finn worries about being seen with Rachel because he is scared it will damage his reputation. Finn's first real interaction with Rachel was during Glee Club rehearsals when he was forced to join Glee Club by Mr. Schue after the drugs Will acquired from Sandy were planted in Finn's locker by Will, blackmailing him.

Finn and Rachel kiss for the first time

Rachel instantly develops a crush on Finn, and flirts with him in a performance of "You're The One That I Want". Although at first he is scared by her aggressive/forward nature, Finn finds himself largely attracted to her. He said that her voice moved him; it touched his heart. Finn is also impressed by the way she defends herself in the Celibacy Club. After they practice singing together in the auditorium, the two share a kiss, proving their mutual attraction. The kiss ends when Finn has premature ejaculation. He tells her not to tell anyone that it happened and to forget about it. Embarrassed, Finn returns to his girlfriend, Quinn. Later, Rachel convinces Finn that the kiss in the auditorium was real, and tells him that he doesn't have the guts to admit it. When it is revealed that Finn's girlfriend, Quinn, is pregnant, Finn immediately stops his budding romance with Rachel to focus on helping Quinn with her baby.

In The Rhodes Not Taken, Finn takes advantage of Rachel's feelings for him and goes on a date with her to try and convince her to come back to the Glee Club so that he can win a scholarship for college and take care of Quinn and the baby. She does and they share a kiss. When she finds out that Quinn is pregnant, she slaps Finn and tells him that he has ruined any chance of her coming back to glee. He admits that he was

Finn helps Rachel with her bag

using her, and tells her the truth. He also states that he had meant what he said about wanting her to come back to Glee Club and claimed that their kiss together was real. She says that if he was honest with her in the first place, she might have been willing to help him.

However, the pair continues to feel attracted to one another. Rachel continuously feels down when seeing Finn and Quinn together as her crush on him never dies. Finn also compares Quinn with Rachel a lot and asks her at one point why she can't be more like Rachel; listening to him and respecting his feelings. Their friendship is strong throughout the first thirteen episodes with secret love undertones. In Sectionals, Rachel, through intuition and observation of the relationship between Quinn and Puck, finds out Finn is not the actual father of Quinn's baby, and that Quinn has been lying. She tells Finn the truth. This causes Finn to beat up Puck, dump Quinn, and quit glee, furious at everyone in glee for not telling him (as everyone except him and Rachel had known beforehand). During Sectionals he returns to the group, and Rachel offers her helping hand to support him.


After winning Sectionals, and after Finn and Quinn's relationship ends, Rachel comes to believe she and Finn are dating. Sue comes up with an idea to force Rachel to quit the Glee Club and ruin their chances at Regionals by getting Brittany and Santana to seduce Finn away from Rachel. Brittany and Santana ask Finn to go on a date, where he will have the two ladies to himself, and Finn agrees. Later, he tells Rachel he doesn't want to be her boyfriend because he needs to figure out himself and get some time off before going back into dating. Rachel, angry and heartbroken, give an honest speech to Finn that shows how well she knows him and how he is only dumping her because it is affecting his reputation. He can't come to see that she's the only person who sees and loves him for who he really is, so it was his loss.

Later, Rachel meets her dream guy, Jesse St. James who happens to be the lead singer of rival team Vocal Adrenaline and they start dating. When the date with Brittany and Santana doesn't go well for Finn, he sees what Rachel meant earlier with her speech, and he goes back to Rachel, telling her he wants them to be a real couple now. Rachel tells him that she's glad that he realizes that, but he's too late because she's dating Jesse now. Finn tells her that he thinks Jesse is using her, but she claims that their love is real, saying Finn has to accept that. Still disbelieving that he is too late and finding it suspicious that the lead of their rival school for Regionals asked Rachel out, he goes and tells the Glee Club about their romance. The other Glee Club members threaten to kick Rachel out of the club if she continues seeing Jesse, so she pretends to break up with him. Finn asks her to be his girlfriend again, but she turns him down by saying she doesn't want there to be any more drama in the club. Finn responds by saying, "I'm not just some guy you met at the music store that you can just blow off. I don't give up that easily," which indicates that Finn's not giving up until he wins her back. Now he will be doing the chasing.

Rachel and Finn share a kiss.

When Santana offers to have sex with Finn, Finn rejects and says that he's waiting for Rachel to lose his virginity to; however, Santana reveals that Rachel is still seeing Jesse, and they are having some intimacy and decision-making themselves because Rachel asked for advice from the girls earlier. Finn approaches Rachel and asks her to tell him the truth of whether she and Jesse are still dating. At first, she lies and says no, but he can tell and says, "I know things have been weird between us, but I never thought you'd lie to me." Afterward, she tells the truth and makes Finn promise not to tell because they are still friends. Finn let down by this fact, agrees to Santana's offer.

Finn and Rachel share a talk after their nights with Jesse and Santana, where they question each other on what they did. Rachel, lying, tells Finn she had sex with Jesse. She told Jesse that she couldn't sleep with him because of how he was "the enemy," but it had to do more with how she was not ready to give up her virginity to him. Finn tells Rachel that he didn't lose his virginity to Santana because he's waiting for the right person. However, he did have sex with her, but felt no different afterward because "it didn't mean anything." When Jesse transfers to McKinley to be in a public relationship with Rachel, Finn gets angry and believes people are just doing things to hurt his feelings.

It's during The Power of Madonna episode where Finn realizes how badly he had treated Rachel when he gave her up to go on a triple date. He goes up to her to apologize and confesses that he likes her, but agrees that he screwed up by saying "I could've had you, but I blew it." He sings Borderline/Open Your Heart which sums up their feelings for each other. He attempts to mend relationships with Jesse and gives a welcoming hand to him joining New Directions, stating that he will try to "stay away from his girl." The relationship with Jesse and Rachel weakens, as a result of the Run Joey Run video (in which Rachel had Puck, Jesse, and Finn playing the same character without any of them knowing), and Jesse going away on a spring break trip with his friends from Vocal Adrenaline.

Meanwhile, in Laryngitis, Finn, and Rachel become close again. Rachel loses her voice and he goes with her to her doctor's appointment where he asks her "When are you going to realize Jesse's not into you like I am?" She tells him that she still cares about Jesse and knows he feels the same way. Finn then takes advantage of the weekly assignment (to find a song that tells the story of your current life situation) and sings Jessie's Girl to Rachel in front of the entire Glee Club, confessing his feelings to her. Their story is still left to be finished on what happens between these two now that it's confirmed Jesse only joined New Directions under the orders of Rachel's mother to get closer to Rachel and get her to find her. Jesse is actually pretending to be with Rachel just to break up with her at the end so Rachel would not have the courage to perform at Regionals. Once he does and goes back to Vocal Adrenaline, he throws eggs at Rachel, and although she feels sad and mad about the breakup, she is even more determined to win Regionals.

Rachel and Finn kiss in Journey.

In Journey, Rachel and Finn share a kiss after he tells her that Glee Club needs her and that both of them are going to make Glee Club win at regionals. Finn tells Rachel he loves her before they sing Faithfully, which provides the song with more emotional depth. Rachel, then, leans her head on his shoulder during the song, Over The Rainbow, showing they have begun a relationship.

Season Two

In Audition, Rachel reveals that they've been dating all summer via Jacob's "Glee's Big Gay Summer" video. While Mr. Schue is talking to the Glee Club about upping their game if they want to go to Nationals in New York, Rachel agrees with Mr. Schue and goes to stand next to him. Finn follows Rachel's decision and goes to stand next to her and affectionately wraps his arm around her waist. They smile at each other and while everyone in Glee Club is mad at her for (indirectly) pushing Sunshine to Vocal Adrenaline by sending her to an inactive crack house. Finn supports her, suggesting that she should apologize, and promises he will never break up with her. Then they kiss.


In Britney/Brittany, Finn is back on the football team, but Rachel wants him to choose between her and football. When Rachel appears at school wearing a sexy outfit after her Baby One More Time fantasy, Finn feels uncomfortable because all the guys are looking at her although he is also seen looking down her shirt during Glee Club. She soon realizes that if their relationship is going to work, they have to give some space to each other. Rachel apologizes, admitting she gave him an ultimatum because she wanted him all for herself, and sings The Only Exception by Paramore.

In Grilled Cheesus, Rachel tells Finn she wants their relationship to go the distance. In return for his agreement to raising their children in the Jewish faith, she lets Finn touch her breasts much to his delight.


In Duets, Rachel and Finn's sing Don't Go Breaking My Heart while they rehearse for the duet competition. After they finish the song, Rachel realizes that she's not that nice of a person and decides that she and Finn need to throw the duets competition in hopes that Sam Evans and Quinn will win so Sam will stay. Finn says that he had never seen Rachel like this and looks proud of her. Rachel points out that it was Finn who inspired her to be a better person. Later on, they are seen sitting in Rachel's room, discussing ways for Rachel to lose a singing competition. Finn comes up with an idea where they would sing an offensive song, so they sing With You I'm Born Again.


While Finn tries to persuade Sam to sing with Quinn, Sam says Finn must still have feelings for Quinn. Finn replies without hesitation that even though Rachel is shorter than Quinn and talks a lot, he really truly loves her. This shows Finn's deep passion for Rachel.


In The Rocky Horror Glee Show, Finn feels uncomfortable with the scene he has to do in his underwear. Rachel tries to help him with his problems, by pointing out that she's not hot in the same way as Brittany, Santana, but he's still attracted to her and that he has a different body type (this comforts him, though it doesn't work in the long run). She tells him that she thinks he is the hottest guy in school.

In Never Been Kissed, Sam and Finn are having a discussion about their girlfriends not putting out, so they discuss what to do to "cool" themselves down. Sam asks what Finn does when he needs to cool down and he says it's easy which leads to a flashback of Finn and Rachel making out on her bed and he thinks of when he hit a mailman while his mom was teaching him how to drive. Finn sings to her in Stop! In the Name of Love/Free Your Mind. He also claims that he never used the Beiste tactic on her.

In Furt, Rachel tells Finn that she's never been so disappointed in him when he wouldn't tell Karofsky to back off Kurt. Later, at his mother's wedding, Finn tells Rachel she looks amazing and that he really loves her, and the two share a smile while Burt and Carole are reading their vows. They dance together in Marry You and Just the Way You Are.

In the episode Special Education, Rachel finds out Finn slept with Santana during The Power of Madonna. She gets upset because she confessed that she didn't sleep with Jesse (a perfect time to be honest with her about Santana). She almost sleeps with Puck as a revenge to Finn, but he leaves her house saying, "I can't do this to Finn again." She tells Finn about what happened with Puck, and he breaks up with her. She says, "You said you would never break up with me." He replies, "I never thought you would make me feel like this," and she starts crying. When Mercedes and Tina are singing Dog Days Are Over, Rachel is cleaning out her locker and taking down the things that she shared or reminded her of Finn. In the song, they stare at each other stating they still have feelings for each other even though they broke up.

In A Very

Rachel and Finn during Last Christmas

Glee Christmas, Rachel tries to give Finn his Christmas present, but he rejects her. Later, the two are hunting for trees and sing Last Christmas. She tries to kiss him, but he "officially" breaks up with her, as he's not ready to forgive her. But later when they are around the tree at Mr. Schuester's house, they exchange a smile, whilst Rachel quickly looks away. Finn keeps staring with a smile on his face, implying that he is still in love with her.

