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What's the saying? "The show's gotta go all over the place... or something."

—Finn Hudson, A Night of Neglect

Finn Christopher Hudson is a major character on Glee. He was an alumnus of William McKinley High School, former co-captain of the New Directions, and former quarterback of the Titans.

Finn risks alienation by the football team after joining the Glee Club at the beginning of the series. In Season One, Finn dates popular head cheerleader Quinn Fabray, until he discovers that she slept with his best friend, Noah Puckerman, and lied about Finn being the father of her child.

During Furt, Finn's mother marries Kurt Hummel's father, Burt, thus making them stepbrothers. Finn is previously engaged to Rachel Berry before letting her go to New York City without him in Goodbye. He also graduates from McKinley High in Goodbye. Finn is the substitute director for the New Directions while Will Schuester was in Washington from Glease to Girls (and Boys) on Film, when Will returns to coach New Directions. The two were co-directors until the end of Feud, when Will found out that Finn kissed Emma, and with the encouragement from Marley, Finn left McKinley to obtain a teaching degree at the University of Lima, but later he decided to help Will once again in McKinley. Due to the death of his portrayer, he died during the fifth season, and The Quarterback was a tribute for him.

He was portrayed by the late actor and musician Cory Monteith.


Early life

Finn's father, who was a United States Marine, was originally believed to have died while serving in Iraq when Finn was very young, so he was raised by his mother, Carole. However, it is later mentioned in Yes/No that Finn's father died from a drug overdose. Finn discovered his love of singing during a chance encounter with a lawn specialist dating his mom, and for the first time he knew, he was special and good at something. Finn struggles to make his mother proud of him and make her happy.


Finn is the quarterback of the school's football team, a role he takes very seriously, despite his moral misgivings, he is reluctantly involved in bullying the less popular kids. Finn has been dating the head cheerleader, Quinn, for four months. It is revealed that Finn is the son of a single mother, as his father was killed in Operation Desert Storm when Finn was an infant. Finn got his great love for music from the lawn care man, who Finn's mother had a brief relationship with. Unfortunately, he soon ended the relationship, much to Mrs. Hudson's disappointment. From that moment on, Finn made it his sole purpose to make her proud and happy. This desire is exploited by the Spanish teacher and Glee Director, Will Schuester, who after overhearing him singing in the men's locker room shower, plants marijuana in his locker and blackmails him into joining the Glee club. Afraid his mother will find out he had pot, Finn agrees. Finn appears extremely freaked out by Rachel in their first rehearsal, and is reluctant about performing. Unfortunately, joining Glee alienates him from the football team. However, Finn discovers that he really does enjoy Glee. He is then seen at the end of the episode performing Don't Stop Believin' at the end of the episode with the other Glee members. (Pilot)

Finn Showmance.jpg

Quinn and Finn are discussing him joining Glee Club. He tells Quinn that she is making a big deal about it, so she decides that if Finn quits the club, she will let him touch her breasts. He tells her he can't because he wants to continue doing Glee because he's really happy with what he's doing. Quinn states that people have been calling him gay because he's in the Club. He suggests her to relax about it, and that things will work out, and then he walks off. In Glee Club, while they dance and sing to Le Freak, Finn makes a comment about being dead, because Mr. Schuester is making them perform it in front of the whole school. In a meeting with Sue, Figgins, and Will, Finn agrees that he has been worried about performing in front of the school, Rachel explains, that she was concerned for him, that she and Finn made a "creative, pre-emptive strike." The scene flashbacks with Finn and Rachel in an empty room, making posters, and talking about artists, Rachel explains that they were photocopying the posters in order to not do the assembly. They were both left off with a warning so long as they pay for the photocopying, and both nod in agreement.

Finn apologizes to Will. Rachel invites Finn to rehearse with him later. Finn turns down the offer because he has a Celibacy meeting to go to. During the Celibacy Club meeting, Finn admits that he only joins the club so that he could get into Quinn's pants, and that it is a productive way to get to know the guys about sexual issues. Finn tells the boys that he and Quinn have made out and had other sexual movements, and says to Jacob that premature ejaculation is not a problem. and then in voice over, admits that it's a big problem. In order to cool down, Finn explains that he thinks of a time when his mom was teaching him how to drive, and hits a man on the road. In the Celibacy club meeting, Finn and Quinn are paired together with a balloon in between them. The balloon breaks, and Quinn gets mad at him, Finn embarrassingly says "It must have hit my zipper."
New Directions Push It.jpg
The New Directions then perform Push It. Later, Finn and Rachel are rehearsing, Finn asks Rachel if he could take a break, and both of them sit down on a picnic blanket in which Rachel has already prepared. Finn tells Rachel at first he thought she was annoying and checking under his bed to see if she was hiding there. Finn admits that as soon as he heard her sing, and that she had touched something in him in his heart. Rachel tells Finn he could kiss her if he wants, and in reply he says he does. They both slowly lie down, and begin to kiss. Immediately, Finn pulls away from the kiss, and the scene is flashbacked to when Finn hit the man in the car revealing he got overexcited. Finn quickly sits up, and tells Rachel not to tell anyone what had happened, and leaves as fast as he can. (Showmance)
Acafellas ppl.jpg

Finn was concerned, and asked what happened, as Rachel had explained, what happened with Dakota Stanley. Finn then yells at her for making Will leave the club after what she said about his choreography. Finn then defends Will, by saying that guys that get hurt like that, do take it personally. Then, Finn talks to Rachel, and she tells him she can't hire a better choreographer. As Finn and Rachel walk together, Finn is slightly confused as to why Rachel is acting the way she is and why she cares about winning. Rachel explains, that Glee is her one shot, while Finn has everything with football and Quinn. Finn brings up the moment from the auditorium concerned that she might be upset about that. Finn threatens to quit the club because she agrees on hiring Dakota. Later Finn walks in Will's classroom, and says that he's quitting Glee as well, Will explains he didn't quit Glee, and Finn tells him he might because it's getting crazy as he has tried to talk sense into Rachel, but didn't work.

Finn honestly says, that it's hard being in the quarterback huddle and all the guys are calling him names, he also says that it's bringing down his reputation. Will in reply, says to stay in Glee just a little longer, as Finn is a good performer, Will explains that if Finn quits the club, he'll regret it for the rest of his life. Finn then admits that Glee Club isn't fun anymore, but before Finn walks out of the classroom, Will calls him back, and says that he wants to talk to him about something. In the Choir Room with Puck and Will, Finn is practicing dance choreography for Acafellas, Finn suddenly trips, and Puck begins to insult Finn. Will shows both Finn and Puck some movements to help them.

Later in the Choir Room, Dakota Stanley is handing out customized menus, after a few insults to the fellow members, Finn speaks up, but immediately stops talking just before Dakota insulted Finn and shouts back asking what's wrong with him. Dakota says that Finn is freakishly tall. then, Finn quits and walks out of the room followed by a few of the other members. Before they leave however, Rachel stops them and tells Stanley that being different is what Glee Club is all about, and then fires him. In the next scene, Before the Acafellas performance, Finn thanks Will for believing in him, and they then sing I Wanna Sex You Up. (Acafellas)

Finn, after he found Quinn is pregnant.

Finn finds out that Quinn is pregnant, and although they have never had sex, Quinn states that he is the father, citing a premature ejaculation incident in a hot tub as the conception. Finn believes her, and hugs her as she cries. Finn tells his best friend Puck about the pregnancy. Finn and the rest of the football team are desperate to win a game, and thus practice performing Single Ladies to loosen themselves up. At the football game, Finn is overwhelmed, but they ultimately perform the dance after Finn's instruction, and go on to win. After the win, Finn approaches Quinn and they kiss. He later approaches her at her locker, giving her his baby blanket and saying he's going to do everything he can to be a good father. Quinn is moved by this, and they hug, being confronted by Puck shortly after. Puck hints at Quinn's pregnancy, saying she appears to be putting on weight. Finn defends Quinn, and Puck backs down. (Preggers)

Finn about to perform "Don't Stop Believin'" with Quinn.

Finn understands that in order to be able to go to college and take care of Quinn and his unborn child, he will need to earn himself a scholarship. Since he thinks that he will only be able to get that if the glee-club wins at Regionals, he goes out on a date with Rachel in order to get her back to New Directions. During their date he tries to persuade her and even shares a kiss with her, making Rachel want to return. After she finds out that Quinn is pregnant, she confronts Finn and slaps his face. Finn admits that he was using her. (The Rhodes Not Taken)

Finn and Rachel practicing lines

Finn, after he took the "Vitamin D" given by Terri.

Finn has become very exhausted from handling Glee, football practice and trying to handle his conflicting feelings for Rachel and Quinn at the same time. He visits the school nurse because Puck recommends him to do that. He discusses his conflicting feelings with Terri who had taken the job of the school nurse. He gets told that he shouldn't even do as much as flirt with Rachel since that is cheating already in her eyes. He then receives pseudoephedrine from Terri. It makes him show up wide awake to glee practice the following day, where he shares it with the other guys. Under the influence of it, they make an amazing job of It's My Life/Confessions Part II.

After Rachel learns about the medicine, Finn gets confronted by her in the hallway about it. Finn tells her he needs help given how much he has on his plate and talks trash that the guys are going to win.

Later on, after both teams are exposed to have taken drugs, they agree that they should get disqualified for that. (Vitamin D)

Finn and Quinn singing "Keep Holding On"

He attends one of Quinn's ultrasound appointments, where the two learn that Quinn is having a baby girl. Later on, Finn discusses baby names with Quinn, suggesting the name Drizzle. Quinn tells him that she isn't keeping the baby.

When Sue splits the glee-club up, he is allowed to remain in Will's group, since he isn't part of a minority . He is given a solo in No Air, which Will's Group performs in combat against Sue's Kids.

Towards the end of the episode, it is publicly revealed that Quinn is pregnant, to which Finn comforts his girlfriend by hugging her while she cries and telling her that everything is going to be alright. He then sings Keep Holding On to her with the rest of New Directions, both Finn and Quinn on the verge of tears. (Throwdown)

Finn gets slushied while with Quinn by David Karofsky and Azimio Adams. Karofsky makes clear that since Quinn is pregnant, they aren't popular anymore. Finn and Quinn then go and see Emma Pillsbury, to ask her for advice as to how become popular again. Emma is really clueless, but then unintentionally recommends them to come to school wearing sunglasses. The following day they then show up to school with sunglasses, though it doesn't stop them from being slushied together. Ken Tanaka had then applied another unit of football practice which would make all the football players that are also in Glee have to quit the club. Finn has to listen to the bullies then reminding him as to how much more he will get slushied if he chooses glee over football. This leads Finn to choose the football-team, unlike Mike, Matt, and Puck. Finn then approaches Kurt the next day, since that is what the football player is expecting from him. Finn doesn't have the courage to do this, however, so Kurt grabs the Slushie and spills it on himself, and tries to make Finn think about if the football players would do that for him.

Finn goes to Will in order to tell him that he isn't coming back to Glee. Will tells him life is a series of choices that "create who you are" and thinks Finn is letting other people make his decisions. Will tells Finn that Glee is where he belongs. Finn goes to Ken after that and tells him that picking between football and Glee is making it tough for him to lead the team and that he doesn't want to have to choose anymore. This makes Ken cancel the extra practice, so that the kids needn't choose anymore. Finn eventually brings Slushies into glee-practice in order to apologize to them. (Mash-Up)

Quinn is approached by Finn who wants to cheer her up after she got kicked out of the cheerios. Quinn shows him the bills she has gotten for ultrasound appointments and tells him to earn some money. Finn later helps Rachel to repair her wheelchair, with Quinn interrupting again angry about their financial worries. With Rachel's help he is able to find a job by pretending he is in a wheelchair. Quinn is pleased with this, and he gives her a lift to glee rehearsal in his chair. (Wheels)

Finn finds himself (somewhat to his discomfort) paired up with Kurt (who is attracted to Finn) for a duets. However, during the course of their practices, Finn finds himself asking Kurt for advice on both his baby and his relationship problems. Following Kurt's advice, Finn begins singing I'll Stand by You to the ultrasound of Quinn's baby, which helps ease his fears about being a father. Unfortunately, his mother finds him singing to the ultrasound and Finn, breaking down into tears admits that Quinn is pregnant. Although traumatic, the burden of hiding the truth from his mother is lifted off Finn's back, making him feel more relaxed. Kurt's next piece of advice is to sing his pain away about his situation with Quinn. While eating dinner with Quinn and her parents at their house, Finn freaks out and calls Kurt for reassurance about singing his ballad.

Finn in Quinn's house.

He returns to the table and begins to sing You're Having My Baby. While at first shocked and annoyed at his actions, Quinn soon softens and she and Finn share a loving smile during the song. The performance is stopped by Quinn's dad, who later yells at the pair and kicks Quinn out of her home. Quinn subsequently moves in with Finn and his mother. (Ballads)

Finn suggests to Will that if they are going to be performing a song about hair then they should have more hair.

Quinn decides to distract Finn so that she can take Puck for a test drive. Later on, Finn bumps into Rachel who has now had a make-over due to Quinn's meddling and she invites him over to her house. Finn goes to ask Quinn's permission, but she says that she is babysitting anyway so it isn't an issue. When Finn is at Rachel's he thanks her for helping him with the hairography stuff. As soon as Rachel comes in dressed as Sandy from Grease, Finn gets a bit nervous and scared, but performs You're the One That I Want with her. However, when Rachel tries to dance sexily in order to seduce him, Finn stops her as it makes him feel uncomfortable. He decides to be honest with Rachel and says that she looks like a sad clown hooker. Then Rachel says that she feels like an idiot and Finn says it isn't her fault. Before leaving, he says he shouldn't be there.