In Silly Love Songs, Finn gives her a star necklace and says he still believes in her, even if they are broken up. Rachel is dismayed by his renewed feelings for Quinn and goes to visit Finn while he is in the nurse's office. Rachel says that Quinn is prettier than her, and Finn replies that she (Rachel) is beautiful. She asked him how he felt when he kissed Quinn, and he replies, saying that he saw fireworks. She then asked him if he saw fireworks when they kissed, and he hesitates, thinking. He smiled when he thinks about his relationship with Rachel. She concluded that "there's nothing here for me anymore," but Finn tells her to wait and says that that's not true and is about to say he still loves her, but he stops short because of his confusion. Rachel walks out, thinking that she has her answer and resolves to concentrate on her career instead of romance. She sings Firework and uses Finn as her inspiration.

In Comeback, Finn is still pursuing Quinn and this upsets Rachel. However, Rachel claims that she is through with boys and that she wants to focus on her career. At the end of the episode, Rachel suggests to Mr. Schue that they write an original song to perform at Regionals. They vote on the idea, and Rachel's idea is rejected unanimously. Finn later tells Rachel that she is right and they should write an original song. Rachel asks why he didn't stick up for her when they voted, and he claims that it wouldn't have mattered. When Rachel asks if he wants to write it with her, Finn says she should write it alone because she's the real trendsetter in there. He also says that he liked the Rachel he saw in the choir and that he thinks she is making a "comeback." Rachel smiles, which hints that she is not over Finn.

In Blame It on the Alcohol, Finn helps Rachel with her original song. They hug and both smile while in each other's arms. Rachel says that there should be no tension between them anymore because they are so comfortable around each other anyway. Later, Rachel throws a party, and she gets drunk, putting herself all over Finn. As Finn was not drinking, he describes how she is a "needy drunk," and that he's not into it. They then play spin the bottle and Rachel kisses Blaine. They sing Don't You Want Me and seem to be interested in one another. Finn watches as they sing and really doesn't show any kind of reaction. After going on a date and kissing Blaine sober, Blaine decides he is "100% gay" and Rachel is not upset about this. She decides to use this as her songwriting inspiration.

Finchel Hug breaking the tension

In Sexy, Rachel is seen taking part in a Celibacy Club meeting with Quinn. It was revealed that the last meeting was spent on Quinn being interviewed by Rachel on her relationship with Finn. To promote the club, Rachel, along with Quinn, Puck, Emma, and Carl sing Afternoon Delight. Unbeknownst to Emma, the song is about sex. Humiliated, Rachel confronts Emma, who tells her that Afternoon Delight is about pie. Rachel then runs off the stage. In a flashback scene, Finn is seen making out with Quinn in her bed, giving Quinn a hickey.

In Original Song, Rachel has tried her hand at songwriting again. This time she writes a song called Only Child, which Finn thinks is better than My Headband, but the song doesn't show the kind of emotion they need to win Regionals. Finn knows Rachel has it in her, but she just has to find it. He says that when she sings, he can feel it. Finn is also still secretly with Quinn however, who reveals that she has an ulterior motive of winning prom queen with Finn. Quinn works to win Finn over by agreeing with Rachel's idea to write original songs as well. When the group decides to write original songs, Quinn and Rachel decide to write a song together. However, Rachel wants to know if Quinn and Finn are together, and Quinn admits that they are.

Finn and Rachel Hug

Quinn also tells Rachel that she and Finn will never be, and she will never get it right, inspiring her to write Get It Right. Rachel also says that she won't give up on Finn. At Regionals, when Rachel sings "Get It Right," it seems to move Finn. Then they hug at the end of the song, showing Finn was grateful for the song.

In A Night of Neglect, Finn and Quinn are together, but as Rachel walks away after agreeing to see to Mercedes' demands, Finn holds his smile, which does not go unnoticed by Quinn. Also, while Mercedes is singing her song, Rachel looks at Finn longingly, showing she still has feelings for him. 

In Born This Way, Finn accidentally whacks Rachel in the nose while dancing, causing her nose to be broken. He accompanies her to the hospital visit. He tells Rachel he will not leave until they find out if her nose is broken. When they find out it is, the doctor suggests her to get a nose job. When Rachel shows the club her plans for her nose job, Finn tells her "Rachel, please don't do this. You're beautiful," much to Quinn's confusion. However, she is won over by a "Barbra-vention," which Finn attends. In the end, Rachel opts against the nose job and tells Finn to "next time, watch out for the schnoz," showing their relationship is still friendly.


In Rumours, after the school's gossip newspaper, run by Sue, reports about Quinn's secret meetings with Sam, Finn decides to check on him and goes on a stakeout with Rachel. The first time they go, they see Kurt leaving Sam's motel room instead of Quinn, so they do the same the following night. While waiting for someone to appear, Rachel asks Finn why he got back together with Quinn. He replies that he doesn't know, but Rachel answers her own question for him; because you forgive your first love every time. Finn tells her that what he doesn't like about Quinn is that you never know what she feels or thinks, and notes that with Rachel it was the opposite. As the duo finally spots Quinn, The Muckraker's reporter, Jacob, photographs them without them knowing. The next day, Finn and Quinn confront each other about what they were doing last night and decide to solve the misunderstanding in their relationship through a song. After a very blank duet on I Don't Want to Know (which they seem to look pissed), Quinn tells Rachel to stop trying to steal Finn from her and proceeds to threaten him with a break up if he even sings with Rachel. Rachel ignores her words and sings Go Your Own Way to Finn, who plays the drums during it and seems to enjoy the performance and they shared looks, much to Quinn's dismay. Having found out the truth about Sam, they visit him and his siblings and apologize in the name of the whole Glee Club, giving him back his guitar, which he had to sell.

In Prom Queen, Finn discovers that Jesse St. James is back, and Rachel is going to prom with him (as a group with friends). Finn, obviously annoyed at the fact that she is going to the prom with Jesse, confronts Rachel about it. They have a small argument, where Rachel tells Finn he has to respect whoever she dates, as she has to get used to the feeling of having a broken heart every time she sees him with Quinn. Finn responds by telling her that he still cares about her. Finn then explains how he feels he has no dignity handing

Jesse and Finn fighting at Prom.

out prom king and queen fliers around the school and is stressed about what to get Quinn for a corsage. Rachel suggests something simple that won't distract from her face, before walking away with a saddened look. Later, Rachel, Jesse, Mercedes, and Sam are all at Breadstix preparing for prom. Finn and Quinn arrive to see them, resulting in tension between Jesse and Finn (which is quickly defused by Mercedes). At the prom, Rachel then performs Jar of Hearts for the slow dance at the prom. She aims the song towards Finn, staring at him the entire time, which doesn't go un-noticed by Quinn. Jesse is also staring at Rachel through the performance. At the end of Rachel's performance, Quinn told Finn how happy she is to be here with him and he doesn't seem to share this feeling. When Blaine performs his number, I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You, for the prom, Jesse and Rachel get closer and closer while dancing, he starts kissing her neck, which annoys Finn to his breaking point. Soon, he breaks away from Quinn and confronts Jesse, telling him not to get so personal and to keep it PG. Jesse responds by telling him its none of YB (Your Business) his business, and she isn't his girlfriend anymore. The two begin to push one another until Finn swings his fist at Jesse, and missing, causing them both to get kicked out of prom. This altercation proves Finn still has deep feelings for Rachel. Later when the prom king and queen are announced and Quinn loses, she gets upset. Rachel follows her to the bathroom and tries to comfort her, but Quinn blames Rachel for losing saying that nobody would ever have voted for her because they know he (Finn) would rather be with Rachel, proving that Quinn is actually aware that Finn still loves Rachel. Rachel tries to deny it, but Quinn then slaps her, quickly apologizing afterward.

In Funeral, Finn suggests he and Rachel should be the one singing the duet together at Nationals. Rachel can be seen smiling at his suggestion, only to be denied by Quinn and Jesse. Rachel thinks about Finn as she sings My Man for her audition. The song is about loving someone always, no matter what. Jesse asked Rachel if the song was meant for anyone and she says no, although Jesse thought the song was for him, it was implied towards Finn. Finn breaks up with Quinn, telling her that he doesn't feel tethered to her—that feeling of loving someone so much that you always feel connected no matter how far away you are—like Sue felt for her sister. Quinn acts like it wasn't happening. Quinn asks if he feels that way for Rachel and Finn doesn't answer, confirming that it is Rachel that he loves. He sees Rachel leave the funeral after he breaks up with Quinn, and longingly watches her. Finn later goes to find Rachel in the auditorium and sees Jesse kiss Rachel. He looks visibly shaken and pulls out a single peach tulip from behind his back, meant for Rachel, as she and Jesse hold hands as they leave.


In New York, Finn knows Rachel still might be into Jesse, after seeing their kiss in the auditorium. He "casually," asks her about her relationship with Jesse which she replies that she doesn't need any distractions keeping her from winning Nationals. Finn asks the glee guys if it was cool if he and Rachel sang a duet for Nationals, which they are perfectly fine with. But, Puck confronts him about "the big Jewish elephant in the room" and tells him that he should ask Rachel out. Finn sends Rachel a text telling her to meet him at the bridge and to wear nice clothes. She meets Finn, holding a bouquet of flowers, and saying this is a "work date," so they're not technically on a date. Rachel obviously doesn't buy it but goes along with it anyways. They go on their "work date" to Sardi's, a very nice New York restaurant. Finn tells Rachel he admires her for always dreaming big and tells her she looks pretty. He is about to confess his love for her but Rachel interrupts him, seeing Patti LuPone standing by in the corner. Patti tells Rachel that Finn is very cute. Finn implies he wants to get back together on a moonlight stroll where Puck, Sam, Artie, and Mike serenade them with the song Bella Note. He says it wasn't really a work date and he just wants her back. She admits to knowing that it wasn't a work date and falls silent. He tries to kiss her, but she hesitates and says, "I can't." He replies, saying, "Take a chance on me." He leans in, but Rachel backs off saying, "I'm sorry, Finn. I can't." and runs off, leaving a heartbroken Finn. Rachel confides in Kurt, telling him she wants to go to college in New York but doesn't know if she can leave Finn. Kurt takes her to the Broadway stage and the two of them sing For Good. She tells him she's decided that she's not going to choose between her career and love because they are combined - Broadway. Mirroring Season One's Finale at Regionals, Rachel and Finn talk behind the curtain before they perform. Rachel compliments Finn on the song, saying that it's really good, because Finn wrote about the two of them. Finn replies that he doesn't care about the song and is really confused with why Rachel is suddenly denying him. He says, "All you wanted is for us to be together and I'm practically begging to be with you and suddenly you're not interested." Rachel says that "she's more than interested" and admits that she loves him, but she admits that her dream of going to leaving Lima to go to New York after graduation is stopping her from being with him. Rachel is clearly hiding her true feelings, and Finn is upset. At Nationals, Rachel and Finn sing an original song called Pretending and get caught up in the moment and kiss heavenly onstage, expressing their true feelings for each other. They break apart with shocked expressions, implying they still do love each other deeply.

Finn and Rachel kiss in the library, marking their getting back together

They continue to sing Light Up the World as if nothing happened. Rachel and Finn talk after they perform, briefly talking about their kiss. Finn calls their kiss "the kiss of the century," and then Jesse comes up. Jesse tells Finn and Rachel that the kiss was unprofessional and that it will cost them Nationals, which it does. Finn says to Jesse, "Dude, back off. You're just jealous. Jealous of what we have and what we shared with the entire audience because it was shared between two people who love each other." Finn continues talking to Jesse, saying, "It was the Superman of kisses. It came with it's own cape, right Rachel?" while Rachel smiles at him and nods, though seen looking not entirely convinced. Kurt comes over telling them the list has been put up. When the Glee Club finds out that they didn't win, the whole Glee Club gets furious at them for costing them Nationals, especially Santana. Finn, feeling guilty, hides in the library, trying to avoid the other Glee Clubbers. Rachel finds him and they share a talk about their kiss. Finn says that he just wanted to get the chance to kiss her one more time, which Rachel tells him she feels the same way. She also says that she wants to get back together with him but can't because she's moving to New York. But, Finn says "Graduation's a year away. Got any plans 'till then?" and with a smile, they kiss. They are seen holding hands while going back to the choir room, showing they are back together.