By the lockers, Finn and Quinn talk to one another. Quinn asks if they can be in love again. Finn then takes this opportunity to be honest with her about the Rachel incident. Finn says that he went over to Rachel's house, but nothing happened because he was just worked up about the two of them fighting. He says that something could have happened, but didn't because he only wants to be with Quinn. He says he loves her, Quinn says she loves him too, the two share a hug and walk down the corridor together. (Hairography)

Finn agrees to be with Rachel in the Glee club's yearbook picture ,but then some of his football teammates tell him that they're planning to deface his Glee picture, and then he ends up not showing to the photo shoot, then he sings the lead in Jump for the Mattress Land commercial Rachel landed for the Glee club. (Mattress)

After Finn confides in Rachel that he feels like everything is working out, Rachel tells Finn of her suspicions surrounding the paternity of Quinn's baby. Shocked and furious, Finn beats up Puck who's the real father and demands that Quinn tell the truth. Quinn admits that Puck is the father, much to Finn's heartbreak and anger. Furious at her and at everything, he quits Glee and storms out. Later, Will, who was fired from being the Glee Director after the kids did a Mattress commercial, goes to find him, and asks him to return to the group. Finn admits he can't be in the same room with Quinn without crying and can't be around Puck without wanting to beat him up more. He demands to know why he has to be the bigger man and wishes that things could go back to how they were before everything with Glee. Will tells him cryptically, You Can't Always Get What You Want and leaves his car keys behind. Finn goes to Sectionals, takes charge, and organizes the group. New Directions wins Sectionals under Finn's leadership. Finn refuses to forgive Puck for his betrayal. (Sectionals (Episode))

Finn singing Hello, I Love You

Finn is on the basketball team since football season has ended, Although he and Quinn have officially ended their relationship, Finn finds himself not quite able to get over her. Meanwhile, Rachel has declared them to be boyfriend/girlfriend, despite Finn's reservations about dating her. Will, takes notice of Finn's current predicament and suggests that he "take control of his inner rock star. Finn sings Hello, I Love You, in which he walks after Quinn down the corridor while singing, showing that he may not be over her.

After his performance, Santana and Brittany approach Finn (under the orders of Sue Sylvester), asking him to go on a threesome date, which he finds intriguing. When Rachel asks him to be honest in their relationship. Finn admits that he does not want to date Rachel. He proceeds to go on a date with Santana and Brittany, which turns out to be a horrible experience. Afterwards, Finn realizes that it was a mistake to break things off with Rachel, and attempts to get her back, only to learn she's moved on and started dating Jesse St. James. Hurt and jealous, Finn rats this news to Will, stating that he believes Jesse is using Rachel to spy on New Directions. Afterwards, the rest of the Glee kids threaten to kick Rachel out of the group if she doesn't end her relation with Jesse. After Rachel lies and says she broke up with Jesse, Finn again tells her they should be together. She however rejects the idea reluctantly. Finn however refuses to give up on them again. When they later sing Hello, Goodbye. (Hell-O)

Finn is approached by Santana after Brittany suggests that Santana date Finn, and take his virginity. Santana approaches Finn about this in a very business-like manner, claiming that his virginity makes him hard to even look at.

Finn and Rachel singing Borderline/Open Your Heart

Finn initially declines, due to his desire to be with Rachel, but Santana tells him that she is still dating Jesse. Shocked, he confronts Rachel about this, and she admits it. Finn ends up helping her with her Madonna mash-up of Borderline/Open Your Heart. Afterward he takes Santana up on her offer. They have a one-night stand in which Finn loses his virginity to Santana. He is left feeling empty because it was meaningless, and refuses to admit he did it to Rachel.

Finn with Santana singing Like a Virgin

Finn later apologizes to Rachel about his behavior. Finn welcomes Jesse to the group, saying he appreciates having another male lead to help him support the group and invites Jesse to help with their new Madonna number, Like a Prayer. He also promises to do his best to stay away from Rachel. (The Power of Madonna)

Finn sings a duet with Kurt which is A House Is Not a Home. (Home)

Finn helps Rachel make a video of Run Joey Run. In which, unbeknownst to him, Rachel has triple cast his role with Puck and Jesse. After the video is shown, Jesse, Puck and Finn are upset, but while Jesse is only upset at being triple cast, Finn realizes that this video was Rachel's attempt at proving she should not have been dead last on the Glist, a list of the sexual promiscuity quotient of the club members. He calls her out on it, echoing the reasons Rachel had confided to Artie about making the video and proving that, just as Rachel knows him and can read his mind, he can do the same to her. (Bad Reputation)

Finn singing Jessie's Girl

Finn keeps on trying to remind Rachel that he will always love her more than Jesse ever will. He goes with her to the doctor, comforting her when she wonders "what am I without my voice?" and telling her "there's, like, so many awesome things about you." After the doctor tells her she should have had her tonsils out long ago, Rachel debates what she should do, asking Finn his opinion.

Showing his jealousy of Jesse, he sarcastically tells her to ask her boyfriend, but then asks her "When are you going to realize [Jesse's] not into you like I am?" He then goes on to sing Jessie's Girl. (Laryngitis)

Finn seemed concerned for Artie when Bryan Ryan tended to crush his dreams during glee club rehearsal. (Dream On)

Finn in his Lady Gaga costume

Finn learns that he and his mother have been invited to move in with Kurt and Burt. While his mother is thrilled, Finn is uncomfortable with the arrangement, especially since he and Kurt will be sharing a bedroom. Meanwhile, Mr. Schuester has assigned the Glee Club to perform and dress as Lady Gaga. With the exception of Kurt, all the boys are uncomfortable with this, and Finn takes it upon himself to talk to Mr. Schuester, telling him how the boys feel and that they would rather perform KISS. After the performance, Kurt asks Finn to talk to the football players who have been threatening him. Kurt tries to help Finn wipe off his KISS makeup, which makes Finn uncomfortable, telling Kurt not to touch him. In an effort to make peace, Kurt redecorates their bedroom in a beautiful, albeit feminine and very provocative way. Finn becomes upset, and has a confrontation with Kurt about Kurt's feelings for Finn, saying "You don't think I see the way you look at me and you don't think I know why you were so excited we were moving in?" Kurt tells him they can redecorate, and Finn responds by telling him to get rid of "that faggy lamp and blanket." Burt overhears and thinks he is talking about Kurt and throws Finn out, regardless of what it will do to his relationship with Finn's mom. When Puck sings Beth to Quinn, Finn is shown looking jealous. Kurt is refusing to speak to Finn, but eventually comes around when Finn saves Kurt from getting beat up, while wearing a Gaga costume of his own. (Theatricality)

Finn and Puck slash the tires of all twenty-six members of Vocal Adrenaline cars upset after Jesse defected back to Vocal Adrenaline and that Vocal Adrenaline has toilet-papered their choir room. After getting caught, they agree to get jobs at Sheets-N-Things to pay for the damages. Will's ex-wife Terri takes a special interest in Finn, because he reminds her of a sixteen-year-old Will. (Funk)

Finn seeks out Rachel, telling her that she is the leader and the two of them are going to find a way to fix this and win Regionals despite Sue being one of the judges now. Rachel responds by kissing him on the lips. At Regionals, while waiting for their cues to perform, Finn walks over to Rachel, who tells him to break a leg. Finn responds by telling her he loves her. The two smile at each other before going into the auditorium to sing Faithfully. After the performance they embrace and hold each other. In the last scene, Finn is shown with Rachel, holding hands and Rachel's head on his shoulder, smiling. (Journey)

Finn has been dating Rachel all summer. The episode begins when Finn and Rachel are being interviewed by Jacob. When Jacob asks Rachel if the rumors that she's difficult to work with are true, Finn quickly interrupts, saying that since he's her boyfriend, he'll answer the question, informing Jacob that Rachel's a "controllist." Rachel quickly corrects his vocabulary and goes on to explain to Jacob about her need to express her opinions in Glee Club, wondering if this annoys her fellow club members. Finn, listening intently, accidentally says "Yes" out loud.

After finding out that Matt transferred and Glee is now one member short of the required twelve, the Glee Club decides to actively recruit new members. Mr. Schuester has the club perform Empire State of Mind in the courtyard, hoping that the modern song will entice new members. While performing, Finn notices a new kid tapping his foot to the beat of the music. Later, while hanging the signs he made to advertise Glee auditions, he hears the boy from the courtyard singing Every Rose Has Its Thorn in the locker room showers. With a little help from Artie, Finn convinced the boy, whose name is Sam, to meet with the Glee boys and perform a song. The Glee boys are all in agreement with Finn, and convince Sam to audition.

Artie, brokenhearted over his breakup with Tina, begs
Glee 2x01 - audition vose by arkonada-4.jpg
Finn to help him get on the football team. Finn, impressed and excited about Artie's plan to be a human battering ram on the field, agrees. However, when the new football coach, Beiste, upset at how Mr. Schuester and Sue Sylvester are treating her, hears Finn and Artie's plan, she takes her anger out on Finn, after he accidentally calls her "dude" and kicks him off the team. Mr. Schuester tries to get Finn back on the team, and Finn himself explains how much he needs football in his life (his feeling that his football abilities are all that he really has going for him mirrors Rachel's lack of self-esteem and belief that all she has are her singing talents), but Coach Beiste refuses to let him back on the team. Desperate, Finn tries out for the Cheerios, auditioning with a horrible routine to I've Got the Power.

Finn's fall from popularity is further compounded when Sam, who witnessed Coach Beiste kick Finn off the team, didn't show up for the Glee audition. Finn confronts Sam, only to find out that he didn't show up because he's afraid of what people will think of him if he joined Glee. He then informs Finn that he is now the quarterback, the position Finn once held. After Rachel's actions cause the new foreign exchange student, Sunshine, to join Vocal Adrenaline instead of New Directions, Finn must act as mediator between the club and his girlfriend. He talks the club out of kicking Rachel out, but is very upset with Rachel himself. Finn knows Rachel, and understands that she did it because she loves herself more than the club. Due to her insecurity, Rachel questions if Finn wants to break up with her. Surprised that she would say that, he informs her that she should break up with him because he's no longer the quarterback and just another Glee loser now. When Rachel tells him that she will never break up with him, he tells her that he'll never break up with her either. He tells Rachel that she needs to apologize to the club, holding her hand in support. Rachel needed a few moments alone first, as Finn waited for her anxiously in the choir room. (Audition)

Finn is still reeling from the effects of getting kicked off the football team. Azimio and Dave Karofsky find Finn at his locker, putting his Varsity Letterman jacket away. They proceed to grab the jacket from Finn, purposely ripping it half, as they claim he's no longer entitled to wear it because he is not on the team. Enraged, Finn takes a swing at Azimio, but misses and hits his locker instead. Before anymore punches can be thrown, Artie intervenes and diffuses the situation, since Azimio and Karofsky claim it is against their moral codes to hit anyone in a wheelchair. The entire scene is witnessed by Coach Beiste.

Rachel, however, is happy Finn is no longer on the football team because she won't have to worry about him getting hurt, or worse, cheating on her with a Cheerio. When she expresses this sentiment to Finn, he's in disbelief that she would actually be happy he's feeling bad about himself. She claims she's just trying to be honest and tells him that she wants to be the only thing that makes him feel good. Before he can respond, Santana and Brittany walk by and make snide comments about Rachel's clothes and her talent. Clearly upset, Rachel looks at Finn to question why he didn't defend her, only to find him laughing. In retaliation for her comment about being happy he's feeling bad about himself, Finn tell her that he's got to be honest and says Santana and Brittany have a point.

Rachel takes this comment to heart and shows up to school dressed in Britney Spears' Catholic School Uniform from her video Baby One More Time. Leaving a trail of boys ogling her, she proudly walks up to Finn's locker. Finn is horrified by her clothing and attempts to cover her up, not liking the attention she is getting. Even Azimio and Karofsky comment positively on her appearance, wondering why gay guys get the hottest girls. Rachel claims that this new look is not like the time she wore a cat suit and Finn had told her she looked like a "sad clown hooker," but that this current outfit is merely her normal clothing with the volume turned up. Finn, clearly upset by her appearance, recognizes that men are objectifying her and asks why it's okay for Rachel to feel safer if he's not on the football team, but not okay for him to feel safer when she is wearing her reindeer sweaters. Rachel claims to understand the point he was trying to make, that in order for this relationship to work, each of them can't control the other and that Finn has her blessing to rejoin the football team if he can. As she's walking away, a desperate Jacob Ben Israel comes over and asks Finn what he wants for Rachel, because Jacob's willing to give Finn anything, including his house at the expense of his parents' lives, just to be with Rachel. A frustrated Finn ignores him and walks away.

Finn and Rachel in Brittany/Britney

Finn quickly puts Artie in his place when he makes a suggestive comment about Rachel's appearance. Rachel's behavior, combined with her comment "to rejoin the football team...if you can," makes Finn try again to rejoin the team.

Artie finds Finn in the locker
room to tell him that he also is determined to get on the team and still wants Finn to help him. Although Finn feels bad, he tells Artie he needs to take care of himself first. Inspired by his Britney Spears hallucination at the dentist, Artie begs Finn to help him talk to Coach Beiste he walks away, but Coach Beiste overhears and questions what Artie wants to talk to her about. Wary of what happened last time he tried to help Artie, Finn quickly tells her he has nothing to do with Artie. Surprising both of them, Coach Beiste throws some pads at Artie, telling them to suit up, as they are now both on the football team. Thrilled, Finn wheels Artie off to get dressed for practice.