Finchel snapshot.png

Season Three

GleeScene1113ChoirRoom0296 a l.jpg

In The Purple Piano Project Finn and Rachel have begun the year together right where they left off at the end of Season 2. They look very in love while in the glee club. Though Rachel is working for her Manhattan Destiny and Finn isn't sure what he wants to do with his life, they are still happy as a couple. Finn is especially supportive of Rachel when she proposes the Glee Club perform at lunch.

In I Am Unicorn, Finn points out that the only good came that came from their weekend in New York where they lost Nationals is that Vocal Adrenaline came in 2nd place. Rachel nudges him and he quickly adds that another good thing that happened was that they got back together. Later in the tire shop, Finn questions himself and his future but Rachel tell him she believes in him even if he doesn't believe in himself. He says she is the best girlfriend ever and they kiss.

Finchel kiss in 'I Am Unicorn'

In Asian F, Rachel and Mercedes are called back to audition for the role of Maria again. Finn is supportive of her and gives her a big pep talk before she performs in the Maria-off. However, despite Finn's encouragements after her performance, Rachel feels that Mercedes outperformed her. In order to have more extracurricular activities in case, she doesn't get the part of Maria, Rachel joins the race for Senior Class President, much to Finn's dismay. Mercedes and Rachel are double cast as Maria and Mercedes declines, causing Rachel to get the part by default. However, Rachel wants to remain in the race for class president, even though it is hurting Kurt's chances of getting into NYADA. Finn tells Rachel that he isn't sure whom he would vote for when it came down the elections.

In Pot o' Gold, Rachel is still working on her campaigns, though we don't know how Finn feels about the dilemma of class president anymore. However, they evidently got over the disagreement they had in Asian F, as they act normally to each other. Rachel is also supportive of Finn's decision to invite newcomer, Rory Flanagan, to the Glee Club. They are also seen dancing happily together during Last Friday Night. Rachel looks at Finn with happiness when Rory sings Take Care of Yourself.

Finchel On The Failed Attempt Night.jpg

In The First Time, Finn invites Rachel over to his house, to make their relationship sexual, as he believes they are ready. When she gets there (after they have dinner), they lay down in front of the fire, Finn stops this from going any further because Rachel was doing it for all the wrong reasons, (to improve her performance in West Side Story as Maria.) After their first performance of West Side Story, Rachel goes over to Finn's house, to find that he is deeply upset about Cooter Menkins, the OSU football recruiter did not like him. Rachel comforts Finn, telling him that they can find new dreams together. She apologizes for what she did earlier, saying that she wanted to have sex with him for all the wrong reasons. However, she realized that she was ready to lose her virginity because she is in love with him, and they finally have sex.

In Mash Off, New Directions and Troubletones learn that they will be going head to head at Sectionals, which causes the in-school rivalry between the two groups to grow even larger, particularly between Finn and Santana. When Santana is insulting Finn, Rachel is quick to defend him saying Finn is in great shape, causing her to get insulted. After Finn won his rock-paper-scissor against Santana to determine which group is going to perform first in the Mash-Off, Rachel screams in excitement "YES!" and high fives Mike. Then, she says "a kiss for the winner" and kisses his cheek. When Rachel opts to withdraw from the presidential race, Finn is proud of her decision. Also during this episode, Finn whispers a comment to Rachel during Rumour Has It/Someone Like You that, combined with his earlier actions prompts Santana to slap him.

In I Kissed a Girl, Rachel is worried that Kurt wouldn't have enough big-ticket items on his resume to get into NYADA if he doesn't win the elections for class president. In hopes of securing Kurt the win, Rachel stuffs the ballot box in his favor. When it is revealed that Kurt had the most votes in the student elections, but only because someone cheated, Rachel reveals to Finn that she is to blame. He tells her that she needs to come clean right away, or else Kurt will be suspended. Later on, when Rachel is absent from Glee Club, Finn tells the group that she is "dealing with things." She ends up being suspended and banned from Sectionals.

In Hold on to Sixteen, Finn talks to Rachel at Sectionals. He says to her, "You're sad," and she replies, "Devastated." He holds her hand and sits down with her while other groups perform. They also share eye contact during the New Directions performances.

In Extraordinary Merry Christmas, Finn tells Rachel that all he wants for Christmas is her. Rachel replies saying all she wants for Christmas is him too, and five things on this list. It was rumored that Finn will get advice from Santana about getting Rachel something special but was cut from the episode. They also share a kiss under the mistletoe while Mercedes sings All I Want for Christmas Is You.

Mistle Toe.jpg

They share another kiss before Rachel walks after giving Finn her list. They share several kisses on the cheek throughout the episode. At the end of the episode, Finn gives her a star named 'Finn Hudson' to look down on her because he tells her that she's already a star who shines brighter than all the stars in the sky. He then gives her the earrings that she asked for, but Rachel tells him that it's too much for one girl. They then meet up with Sam and Rory, and donate money; Rachel telling them that they sold the earrings Finn bought her and the I-pod she bought him.

In Yes/No, Finn is seen shopping with Will for an engagement ring, saying that a ring should be "a week's or a month's salary" according to Rachel. Then at Breadstix with Kurt and Finn, Rachel begins singing Without You. The song goes to the choir room, where Rachel is seen singing to Finn. At one point during the song, the choir room becomes empty except for Rachel and Finn. She walks forward, placing a hand on his knee while he places a hand on her cheek. After the song they are seen kissing and hugging, holding hands when they sit down. Later in the episode, Finn is seen proposing to Rachel, and the episode ends without her answering.

In Michael, Finn seeks out Rachel hoping for an answer to his proposal. When she expresses concern over the idea, he gives her more time to think about it. After singing I Just Can't Stop Loving You together, Rachel accepts Finn's proposal.

In The Spanish Teacher, Rachel confesses to Kurt and Mercedes about her engagement to Finn, who are both shocked. She tells them that Finn is part of her dreams now and she's certain she's going to spend the rest of her life with him. Kurt then approaches Finn and tells him to not give up on himself, leaving Finn to do some soul searching.

In Heart, Finn and Rachel are seen happy and flirty at the beginning of the episode. They also tell the Glee Club about their engagement. They announce their decision to get married in June. Later, Rachel's dads invite Finn and his family over to their house for dinner.

The dinner is, in fact, an attempt to stop them from getting married by treating them like adults and making them sleep together. They soon get in a fight and Finn storms out of Rachel's room. In the end, though, they makeup and cuddle, tell her parents they are getting married after Nationals, and head to Sugar's Valentine Party.

In On My Way, Rachel and Finn decide to get married Saturday after Regionals.


They decide this following Karofsky's attempted suicide. They decide they want to be together and don't want to wait in case something happens. During Regionals, Rachel sings Here's to Us "to Finn and only Finn" and saying that everyone deserves to be happy. After the competition, Quinn asks to be one of the bridesmaids, and Rachel agrees. Finn and Rachel are waiting for Quinn to arrive to get married when the episode ends.

In Big Brother, Puck tries to persuade Finn to move to California. Finn asks Rachel about this and they have a fight at the end of the episode with Rachel saying that her dreams are on Broadway.

In Saturday Night Glee-ver, Rachel makes up with Finn and sings How Deep Is Your Love to him. She then helps him plan for college. Finn then sings More Than a Woman to her while they dance and tells her that he wants to go to New York with her and be an actor.

In Dance with Somebody, there isn't shown much of their relationship but during Saving All My Love For You, they cuddle lovingly. However, when Rachel is talking to Kurt, she mentions that Finn sends her cute texts like puns about her boobs and he is always trying to get into her pants, like a typical 18-year-old boy.

In Choke, Rachel avoids door handles to stay away from germs, so Finn opens the door to the choir room for her. She avoids kissing him for the same reason as well. Finn wishes Rachel good luck and hands her a bouquet of flowers before her audition and is stressed out after she chokes. He's shown to be holding and comforting her as she cries at the end of the episode.

In Prom-A-Saurus, Finn is announced as a nominee for Prom King. Rachel is supportive until she sees a campaign poster of Finn and Quinn running together. Finn and Rachel are announced as the Prom King and Queen and they dance while Quinn and Santana sang Take My Breath Away. Rachel wins as a write-in candidate, though in reality, Santana and Quinn faked the vote. Rachel is confused, but Finn re-assures her that she's sexy, beautiful, and inspiring.

In Props, Finn says that Rachel is their unique factor and a big smile appears on Rachel's face. Later, Finn and Rachel are talking by the lockers, and Finn tells Rachel again that she's really unique.

In Nationals, Finn reveals he bought a glass mug of Chicago to smash during the Jewish portion of their wedding ceremony, as he wants it to symbolize the city where New Directions went from losers to winners. Rachel tells him his optimism is very sexy. Rachel goes on stage to perform It's All Coming Back to Me Now and is still upset that Carmen didn't show up, despite this Finn encourages Rachel to go on and perform.


While Rachel is performing, Finn watches her from the curtain with a smile on his face and when Rachel finishes the song, she smiles and runs to Finn to give him a hug. Finn and Rachel also dance together during Paradise By The Dashboard Light in which they hold hands numerous times throughout the performance. During Tongue Tied, Finn and Rachel kiss in the school corridor in front of a crowd of students.

In Goodbye, During Kurt's goodbye song, I'll Remember, Finn is sitting behind Rachel and is caressing her back throughout, and singing along. Finn feels disappointed that Rachel had to compromise on her husband as he feels she's giving off a weird vibe. Rachel assures him - while sitting on his lap - that she is happy to marry Finn, even if that means ugly chairs. They end by Rachel kissing Finn's cheek. During the under classmen's performance of In My Life, Finn and Rachel are together, holding each other, sharing emotional and loving looks, and showing various forms of public affection. At graduation, Rachel is the last one to be called. She then walks up to Finn and gives him a kiss. She decides that she doesn't want to go to New York, as she doesn't want to leave Finn and Kurt behind, and wants to help them so that all three of them can go next year, together. Finn and Rachel kiss and walk down the school hall for the last time together in the hold.

Rachel gets into Finn's car as they head to the wedding. Surprising Rachel, Finn parks in front of the train station telling her that she is going to NYADA and that they're not getting married. Finn can't accept holding Rachel back from NYADA. Finn asks Rachel if she is 100% committed to marriage, to which Rachel says nobody is 100% sure and he tells her that he wants to marry her so badly he can't go through with it because it makes him sick that she has to wait a whole year just to wait for him. Finn tells her that he is 100% sure of marrying her and that she is something special and will do amazing things on her own. Rachel starts to break into tears as she realizes Finn is breaking up with her. Rachel tries to reason, but Finn stands firm and tells her that he is joining the army and says "You know how much I have cried about this," which causes Rachel to cry even harder. Finn tells her that he still loves her, but that she needs to surrender and let go. He also tells her that if they are meant to be together, the universe will tell them and it will all be all right. They share a final "I Love You," they kiss, and when the kiss is over Rachel covers her mouth showing she does not want to let go and is very hurt. They walk together, holding hands to the train, singing Roots Before Branches. The two kiss for the last time and he holds her hand before she steps in the train. As Rachel takes her seat, they stare at each other lovingly as the rest of the New Directions wave goodbye. As it moves, Finn runs alongside the train until he can't go any further, to which Rachel continues to cry.