Back in the choir room, a stunned Rachel listens as Finn and Artie proudly announce that they are back on the team. Upset, she watches as Santana announces that Finn is suddenly more attractive to her, before turning and staring straight ahead. Later, Rachel, minus her Baby One More Time uniform, sneaks into the boys locker room as Finn is happily getting ready for practice. Finn notices the fact that she is once again wearing her normal style of clothing, and is happy about it. Rachel has come to tell Finn that she heard everything he said, that she respects his needs, and will do anything to make him feel safe and happy. Finn is pleased about this, but is more excited to be back on the team. Flabbergasted, Rachel wonders if he would do anything to make her feel safe and happy. Finn is irritated by Rachel wanting him to quit the team. Rachel expresses her fears about him cheating on her again, saying the relationship will only work if he's a loser like her. He attempts to comfort her by telling her that in the first game of the season, he's going to throw a touchdown and point to her in the stands afterwards, signifying to everyone that Rachel is his girlfriend. Although touched by the romantic gesture, Rachel issues an ultimatum, Finn must choose either football or her. When Finn tells her she can't ask him to choose, she walks out. As Finn is putting his books away at his locker, Quinn approaches to congratulate him on being reinstated on the football team. Quinn comments that his rejoining of the football team and her return to the Cheerios is like symmetry. She offers to meet him at ‎Breadstix that night. Although Finn admits that he has feelings for Quinn and probably always will, he shoots her down, explaining that there's someone else, and she needs to respect that. He walks away. Unbeknownst to Finn, Rachel had arranged for Quinn to approach Finn and ask him out, as a way of testing Finn. Knowing that his need to be popular and his relationship with Quinn had always been an issue with them in the past, she is happy to hear that he turned Quinn down. As an apology, Rachel sings The Only Exception in front of the whole Glee Club, dedicating the song to her boyfriend and explains that she finally truly understands what he was saying. She now knows that she can't ask him to choose between football or her, and that she can't control his life. A clearly moved Finn watches as she sings to him, both of them oblivious to their surroundings. As a final proof of his commitment to her, Finn leaves Brittany and Santana mid-conversation by his locker when he sees Rachel across the hall, proudly grabbing her hand to walk away. (Britney/Brittany)

Finn and Rachel in Season 2

Finn explaining in voice-over what happened when he made himself lunch last week, that he apparently "saw the face of Jesus" in a grilled cheese sandwich he made, taking it be some kind of holy sign. Although he's not a religious person, he decides to pray to the sandwich. Asking for the football team to win the game, so that Artie can feel good, he rationalizes that God owes it to Artie, since "he screwed him in the leg department." Finn also mentions that if this comes true, he'll make sure that Glee honors him for a week. The football team does win, and Finn keeps his end of the bargain, announcing to all of Glee that a man has come into his life - Jesus, in the form of his grilled cheese. He asks to honor God through music. Most students are excited about this, but Mr. Schuester suggests that the songs be about spirituality rather than God. Rachel, however, is mortified by Finn's new-found devotion to Jesus because of a sandwich. Finn has taken to praying to the sandwich as if it was a genie's lamp, and he only gets three wishes. His first prayer was used on winning the game for Artie, so he decides to make his next prayer about himself. He explains to the sandwich that he's dating Rachel, and it's really great, but she's been acting like a prude. He really wants get to second base with her and feel her up. He prays to the sandwich, saying that although Rachel's boobs aren't great, they're still girl boobs and he wants to touch them. Finn is the only one who does not know what happened to Burt, namely that he suffered a heart attack at work. Angry and worried, he storms into Glee, confronting Kurt about why he wasn't told Burt was in the hospital. Kurt tells him it didn't occur to him to call Finn, since Burt is not Finn's dad. Finn's response surprises Kurt, when he explains that Burt is the closest thing to a dad Finn is going to get. Finn thought what Burt, Carole, Kurt and he shared was their own special type of family and he's hurt that Kurt doesn't think the same way. Kurt says nothing, but moves his bag to let Finn sit next to him. Finn tentatively tries to pat his shoulder, backing off when he sees Kurt does not respond well to it. Later that day, Rachel comes over to Finn's, wanting to talk about Finn's new outlook. She's clearly still upset by his announcement of the Grilled Cheesus in Glee. She begins to talk about their future, explaining that when she's twenty-five and ready to have sex and children, she wants them to be raised Jewish. Finn, more focused on the fact that she said "when she's twenty-five and ready to have sex," quickly agrees that their kids should be raised Jewish. Rachel begins to kiss him, and suggests laying together on the bed. Once they are situated on the bed, Rachel says she wants to give him something. To thank him for letting their kids be raised Jewish, she lets him touch the sides of her breasts. Since his first two prayers were apparently so successful, he uses his third prayer to pray for his return to quarterback. Taking the Grilled Cheesus out of his gym locker before practice, he thanks the sandwich for getting to second base (it turns out that "Rachel's boobs are totally awesome") and once again asks to be reinstated as quarterback, instead of Sam. Puck overhears him and wonders what he's doing. Finn, embarrassed at being caught praying, explains that he has now started praying before eating. Puck mentions that he went to Temple yesterday with his Nana, and prayed for Burt and Kurt, since he knows what it's like to live without a father (it's worth noting that while he has felt deeply the absence of a father, Finn has never experienced the grief of actually losing a loved one in the way that Puck and Kurt have). Puck's selflessness embarrasses Finn further, since he was praying for things that will benefit only himself, and when questioned by Puck about what he was praying for, Finn lies and says he prayed for Kurt and Burt also. Rachel shows Finn a different way of prayer when she takes Finn to the park at night and sings Papa, Can You Hear Me? as a prayer for Burt. Accompanying Carole and Finn to the hospital, Rachel, Quinn and Mercedes decide to take turns singing at Burt's bedside since they are all different religions, something which Kurt, as an atheist, is not happy about. At the next football game, Finn wants to change the play from what Sam and Coach Beiste suggest, pointing out in the huddle that he's the only quarterback who has actually won a game. Sam agrees, but unfortunately the play results in Sam dislocating his shoulder. This however, is good news for Finn, since Coach Beiste makes him the quarterback again. Rather than feel elated that his prayer was answered, he now feels guilty. He confides in a very skeptical Ms. Pillsbury about the powers of the Grilled Cheesus, explaining about the prayers to win the game, get to second base with Rachel, and become quarterback. Emma points out that it's more likely they won because they have a coach who actually knows what she's doing and that it was RACHEL, not Grilled Cheesus, who let him touch the sides of her breasts. To further prove her point, she asks Finn what he and Rachel were doing before the touching. Finn replies that he remembers yawning because they had been talking about emotional stuff, which Emma tells him was the reason for the, as she puts it, "inappropriate touching." Finn feels let down, because he felt like he had his own direct connection with Jesus and now he feels that he's just floating around like everyone else. Emma tries to make him feel better by pointing out that the big questions are unanswered for a reason, and that everyone struggles to answer them, not just him, so he's not alone. Finn leaves and begins to perform Losing My Religion, singing to Kurt as he spots him sitting tearfully in the library. The performance ends in Glee, where Mercedes complains that they can't sing about God, but can sing about losing faith in God. Still feeling guilty about Sam's dislocated shoulder and trip to the hospital, Finn to admit that he used to believe in God, but now he's not sure. New Directions, led by Tina, sings One of Us for their group number at the next rehearsal. During the song, Finn is seen taking the Grilled Cheesus out of his refrigerator, and taking a bite out it. As the song ends, he throws a napkin down on the empty plate. (Grilled Cheesus)

Finn when he is quarterback again

Finn manages to get Sam to join Glee by talking up winning Nationals in New York City. Sam's joining comes at an opportune time, since Puck has been arrested and sent to Juvenile Hall, a fact which annoys Finn, since they need Puck's voice and bad boy image in Glee. After Mr. Schuester introduces Sam to the club, Finn excitedly greets him and shows him where to sit. The assignment of the week is to perform a Duet, the winning team getting a gift certificate to ‎Breadstix. Finn, of course, teams with Rachel, but is concerned when he realizes that Kurt has decided to make Sam his partner. Remembering that Sam was worried about the effect Glee would have on his reputation, Finn confronts Kurt, begging him to reconsider partnering with Sam. He's afraid that if the school sees Sam and Kurt as duet partners, they'll assume he's gay and make his life miserable, which in turn would cause him to quit Glee. Kurt claims he only wants to sing with Sam, but Finn is onto him. He reminds Kurt about how forcefully he came onto Finn last year, and says that Kurt doesn't understand that no means no. Nevertheless, Kurt insists on singing with Sam, leaving Finn to think of another way to break their partnership up. Finn and Rachel have decided to sing Don't Go Breaking My Heart as their duet.

Finn and Rachel singing Don't Go Breaking My Heart

Naturally, as the "it couple" of glee club, they assume that they're going to win. While Finn is happy about winning and getting the gift certificate to dinner, Rachel realizes that them winning could be bad for the team. She's come to the realization that she's only generous if there's something in it for her, to which Finn quickly agrees, but says he likes her anyway. Inspired by Finn's big heart and caring ways, she announces that she wants to throw the competition so that Sam can win, which would make him more likely to stay in Glee.
Glee 2x04 duets vose-13.jpg
Although reluctant at first, Finn agrees to go along with Rachel's plan to throw the competition. Since Kurt refused to find a new partner, Finn decides to talk to Sam. Sam doesn't see the problem with singing with Kurt, and thinks they have a shot to win. Finn explains that being in Glee is like walking the yellow line on the highway. Sam is confused, pointing out that when Finn first convinced him to join Glee, he made it sound glamorous and implied that it would make him popular. Knowing that slushies and trips to the dumpsters are in Sam's future, especially if he partners with Kurt, Finn explains that the popularity will come in time, but for now, Sam needs to lay low. Like Kurt, Sam refuses to switch partners, saying that he gave his word to Kurt. In Rachel's bedroom, Rachel and Finn have come up with a plan to throw the competition. Acting as a true team, Finn comes up with the initial idea, and Rachel expands upon it. They've decided that they need to sing a really bad song, while making it really offensive at the same time. They choose "With You I'm Born Again" but there's still a problem: Kurt and Sam are still partners. Fortunately for them, Kurt, after a discussion with Burt (in which Burt points out that Finn may have a point) announces that he's going to perform on his own, leaving Sam free to find a new partner, preferably of the female persuasion. Luck seems to be on Finn and Rachel's side: Quinn saw Sam receive his first two slushie facials courtesy of Karofsky and Azimio, and bonded with Sam as she helped clean him off. The two agree to meet to discuss performing a duet. Sam uses the meeting try to kiss Quinn, which freaks her out and she confides in Finn that Sam tried to kiss her. Knowing that Quinn is Sam's only chance to win, Finn talks to Sam, while Rachel works on Quinn. Both use the idea that while there's no way the team of Sam and Quinn will ever beat Finn and Rachel, they're welcome to come in second place. This has the desired effect, as Sam and Quinn agree to be partners again. Finn and Rachel's duet has the disastrous results they hoped for. Everyone, including Mr. Schuester, is offended by their performance and provocative costumes. Sam and Quinn follow and perform a wonderful duet of Lucky at the end of which Finn excitedly gives Sam a thumbs up. Sam and Quinn win the competition, to the excitement of Finn. (Duets)
Finn, having never seen the film, eagerly agrees to play the role of Brad after Mr. Schuester decides to have the Glee Club put on The Rocky Horror Picture Show as a way of getting closer to Emma.

Finn as Brad from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

What Finn doesn't know is that for much of the show, the character of Brad is in his underwear. Upon finding this out, Finn expresses extreme discomfort and nervousness, revealing to Rachel that he has always been self-conscious about his body, going so far as to wear a swim shirt in the pool. Rachel attempts to comfort him by pointing out that Brittany and Santana are known to be hotter than her, but Finn still finds Rachel hotter, proving that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Finn, however, remains unconvinced. Rachel, understanding his discomfort with his body, defends him when Santana and Brittany play upon his insecurities and demand to see the "hot mess" the Sloppy Joe-loving Finn has hidden under his shirt. Their comments, combined with his insecurities, causes Finn to begin working out like a madman with Artie and Sam. Until he feels comfortable in his body, he refuses to rehearse in his underwear. After a conversation with Sam about owning his body, Finn decides to show the students of McKinley High just how hot and in shape he is, walking down the hall in only a pair of boxers and his Brad glasses. This doesn't have the desired effect Finn was hoping for, as nine students are forced to sign up for intensive therapy, Karofsky and Azimio can't stop making fun of him, and Finn himself gets suspended for one month. Mr. Schue manages to get the punishment reduced to a warning, but the student body is still making fun of him. The upside to his walking down the hall in his boxers is that he has accepted his body, and finally understands what Rachel was talking about. Being cast as Brad has given him the confidence to become comfortable with his body. (The Rocky Horror Glee Show)

Finn finds himself in the same situation as Sam, while soaking their muscles after football practice, Sam confides that his relationship with Quinn has hit a brick wall, as Quinn refuses to do anything more than make out. Frustrated, he asks Finn for advice, since Finn not only dated Quinn, but is currently in a relationship with Rachel. Unfortunately, Finn is in the same boat as Sam, as Rachel refuses to go any further than second base. When Sam questions how Finn controls his urges, he shares his mailman technique, which allows Finn to calm himself and continue making out with Rachel. Since Sam has never run over any mailmen with his car, he needs to find his own image that will work for him. Finn chooses that moment to comment on how Coach Beiste often fixes her underwear after she yells at people, inadvertently giving Sam the mental image he needs to control himself while making out with Quinn. Mr. Schuester has assigned a boys vs. girls competition, with the stipulation that boys must sing songs traditionally sung by girls, while the girls must sing songs traditionally sung by boys. At the boys meeting to discuss their songs, Kurt displays his ideas for the songs and costumes, only to be made fun of and have his ideas shot down by Puck and Artie. Finn watches the confrontation between Kurt and the boys and while he is clearly sympathetic towards Kurt, he doesn't stick up for him. Finn's advice to Sam works so well that other members for the Glee Club start using the image of Coach Beiste to control themselves. It begins to backfire when Coach Beiste and Mr. Schuester find out about the unconventional method. Mr. Schue is upset that Sam would use Coach Beiste like that, and then spread it around the Glee Club, while the news causes Coach Beiste to quit her job. When Mr. Schuester relays the news of Coach Beiste's quitting to Glee, Finn, along with the other boys, is upset and horrified at the news, since she's actually
helping the football team to win. The girls of Glee, with the exception of Tina, are confused about what's going on, until Finn explains the unique method of using Coach Beiste's image to controlling their urges, quickly backtracking to deny he's ever had to use this method when he sees the look he gets from Rachel. When the time comes to perform their mash-up of Stop! In the Name of Love/Free Your Mind, the boys dedicate the performance to Coach Beiste, with Finn explaining how much she means to the boys. (Never Been Kissed)

Much to the delight of Finn after Mr. Schuester turns sick, Kurt enlists the new Spanish Substitute, Holly Holliday, to take over Mr. Schue's Glee duties. Faced with the prospect of Rachel taking over Glee in Mr. Schuester's absence, Kurt enlists the new Spanish Substitute, Holly Holliday, to take over Mr. Schue's Glee duties, to the delight of Finn. Holly allows the Glee Club to do songs that Mr. Schue will not allow them to do, acting more like a friend than a teacher. Finn, to the annoyance of Rachel, loves the way Holly Holliday conducts Glee, and eagerly dances and sings with the sub. Rachel eventually comes around and performs a song and dance medley from "Chicago" with Holly Holliday, with Finn enthusiastically cheering and supporting his girlfriend from the audience. When Holly Holliday doesn't offer the same support in times of trouble that Mr. Schuester does, Finn and the rest of the Glee Club begin a campaign to get Mr. Schuester his job back, since Sue, acting as principal, has fired Will and given his job to Holly Holliday permanently. When Mr. Schuester returns (thanks to Glee's actions), Finn, along with the rest of Glee, is annoyed to see that unlike Holly Holliday, Mr. Schuester is still not willing to take their songs considerations into play. Mr. Schuester goes to Holly for advice, and they create a mash-up of Umbrella/Singin' In the Rain for Glee, in which Finn sings backup and dances. (The Substitute)


Finn is thrown in for a loop in more ways than one. First, Burt and Carole show up at school to tell both Kurt and Finn that they are engaged. Finn is stunned and appears unsure about this latest news, while Kurt is excited. Knowing that his mother is thrilled, he congratulates the couple, although he still feels apprehensive. However, he begins to get excited about the wedding when Kurt, taking his role of wedding planner serious, announces that New Directions will be providing the music for the wedding. In addition to the changes in his home life, Finn is dealing with problems on the football front. Sam's shoulder is healed, and he's determined to get his Quarterback position back from Finn, while Finn is just as determined to keep it. He had initially seen Sam as a minor problem, since Sam can't even get Quinn to become his girlfriend let alone become QB again, but seeing how determined Sam is causes Finn to become worried about losing his spot. He's so focused on maintaining his QB status along with the changes at home, that it blinds him to things going on around him, particularly Kurt and his problems. Shocked at Finn's unwillingness to help Kurt, Rachel announces that she has never been more disappointed in Finn and storms off. Finn is left feeling guilty, torn between his emotions of wanting to help Kurt, or save the QB spot he loves.