Season Four

In Season Four, Rachel is back in New York but misses Finn a lot. This can be seen as when Brody talks about his failed relationship with his girlfriend, Rachel quickly comments, saying that she'll never turn her back on Finn. She continually looks through pictures of her and Finn on her iPhone.

As time goes on, Brody and Rachel's relationship strengthens, Brody able to admit his crush for Rachel but Rachel, still remembering Finn. In Britney 2.0, as Rachel and Kurt decorate their NYC apartment, Rachel paints Finn's name and draws hearts around it, indicating that she still loves him. Kurt reminds her that Finn let her go to give her space and because he loves her, Rachel trying to take that in. But at the end of the episode, she paints over Finn's name. Rachel is beginning to shift her thoughts.

In the episode, Makeover, Rachel goes through a makeover and changes her ways, her appearance and she and Brody's relationship grows further. While Brody and Rachel have dinner at Rachel and Kurt's NYC apartment, all of a sudden, they make out, and then the door knocks. Rachel, assuming it's Kurt, answers the door, only to see Finn at the doorstep, grinning. Brody gets up behind Rachel as he watches the two. Finn sees Brody and his eyes shift back at Rachel, full of confusion and hurt. Rachel has changed and even though Finn was her first love, upon entering New York City, she decides not to dwell in her past and this impacts on Finn because Rachel can't take it anymore.

In The Break-Up, Finn is still unaware of Brody and Rachel's kiss but does suspect something. Rachel is told about Finn's experience in the army and how he was shot and she decides to let him have an "NYADA experience" to see if maybe he would want to be in NYADA. But Finn knows it won't work out. When Rachel, Finn, Kurt, and Blaine go to an NYADA student hangout bar, Callbacks, Brody and Rachel sing and Finn can see the chemistry between them. Afterward, Finn forces Rachel to admit what's going on and she does, leaving Finn disheartened. They both go to sleep without talking. Just like last time, Finn leaves Rachel and doesn't answer her calls and texts and when she finds him back at McKinley's auditorium, she is infuriated at how he keeps making her chase him and she's tired of being confused and she doesn't need him to give her freedom, and with that, Rachel says she can't do it anymore, at least for now and says that she and him are done.

In The Role You Were Born to Play,

Tumblr mbhlntSPZv1rbqgrxo3 250.gif

Finn looks upset when the topic of Rachel and his relationship are on the spot.

In Glease, Cassandra tells Rachel she should go back to Lima to see the production of Grease, but Kurt manages to persuade her to go. At McKinley, Rachel and Kurt have an awkward meeting with Finn and Blaine. During You're the One That I Want, Rachel sees herself and Finn singing the song, making her get up and leave the auditorium. Later, Finn finds Rachel in the hallway. He calls her his moose and Rachel tells Finn that it's muse, but Finn wanted to see her smile. Finn notices Rachel was crying, and when he asks, Rachel said that he doesn't know if he was crying over him or Brody. After that, Finn cuts all contact—even in song—and Finn leaves.

In Dynamic Duets, when Blaine talks about his and Kurt's relationship, Finn looks sad and understanding, maybe thinking about his relationship with Rachel.

In Thanksgiving, when Quinn mentions Rachel, Finn's face falls. He brushes it off saying that "it was for the best," but Santana and Mike notice Finn's crestfallen expression. Meanwhile, in New York, Rachel and Kurt talk about her not getting the role. Rachel says she wants to just forget about Finn and Brody.

In Swan Song, Rachel hears from Kurt that the New Directions lost Sectionals. She wants to call Finn but decides against it. After the NYADA Winter Showcase, Rachel calls Finn because she wanted to hear his voice, despite their no contact rule. Rachel tells Finn that she won and Finn tells Rachel he lost. Rachel then tells Finn that Glee Club is about the friends they made and the songs they sang. She tells him not to give up on his dreams.

In Diva, Finn tells Emma that he found out that Brody was living with Rachel via Facebook. He's still heartbroken over their break up and hasn't been interested in other women since their break-up.

In I Do, Finn is trying desperately to get Rachel back, by having intimate moments with her. They sing We've Got Tonite, looking at each other with heart eyes. They return to the hotel and have sex. She returns to New York and takes a pregnancy test, believing that she might be pregnant, but it turns out to be a false alarm.

In Feud, Finn has a fight with Brody over Rachel when Brody says he loves Rachel, to which Finn angrily tells Brody to "stay away from his future wife".

In Sweet Dreams, Finn gives Rachel some advice about her Funny Girl audition, which she takes and sings, along with the original Glee members, Don't Stop Believin'.

Season Five

After Season Four concluded and before Season Five began, the actor who played Finn, Cory Monteith, sadly died. This real-life event led to the show deciding to also have Finn die.

Finn's death was first addressed in the third episode of this season, The Quarterback, which supposedly took place three weeks after the funeral. Kurt mentions being careful not to ever have his framed photograph of both him and Finn out whenever he thinks his roommate, Rachel, might come into his room, implying that it would upset her. He leaves her in the apartment, heading on his own back to Lima for a tribute week Mr. Schue is having in the Glee club for Finn, implying that Rachel is going through too intense a period of grief to handle going back. At the end of the episode, however, Rachel does appear, thinking the memorial for Finn in the school hallway is lovely, singing Make You Feel My Love in his memory, and talking to Mr. Schuester about what her plans for her future with Finn had been. She also delivers to him a plaque to put up in the Glee classroom that she made that is a framed photograph of Finn captioned by a paraphrased quote he once said.

After this episode, Finn's death and it's the effect on Rachel is not forgotten about either. She is told by Kurt that Finn would want her to move on and enjoy life. She says it is depressing to sing My Man in her rehearsals for Funny Girl. She comments on how she's been going through hell lately and how she needs to do some crazy things to help her feel alive as part of her grieving process, including risking getting kicked out of the Broadway show by changing her hair and getting a tattoo that reads 'Finn'. Also, in Opening Night, Finn is mentioned throughout the episode and even makes a special appearance when Rachel sings Who Are You Now. At the beginning of the episode, Rachel has a nightmare where many of her old Glee club members and Sue Sylvester are there in their old attire. During this nightmare, she panics when she can't find her Finn necklace. Before she goes on to perform in Funny Girl she talks to Will Schuester and tells him that she got Finn a seat because she had always promised him she would. She also says that she's nervous about getting through the last song because she always thinks of him when she sings it.


Finn is brought into the New Directions because Rachel insists that Will finds a male lead that can keep up with her. Rachel finds herself immensely attracted to Finn. The big problem about her feelings towards him is that he is dating her nemesis, Quinn Fabray. When Finn tries to leave the group, Rachel works hard to convince him to stay because she knows that he really does like Glee Club but is afraid of being bullied by the rest of the school. She calls him a cliché. At the end of the episode they are then seen singing Don't Stop Believin' together with the other glee-club members. (Pilot)

Rachel begins to take a more active approach at trying to win over Finn. Rachel continues to try and do what she can to get Finn's attention, including inducing vomiting so as to become thinner, and joining the Celibacy Club. Neither works out for her. While helping Finn practice his singing, Rachel puts together a very over-the-top, but nonetheless romantic picnic for them to enjoy. This leads to them sharing their first kiss, which unfortunately gets Finn overexcited, and he prematurely ejaculates. Embarrassed and feeling guilty, Finn rushes off, leaving Rachel confused and hurt. (Showmance)

In Acafellas, Finn was concerned, and asked what happened to Will, as Rachel had explained, what happened with Dakota Stanley. Finn then yells at her for making Will leave the club after what she said about his choreography. Finn then defends Will, by saying that guys that get hurt like that, do take it personally. Finn continues to blame Rachel, because unlike the rest of them, she's the only one with a plate of cookies. The next scene, Finn talks to Rachel, and tells her she can't hire a better choreographer. As Finn and Rachel walk together, Finn is slightly confused as to why Rachel is acting the way she is and why she cares about winning. Rachel explains, that Glee is her one shot, while Finn has everything with football and Quinn. Finn brings up the moment from the auditorium concerned that she might be upset about that. Finn threatens to quit the club because she agrees on hiring Dakota. As Rachel fires Dakota Stanley, Finn tells her he is proud of her. (Acafellas)

April voices a sexual interest in the much younger Finn to Rachel, which infuriates Rachel. Finn meanwhile attempts to get Rachel back in Glee, partly because he thinks that the New Directions won't be able to win Nationals, but also because he misses her. He goes out on a date with her, which leads to their second kiss. Rachel later finds out about Quinn's pregnancy and realizes that Finn was manipulating her because he needs her help to win a scholarship in music, so that he has a future for himself and Quinn, who is pregnant with (supposedly) their baby. (The Rhodes Not Taken)

After Rachel learns about the performance enhancing pseudoephedrine, she confronts Finn in the hallway about it. Finn tells her he needs help given how much he has on his plate and talks trash that the guys are going to win. In a move that disturbs Rachel herself, the girls take the same drug, giving a wildly energetic performance of Halo/Walking on Sunshine. Afterwards, both Finn and Rachel agree they were wrong to take the drugs, and come clean to Will Schuester.

Tumblr lpw2pi2yir1qibvypo1 500.png

(Vitamin D)

Although Rachel is visibly upset by Quinn's pregnancy, she does her best to keep it a secret from Jacob Ben Israel in favor of Finn. When Quinn learns about this, she tells Finn that should not cheat on her with Rachel (which he has already done unbestknown to her). Finn and Rachel then duet to sing No Air, the song Will's kids sing to compete against Sue's Kids. (Throwdown)

When Quinn is cleaning Finn's face, Rachel is staring at him. Finn looks jealous when he finds Rachel impressed with Puck's performance. Rachel pictures Finn when she's making out with Puck. She tells Puck she only dated him to make Finn jealous, but Finn's reaction to Puck and Rachel dating was not shown, other than looking upset during Puck singing to Rachel. Rachel ends things with Puck, saying that she can't be with him because of her feelings for Finn. (Mash-Up)

Finn helps Rachel with a wheelchair repair, and Rachel says that people don't really like her to which Finn responds that he likes her. Rachel also helps Finn get a job to support Quinn and her Baby. In the Defying Gravity 'Diva off', Finn tells Rachel that he is voting for her. (Wheels)

Finn stares at Rachel's butt when she's singing Endless Love with Mr. Schuester. (Ballad)

Finn is pleasantly surprised by Rachel's new look when he first sees it. Rachel admits her feelings about Finn to Kurt- "I'm in love with Finn." Later in the episode, Finn tells Rachel that he likes the way she dresses normally, rather than her new look. They share a look during True Colors. (Hairography)

Rachel chooses Finn as her co-leader. She dances with him when they sing Smile. He backs out, but then Rachel convinces him to be strong.