Finn feels even worse when he finds out that Mike, Artie, and Sam confronted Karofsky in the locker room, resulting in a fist fight between Sam and Karofsky. Although Puck was present in the locker room, his probation forced him from joining in the fight, and he showed great restraint in not getting involved. Finn was not present at all, as he was still on the field. When the Glee Girls find out about the fight, they are shocked that this went down without Finn, since he's Kurt's future Step Brother and because he's the leader of Glee. They further rub salt into an open wound, when the girls begin to fawn over Mike, Artie and particularly Sam, impressed at how Sam showed leadership in the fight. Finn begins to feel threatened by Sam in both Glee and football. Knowing that only Rachel knows he refused to help, he attempts to reclaim his leader spot, claiming that he totally would have been in that fight, standing up for Kurt, if he had been there. Warming up to the idea of the wedding, Finn shares with Kurt his nerves about the big day. Luckily for Finn, Kurt has it all planned out, down to the Best Man speech (which Kurt will write for Finn) and Mother-Son dance. Since it's a know fact that Finn is the worst dancer in Glee, Kurt enrolls Finn, (as well as Burt, who's just as awful) in the "Kurt Hummel School of Dance" giving both men private lessons in the choir room. Finn is reluctant at first to slow dance with Kurt, afraid someone might see, but eventually goes along with it. He tries to convince Kurt to close the door, but Kurt wouldn't budge. Unfortunately, they are interrupted by Karofsky at the door, mocking them. After Burt sees this and asks Finn and Kurt what was going on, Kurt tells him about the bullying after Finn threatens to tell Burt himself. Burt noticed he was holding back information, and when prompted, also tells Burt about Karofsky threatening to kill him, causing Burt to immediately chase after Karofsky. Finn is in awe as Kurt had never told him. Once he is pulled off of Karofsky by Finn, Burt immediately turns to him and questions where he has been while all this is going on, implying that Finn should have been protecting Kurt. Burt's implication further adds to Finn's guilt.

Finchel Kiss Furt.jpg

The guilt over not helping Kurt is nothing compared to the guilt he feels about his sex lie to Rachel. Santana, seeking revenge because Rachel didn't include her in the Glee Girls meeting, confronts Finn about their one night stand at Burt and Carole's wedding. Finn panics, because Rachel had come clean about NOT sleeping with Jesse, and while he had the perfect opportunity to tell her then, he didn't. Santana does her best to convince Finn to tell the whole school he slept with her, claiming it will give him the popularity boost he needs, and will help keep his QB spot. Knowing that appealing to his popularity worked to get him to do what she wants in the past, Santana plays up how unpopular Rachel is. It's not until Santana implies that she'll tell Rachel and begins to openly insults Rachel, that Finn reacts. Visibly angry when she insults Rachel and worried that Rachel would dump him if she know, Finn firmly announces that he loves Rachel and Santana needs to accept that. Before he can say anything else, Rachel herself walks in. With a last meaningful look at Finn, Santana leaves. Finn, still upset, is left speechless by how beautiful Rachel looks, and professes his love for her, which Rachel returns. This declaration helps Finn recover enough to perform Marry You with Rachel and the rest of Glee during the ceremony. Santana, still seeking revenge, watches Finn and Rachel share looks of love during the ceremony with a look of disgust, and possible longing on her face.


Watching his mother profess her love for Burt makes Finn emotional, and he realizes just how his life is going to change for the better. For the first time, Finn is going to truly experience a family unit and he begins to realize what Burt, Carole, and Kurt have already known, that being a family means that you stand up for and protect each other, no matter how it might affect your own life. Although Kurt written Finn's Best Man Speech, Finn decided to speak from the heart. Speaking about what he has learned about the meaning of family, he uses the speech to apologize to Kurt for not being there during the Karofsky ordeal. Promising to be there for Kurt from now on, no matter what, he announces that he has a surprise for Kurt, Finn joins the rest of Glee in singing Bruno Mars' Just the Way You Are, bringing Kurt to the dance floor to slow dance with him, something he was reluctant to do in private, let alone at a wedding reception. When Kurt and Burt find out that Karofsky is no longer expelled and will be returning to school immediately, Burt and Carole decide to use their honeymoon money to send Kurt to Dalton Academy. Finn is incredibly upset and hurt when Kurt announces this in Glee, since it was not discussed as a family. Finn thinking back to his promise to protect and stand up for Kurt, immediately offers to help keep Karofsky away from him. He also offers, along with the rest of New Directions, to form a Secret Service type wall of protection around Kurt at all times, but to no avail. Kurt's mind is made up and he will be leaving William McKinley High School, forcing Finn to accept his decision. (Furt)

Finn's lie about his night with Santana finally comes back to light. During a heated argument with Rachel, Santana, annoyed by Rachel's self-righteousness and smugness, announces that she slept with Finn during the Sectionals set list, to the horror of Rachel. Finn, who seemed to know what Santana was about to say, but was unable to stop it, is horrified. Rachel immediately schedules couples counseling with Ms. Pillsbury to discuss the situation. Ms. Pillsbury is less than competent when dealing with relationships, and simply advises Rachel to storm off, leaving a bewildered Finn behind. Finn and Rachel keep their distance from each other for several days, although Santana does her best to cause chaos among them, blowing Finn kisses and telling Rachel that Finn bought her dinner after they slept together. Distraught, Rachel seeks the advice of Puck.
Things come to a head at Sectionals. Rachel refuses to perform if Finn is on the stage after finding out that everyone in Glee knew about Santana and Finn. He correctly assesses the situation and recognizes the fact that Rachel is not mad about his lie, but about the fact that it was Santana.

After Sectionals, Finn and Rachel talk, and realize that they both love each other and can get past the lie. Finn says no more lies, ever. Rachel, takes this to heart and says that she has to tell him something. She then tells him how she made out with Puck, perhaps with intentions of going further. Her plan failed however, when Puck felt bad about doing it because he had already ruined one of Finn's relationships. Finn is horrified that the girl he loves has maliciously cheated on him with Puck (the second time this has happened) and breaks up with Rachel. Rachel reminds him that he promised never to break up with her, but Finn tells her that he never thought she'd hurt him like this and walks away. (Special Education)

Unlike last year when Finn was mortified to be singing in front of other students, he is one of the few Glee members happy when Mr. Schuester announces that Glee will be caroling classroom to classroom. Finn's happiness about the holiday season doesn't escape Rachel's attention and she asks him to meet her in the auditorium at 4, to which he agrees. What he finds in the auditorium makes him very uncomfortable. Rachel has taken his love of Christmas and tried to turn it into her own apology. She has created a Winter Wonderland on stage complete with fake trees, falling snow, and a gift of song Merry Christmas Darling for Finn. Seeing the obvious obnoxious attempts she is making to win him back, Finn realizes what she's up to, telling her he's not ready to forgive her yet and walks out. Finn is intent on getting everyone in the Christmas Spirit, especially once Sue Sylvester destroys the Glee Club tree and decorations, explaining about the meaning of Christmas, and even eventually going so far as donating his dead father's watch to a charity. Rachel, sensing another opportunity to make up with Finn, immediately suggests that as Co-Captains, she and Finn should go buy another tree, which Finn agrees to.

At the tree lot, Rachel pulls out all the stops, slipping Finn's favorite scented air freshener in her pocket and trying to cuddle with him, since the weather is perfect "cuddle weather," but both tactics are unsuccessful. Once Rachel hears her favorite Christmas song, Last Christmas playing, she tries a new tactic, knowing that Finn has always been incredibly susceptible to her singing voice. Unfortunately for Rachel, Finn, once again able to understand her motives, is aware of what she is trying to do and suggests going down different aisles to avoid it. Undaunted, Rachel begins singing anyway, and Finn once again falls victim to her voice. Unable to help himself, he begins singing with her, and shares a kiss with Rachel, before realizing that he's not ready to forgive her. He finally begins to tell her how he's been affected by her actions, explaining that he's had
Finchel of A Very Glee Christmas .gif
two girlfriends and both have cheated on him. As a result, he's been seriously messed up, especially by Rachel. He announces that he's officially breaking up with her and walks away. Following the mantra that no one should be alone on Christmas, Finn and the Glee Club, along with Sue Sylvester, help the newly divorced Mr. Schuester celebrate Christmas. (A Very Glee Christmas)

After Finn is insulted by Karofsky and Glee during a football huddle, Finn attacks him verbally after Karofsky starts making homophobic comments about Finn's stepbrother, Kurt. Karofsky (a closeted homosexual), annoyed by Finn's comment that Karofsky never seems to have a girlfriend, lets Finn get hit on the next play, causing Finn to lose the ball and the game. After Artie gets a Slushie Facial from the Football Team, Coach Beiste and Mr. Schuester hatch a plan in which the Football Team will join Glee for one week. Battle-lines are clearly drawn in the choir room, with the Football Team, minus Finn, Artie, Mike and Puck, on one side of the room, and Glee on the other. Mr. Schuester tries to show the Football Team what Glee is all about by having Puck and Rachel sing Lady Antebellum's Need You Now. He watches intently during the song, until all hell breaks loose at the end, when Azimio insults Puck. Puck attempts to smash a guitar over Azimio's head, and both groups start fighting.

Finn with his fellow Football players in zombie make-up

Puck asks Finn to be his "ally" again, because he believes it's the only way to win the game. Finn accepts his offer, and they make a pact to back each other up. Finn confronts Quinn over her decision to leave glee club, causing Sam to get jealous and start a fight with Finn, questioning his leadership. They get into a shoving match, only to be broken up by Mr. Schuester. Things between Glee and Football have been improving. Karofsky in particular, seems to be enjoying singing and dancing, which doesn't go unnoticed by Finn. Finn is shocked, however, when Karofsky comes up with dances and suggestions for Glee. The truce is short lived unfortunately, because once Karofsky gets a Slushie Facial from the hockey team, he quits Glee, as does the rest of the team. Finn is at a loss. Without the rest of the team, they can't play in the championship game. He tries and fails to get the team to come back, pointing out that this is the championship game, which no McKinley football team has ever gone to, but to no avail. Rachel, Mercedes, Tina and Lauren save the day and join the team, to the excitement of Finn. He tries valiantly to play the game, but only Lauren is able to contribute and help. After Tina gets hurt running with the ball, Finn has an idea. Just before halftime, he tells Sam to take over at QB and runs to find the Cheerios. He manages to convince Santana, Quinn and Brittany to quit Cheerios and come back to Glee, telling Quinn that he knows her and she is strong enough to quit Cheerios. Meanwhile, Puck is convincing the rest of the football team to come back and perform the halftime show, meaning they could play the second half. They perform Thriller/Heads Will Roll at the half time show. With the football team back, Finn manages to score a touchdown himself and win the game. During all the celebrations, Finn and Quinn share a smile. Finn assumes that since Karofsky seemed to like being in Glee that he'll stay in it once the mandatory week is up. He's willing to convince the Glee Club to let Karofsky join, as long as Karofsky apologizes to Kurt to begin making things right with him. Karofsky has no intention of joining Glee, to the surprise of Finn. As Karofsky leaves, Finn sees Quinn, and the two discuss her leaving Cheerios. Quinn compliments Finn's leadership skills, saying that he was amazing on the field and off, and that his actions reminded her of why she loved him. Just before she walks away, she kisses him on the lips, leaving a stunned Finn behind her. (The Sue Sylvester Shuffle)

Finn and Quinn kiss in the Auditorium.

Finn is feeling the effects of winning the Championship Game and being named MVP. Despite every girl in the school seemingly wanting him, he decides to take a shot with Quinn. He sees her with Sam, and the two share a look. Finn declares by voiceover that he will get Quinn to kiss him again. Claiming he wants to help Glee raise money, he decided to open a kissing booth since he believes himself to be the closest thing to a "celebrity" Glee has. When he is at the kissing booth he is confronted by Quinn, who says she knows that he made the kissing booth to get her to kiss him. Finn seems confident that Quinn has feelings for him too. Sam sees the conversation, getting suspicious. Sam badgers Quinn until she agrees to kiss Finn. Back at the kissing booth, Rachel asks for a kiss. Unable to kiss Rachel on the lips, he kisses her cheek. Rachel is upset that he only kissed her cheek, leading her to say she still loves him. Finn gives her the Christmas present (a gold star necklace) he ordered her before they broke up, telling her that he still believes in her. When Quinn comes to kiss Finn, Sam watches and they kiss. Both Finn and Quinn see fireworks when they kiss. When Quinn and Sam are leaving, Quinn rushes back and whispers in Finn's ear to meet her in the auditorium the next day. During rehearsal Santana, upset that Finn and Quinn attacked her verbally yesterday, notices Finn and Quinn are keeping something secret and plots revenge. She kisses a boy with mono, then kisses Finn. Finn meets with Quinn in the auditorium, and Quinn admits that she's not sure if she loves Sam, but thinks she loves Finn too. Finn says her cheating hurt so much because it meant that she didn't love him, to which Quinn replies that it's not true. They kiss. At the next glee rehearsal, Finn gives Mr. Schuester the money he made at the kissing booth and looks sick, along with Quinn. Finn asks to be excused because he is sick. Quinn says the same, causing Santana to say that they probably have mono, "the kissing disease."

In the nurses office, Finn tells Quinn that he isn't done with them yet, but Quinn says that they can't do anything until she knows what's happening with her and Sam, the same for Finn and Rachel. Later after Quinn's mother comes to pick her up, Finn is left alone in the nurse's office. Rachel comes into keep him company. Rachel explains how much it meant to her that Finn chose her over Quinn, since Quinn is so much prettier than her. Finn cuts her off telling her how beautiful she is, but Rachel only wants to know how it felt when he kissed Quinn. Before he can stop himself, he simply says "fireworks." When Rachel asks how it felt to kiss her, he hesitates, unable to say anything. Rachel interprets this negatively and walks out. (Silly Love Songs)

Finn and Quinn's makeout session in the auditorium is starting to make things rocky with Quinn and Sam's relationship. Quinn and Finn have formulated a lie to tell Sam how Quinn got mono from Finn, saying that she did not kiss him, but saved his life, giving him mouth to mouth when he choked on a gumball. Sam buys this because he does not want to believe that Quinn cheated on him with Finn, yet he knows that he is losing Quinn. In order to get Quinn back, Sam decides to be a little "Rock and Roll" and apparently, no one is more rock and roll than Justin Bieber. Sam's performance of Baby wins all the girls over, including Quinn, and gets all the guys, except Finn to join up with Sam's band. Finn is opposed completely to Justin Bieber, and does not consider joining up.

Finn performs Sing with Rachel and New Directions

After the performance of Somebody to Love with the newly expanded JB band, Quinn is won over by Sam, and their relationship is rekindled. Finn, confused about Quinn returning to Sam, confronts her. She says that Sam is an artist, and at the end of the day it really turns her on. With this, Finn begins to jump ship with the rest of the guys and dress like Justin Bieber, which Quinn notices. Sue has also joined Glee Club in this episode and helps the kids to perform a true Anthem, the theme of the week, Sing by My Chemical Romance, which Finn and Rachel have solos in. Sam later breaks up with Quinn when Santana tells him what really happened between Finn and Quinn. Toward the very end, Rachel says that the My Chemical Romance number they did was good, but if they wanted to beat the Warblers and Aural Intensity, they needed to bring what no one else would expect or be able to top: to do original song. The class takes it to a vote and Rachel is the only one who thinks they should write an original song for Regionals.

After Glee Club however, Finn tells Rachel that he agrees with her and the only way they will win is if they have an original song. Rachel asks why he didn't back her up before, and he says it was because it wouldn't have made a difference. He convinces her to write an amazing song and prove the rest of the club wrong. He then proceeds to tell her that he really liked the Rachel he saw in the glee club that day, that it reminded him of the old Rachel; "focused, take no prisoners" Rachel. He tells her that the old Rachel could be making a "Comeback" to close the episode. (Comeback)

Finn's reaction to My Headband

Finn is asked by Rachel to listen to her original song. Before listening to it they hug to break the tension between them. Rachel said it's silly to pretend they aren't comfortable around each other after the breakup. After listening to her song, My Headband, Finn told her that the song is interesting, but it's not emotional or good. Rachel admits that she does not have enough inspiration to use for songwriting, and that she hasn't even had a sip of alcohol. He told her that if she needs to be an artist like her new idols (Carole King and Gerry Goffin), she should do a little living.

At the party, Finn decides to stay sober because he is the designated driver. Rachel, already drunk, was all over Finn and declared that she would do anything for him. He understood that Rachel was drunk and explained to her the types of drunk people. In the process, he described Rachel as a needy drunk (because she was all over him) and asked her to stop. As a result, Rachel stopped being needy and suggested for everyone to "spin the bottle." During Rachel and Blaine's duet of Don't You Want Me, Finn shares a moment with Quinn.

After the unfortunate events caused by drinking, Will notified the Glee kids about their irresponsible actions, and asked them to stay sober, at least until after Nationals. Finn responded "What about after we win nationals?," making Will smile and suggesting that he will buy them sparkling cider after nationals. (Blame It on the Alcohol)

Finn and Quinn have started dating again, though in secret. The rest of the glee club has become suspicious, however, as Quinn has a hickey (which is later revealed to be from Finn). Later, as they are lying on Quinn's bed, Finn asks if their relationship is just about popularity, to which Quinn admits that she belongs with him and that he should have been her first. The two then kiss.

Quinn watches jealously as Finn shares looks with Rachel

(Sexy) Finn hears Only Child sung by Rachel. He tells her that it is an improvement from My Headband, but she needs to write something with more depth and meaning. Quinn is shown to be watching them, and states through voiceover that Finn is her first love, and first loves are forever. At Regionals during the Warblers rendition of Candles, Quinn takes Finn's hand, which Rachel notes sadly. Later, as Rachel is preparing for their performance, Finn approaches Rachel and tells her to 'break a leg.' Rachel remarks sadly that the last time they were here he had told her he loved her. Finn disregards this and tells her he likes her song, to which she responds with telling him to listen carefully because she means every word of it. As Rachel sings, Finn watches backstage. They hug at the end of Loser Like Me, which Quinn sees.

Finn and Quinn asking Rachel to be the head of Talent Relations

(Original Song)

Finn does not have an act in the benefit concert, but he, alongside Quinn, was made co-head of talent relations whose job was to deal with the 'talent' like Mercedes, and fill their needs. (A Night of Neglect)

Finn breaks Rachel's nose accidentally when he hits her in the face in one of their dance practices. He feels terrible and accompanies her to the doctor's office. Finn hopes it is anything, but broken, but they find out that it is indeed broken, but a "clean break." Later in glee club, Finn claims that he likes the way he looks even if he is a bad dancer, after they have a short discussion about changing the traits they were born with, including Rachel contemplating a nose job which Finn is opposed to. Santana points out flaws in her fellow glee clubbers, including Finn, Artie, Tina, and Sam. She informs Finn that he has "puffy pyramid nipples" that looked like they could be filled with custard and that if you were to sprinkle powdered sugar on them it could be a dessert. In one of their next meetings, Finn sings I've Gotta Be Me while dancing along with Mike Chang. After the song, he

Finn and Quinn after the "picture scene"

sits next to Quinn and they smile and kiss. Finn again tries to stop Rachel from getting a nose job. After Lauren puts out the fliers of Quinn in her "Lucy Caboosey" days, Finn comforts Quinn by pulling out one of her old Lucy pictures from his wallet and tells her he loves this photo the most because he can "really see her." She thanks him and they share a sweet kiss. In Lady Gaga's Born This Way number, Finn's shirt says, "Can't Dance." (Born This Way)

Finn and Rachel are suspicious of Sam, believing the rumors about the latter to be having secret night meetings at a motel with both Quinn and Kurt (who were his girlfriend and stepbrother) are true. He goes with Rachel on several stakeouts, their suspicions growing all the more each time. Meanwhile, the school newspaper reports that Rachel and Finn were "seen sitting closely, laughing, talking intimately." Quinn confronts him about the news. They assure each other that neither of them were cheating on each other. At glee rehearsal, Finn and Quinn sing I Don't Want to Know. When Rachel makes a comment saying that she and Finn are better-matched for nationals, Quinn responds that her relationship comes before winning at Nationals and she tells Finn he can't sing with Rachel if he wants to be with her. Later after Rachel's Go Your Own Way number, which seems to be directed at Finn, Quinn asks why Rachel is singing a love song to Finn (who seemed to be enjoying Quinn's obvious jealousy). Soon, everybody begins to blame Sam, who reveals his financial situation. Finn and Rachel go visit Sam at their motel room, where they reveal they bought back Sam's guitar from the pawn shop. They then join Sam in singing New Directions' main number for the episode, Don't Stop. (Rumours)

Finn confronts Rachel about the rumor saying that Jesse is back in town and that he's going to prom with her, muttering about the egging. Rachel says that he's going with her in a group with Sam and Mercedes, and that he lost the right to tell her who not to date after he broke up with her. When he tells her he doesn't want to attend anymore because he's scared he'll screw up all the little details, she gives him a corsage suggestion (which works out well, judging by Quinn's reaction). Later, Finn is shown liking Kurt's outfit for prom, saying it's like a "gay Braveheart." Finn goes to Quinn's house before prom, and he is blown away by her, saying she is "the most beautiful girl [he's] ever seen in [his] life." They almost kiss, but are interrupted by Quinn's mom, who takes a photo of the two. Finn and Quinn turn up at ‎Breadstix, and Finn makes a comment about eggs to Jesse, who doesn't

Finn during Jar of Hearts

seem to take it well. Mercedes tells them to get lost, which averts the crisis - until the actual prom. Rachel sings Jar of Hearts as Finn dances with Quinn, and it appears to be aimed at Finn, but Quinn don't seem to notice it. Afterwards, Quinn tells Finn that being at prom with him is what she's always wanted. Later, during Blaine's I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You, Finn appears to be having fun with Quinn until Rachel and Jesse's increasing closeness becomes too bothersome, and he picks a fight with Jesse. The latter manages to avoid a punch to the face, but Sue throws both of them out before he can do anything, much to Quinn's distress. (Prom Queen)

Finn is angry that Jesse being hired as show choir consultant, and his dislike is only fueled by Jesse insulting his singing and dancing skills, which puts him into quite a funk. Rachel approaches him to find out why he didn't sign up for the audition (for the solo at Nationals). He tells her that he felt all the hard work he have done in the last two years to become a better singer and dancer was whipped out by Jesse. Rachel responds by telling him that he's really good. However, he believes that he's only "Lima good" not "New York city good" and therefore not good enough to audition for the solo at Nationals. After the death of her sister Jean Sylvester, Finn along with Kurt decide to reach out for Sue and offer their help in any possible way (since they both lost someone they care about, they know how hard it is to deal with her loss). Despite Jesse's input, Finn, as the Glee club leader, made the call for Glee club to help Sue planning the funeral. Finn and Kurt also helps Sue sort out Jean's things in the nursing home. At the funeral, he explained to Sue that the theme is inspired by Jean's favorite movie. He sings a couple of lines in Pure Imagination. Later, Finn breaks up with Quinn on the grounds that he doesn't feel "tethered" to her like Jean did to Sue. He continues by saying that he thought he could fix everything from last year, but he can't. When Quinn says she can look past his feelings for Rachel if they stay together, Finn lashes out at her, causing Quinn to tear up. Finn apologizes, telling Quinn he still loves her, but she is now angry and leaves him in the car. After the break up, he goes to meet Rachel in the auditorium carrying a flower, but instead sees her and Jesse share a kiss. (Funeral)

Finn takes Rachel on a date. They go to "Sardi's", where they meet Patti LuPone. Before she leaves, she tells Rachel that Finn is cute. Finn tries to kiss Rachel, but she declines. Later, he sings Pretending with Rachel at Nationals, a song which he wrote. At the end of the song, they share a kiss. After New Directions' performance, Jesse tells Finn that
the kiss will ruin their chances of being in the top ten. What Jesse said turned out to be true, for New Directions came in 12th. When they get back to the hotel Santana yells at Finn and Rachel. When they are back at school, Finn hides in the library thinking that everybody is mad at him. Rachel finds him and tells him that "[she's] going to New York and [she's] never coming back." Finn responds by saying, "Graduation's a year away, got any plans till then?" He leans in and they share a kiss. The season ends with the glee kids celebrating their twelfth place trophy in the choir room. (New York)

The Purple Piano Project

Finn getting slushied.

Finn hems and haws and claims he has plans, when Jacob Ben Israel asks the glee club what their plans for the future are, but reveals in voice-over that he doesn't know what he wants to do. In the choir room, Kurt mentions that the YouTube video of Finn and Rachel's kiss at Nationals (which the pair have apparently apologized for many times) has thousands of views along with many snarky comments. During We Got the Beat, he plays drums with the McKinley Jazz Band. He also plays drums and sings in You Can't Stop the Beat.

I Am Unicorn

Finn, Puck, Kurt and Mercedes have to attend "Booty Camp" so that they can improve their dancing skills. Later at Hummel Tires & Lube, Rachel and Finn discuss the future as Rachel assists Finn with fixing a car. Finn suggests that he might want to stay in Lima and work for Burt Hummel, but Rachel thinks he can do better and encourages Finn to apply for NYADA. Finn calls her the best girlfriend ever and they kiss. At Booty Camp, Finn gets frustrated while practicing a dance sequence, but eventually completes it successfully, to the applause of the others.

Asian F

Finn continues to work on his dancing and during Booty Camp, he defends Rachel when Mercedes takes out her frustrations on the group, and in Mercedes' imagined performance of It's All Over he tries to break up an argument between Mercedes and Santana. At her callback performance of Out Here On My Own, Finn gives Rachel a pep talk and watches from the wings. Afterward he tells Rachel she was amazing, though she is unconvinced and decides to run for class president in order to improve her NYADA application. When asked whom he would vote for between Kurt and Rachel, Finn is uncertain.

Pot o' Gold

Finn overhears a conversation between Brittany and Rory Flanagan, an Irish foreign exchange student whom Brittany believes is a leprechaun. Shortly after, Finn overhears Mercedes trying to recruit Santana to join Shelby's glee club, but Santana won't go unless Brittany comes along. Later Finn meets Rory and learns that he is staying at Brittany's house. Lonely and frequently bullied, Rory asks Finn to be his friend, and Finn agrees – if Rory will let Finn know of news about anyone quitting Glee Club. Rory tells Finn that Brittany plans to quit, and Finn makes a last-ditch effort to convince Brittany to stay. However, when he calls Brittany an idiot for believing in leprechauns, the insult only reinforces her decision to leave New Directions. Finn watches Shelby's group (now named The Troubletones) perform Candyman, and afterward apologizes to Brittany. Finn also apologizes to Rory for not defending him earlier, and invites him to join New Directions.