Finn and Rachel during Smile


Finn returns to Glee to help out at Sectionals and tells Rachel that it's time for her to take the spotlight and perform. He shares a smile with her and jokingly says "Don't screw it up." (Sectionals)

After Sectionals, Finn breaks up with Quinn, and Rachel immediately begins a relationship with Finn, which he feels awkward about and soon breaks up with her. After Finn realizes he wants Rachel to be his girlfriend again, he asks her out, but she turns him down by and saying she doesn't want there to be anymore drama in the club, when she is really with Jesse. Finn responds by saying "I'm not just some guy you met at the music store, that you can just blow off. I don't give up that easy," which implies that Finn is going to be doing the chasing now, instead of her chasing him. (Hell-O)

They sing Borderline/Open Your Heart together, and it is pretty obvious that they still have feelings for each other. Also, Finn sleeps with Santana Lopez, but truly wanted to lose his virginity to Rachel. He tells her "I really liked you. And I could have had you, but I blew it." When Jesse comes up to them both, he declines the sing off and says "I'll do my best to stay away from your girl" and as he does so he looks straight at Rachel. When they walk off to do the number, Rachel seems to be pondering what Finn has said to her. (The Power of Madonna)

When Rachel is upset about losing her voice, Finn tells her there are many more good things about her. Finn takes Rachel to the doctor, where he asks her "When are you going to realize Jesse's not into you like I am?" Finn sings Jessie's Girl after trying to convince Rachel that he is better for her than Jesse. (Laryngitis)

Rachel and Jesse are broken up. When Jesse eggs Rachel, Finn stands up for her, "We're gonna go all Braveheart on Vocal Adrenaline," as does Puck. (Funk)

Finn and Rachel singing Faithfully

They sit together at Mr. Schuester's set list nominations meeting. When Finn encourages Rachel to be more optimistic about Regionals, she ends up kissing him. Then they go to the choir room and they share a few smiles at each other. At Regionals, before they're about to sing Faithfully, Finn says "I love you" to Rachel for the first time. They also share a hug at the end of Don't Stop Believin'. After Regionals, they start dating again and during the performance of Over the Rainbow, Rachel leans on Finn's shoulder and they hold hands as season one ends. (Journey)

At the beginning of the episode, they are being interviewed by Jacob Ben Israel. After Sunshine, unable to trust Rachel, joins Vocal Adrenaline instead of New Directions, everyone in the Glee Club is mad at her; but Finn tries to talk to her. Rachel thinks that he wants to break up with her. Instead, he supports her, and they promise they will never break up with each other. (Audition)

Finn asks Rachel if she's okay with him not being on the football team and she says that she is fine with it, because she won't have to think about what song to sing to him if he got injured on the field or if he ran off with some cheerleader. Finn gets angry with her and doesn't defend her when Brittany and Santana make fun of her clothes. When Rachel appears at school wearing a Britney Spears inspired outfit, Finn feels uncomfortable because all the guys are looking at her. She soon realizes that if their relationship is going to work, they have to give some space to each other. Rachel gives Finn her blessing to re- join the football team if he can. After Finn gets back on the team, Rachel changes out of her clothes and gives Finn a choice- her or the football team. After, Rachel apologizes and admits that she only gave him the choice, because she wanted him all for herself. She dedicated a song titled The Only Exception to Finn, and he smiles throughout the whole song as she sings to him. (Britney/Brittany)

thank you grilled cheesus!

Finn prays, asking for three things. One of the three things is letting him touch Rachel's breasts. When Finn was at home, Rachel came in and started talking to him. After suggesting that she wants to marry Finn, and that their children should be raised in the Jewish faith, they kiss and she lets him touch her breasts and Finn thanks 'Grilled Cheesus'. (Grilled Cheesus)

Finn and Rachel have a clear goal in the duets competition: to team up in order to make Sam Evans win the contest. They rehearse their duet Don't Go Breaking My Heart; afterwards, Rachel states that she's selfish, but Finn tells her that he still likes her. Rachel says Finn has inspired her to become a better person and they share a kiss. The couple is trying to come up with an idea of how to lose the duet competition. When Finn figures it out, Rachel hugs him. In the mean time, Sam asks Finn if he still has feelings for Quinn, Finn clearly responds that he is in love with Rachel. Before Quinn and Sam's performance, Finn and Rachel sing With You I'm Born Again in an attempt to give Quinn and Sam an upper advantage. As Quinn and Sam are ready to perform their duet, Finn and Rachel fist bump each other happily because they realized that their goals were achieved. When Mr. Schuester reveals the winners of the duet competition (Sam and Quinn), Finn tells Rachel "We did it, babe." (Duets)

The Glee Club performs the "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," with Rachel playing Janet and Finn playing Brad. Finn is uncomfortable with the fact that he has to perform in his underwear because he is insecure about his body. She helps to make him feel more comfortable. She says how he thinks she is hot despite not looking like Brittany or Santana or Quinn. She feels the same about him. She calls him the hottest guy in school. They hug. During What Ever Happened to Saturday Night?, they are also dancing together and Finn wraps his arms around Rachel at the end of the song. (The Rocky Horror Glee Show)

There is a scene of Finn and Rachel making out in the beginning of this episode, though it is just a flashback. In Stop! In the Name of Love/Free Your Mind, Finn sings to Rachel, during which Rachel playfully covers her face. (Never Been Kissed)

Finn and Rachel during the Wedding

Finn tells Santana he doesn't want to tell Rachel that he and Santana had sex because he loves Rachel and doesn't want to hurt her feelings. Rachel walks in with no knowledge of their conversation. After Santana leaves, Rachel shows off her dress to Finn, who says she looks amazing. She notices he looks a little troubled, but he simply says that he really loves her. She replies the same. During the ceremony in Carole and Burt's wedding, both, along with the rest of the Glee Club, sing Marry You. After Carole and Burt exchange some words, Finn looks back at Rachel, who sheds a tear and shares a smile with him. During the performance of Just the Way You Are, Rachel smiles as Finn performs and later, they are seen dancing happily together.
Tumblr lfjz3t6x4K1qeyp1lo1 500.gif

When Rachel can't stop whining because she doesn't get a solo at Sectionals (which she attempts to get FInn to back her up on), Santana reveals to her that she and Finn had sex in The Power of Madonna. Rachel and Finn then go and see Emma for couples-counseling, where Finn confirms it. Rachel says she feels betrayed because Finn hadn't told her until then and because she doubts herself now. She claims Finn finds Santana prettier than her, to which Finn at least admits that he thinks she is pretty. Emma then advises Rachel to storm out of the room. Rachel then goes to Puck and makes out with him. While the New Directions are waiting until it's time for them to perform, Rachel takes out her anger at them, to which Finn stands up and tells her that she doesn't have to right to be angry since they hadn't been together when he had sex with Santana. He admits that it was wrong to lie to her, but claims that that isn't the reason she's angry: He thinks she's angry because Finn lost his virginity to Santana. Rachel then refuses to go on stage with Finn and encourages many others to follow her example, to which Will interferes and breaks the fight up. After Sectionals, they talk and Finn tells Rachel that he loves her and will never lie again to her. Rachel then reveals that she kissed Puck in order to take revenge. This makes Finn so mad, that he breaks up with her. (Special Education)

Rachel kisses Finn when they are looking for a tree, but he still doesn't forgive her and officially breaks up with her. While decorating Mr. Schuester's tree, they share a look, and after Rachel looks away Finn holds his gaze several moments longer, implying that he is still in love with her. They also sang Last Christmas together. (A Very Glee Christmas)

Even though they are officially not dating anymore, Finn looks extremely sad when Puck & Rachel are singing Need You Now together. When Rachel, Mercedes & Tina say they are joining the football team, Finn looks impressed. When the girls are walking down the pitch in their football gear, Finn smiles, then runs up to Rachel first and pats her on the head. He also helps Rachel in the game, by pointing to the spot where she needs to be. (The Sue Sylvester Shuffle)

Finn begins rekindling his romance with Quinn. However, he gives Rachel a necklace as a late Christmas present, and tells her that he believes in her. Quinn tells Finn he needs to figure out what is going on between him and Rachel. Rachel comes to tend to Finn while he is sick. Later, Finn tells Rachel that she is beautiful when she says how pretty Quinn is. He also objects to Rachel saying that there is no place for her with him saying "That's not true." Upset that he won't get back with her, Rachel leaves, claiming she's going to be single for a while. (Silly Love Songs)

Finn is still pursing Quinn. However, he supported Rachel's idea to write an original song, and suggests she write an amazing song to prove the rest of the club wrong. He also says he believes in her, showing he may not be over her and cares a great deal for her. He also says he "liked the Rachel he saw in there today" and thinks, "she's (Rachel) making a comeback." Rachel smiles, hinting that she is not over Finn. (Comeback)

Finn helps Rachel with her original song by listening to her performance of My Headband and providing feedback. They hug and both smile while in each other's arms. Finn spends most of his time at the party with Rachel, rather than Quinn. At the party, Rachel is hanging all over Finn, and Finn introduces her to the types of drunks, including her, the "needy" drunk, saying that it is not cool. At the party, Blaine and Rachel kiss. In the scene in the choir room, Rachel and Finn are seen sitting next to each other for the first time since their break up and laugh with each other, showing the tension between them has been broken. At the end of the episode, Blaine decides he is "100% gay" and this does not upset Rachel. She decides to use this as her song writing inspiration. (Blame It on the Alcohol)

They stare at each other during the Warblers' performance, Candles. While getting ready for their performance,
Rachel tells Finn, "The last time we were here you told me you loved me." In return, Finn tells her that he likes her song. Rachel replies, "Listen closely, because I mean every word of it." During Rachel's performance of Get It Right, Rachel looks at Finn and he smiles, hinting that they might not be over each other. Finn seems moved by Rachel's song. At the end of Loser Like Me, they hug. (Original Song)

After Rachel agrees to help Mercedes and her diva demands, Finn looks after her with awe and appreciation, while Quinn looks worriedly at Finn. (A Night of Neglect)

While the Glee Club is practicing their dance moves after Mr. Schue tells the club they need to improve their dancing, Finn accidentally breaks Rachel's nose. He stays with her at the doctor for support, even though

Rachel suggests he leave. When Rachel is talking to the club about getting a nose job, Finn is against the idea and tells her that she is beautiful. They stare at each other, hinting that they still have feelings for each other. He also goes with her to the doctor and comforts her when she falls down, and looks slightly disappointed when the doctor asks him if Rachel is his girlfriend, in which he says, "" When announcing her nose job to the Glee Club, Finn says "Rachel please don't do this," followed by "You're beautiful," showing that he is still attracted to her. (Born This Way)

Finn and Rachel go on two stakeouts together at a motel where Sam is staying. Their first stakeout is to find out if Quinn is cheating on Finn with Sam. In Finn's truck, Finn admits that he can't trust Quinn, and therefore doesn't know why he is with her in the first place. They talk about karma, and Rachel asks Finn if he has given any thought to her duet ideas, but doesn't get his reply as they then see Kurt walk out of Sam's motel room, unnoticing that Jacob Ben  Israel is photographing them at that moment. On Finn and Rachel's second stakeout, Finn says Quinn is so protective about her feelings, and that he always knows what Rachel was thinking. Rachel then smiles shyly, and then they see Quinn walk out of Sam's motel room and hug Sam. After seeing The Muckraker's report about Finn and Rachel being intimate, Quinn tells Finn she isn't cheating on him, and they both have to learn how to trust each other. They decide on their song in Glee Club, and sing their first duet I Don't Want to Know together intensively. Finn is upset when she forbids him to sing a duet with Rachel at Nationals; he tries to argue, but Quinn leaves the room. Despite the fact that Quinn forbids them to sing together, Finn accompanies Rachel on the drums and they are seen smiling at each other during Rachel's performance of Go Your Own Way. Furthermore, Finn seems flattered when Rachel looks at him during the song. After hearing that Sam's father loses his job and his family loses their house, Finn and Rachel realize that they are wrong about Sam and they decide to go to Sam's motel room in order to help him. Finn and Rachel convince Sam to stay in the Glee Club, which shows that they care about Sam and the Club itself. In addition, Rachel and Finn demonstrate that they always work better together. They ultimately perform Don't Stop with Sam, Quinn, Stevie, Stacey, and the rest of Glee Club. (Rumours)