The First Time

Finchel hands.gif

Finn is hanging campaign posters for Rachel when Rachel approaches and asks who he will vote for, but he is still undecided. He notices that she is unusually flirtatious and confident, though she explains her demeanor as enthusiasm for how her life is going and her expectations of a bright future. (He is unaware that she has just been told that losing her virginity would improve her portrayal of Maria in West Side Story.) Finn also is looking ahead, and mentions that a recruiter from Ohio State University will be at the football game on Friday. He invites Rachel to come over while his parents are out, and she accepts with a kiss and a look which promises more. In preparation for potential intimacy, Finn asks Puck for advice about condoms; Puck is supportive, but is otherwise unhelpful. That night after a romantic dinner, Finn and Rachel kiss by the fire, but Finn stops them from going any further and asks why Rachel why she wants to have sex so soon. When he learns that it is partly to help her acting, Finn is hurt and abruptly gets up to go make dessert. After the opening night of West Side Story, Rachel again visits Finn, who tells her that the recruiter was only interested in Shane. Devastated, he bemoans his lack of talent and worries that he will be stuck in Lima forever. Rachel reassures him and apologizes for her earlier insensitivity. Intercut with scenes from the opening night performance of One Hand, One Heart, Finn and Rachel once again lie down by the fire for their first time together.

Mash Off


Finn sings and plays drums in Hot For Teacher. When The Troubletones and New Directions meet in the auditorium before Will and Shelby's performance of You and I/You and I, Santana refuses to tone down her competitiveness (and insults), though Finn tries to be civil. For the mash-off between the two groups, Finn insists that New Directions perform Hall & Oates songs, and offers a solo to Rory. In gratitude, Rory tells Finn he has his support, especially against Santana. Finn explains that Santana was trash talking and demonstrates the concept when Santana passes by, calling her "an assless J-Lo." Santana laughs off their attempts to insult her, and Finn instead challenges the Troubletones to a game of dodgeball. After school, the two groups battle it out in dodgeball while singing Hit Me with Your Best Shot/One Way or Another. In an effort to play nice, Santana stops Finn in the hallway and apologizes to him; however, she immediately follows up her apology with a long monologue of fat jokes about him. Finn retaliates by loudly telling her to come out of the closet and suggesting that Brittany does not love her. In the mash-off, New Directions performs a mash-up of I Can't Go For That/You Make My Dreams, in which Finn sings a lead part while dressed as Hall (from Hall & Oates).

Before the Troubletones' mash-up, Santana learns that Sue's political rival Reggie Salazar is going to out her to the public after Salazar's niece heard Finn and Santana in the hallway. As the Troubletones finish their performance of Rumour Has It/Someone Like You, Finn whispers in Rachel's ear. Santana sees this and assumes the worst, though Finn tells her he was complimenting the Troubletones' performance. Disbelieving, Santana blames him for outing her and slaps Finn across the face.

I Kissed a Girl

Finn claims Santana slapping him was a "stage slap" in order to blackmail Santana into temporarily coming back to glee club. He wants her to participate in "Lady Music Week," a woman-themed assignment intended to force Santana to accept her sexuality and make her realize that the glee club supports her. Though Finn is enthusiastic, Santana is skeptical, especially after she learns that Finn was operating under the assumption that she might commit suicide. But after Finn and the New Directions boys sing Girls Just Want to Have Fun to her, she thanks him. Finn supports Kurt in the election for class president, but is shocked when Rachel reveals to him that she stuffed the ballot box for Kurt. He tells her she has to tell Figgins so that Kurt won't be blamed.

Hold on to Sixteen

Holdonto16 finntana.gif

Finn and Will worry about the upcoming Sectionals competition. Though Will is primarily concerned with the set list, Finn points out that the loss of several members to The Troubletones leaves them at a disadvantage. He decides that what they need is "star power" – specifically in the form of Sam Evans, who left McKinley after the previous school year and is now living in Kentucky. Finn and Rachel travel to northern Kentucky to find Sam at "Stallionz"; they assume it is a dinner theater venue, but it quickly becomes clear that it is a strip club. Finn and Rachel convince Sam's parents to allow Sam to return to Ohio in order to rejoin the glee club. Back at McKinley, Finn sings background vocals for Sam's performance of Red Solo Cup. While practicing their dancing for competition, Finn takes Sam's side in a disagreement with Blaine over dance moves, but later Finn admits to Blaine that he has been feeling threatened by Blaine's talent and apologizes for his recent behavior. As the Troubletones sing Survivor/I Will Survive at Sectionals, Finn becomes confident that New Directions will win. New Directions then performs their three-song medley of ABC, Control, and finally Man in the Mirror, in which Finn has solo lines. After their win, Finn is one of the leads in New Directions' celebratory performance of We Are Young.

Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Finn is uncertain about what to give Rachel for Christmas, so she compiles a wish list for him. However, Finn is dismayed at the content, quantity, and cost of items on the list. He tries to give her an African sow pig which will eventually be used to feed a needy family, but Rachel tells him that she would prefer a gift from her list. In the glee club's televised holiday special, Finn arrives dressed as Luke Skywalker (with Puck, who is dressed as Han Solo), though he recites a disclaimer saying that "any resemblance to Star Wars characters is purely coincidental."

He and Puck sing Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, with Finn playing drums and tambourine. The rest of the glee club eventually joins Sue, Sam, and Quinn at the homeless shelter, where Finn sings a solo in Do They Know It's Christmas?. At school, Rachel has had a change of heart; she tells Finn that she named the African sow pig "Barbra" and apologizes for being so materialistic and demanding. Finn surprises her with more presents—a star, which he named after himself (since Rachel is "already a star"), and a pair of earrings. Rachel and Finn decide to return the material gifts they had given each other and instead donate the money to the Salvation Army.


Finchel marry.gif

Finn is very excited for Mr. Schue asking Emma to marry him along with the rest of the class. He is later seen at "Zales" with Mr. Schue looking at rings. Will then asks him to be his best man, and Finn says yes. Finn tells Mr. Schue about his plans for joining the army, and Will is concerned. Finn is then confronted by Burt and Carole as well as Will about joining the army. Finn implies that he wanted to be like his father, but Carole than tells him the truth about what happened to his father. (He had a drug problem and over-dosed in Cincinnati). Finn is shocked and overwhelmed about the news. He seems quite happy and excited in the synchronized swimming routine to We Found Love when Will proposes to Emma. Finn is in the Auditorium with Rachel as she comforts him about the tragedy involving his dad. He feels nervous as he made Rachel promise to not say a word until he's finished. He then says a monologue about his father, and how "For some bizarre reason" Rachel let him love her. He becomes teary and then goes down on his knee and proposes to Rachel saying "Rachel Berry, will you marry me?" Leaving Rachel in shock and awe, not yet replying.


Finchel IJCSLY.jpg

Finn approaches Rachel exactly three days after his proposal hoping to receive an answer. Rachel says she hasn't managed to make a decision yet because it's all happening so fast. When he starts to anticipate her answer will be "no," he suggests that she take a couple more days to decide. Finn and Rachel join Kurt in visiting Blaine following his injury. Finn brings him eyepatch-featuring movies and sings Ben to Blaine along with the others. Finn keeps Rachel behind in the choir room when the others leave. He decides they should sing I Just Can't Stop Loving You because he believes she hears him best when he sings. At the conclusion of the song, Rachel agrees to marry him. He places the ring on her finger and they kiss.

The Spanish Teacher

Finn participates in La Cucaracha with Will and the New Directions boys and participates in Sexy and I Know It with the rest of New Directions. Finn and the rest of the New Directions boys participate in Bamboleo/Hero. Later, Kurt talks to Finn about his engagement with Rachel, and leaves him thinking about his future.



Finn and Rachel receive notes to come to the auditorium. Hiram and LeRoy Berry come in tell them that Burt and Carole told them about their engagement. Finn apologizes for not telling them, but they tell him that they are fine with it, and that they are throwing a dinner party for them and are inviting Burt and Carole. Finn and Rachel later tell the New Directions about their engagement, and are shot down by everyone except Tina, Mike, Artie, and Santana. Later, Finn has the The God Squad sing Stereo Hearts to Rachel for Valentine's Day. Finn later watches Rachel, Hiram, and Leroy perform You're The Top. They eat dinner and afterwards, their parents tell them they are supposed to spend the night together. Finn gets annoyed while waiting to use the bathroom while Rachel does her evening ritual. He angrily leaves the room to use the bathroom downstairs. They later make up and head to Sugar's party at Breadstix and join in the performance of Love Shack.

On My Way

When Finn finds out that Sebastian blackmailed Rachel to drop out by threatening to release a poorly photoshopped naked photo of Finn wearing red pumps, he is angry and wants to fight Sebastian. When Rachel says she's planning to perform anyway, Finn is disappointed in Rachel. Following the news of David's attempted suicide, Finn finds Rachel and they both apologize. Rachel tells him she won't perform at Regionals, but Finn counters that she should. Rachel suggests they should get married after Regionals. Finn is overjoyed. Finn is wowed by Rachel in her wedding dress. As time almost runs out for the Justice of the Peace, Finn is trying to hustle everyone to get moving.

Big Brother

Finn reassures Rachel that they would have gotten married if Quinn hadn't gotten in an accident. He suggests that waiting is better, so that they don't have to have a quick justice of the peace wedding.

Puck suggests that they should become business partners in the pool cleaning business and move to Los Angeles after graduation. Finn turns him down, saying he's going to New York with Rachel. Puck tries a new tactic by pretending to accept Finn's decision, but asking if he can help him at a job because he's good with motors. Finn is able to easily correct the problem with the motor, but his jaw drops as the woman flirts with him while offering to be a silent partner in their potential business. Or a noisy one. Finn coordinates the ticket purchase to Six Flags for Senior Skip Day, where he and Rachel ride in the front of the roller coaster.

Later, Finn asks Rachel if she has thought about what he will do in New York. She says they'll figure it out together. He asks Rachel about the idea of moving to California instead of New York, where she could still audition and he could support her with the better opportunities he could pursue there. He suggests the conversation about their future has been one-sided. Rachel insists she is better suited to New York as an actress. He tells her that she needs to be really sure she's actually in love with the real Finn.

Saturday Night Glee-ver

More Than a Women.jpg

Finn is identified by Will as one of the three seniors he's worried about. He notes that Finn has talent, but no self-esteem. Finn is one of the three finalists in the rigged dance-off during Night Fever.

Puck pushes for Finn to join him in Los Angeles again, but Finn says he can't. Puck encourages him to make his dreams big. Finn meets Rachel in the auditorium. Rachel tells him that if he doesn't want to go to New York that they don't have to. Finn tells her that's crazy. She mentions that they haven't really discussed his dreams. She says that her home is with him and they need to discuss their dreams together. Rachel sings How Deep Is Your Love to him, which she had prepared to convince him, just in case. In Ms. Pillsbury's office, she shows various college brochures to Finn. When he leaves, he throws all of the brochures in the garbage. Will finds them and confronts Finn. Finn says he believes he's not qualified for anything after high school. Will puts in the tape of Saturday Night Fever and dares him to dream.

FMS Stayin' Alive.jpg

Finn calls Rachel to join him in performing More Than a Woman because he needs her as his dance partner. He tells her that what he really wants for himself is to be an actor. He applied to The Actor's Studio, which he mistakenly calls "Inside the Actor's Studio." He wants to be a great man for her, so he's dreaming big so he can be what she sees in him. He enthusiastically begins a performance of Stayin' Alive saying he wants to strut.

Dance with Somebody


Finn questions what Mr. Schuester believes they are actually dealing with after he announces the assignment of Whitney Houston songs as a way of dealing with their actual issues. He looks uncomfortable when Mr. Schuester talks about their impending goodbyes at graduation. Rachel tells Kurt that Finn always sends her cutsie text messages, usually containing puns about her boobs. Later, Finn films Rachel performing So Emotional on his phone. Puck gives out gifts to the guys in the locker room as a way to remember the "broments" they've shared. He gives Finn a guitar pick and a shot glass.


Finn attempts to help Rachel get ready for her audition. He runs through different emotions and facial expressions and times Rachel as she displays them. He also opens doors for her so she can avoid germs. Though she is also avoiding kissing because of germs.

Finn confronts Puck about the possibility that he might not graduate. He convinces the New Directions boys together to help him study for his test. He is planning an elaborate scenario to get Puck when Puck simply walks into the room. He saw his dad which encourages him to not end up like him. He accepts the help of the Glee guys.

Finn The Rain in Spain.jpg

Rachel gives herself a pep talk before her NYADA audition. She says that she is a star. Finn interrupts to say, "I second that." He brings her flowers, and she tells him she's ready. Finn watches Rachel audition with Will, Kurt, and Blaine. They look on in horror as Rachel messes up Don't Rain on My Parade twice. Finn and the other Glee guys help Puck cram for his exam, explaining that Rachel wants to be alone. They all perform The Rain in Spain, with Finn taking up the drums.


Finn asks Rachel if she's bummed she didn't get nominated for Prom Queen. She says she wouldn't expect to be nominated, but Finn says he voted for her. She says she plans to spend the entire night dancing with Finn. Rachel sees a poster promoting "Finn and Quinn 4 King & Queen." She rushes to confront Finn about it, saying it was posted at eye level, so he clearly knew about it since Quinn can't reach that high. Finn says that when she approaches him with the crazy, that he can't handle it. Rachel says this is mad, not crazy. Finn justifies it saying that Quinn almost died coming to their wedding and he wanted to do her a favor. He accuses her of being selfish, but Rachel mentions she's having a bad week. She says she can't believe she's going to end high school as it began, with Finn and his pretty blonde cheerleader getting all of the attention. Finn says he supports Rachel's Anti Prom Party and plans to attend after his prom obligations are complete. Quinn questions him about Rachel's crazy plan and he admits he isn't pleased by it, but he feels bad for her and the rough stuff she's gone through. Quinn points out she's in a wheelchair, so she compares the "rough stuff" they've experienced. When Quinn uses her disability to court votes, Finn says it's super creepy and doesn't like her tactics.


At the prom, Sue directs Finn in the direction of the restroom when he mentions he's looking for Quinn. He walks in on Quinn standing at the mirror. Quinn tries to say it was her first steps, but Finn sees through it. He becomes increasingly upset with her for being manipulative. He's upset that he chose to help her and isn't spending his time with Rachel. When he goes to leave, Quinn pleads with him to just stay for the official dance with her. Finn gets increasingly annoyed during their dance and yells at her to stand up. He also confronts Joe, realizing he probably knew Quinn could walk as well. Finn then tries to grab Quinn to force her to stand, but this angers Joe and almost escalates into a fight before Sue stops it.

Finn arrives at the anti-prom just in time to see Rachel walk out in her prom dress. He tries to talk all of them into attending the prom. Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine all agree and leave the hotel and enter the prom together. Finn is announced Prom King. Due to Quinn and Santana's trickery, Rachel is announced as the write-in winner for Prom Queen, much to her surprise. The two share their official dance to Take My Breath Away as Finn reassures her that she is sexy, beautiful, and inspiring to everyone. Rachel says that if this can happen, maybe anything's possible.


Finn is excited as the New Directions go over their set-list for Nationals and is the first to ask Tina where she's going when she starts to storm out. Finn switches with Kurt during Tina's Dream.

Rachel gives Tina credit for getting the chance to see Carmen Tibideaux again. Finn compares Tina to an offensive lineman, saying "She's always in the trenches picking up blitzes so the quarterback can get the drive." Rachel is lost by the reference, but admits it was probably nice. Finn says that Rachel really is their "Unique" factor. Rachel says that each member of the New Directions is that factor and that's what she loves about them. Finn agrees.


Finn comes to check on Rachel as she's interacting with Jesse. Jesse says he heard Finn and Rachel are getting married. Jesse says, "Good for you," and then they shake hands as they wish each other luck with a lot of tension in the atmosphere. Finn brings Rachel a Chicago souvenir glass to use to smash at the wedding. He then mentions to her that he bet Rick Nelson the $500 which they are planning to use on their honeymoon that they're going to win at Nationals. Rachel is initially upset and concerned, but she is reassured by his enthusiasm. Finn then interrupts Will's pep talk before the go on to perform. He says that they all discussed it and everyone wants to win for Will. He says that Will is their teacher of a lifetime.


Finn gives Rachel encouragement when she sees that Carmen Tibideaux hasn't shown up before she performs It's All Coming Back to Me Now. "This is your moment. Three years in the making, forget about everything else. Take it!" He watches from the wings and looks nervous and supportive as Carmen does show up. He then performs Paradise By The Dashboard Light, paired with Rachel, with the rest of New Directions. He is excited by their win and smugly takes the winnings from his bet. He and Rachel share a kiss during Tongue Tied as the enter the school to accolades from the student body. Finn places the trophy in the case and they all stare at it.


Principal Figgins summons Finn and Rachel to his office to ask the New Directions to perform at the teacher of the year awards and secretly asks them to present the award to Mr. Schuester. Finn gives a speech about how he teaches his students to dream. They then perform We Are The Champions, and Finn guides Mr. Schuester on the stage at the end of the performance.


Finn auditions for The Actors Studio at Pace University. He talks to his mother about how he has a need to redeem his father's name. Finn and the rest of New Directions finish off the year with their final assignment, Goodbye. They are to finish off the year performing songs related to goodbye as graduation nears. Finn and everyone else participates as they perform a variety of songs, the seniors to the underclassmen and the underclassmen to the seniors. In You Get What You Give, Finn leads the song with the seniors and passes the glee club on to the underclassmen. Later, Artie and the other underclassmen dedicate, In My Life, to Finn. Artie explains that the song is for the seniors, but mainly for Finn. He thanks Finn for taking care of Glee Club and changing the tides at McKinley which changed them. After the week's assignment, graduation has come. Eight seniors from New Directions, Rachel, Quinn, Mercedes, Kurt, Puck, Mike, Santana and Finn graduate. Finn and Puck sing Glory Days at the ceremony, with Finn playing the drums and Puck playing the guitar.

Glee.S03E22.HDTV.x264-LOL 480.jpg
Finn, along with Kurt and Rachel, opens his college letter only to find that he was not accepted. After graduation, Finn and Rachel are on the way to their wedding. When Finn stops at the train station, Rachel is confused, until Finn reveals that he is forcing her to go to NYADA instead of being with him. He tells her that he needs to redeem his father's name and because he loves her, he has to set her free. To Finn, Rachel being with him would tie her down from chasing after her dreams. They break up, though Finn says that if the universe wants them to be together, then in the end, they'll be together. He'd last seen watching Rachel board the train to New York along with the rest of New Directions. During these scenes, Finn sings Roots Before Branches with Rachel. As she cries on the train, everyone waves goodbye, and Finn runs after the train. This is the last time he is seen in Season Three.

He is mentioned a couple of times by Rachel throughout the episode. When Brody sees her looking at a picture of Finn, she explains to Brody that he is her boyfriend, and that he joined the army. During Chasing Pavements, Rachel is seen scrolling through her iPhone as she looks at pictures of Finn with a sad expression. (The New Rachel)

Finn is mentioned a lot. When Kurt and Rachel move to their New York apartment, Rachel asks Kurt if he has heard from him. Kurt says he has and that he and Finn recently talked, Kurt reassuring Rachel that Finn's just giving her space cause he loves her. Later, when decorating their apartment, Rachel paints Finn's name clearly and draws two round hearts around the name. Brody arrives later, giving Rachel an orchard and is about to kiss her when Rachel pulls away and Brody understands that she still loves Finn and needs to give her space. He departs, reminding her that everything they do together, he'll be wanting to kiss her. This leaves Rachel to rethink everything about Finn. During the final performance of the episode, Everytime, Rachel looks a bit glum, Kurt watching her paint over Finn's name. (Britney 2.0)

Finn finally returns in Makeover. Rachel invites Brody over for dinner. When they are finished, they begin to make out, but hear a knock on the door. Rachel opens it up to find Finn without his uniform, shocked to see Brody. (Makeover)

After arriving in New York, Finn spends the night with Kurt and Rachel. In the morning, Finn reveals that he was semi-honorably discharged, because he accidentally shot himself through the thigh with his rifle. Rachel tells Finn
that she is going to help him discover his new passion, and she is going to start by having him sit in on her NYADA classes. During the classes, Finn comments how great Rachel is in New York, but that he is never going to fit in there. Later, Finn is with Rachel and Kurt at their apartment, when Blaine arrives. Blaine is shocked, but happy to see him. All four of them decide to go to a bar that all the NYADA students spend Friday night at.

At the bar, Rachel tries to get Finn to sing Give Your Heart a Break with her, but he says he hasn't sang since Nationals. Brody spots them at the bar, and Finn tells Rachel to sing with Brody. Rachel and Brody perform the song, while Finn sits there, looking very depressed. Finn and Rachel are both seen watching Blaine perform Teenage Dream for Kurt. On their way home from the bar, Finn asks Rachel what is going on with Brody, and she admits to kissing him, while Blaine admits to Kurt that he cheated on him. All four of them then sing Don't Speak. They all go to bed without talking.The next morning, Finn wakes up early to leave for Lima. He sees that Kurt is already awake, he tells Kurt to not tell Rachel anything and gives Kurt a hug before leaving.

Finn arrives in Lima, and breaks down in Will's office. Finn then heads to the choir room and sees his old New Directions friends. Will tells the club that Finn, and anyone else is always welcome back. Will then passes out papers with a list of school musical choices. Finn suggests Grease, which everyone agrees to. Later, Finn is in the auditorium, when Rachel walks in. She tells him that they always end up in the auditorium. Rachel then tells him that she hated him for sending her to New York, but realized he truly loved her. He tells her that he was giving her freedom, to which she replies that she is a grown woman. Rachel tells Finn that he was her first love, and that she wants him to be her last love. But she can't keep going on like this. She tells Finn that they are over, and leaves him alone in the auditorium. Finn then sings The Scientist while imagining the other couples in the auditorium with him. (The Break-Up)

Finn is now working at Burt's auto shop. He is really depressed because he has embarrassed himself out of the army, lost Rachel completely and now he's back in his hometown working at a tire shop. He's convinced his life is going in no direction. Artie comes to visit him and insists that Finn co-direct the musical with him. When Finn refuses, Artie threatens to not direct it either, making Finn cave in and help. They begin to hear auditions, where Blaine is too heartbroken to play Danny. Finn thinks he isn't ready for this, but Artie tells him he needs to just surround himself with a good vocal coach and choreographer. Mercedes and Mike then come walking and meet up with them. They discuss who is going to take the role of Danny, and they cannot find anyone. Finn decides to look to the football field to try to find a
Danny. He sees Ryder showing off his touchdown moves. After hearing Marley and Unique audition, Finn then goes to Ryder and asks him to tryout and that it will improve his grades. Though reluctant, Ryder agrees to help improve his grades, but he doesn't want to sing. Finn then sings with him Juke Box Hero.

They hear an audition from Jake and Kitty, so they decide to have a callback. Finn decides to cast Unique as Rizzo, the role he wanted to play. Sue, not wanting this to happen, calls Finn into Figgins' office. Sue tells him that Unique cannot play that role and that he is gender-confused. She thinks soon he will want on the cheerios and endanger her chances of being the winningest cheerleading coach. Finn then attempts to have sex with Sue. She tells him that it is a daily nightmare to be her enemy. Finn attacks back and accidentally calls her baby retarded. Sue then walks out.

Finn and the others callback Marley, Ryder, Jake, and Kitty to sing Born to Hand Jive with Mercedes and Mike. Finn tells Unique that she can be Rizzo and that he will help her if anyone tries to stop her. They then post the results.

With Finn's new confidence, Will tells Finn that he is leaving for a while, and that he wants Finn to coach New Directions. It is right there that Finn realizes the role he was born to play: a teacher. (The Role You Were Born to Play)


Finn is in the music room when Will tells the glee club that Finn will be taking over New Directions. Finn attempts to apologize to Sue for his insensitive remark about her baby. Sue refuses to accept, claiming she's seen his true colors and believes "you have hate in your heart." To frustrate him, she's reserved the auditorium for Cheerio practice, forcing Finn to find a new rehearsal space. Finn brings the guys to Burt's auto shop to get into character as grease monkeys and better understand the musical's themes: fixing cars, getting your hands dirty and bonding forever with your friends. They're soon perfecting Greased Lightning.

Finn spots Rachel after the show, realizing she's been crying - the type of tears she reserves for guy trouble. Upset that she no longer cries over him, Finn insists that they should have no contact whenever she returns to town, and Rachel agrees, telling him, "This doesn't feel like home anymore." Blaine and Kurt also have a confrontation, with Kurt rejecting Blaine's appeal because he doesn't trust him anymore. After positive reviews for the show, Will's pleased to leave the glee club in capable hands, but as he says goodbye to Finn, he tries to offer some final advice. "I've got this," the newly confident Finn assures him. (Glease)

Finn sees Jake Puckerman and Ryder Lynn beating each other and tries to break them up, but isn't successful until Becky Jackson and Tina Cohen-Chang interfere. The new director of the New Directions then welcomes the newcomers,
Glee.407.hdtv-lol 147.jpg
Ryder Lynn and Kitty Wilde, and has to deal with Tina's gripes along the way. He then announces that he wants the New Directions to sing songs by foreigners for Sectionals, of which the kids aren't impressed. This, along with the fact that he wasn't able to find some dry-erase markers and failed to notice that the national's trophy was missing, is supposed to underline that Finn was not making a good job of his first glee-club lesson. He then has a chat with Shannon Beiste, in which he entrusts her that he isn't viewed as an adult by the glee-club. Shannon then advises Finn to dress up as a superhero like they are and to be "their hero." He arrives to the next lesson in a superhero costume, calling himself The Almighty Treble Clef, running with the superhero theme and assigning duets for Jake and Ryder as well as Marley and Kitty, hoping to ease tensions within his club. Finn later watches New Directions perform Some Nights. (Dynamic Duets) Finn begins the episode by singing Homeward Bound/Home with the other New Directions graduates, except Rachel and Kurt. They then head to ‎Breadstix to catch up. Quinn mentions Finn's break up with Rachel, and Finn smiles and
says it was for the best. The next day, Finn has the New Direction graduates mentor a new member. He then says that at Regionals, Marley and Blaine are going to sing a duet, and they are going to have a dance heavy number of Gangnam Style. Despite Santana's criticism, he believes they can do it. He has the guys try out to dance the solo with Brittany. He gives the solo to Ryder after Jake lets him get it. At sectionals, Finn has a show circle like Mr. Schuester did. He asks Joe to pray for them. Joe recites Isaiah 41:10 from the Bible. They then get ready for the performance. (Thanksgiving)

Finn rushes to the choir room to see what is wrong with Marley. Will comes and tells them they have to get back on stage or they will be disqualified. Sue comes and starts gloating that the Warbler's won. Since Glee Club is over for the year, Sue takes over the choir room. Finn comes and tries to stop her. Sue then takes the Nationals trophy and says she is going to run it over. Finn grabs the other end of it and refuses to let go. They then head down to Figgins' office, where he tells them that there is nowhere for the club to practice until next year. Finn tries to keep the club motivated for the holiday concert, but without a competition, the glee club only wants to blame Marley and not practice. Sugar already quit the club. Finn tells them they can regroup for next year, but makes the seniors even more upset. The kids all go join other clubs to Finn's disappointment. He says that he booked the auditorium for late Friday night, and he hopes the club shows up. Marley is the only one to show up, and tells Finn that she found a place to practice.