They can't stop staring at each other--Jar of Hearts

Finn seems agitated when Jesse comes back. He shows himself as a good friend and he tells Rachel that he still cares for her and that he doesn't want to see her hurt again with Jesse. During Prom, Rachel performs Jar of 'Hearts, a slow dance number, during which Rachel and Finn couldn't stop staring at each other. As Prom continues, Jesse and Rachel are dancing while Jesse is nuzzling her neck. Immediately, Finn rushes over and tells Jesse to "Keep it PG." Eventually, Finn gets into a fight with Jesse, who tells Finn that it is none of his business as Rachel isn't his girlfriend anymore. The fight is broken up and both of them are kicked out of the Prom. This causes a confrontation between Rachel and Quinn, in which Quinn slaps Rachel; Quinn also tells Rachel that nobody would have voted for Quinn as Prom Queen, since they all knew that Finn would rather be with Rachel than with her. (Prom Queen)

Rachel pictures Finn while singing My Man. During the Sue's sister's funeral, when Sue says (via speech) that she felt "tethered" to her older sister, Jean, Finn begins to think about it, and realizes that he doesn't feel that way about Quinn, but does with Rachel. Rachel seems to be thinking about Finn while Sue gave her speech. Finn breaks up with Quinn after the funeral, confessing he's still in love with Rachel. In the auditorium, when Jesse and Rachel kissed, Finn sees them while holding a flower in his hand which he was going to give to Rachel in an effort to get her back. (Funeral)

Pretending kiss.jpg
Finn is still pursuing Rachel, showing he still loves her. Rachel and Finn go on a "work date," even though it doesn't go so well at the end. Finn and Rachel sing Pretending together and kiss in front of everyone at Nationals
Even though Rachel protests for them being together, due to the fact she is going to move to NY without him, Finn replies, "Well, graduation is a year away. Got any plans 'til then?" And with a smile, Rachel lets Finn kiss her, showing that they are back together. They both leave the library and make their way to the last Glee meeting of the year & Finn is shown putting his arms around Rachel as well as holding her hand in the choir room. This is the first episode where Finn and Rachel kiss twice, not including make-out sessions. (New York)

Finn and Rachel are going strong as a couple, and he is very supportive of her ideas and propositions for the Glee Club, such as performing a musical number (which will later be revealed to We Got the Beat) in the lunchroom. (The Purple Piano Project)

Rachel comes to visit Finn during his job at the tire shop. He expresses doubts in himself, but she assures him that she knows he'll do something great. He calls her the best girlfriend ever, and they kiss. (I Am Unicorn)

Finn defends Rachel when Mercedes is saying mean things about her in Booty Camp. He is also supportive of Rachel in her Maria-off against Mercedes and gives her a pep talk beforehand. (Asian F)

When West Side Story appears to be cancelled, Rachel leans her head against Finn. Rachel is supportive of Finn in his inviting newcomer, Rory Flanagan, to the Glee Club. To support him she says he (Rory) is magical. Finn looks over at Rachel when Rory sings, "I love you" and when he sings it again, this time Rachel does the same and looks at Finn longingly. They also dance together during Last Friday Night. (Pot o' Gold)

Rachel and Finn decide that they want to take their relationship to a new physical level, and have sex. Though Rachel messes up their first attempt at making love by stating that she wants to do it to be a better actress, she later realizes that she is ready to do it because she loves Finn, and would have absolutely no regrets. She consoles Finn when he is upset from receiving news that he is not good enough to play football in college, and she apologizes for what she did earlier. She then tells him he's special and she knows this because she is going to give him something no one else will ever get. Implying she wants to have sex with him because she loves him. After having sex, they are then seen smiling at each other on the floor afterwards, showing that they love each other, deeply and truly. (The First Time)

New Directions and Troubletones learn that they will be going head to head at Sectionals, which causes the in-school rivalry between the two groups to grow even larger, particularly between Finn and Santana. When Santana is insulting Finn, Rachel is quick to defend him. When Rachel opts to withdraw from the presidential race, Finn is proud of her decision. Rachel also offered Finn a kiss when he won the rock-paper-scissors game against Santana. Finn is seen with his arm around Rachel in the Troubletones' performance. Rachel tries to defend Finn from Santana but then Santana slaps him, leaving everyone shocked as she left the room. (Mash Off)

Rachel is seen with her arms wrapped around Finn's during Perfect and he shoots her a look during Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Specifically, he looks at her while he sings the following line "Some boys take a beautiful girl, and hide her away from the rest of the world." Finn is also supportive of her decision to come clean to Principal Figgins that she is the one who stuffed the ballot box in Kurt's favor. (I Kissed a Girl)

Rachel and Finn work together to bring Sam back to the Glee Club to better their chance at winning sectionals since Rachel cannot perform. They successfully bring Sam back to New Directions and share a brief conversation before the Glee Club's performance at sectionals. Finn and Rachel share lead on the closing number We Are Young. (Hold on to Sixteen)

"Best christmas ever"

Rachel and Finn share a kiss under the mistletoe after Mercedes performs All I Want for Christmas Is You at the start of the episode, with Rachel looking to the camera, stating it 'best Christmas ever'. Rachel then approaches Finn with a list of things that she would like for Christmas, requesting that he get her 5 of the things on that list; Finn appears confused and explains to Rachel that all he wants for Christmas is her but Rachel persists, leaving Finn in the hallway with a kiss on the lips and her list. As the episode continues, Rachel continues to suggest point-blank that she will be getting gifts from Finn soon, hoping for earrings. When she suggests that he give her a gift one day he gives her ownership of a pig in Africa that you pay $2 a week to fatten it up to feed to an African family. She thanks him, but she tells him she wants what she will have coming to her when she is famous. Rachel later apologizes and says she named the pig Barbra. After the Christmas special, he gives he a deed to a star called "Finn Hudson" to remind her where ever she may end up he will always be looking down at her, he also gives her a pair of earrings, she admits she was to selfish and it was all to much for one girl; getting him, the special, all the gifts. They sell their gifts for each other (Rachel: Earrings, Finn: An iPod) to raise money for charity. (Extraordinary Merry Christmas)

This is when Finn and Rachel first saw each other.

While singing The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Rachel remembers when she first saw Finn in the hallways of McKinley. In a later scene, Rachel, Finn and Kurt are at Breadstix, Finn sulks, and says, "Why can't I have anything in my life that's special or means something?" This leads Rachel to sing Without You very emotionally to Finn. At the end of the episode, Finn proposes to Rachel after a very passionate speech, telling Rachel that she helps him get through the darkness in this life. He was talking about the Football scholarship he didn't get, and him finding out earlier in the episode that his dad did not in fact die as a war-hero in Iraq as he thought, but from a drug overdose in Cincinnati. Rachel is left speechless, and the episode ends with her failing to give an answer. (Yes/No)

Finn approaches Rachel exactly three days to the minute after his proposal in Yes/No hoping for an answer. Rachel says she can't make this type of decision on a deadline. Finn worries about her indecision, but Rachel explains that things are happening so fast. When Finn begins to anticipate that he might not get the answer he's hoping for, he suggests she takes a couple more days to think about it.

Rachel asks Quinn's advice regarding the proposal, hoping for a straightforward and thoughtful answer. Quinn advises Rachel that she should make the most of the next few months, but inevitably Rachel and Finn should eventually break up due to Rachel's aspirations. When Kurt receives his NYADA finalist letter, Rachel assumes that she has not been accepted since she has not received one of her own. Finn and Rachel visit Blaine at his house following his rock salt slushie injury. As they try to provide encouragement and make him feel better, they join Kurt in singing Ben to him.

When the rest of the Glee Club heads out to confront the Warblers in the auditorium, Finn asks Rachel to stay back in the choir room. Finn says Rachel hears him better when he's not talking and begins to sing I Just Can't Stop Loving You with her. At the end of the song, Rachel accepts the proposal, saying, "You're the love of my life, and I may not get to have it all, but at least I'll have what matters if we're together." He places the ring on her finger and the two share a kiss. When Rachel shares the news with Kurt that she is a NYADA finalist as well, Kurt asks if she's told Finn yet. Rachel has a thoughtful look on her face. (Michael)

While at a sleepover with Kurt and Mercedes, Rachel says she wants to marry Finn and shows them her engagement ring. Kurt and Mercedes are completely shocked after hearing this and Mercedes thinks she is making the wrong choice but Rachel thinks she has chosen Mr. Right and the difficult part was choosing to know. Later in the episode Kurt confronts Finn telling him he needs to think about his future more carefully, leaving Finn to make his decision. (The Spanish Teacher)

Rachel and Finn tell the Glee Club about their engagement. Most of the team think it's a mistake, while Artie, Tina and Mike volunteer to attend and offer their congratulations.

Finchel heart15.gif

Santana later tells Rachel that she can love whomever she wants to (as a response to Figgins' ban of gay and lesbian PDAs) and that she is okay with the marriage. Then The God Squad comes and they sing Stereo Hearts to Rachel, as a Vocal Valentine from Finn.

Rachel's dads, Leroy and Hiram, find out about her wedding and host a family dinner and unexpectedly, secretly not liking about the wedding, have Rachel and Finn have a sleepover to see what it's like to be married in the hopes that she will rethink marriage. While upstairs, Rachel proceeds with her extremely long pre-bedtime routine. Finn asks her if he can use the bathroom, but she says no because she's not done. This gets
Finchel heart8.gif
Finn mad and they have a fight, ending up with her throwing a hairbrush. She immediately cowers, realizing she made a mistake. They later "kissed and made-up" and then are seen in bed together. They discuss how they are going to manage New York, and just about to go to sleep; they realize it's time to go to Sugar's party. When they are about to leave, they reveal that they are getting married in May, leaving Hiram and Leroy shocked. (Heart)

After finding out about Karofsky, while at her locker Rachel says that she wants to marry Finn right away. Her reason for this is that she does not want to wait any longer because 'life is too short' as she refers to it. Finn is ecstatic to hear this decision and they plan to marry after they win Regionals. At Regionals, while Rachel sings Here's to Us, she looks up at Finn lovingly and sings to only him, as he and the ND Boys make their entrance. Finn looks back with just as much love and adoration. After they win, just before their wedding, Finn is taken aback by how beautiful Rachel looks when he sees her for the first time in her Wedding Dress. Both their parents are afraid to stop this because they think that Finn and Rachel are so much in love, they will elope without even Patti LuPone being able to stop it. Because the episode ends with Quinn getting in a car accident it is unknown if they continue the wedding. (On My Way)

Revealed that Finn and Rachel decided not to go through with the wedding after the events of On My Way, because it "wouldn't feel right" after Quinn's accident. After Puck tries to persuade Finn to go to California with him, Finn asks Rachel about what he will do in New York and if she's ever thought about California, they have an argument because things have been one-sided lately. They also go to Six Flags theme park together and have fun on their senior trip. (Big Brother)

While Santana is singing If I Can't Have You Finn and Rachel are seen giving each other loving looks, implying they miss each other. Finn then goes to meet Rachel in the auditorium where they have a sweet conversation with Rachel singing How Deep Is Your Love followed by a kiss. Later in the episode, Finn sings More Than a Woman to Rachel. They have a discussion, and Finn finally decides that he wants to go to New York with Rachel and go to college to become an actor. Rachel tells him he is her hero and Finn replies back saying "You're mine." and the scene ends with the two of them sharing a kiss. (Saturday Night Glee-ver)

During Saving All My Love For You you can see them hugging and cuddling. At the lockers, when Rachel is talking to Kurt, she mentions that Finn always sends her cute texts and he's always trying to get into her pants, like a typical 18-year-old boy. Later, Finn films Rachel singing So Emotional. (Dance with Somebody)

In Choke, Finn is seen being very supportive of Rachel; holding the door open for her and not kissing her to prevent a weak audition. Before her audition, he brings her flowers to wish her luck. And during Cry, Rachel is seen crying heavily in Finn's arms, while Finn is so obviously trying to stay strong and not cry. (Choke)

Finn is announced as a nominee for Prom King. Rachel is supportive until she sees a campaign poster of Finn and Quinn running together. Rachel decides to have an anti-prom party, but Finn eventually persuades her to join him at Prom. Finn and Rachel are

Finchel Prom Photo

announced as the Prom King and Queen and they dance while Quinn and Santana sang Take My Breath Away. Rachel wins as a write-in candidate, though in reality, Santana and Quinn faked the vote. Rachel is confused, but Finn re-assures her that she's sexy, beautiful, and inspiring. (Prom-asaurus)

After sneaking into a Vocal Adrenaline rehearsal Kurt show's the New Directions footage of what they have been working on. The footage illustrates Sue's belief that centering the routine around Wade/Unique has given Vocal Adrenaline the edge. When Finn said that Rachel is there unique factor a big smile appeared on Rachel's face. Later, Finn and Rachel are talking by the lockers, and Finn tells Rachel again that she's really unique. Rachel tells Finn that she's come to believe that it's the Glee Club as a whole - a group of students who've come together to be something better than they are individually - that may be New Directions' true unique factor. (Props)

Finn reveals he bought a glass mug of Chicago to smash during the Jewish portion of their wedding ceremony, as he wants it to symbolize the city where New Directions went from losers to winners. Rachel tells him his optimism is very sexy and Finn informs her that he also made a bet against Rick that New Directions would win Nationals. Rachel is worried about this as the money he used to bet with was for their honeymoon but Finn is confident that he'll double their money. He then says Carmen will show up, and then they'll get married, smash the glass and live happily ever after. Rachel goes on stage to perform It's All Coming Back to Me Now and is still upset that Carmen didn't show up, despite this Finn encourages Rachel to go on and perform. While Rachel is performing, Finn watches her from the curtain with a smile on his face and when Rachel finishes the song, she smiles and runs to Finn to give him a hug. Finn and Rachel also dance together during Paradise By The Dashboard Light in which they hold hands numerous times throughout the performance. During Tongue Tied, Finn and Rachel kiss in the school corridor in front of a crowd of students. Finn and Rachel are called into Figgins office and receive some presents from him, which includes $5 towards their wedding. During the teacher of the year ceremony, Figgins calls "so called Finchel" to the stage and both of them give a speech before presenting the award to Will. (Nationals)

During Kurt's goodbye song, I'll Remember, Finn is sitting behind Rachel and is caressing her back throughout, and singing along. Rachel runs up to Finn and Kurt in the hallways. She found out that the NYADA and PACE results are being sent out, and that the three of them should all share their results together. After their performance of You Get What You Give, with the other graduating students, Rachel and Finn are talking about chairs - Rachel wants comfort, Finn concerns over finances. Finn feels disappointed that Rachel had to compromise on her husband as he feels she's giving off a weird vibe. Rachel assures him - while sitting on his lap - that she is happy to marry Finn, even if that means ugly chairs. They end by Rachel kissing Finn's cheek. During the under classmen's performance of In My Life, Finn and Rachel are together, holding each other, sharing emotional and loving looks, and showing various forms of public affection. The two of them are also in the halls together in support of Puck and his re-test, which he passes with a C-. The scene then changes to the graduating Glee Club students walking down the hall together in their gowns. At graduation, Rachel is the last one to be called. She then walks up to Finn and gives him a kiss. The scene quickly changes to Kurt, Finn, and Rachel as they prepare to open up their letters of acceptance. Finn goes first, and does not get into PACE. Rachel is clearly emotional and stands besides and confronts Finn as he is also clearly hurt. When Rachel opens hers and gets accepted into NYADA. The looks that all three of them exchange are slightly mixed, both of happiness of her result, and sadness of the outcome it faces for the trio. Rachel reflects, and she's happy with the day, but isn't thrilled. She decides that she doesn't want to go to New York, as she doesn't want to leave Finn and Kurt behind, and wants to help them so that all three of them can go next year, together. Finn and Rachel kiss, and walk down the school hall for the last time together in hold.

Rachel gets into Finn's car as they head to the wedding. Surprising Rachel, Finn parks in front of the train station telling her that she is going to NYADA, and that they're not getting married. Finn can't accept holding Rachel back from NYADA. Finn asks Rachel if she is 100% committed to marriage, to which Rachel says nobody is 100% sure and he tells her that he wants to marry her so bad he cant go through with it because it makes him sick that she has to wait a whole year just to wait for him. Finn tells her that he is 100% sure of marrying her, and that she is something special and will do amazing things on her own. Rachel starts to break into tears as she realizes Finn is
breaking up with her. Rachel tries to reason, but Finn stands firm and tells her that he is joining the army and says "You now how much I have cried about this," which causes Rachel to cry even harder. Finn tells her that he still loves her, but that she needs to surrender and let go. He also tells her that if they are meant to be together, the universe will tell them and it will all be all right. They share a final "I Love You," they kiss, and when the kiss is over, Rachel covers her mouth showing she does not want to let go and is very hurt. They walk together, holding hands to the train, singing Roots Before Branches. The two kiss for the last time and he holds her hand before she steps in the train. As Rachel takes her seat, they stare at each other lovingly as the rest of the New Directions wave goodbye. As it moves, Finn runs alongside the train until he can't go any further, to which Rachel continues to cry. Later, she arrives at New York City, continually sings as she walks around. At the end, she walks through a crowd as the episode comes to an end. (Goodbye)

In The New Rachel, we pick up from where we left off, Finn leaving Rachel at New York. Rachel is by herself in New York, having to attend NYADA classes without Kurt and with no friends from Ohio, not even Finn. But when Rachel meets Brody, they become friends. One day in New York, Rachel skims through her phone and looks at pictures of Finn, whom she misses very much. Brody questions her and asks if that's her boyfriend, to which she nods and says that Finn means everything to her. Brody comments that he had a girlfriend when he first started NYADA but they only lasted 6 weeks. Rachel quickly waves the thought saying she and Finn will never do that because she won't turn her back on him. During the final performance of the episode, Chasing Pavements, Rachel is once again seen looking at her phone at pictures of Finn and herself. (The New Rachel)

In Britney 2.0, Rachel becomes closer to Brody but still has Finn in her heart. Again, Finn doesn't appear in the episode, but Rachel still thinks about him. When decorating Kurt and Rachel's apartment, Rachel paints Finn's name with two hearts around it and when Brody comes in, handing orchards and admitting his crush on Rachel, they nearly kiss. Brody then looks at the name and says that Rachel still loves Finn and that he should give her space. During the performance of Everytime, Rachel paints over Finn's name as Kurt watches. (Britney 2.0)

Rachel is made over and changes and she and Brody's relationship increases. When Brody and Rachel have dinner at Rachel and Kurt's NYC apartment, they start talking about secrets they never revealed, that are good. Rachel speaks about her first love letter from a guy named Tony at the age of 8, she says she grammatically corrected the letter and the spelling errors and Brody laughs, Rachel explaining she never told anyone, not even Finn.
Tumblr mb1ytjWGuK1rtobrgo2 250.gif
Tumblr mb1ytjWGuK1rtobrgo1 250.gif

Brody and Rachel then share a kiss and start making out, until the door knocks and Rachel laughs as Brody groans. Rachel then says, "It's Kurt, he always forgets his keys," or at least that's what Rachel thinks, for when the door slides open, Finn stands there with a huge grin. Rachel is bewildered and confused to see Finn. Brody then gets up as Finn looks at him with confusion, then he understands what is happening and looks at Rachel, looking very upset. (Makeover)

Rachel-Finn, TBUp.jpg

Rachel wakes up in the morning to find Kurt. She admits that she and Finn didn't talk at all. When Finn comes out to talk to her Kurt leaves. Finn explains how he shot himself in the army, which convinces Rachel that they are going to find Finn's dream. She convinces him to look at NYADA. Finn is happy that Rachel is thriving, but doesn't think that he'd get in. Later, Blaine arrives and the foursome travel to the Callbacks, where they meet up with Brody. Rachel tries to convince Finn to sing with her, but instead sings with Brody. After, she admits that she kissed Brody, which leads them to go to sleep without speaking. The next morning, Finn runs away back to McKinley. Rachel follows him, only to end their relationship for a while. The episode ends with a performance of The Scientist, which shows flashbacks from Finn and Rachel's past. (The Break-Up)

At NYADA, Kurt and Rachel are in the dance studio taking about the musical when Cassandra comes in asking more questions. Rachel and Kurt tell her that their high school is doing a musical directed by Rachel's ex (Finn) and starring Kurt's ex (Blaine). Rachel is reluctant to go and risk seeing Finn again, but caves from Kurt's desire and Cassandra's offer.

At McKinley, Rachel and Kurt have an awkward encounter with Blaine and Finn. Although they partake in small talk, Finn is happy to see both of them there. During the musical, the cast perform You're the One That I Want. During the number, Rachel has her own fantasy that she and Finn are playing Sandy and Danny. It also shows the first time Finn and Rachel sung this song in Pilot. When the musical is done, Rachel is the only one not standing for the ovation, and leaves to call Brody. When she does call, Cassandra answers where she gets even more emotional.

When leaving the washroom crying, Finn comes up to her. Rachel tells him coming here was a mistake, but still came to support Kurt and Finn. Finn asks what she was crying about, wondering if it was him. Then he asked if was Brody, where he started to get bitter at her. When Rachel said that she didn't want to talk about it, Finn suggested cutting all ties together. No contact, no songs, no date on when she's returning, etc. Rachel agrees, not feeling the same way she was previously with Finn. When Kurt tells Finn that he wants to see him, he leaves with a simple "bye." (Glease)

With Quinn's return, Mike, Finn, Quinn, Santana, Puck and Mercedes go to Breadstix together. They discuss their lives and when it comes to discussing Rachel and Kurt's absence, Quinn apologizes to Finn about Rachel and his recent break-up. He says it's all right because it was for the best, but Santana and Mike notice Finn's crestfallen expression afterwards. (Thanksgiving)

When Rachel learns from Kurt that the New Directions have lost Sectionals, she considers calling Finn to show her sympathy, but decides against it, because she thinks that would only make him feel worse.

After herself and Kurt have sang at the NYADA showcase, Rachel calls Finn who thinks she has "butt-called" him, since she apparently has done it before, but Rachel assures that she called him on purpose because she wanted to hear his voice. They then get to talk about the loss of the New Directions at Sectionals, which depresses him, because the kids in the club all have dedicated themselves to other projects and forgotten about Glee after they can't compete anymore. Rachel, although she lives to compete according to Finn, then tells him that competing is not the only thing Glee Club is about. Finn then remembers that Rachel's showcase was that night and asks how it went. Rachel proudly tells him that she won, and Finn tell her his congrats, albeit only halfheartedly. Rachel, who hears the joyless tone in his voice, then reminds him that Glee Club would still have been worth it without victories, saying that it is about the love to music, and also love and friendship. Rachel urges Finn to not let the New Directions members give up on their dream, because they all look up to him, and makes him promise to not give up on his own dreams. (Swan Song)

In Artie's dream, Finn is a bullying jock and Rachel is a graduate librarian at McKinely. Since Glee Club was never created, Finn never had the help of the club and Will to graduate and Rachel never found her true potential and talent to get into NYADA, and they never dated. When Artie starts questioning Rachel about what is happening, she faints by the pressure. She collapses and is caught by Finn and Puck, but there is no hinted romantic connection between the two. (Glee, Actually)

Finn found out that Brody moved in with Rachel and Kurt by her Facebook status. He's in a conference with Emma and he tells her that his status still says heartbroken and that he hasn't been interested in other women since his and Rachel's break up. (Diva)

The episode opens with Finn and Rachel at the Lima Bean. Finn confesses to Rachel that he kissed Emma, openly expressing his guilt. Rachel calms him down and advises him to go through with being Will's best man.


They are later in the auditorium. Finn is, again, repenting his and Emma's kiss. Rachel offers to sing the song with him. Finn replies, "We do have some pretty dangerous musical chemistry," leading to Rachel's reply: "I think I can control myself." They share a moment, before Rachel changes the subject rather quickly.

14 - I Do.mkv snapshot 35.09 -2014.06.04 19.43.12-.jpg

At the wedding reception, Rachel comforts Finn, reassuring him that Emma's running off had nothing to do with him. When the bouquet is then thrown, Finn is eyeing Rachel expectantly. To his utter delight, she catches it. He confronts her with a flower, proceeding with the cliché, "She loves me, she loves me not" routine, trying to convince Rachel that they should be together. She retreats. They sing We've Got Tonite, Finn giving her heart-eyes, and her glancing at him knowingly. They clasp hands and are seen walking down a hallway. They go into the hotel room, and get intimate. As Finn sleeps, Rachel kisses him, before leaving. Back in New York, Rachel tells Brody that she did not kiss Finn. Later that night, she is seen with a pregnancy test. It is suspected to be Finn's. (I Do)

In New York, Santana lures Brody into a hotel room. posing as a client. Brody starts to freak out, but she decides to leave it for Finn to handle, who has been hiding in the bathroom this whole time. Finn is clearly pissed, and tells him that their life together is done and that he has to disappear. Finn hints towards telling Rachel about his side-project and Brody grabs him, telling him he can't. Finn punches Brody and a fight starts. At the end, Finn ends it by ordering him to stay away from his future wife and stomps out. (Feud)

During Brody and Rachel's break-up, Brody tells Rachel how her ex-fiance, Finn, gave him the red bruise above his eye to which Rachel, feeling touched, asks, "Finn came all the way here just to do that?" Rachel admits to Brody that she used him to make Finn jealous and help her through her heartbreak, and admits to still loving Finn. (Guilty Pleasures)

Rachel calls Finn, when he picks up the phone the first thing he says is that he's sorry about hitting Brody, but Rachel doesn't seem to really care, she's not mad about it and actually thanks him for it. Rachel lets him know that she wishes he had stayed a little bit longer in New York, Finn promises that he will the next time. She asks him how is college, Finn says that is a dream come true especially the parties with Puck and that college is amazing.

Finchel DSB SD.jpg
Looking for advice, Rachel tells him that she needs to tell him something, he replies that is about her Funny Girl auditiron. A happy Rachel says to him that she knew he would remember and that she can not believe that moment is happening and she's worried about finding the perfect song for the audition, especially since it can not be a Barbra song. Finn tells her that she's one of the most unique talents in the world and that she always shine her brightest when she does something personal, something intimately important that defines her, he thinks that she should do something that takes her back to the roots of her passion because that's what people wants to see and what gives the best impression and that she needs to make the producers to fall in love with her in that moment on the stage, he knows Rachel has it in her. Rachel thanks him and tells him that was the perfect advice. He tells her she will be great and asks her to call him as soon as it's over. Rachel replies that she will. Following Finn's advice, Rachel for her Funny Girl audition sings Journey's Don't Stop Believin', during the performance Rachel gets so much into it that she ends up imagining Artie, Kurt, Tina, and Mercedes singing with her and Finn playing the drums just like it happened in the episode Pilot when the originals sang it for the first time. (Sweet Dreams)


Rachel is having a hard time coping with Finn's sudden death and does not come to Lima until the end of the episode for the glee club's memorial week. She sings Make You Feel My Love in the choir room, and later on realizes that she doesn't think she can move on to anything better. She tells Mr. Schuester her return plan: she was going to make it big on Broadway, maybe do a Woody Allen movie, then when they were ready, she would return to Lima where Finn would be teaching at McKinley: she would walk through the doors and say 'I'm home', and then they would live happily ever after. She also presents a plaque and portrait of Finn to Mr. Schuester, and they hang it in the choir room. (The Quarterback)

After being reluctant to join Kurt's new band due to her plate being full enough as it is, Rachel comes home from rehearsals - where she had to sing My Man, a song she sung about Finn two years ago, over and over - to find the rest of the band trying to come up with a name. Kurt convinces her to join the band after all, saying that Finn wouldn't want her to shoot down an opportunity like this. (A Katy or A Gaga)

After experiencing a thrill for risky business, most likely caused by her ongoing grief over the loss of Finn, Rachel, along with Kurt, decides to get a tattoo. Even though she tells Kurt she chickened out at the last minute - explaining that there isn't anything she'd want to have printed on her skin for the rest of her life - she walks into the bathroom to secretly look at the small tattoo, reading Finn's name, she got on her lower abdomen and smiles. (The End of Twerk)

Will shows the glee club's alumni Lillian Adler and Finn's pictures hung in the auditorium. Rachel sheds tears, but remains calm. (100)

Rachel talks about the first time she slept with Finn when Mercedes asks for advice about sex. She tells her that it was special because she loved him. At the end of the episode, they discuss Finn again. Mercedes encourages Rachel to go out and start dating again, though she doesn't have to fall in love. She decides to go out when she is ready. (Tested)

On Rachel's Broadway opening night, she saves a seat for Finn even though he isn't there; she also wears his necklace during the entire performance. While singing Who Are You Now, Rachel thinks about Finn and bursts into tears. (Opening Night)

With everyone about to venture off on their own, Rachel feels melancholy and mentions that after losing Finn and the glee club, she doesn't think she can handle losing anything else. Kurt disagrees and says their friendship will survive the distance between them. (The Untitled Rachel Berry Project)


Sang Together (In a Group Number)
Song Episode

Solos with

Empire State of Mind Audition Artie, Mercedes, Puck, and Santana
One of Us Grilled Cheesus Kurt, Mercedes, Quinn, and Tina
There's a Light (Over at the Frankenstein Place) The Rocky Horror Glee Show Kurt
Marry You Furt Artie, Brittany, Mike, Quinn, and Sam
Loser Like Me Original Song Brittany, Mercedes, and Santana
Don't Stop Rumours Quinn and Sam
I Love New York / New York, New York New York Artie, Brittany, Mercedes, and Santana
Light up the World Artie, Brittany, Santana, and Tina
Related Songs

Sang Together (In a Group Number)



Solos with

You Can't Stop the Beat The Purple Piano Project Artie, Kurt, Mercedes, and Tina
We Are Young Hold on to Sixteen Mercedes, Quinn, Sam, and Santana
Do They Know It's Christmas? Extraordinary Merry Christmas Artie, Blaine, Brittany, Kurt, Mercedes, Puck, Santana, and Tina
Ben Michael Kurt
Fly/I Believe I Can Fly On My Way Artie, Blaine, Mercedes, and Santana
Paradise by the Dashboard Light Nationals Blaine, Brittany, Kurt, Mercedes, Mike, Puck, and Santana
Tongue Tied Artie and Santana
We Are the Champions Kurt, Puck, Quinn, and Santana
You Get What You Give Goodbye Mercedes, Puck (episode), and Sam (album)
Related Songs

Sang Together (In a Group Number)



Solos with

Don't Speak The Break-Up Blaine and Kurt
The Scientist Blaine, Brittany, Emma, Kurt, Santana, and Will
You're the One That I Want Glease Blaine, Brittany, Kurt, Marley, Ryder, and Santana
We've Got Tonite I Do Artie, Betty, Blaine, Jake, Kurt, Marley, Quinn, and Santana
Related Songs

Related Songs


  • They have both pursued each other while with other people.
  • They both got new haircuts at the beginning of Season Two - Rachel got bangs, Finn got a brush cut. Also, they both have new looks in Season Four - Rachel has begun dressing more maturely and changed her hair and make up, while Finn has a shorter haircut and is also dressing more maturely, just like Will.
  • Finn is the only person Rachel has proclaimed her love to.
  • Most of Rachel's Season Two solos were related to Finn.
  • The actors (Lea Michele and Cory Monteith) who portray them have dated in real life, until the tragady, the sudden death of Cory Monteith.
  • Both Rachel and Finn, much like their portrayers, have shown to be supportive of gay rights. Rachel has the gay pride flag in her locker and a picture of her with her dads, while Finn has shown support for his stepbrother Kurt, who is one of the open LGBT characters on the show. 
  • Despite being popularly known as "Finchel," subtitles for the show spell their name as "Finnchel" with two n's.
  • Both have dated in a Love-Square. (Rachel-Puck) (Finn-Quinn)
  • They also have dated in another Love-Square. (Rachel-Sam) (Finn-Quinn)
  • Quinn and Puck believe they were soulmates.
  • In Sectionals, Mercedes called Rachel Mrs. Bossy Pants and in New York, Kurt called Finn Mr. Bossy Pants. Interestingly, Mercedes and Kurt are known as best friends.
  • Naya Rivera tweeted #Finchel4life, and Lea and Cory tweeted more than once #FinchelForever. Also, at the Do Something Awards 2012, Cory said that Finchel is forever, and numerous times Lea had said she stands behind Finchel.
  • As we see in The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, they both felt something when they first saw each other.
  • Finn loved Rachel as natural as she can be, without any overdone makeup or tight clothes.
  • They are the first student couple to be engaged at McKinley High.
  • Finn proposed to Rachel at exactly 2:47 PM. (Michael)
  • Rachel wore her engagement ring on a necklace until they announced their engagement. (Heart)
  • Cory took part in picking the engagement ring that Finn would give to Rachel.
  • They and Klaine are the couples that have had the most duets.
  • They had each other's photo in their lockers.
  • On her pink binder, Rachel wrote "Rachel Berry + Finn Hudson," surrounded by hearts. (Dance With Somebody)
  • They won Prom King and Queen. (Prom-asaurus)
  • In Silly Love Songs Finn says to Rachel that she is a real star and she doesn't need him or anyone to anchor her down to Lima, and in Goodbye, he broke up with her supposedly for the same reason.
  • They sing a duet in the first three season finales. Faithfully in Journey, Pretending in New York, and Roots Before Branches in Goodbye.
  • They technically have not lasted one whole season together. In Season One, Rachel started off without Finn. In Season Two, Finn and Rachel broke up in the episode, Special Education, but official in, A Very Glee Christmas. In Season Three, they lasted the whole season together, but Finn set Rachel free at the end of the finale, Goodbye.
  • Finn and Rachel have gotten together 4 times and broken up 4 times (The Break-Up).
  • They sent each other 'cutesy' messages.
  • They have both been romantically involved with Wemma. Rachel had a crush on Will (Ballad) and Finn kissed Emma. (Diva)
  • They are the first couple to have been said to be endgame (by Finn actually) on the show.
    • The second is Brittana, said by Tina.
  • They have broken up and gotten back together more times than any other couple on the show.
  • The last time they physically interact in the series is in I Do.
  • Their last moment together in the series was their phone call in Sweet Dreams.
  • After Cory Monteith died, Lea Michele, who was dating him in real life, got [1] a tattoo to remember him. This was then paralleled in a plot about Finn and Rachel that they wrote into The End of Twerk.
  • According to the show's co-creator, Ryan Murphy, the last scene of the whole series would have featured both of them, citing: "Lea [Michele]’s Rachel was going to have become a big Broadway star, the role she was born to play. Finn was going to have become a teacher, settled down happily in Ohio, at peace with his choice and no longer feeling like a Lima loser. The very last line of dialogue was to be this: Rachel comes back to Ohio, fulfilled and yet not, and walks into Finn’s glee club. “What are you doing here?” he would ask. “I’m home,” she would reply. Fade out. The end." Source



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