Later, Finn is sitting in his room when his phone rings. He answers to Rachel telling her that she butt-dialed him. She says it wasn't an accident and reveals that she won the winter showcase. When Finn tells her about how he failed, she tells him that it was the experience that mattered. She tells him to not give up on his dreams. Finn meets Marley in the courtyard to practice. He sent a message to the rest of New Directions, and hopes they show up. He and Marley begin singing Don't Dream It's Over. The rest of the club shows up and joins them. (Swan Song)

Tumblr mel1y0gOqV1qg49w0o1 500.jpg

After seeing a disgruntled Artie, Finn goes over to see what's wrong. He sees that Artie cut his face from a slip on ice. Finn takes him to the Nurses office to wait until his mom comes. Artie tries to refuse help from Finn, but gives in. Finn tells Artie to lay down while he waits. Artie has a dream about not being in the wheelchair. When Artie dreams about not being in his wheelchair, it also means that Glee Club never happened. Finn and the rest of the football team members (Mike, Puck, Ryder, Jake, etc.) are seen bullying Kurt and then push Artie too. When Artie gathers New Directions together in the choir room (which is, in the dream, Sue's Cheerios costumes room), he sings Feliz Navidad .At the end of the song, Finn says that it was really gay. When his mom arrives, Artie has a new perspective and graciously accepts Finns help. Later Finn sings Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas with the rest of New Directions to thank Sue. (Glee, Actually)

Finn is asked by Coach Beiste if he wants to arm wrestle with her to boost up his pressure, but he kindly says no. She says she heard about Sue taking away the choir room, to which Finn says he is also running out of fun ideas for the New Directions. She says it's a 'no brainer' and that he should put effort into the Sadie Hawkin's dance. Finn thinks it's a dumb idea, but later, he agrees. He announces this to the Glee Club, telling them about a "Ladie's Choice" assignment where they can sing songs and at the end, ask the person they want to go to the dance with. Coach Beiste lets the New Direction's rehearse in the choir room, letting Tina sing her solo and ask who the person she wants to go to the Sadie Hawkins with. Tina introduces the song and says a lengthy speech before Finn cuts her off because Beiste needs the room at 4.30. She sings I Don't Know How to Love Him to Blaine and Finn can be seen exchanging awkward glances. During Tell Him, Finn enjoys the performance and at the end he applauses them and asks if anyone wants to ask a specific guy out.

During Sadie Hawkins, Blaine and Sam discuss the Warblers cheating at Sectionals, showing him how buff they became only in a month, displaying the pictures of them before and after Sectionals. Sam also shows Finn a filmed video of Hunter causing a riot at Lima Bean. Finn says there isn't enough proof, but when Sam and Blaine bring out Trent, they say that they noticed he wasn't in the Sectionals performance. Trent admits that the Warblers used drugs to cheat, and whoever refused wasn't allowed to perform, and that's why Trent didn't perform because he refused. Now, Finn is certain that they have the real proof to get the Warblers disqualified. He asks Trent if he is ready to testify against the Warblers. (Sadie Hawkins)

Finn starts by announcing to the glee club that they are now headed to Regionals, since the Warblers were found out to have used steroids. He announces that they need four hundred dollars for the bus ride, and suggests a bake sale since it worked three years ago. Tina asks instead to do a men of McKinley calendar. Finn thinks it's a good idea and agree. Later, Sue tells him that she won't stand for the calendar and will get it stopped. He asks her about her playboy photo, and she says that it will be impossible to find. Finn goes to Artie and asks him to search for the picture. Artie agrees, but tells Finn that he doesn't want to do the calendar. Finn agrees to let Artie not pose for it. Later, Finn goes to Sue and tells her that he found it. She tells him that she isn't ashamed of it, then opens it up. Finn tricked her and recorded her saying it. She tells Finn that when she roasts him, it is going to taste even better. (Naked)

Finn is having trouble getting the attitude of New Directions ready for Regionals. He asks Emma for help, and she suggests bringing out their diva attitude. They do the choir room and get the girls and Blaine excited about the Diva off. To help with diva week, Finn invites Santana back to perform and show them how to be a diva, annoying Tina and Sam. Later, Finn helps Emma with planning her wedding. He helps pick the white flower centerpiece, stating it is white and pure like her.

Later, Finn watches in awe of Tina's rendition of Hung Up He then gives her the award as the winner of diva week. He then goes to Emma's office to see her all upset because of the wedding plans, and thinking that Will doesn't like it. She starts having a panic attack, until Finn kisses her, then runs off. (Diva)


Finn starts by confessing to Rachel about kissing Emma. Rachel tells him to act the part of the best man. Later, Finn tries to talk to Emma, but she just snaps at him, then Will comes in. He takes Finn to Glee Club, where Will asks him to sing at the reception instead of give a speech. Finn asks Rachel for help. She meets him in the auditorium and offers to duet with him. He asks her if she is afraid of the musical chemistry they have. At the wedding, Finn feels extremely guilty about Emma running away. Will tells him to have fun at the reception while he looks for Emma. There, Rachel tells Finn that its not his fault. After Rachel catches the bouquet, Finn tells her that they can still be together and that they are endgame and she knows it. Then they sing a duet of We've Got Tonite. After which, they head up to a hotel room and have sex. At school, Finn urges Will to not give up on the search for Emma. He tells him that he will help him, then together they are going to help New Directions win Nationals. Then they head to the auditorium for New Directions performance of Anything Could Happen. (I Do

Finn G(AB)OF.jpg

Finn was in the choir room when Will had assigned the glee club 'Movies' as their assignments and mash-up. Finn, then, tries to get Will to amp up his search for Emma, but Will insists that she needs to have her space and that Emma will come back to him if and when she's ready, and if she really loves him. Because of this, he goes into Sue's office, where Sue reveals that Emma's used all her vacation days, but if she knew something about where she is, she wouldn't tell Finn. Finn teams up with Artie and they call Emma's parents. Wearing fake ginger wigs, they tell them that they're sad because Emma is not there to lead a ginger-related club anymore. After some missteps, Rose and Rusty decide to tell them that Emma is in her sister's house. At the end of the episode, Finn reveals to Will that he kissed Emma in Diva, leaving Will hurt and angry. (Girls (and Boys) on Film)

The episode begins with Finn and Mr. Schue in the choir room being confronted by Blaine, Artie, and Tina. The three tell Finn and Will that they are feuding and to stop it, give the co-directors an assignment to resolve their conflicts by drawing on music from famous artists known for their feuds. Ryder and Unique take the lead by singing a mash up of The Bitch Is Back/Dress You Up and resolving their personal issues. At last, Will and Finn take on the Backstreet Boys/N'sync feud by performing a mash up of Bye Bye Bye/I Want It That Way in the auditorium, with most of the New Directions siding with either Finn or Will. Though they are shown to initially fight during the performance, they eventually hug. Unfortunately, Will tells Finn that he cannot forgive him for kissing Emma just yet. Finn decides to leave McKinley, and when Marley comes to tell him good bye, she also asks permission to speak freely, telling him that while she is grateful for all he has done for her, he needs to grow a pair and go get what he really wants. Finn then leaves and is next seen in a hotel room in New York with Santana who takes a moment to speak to him before leaving. It is shown that she has invited Brody to the hotel room, but she leaves, and Finn proceeds to fight with him. The two nearly wreck the hotel room, and at last Finn punches Brody, warning him to "stay away from my future wife." (Feud)

Finn is mentioned by Brody when he accuses Rachel of lying about sleeping with Finn, and that he came to New York to beat him up. Rachel then tells Brody that she was trying to make Finn jealous. (Guilty Pleasures)

Pinn Hug - Sweet Dreams.png

Finn is first seen at the University of Lima as he attends school to become a teacher. He seems comfortable there with the partying atmosphere that occurs a lot of times. Finn goes into his dorm and surprisingly bumps into Puck, who verifies himself as his new roommate. He is happy to see him and they give a brotherly greeting. Later on, Finn is seen throwing another party with Puck in the hallway of the college, while Finn manages to get two ladies in the party by taking off their bikini tops. Finn is then disappointed to see Mr. Schuester arrive to talk to him, when he apologizes, and persuades him to return to Glee Club to help him, Finn denies his offer and continues on with the party. Meanwhile, Finn is seen playing the drums while performing Fight for Your Right (To Party) with Puck at a Delta Kappa Chia fraternity party, they were given critical acclaim by the president and they were both offered membership in the fraternity.


Finn is then seen returning Rachel's call and quickly apologizes to her for brutally attacking Brody, but Rachel gives him gratitude and asks him about his life in college. Finn replies that it's a great experience with Puck. When Rachel asks him about what to sing for her Funny Girl audition, he suggests that she performs a song that takes her back in the past, something that may intrigue the producers.

He is then seen in Rachel's hallucination with Artie, Kurt, Tina, and Mercedes, as they all perform Don't Stop Believin' for the Funny Girl audition. The next day, Puck tries to demand Finn to take his classes seriously so he could allow others to look up to him so they can succeed. Finn understands him and gives him a handshake. Finn returns to McKinley High and wants to return to Glee Club, but only if he is treated like an equal. This marks the reconciliation of Mr. Schuester and Finn's relationship as they give each other a hug. Finn makes a surprise return to the choir room, and motivates New Directions to work hard to win Regionals. (Sweet Dreams)

This is the first season in which Finn Hudson does not appear, due to the passing of Finn's portrayer, Cory Monteith.


While Rachel is singing Yesterday, we can see her looking at a photo, we see Finn and other Glee Club members after they won the sectionals in Sectionals. In You've Got To Hide Your Love Away we can see a photo in Artie's locker, with the glee club at their Regionals performance in Journey. (Love Love Love)

Finn Plaque.jpg

A month after Finn's unexpected death, Finn's friends gathered in the glee club choir room, to honor his memory and sing about it. No one is willing to talk about how he died, but how he lived. A memorial is held at his locker in the hallway. Some show their emotions openly, while the others did it more privately. His Titans jacket goes to Kurt, who gives it to Santana. Puck, with Finn no longer around to point him in the right direction, decides to join the army in his honor, and Sue plants a tree where she first caught him making out with Quinn. Sue appears calm about Finn's passing at first, but after quarreling with Santana, begins to show how saddened she really is.

Carole, Burt and Kurt also pack up Finn's belongings, deciding what to do with everything. Burt has regrets for not hugging Finn enough; the last time they saw each other; Finn was saddened by a test at school and Burt simply patted his shoulder and told him to get back at it instead of giving him a hug. This leads to Carole breaking down, and wondering how she is meant to carry on with her life. She says that she will never stop being a parent, even though she doesn't have a child anymore. She, Burt and Kurt then embrace. At some point in the episode it is revealed that someone stole Finn's jacket from Santana.

Rachel is overcome with grief and doesn't return to McKinley until the end of the episode. She sings Make You Feel My Love in his honor and presents the Glee Club with a plaque of Finn with the saying, "The show must go...all over the place...or something." Will asks if Finn really said that, and Rachel says that he was smart, in an unconventional kind of way. Finn previously said this line in A Night of Neglect.

Will, who had been occupying himself to take care of everyone, finally breaks down in tears at the end of the episode, where it is revealed that he is the one in possession of Finn's jacket. (The Quarterback)

Finn is mentioned by Kurt when Rachel declined to join Kurt's Madonna cover band and he says that Finn wouldn't want her to dwell in the sidelines as life passes her by. Rachel later mentions that during the Funny Girl rehearsals, it was depressing, because she sang My Man all day, possibly implying that she remembered Finn greatly during her solo, like she did in the episode, Funeral. Because of the installation of his plaque in The Quarterback, his plaque can be clearly seen in The Choir Room from this episode onwards. (A Katy or A Gaga)


Rachel decides to get a new haircut to try and make a change in her life, stating that she has been going through hell, implying that Finn's death is still playing on her mind. When she and Kurt decide life is too short, they begin to rebel, leading Kurt to get a tattoo. After the tattoo goes wrong and he gets it fixed, along with a tongue piercing, Kurt states that he has been in a trance since Finn's death, and the tattoo was the "shock back to life" he needed. Rachel tells him "I don't think there's anything I would love enough that I want to get on my body for the next 50 years," before sneaking off to the bathroom to reveal her tattoo saying "Finn." (The End of Twerk)

The logo of Finn's superhero alter ego, The Almighty Treble Clef, (from Dynamic Duets) is briefly shown when Blaine, Tina, and Sam are breaking into the choir room during the night. (Trio)

Finn is heavily featured in this episode. He is first mentioned by Will when he calls Sam into his office and tells him that Finn didn't recruit him to glee club just to recruit him, he recruited him because he wanted someone to be a leader to the club after he had graduated. Carole and Burt are brought in as chaperones for the trip to Nationals and say kind words on Finn's behalf. Sam brings Finn's plaque on the trip and, brings it with him when they sneak on to the stage. It is stolen the next day by Throat Explosion. Carole is distraught because the closeness to Finn's friends constantly reminded her of Finn, and is even more distraught by the fact that the last founding members would be gone after graduation which she feels would bring an end to Finn's memory as well. She is at first compelled to go back home, but changes her mind at the last minute and returns just in time to watch the performance. During the performance of I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, scenes of Finn from the past are shown in flashbacks of the glee club members.

At the end of the episode, Finn's plaque is returned by Throat Explosion's leader and hung back up on the wall in the choir room. The glee club members apologize to Carole and Burt for letting Finn down since they were placed second, thus losing their reigning Nationals Championship title; Carole and Burt, however, argue against this, saying that even though Finn would have been saddened by the loss, he would always find it in himself to stand up again. (City of Angels)

Puck asks Will if he can have Finn's plaque once the week ends, Will says no and tells the club that the plaque will remain in the choir room, though he later hangs it, along with Lillian Adler's, in the auditorium.

Later he is again mentioned by Quinn and Puck in the locker room when they are talking about their past with him. Puck wants to know if he forgave them for what they did, Quinn says he did and that Rachel was his soul mate anyway. (100)

When Kurt sings Don't Stop Believin', Will laughs and briefly glances up, presumably thinking about Finn. Finn's voice is heard at the end when Will is remembering his time with the glee club (Nationals). (New Directions)

Finn is mentioned by Rachel a couple of times, when she's talking to Mercedes about the 'first time'. She remembers hers being special because it involved the person she loved the most. She also mentions him when she talks about the crush between her and Sam (referring to the events of Movin' Out), explaining that she crushed on him due to Sam's similarities with Finn. (Tested)

Finn is briefly seen in a flashback by Rachel when she is singing Who Are You Now. She also tells Will that she has saved a seat for him. Will later calls Rachel and the others the morning after the show, revealing that Emma had given birth to a boy, and that his name is Daniel Finn Schuester (the newborn's middle name in honor of his former student). (Opening Night)

With everyone about to fly solo, Rachel feels melancholy and mentions that after losing Finn and the glee club, she doesn't think she can handle losing anything else. Kurt disagrees and says their friendship will survive the distance between them. The group then agrees to meet up again after six months. (The Untitled Rachel Berry Project)

Finn is mentioned by Will Schuester when Rachel reboots glee club: he had always thought Finn would be the one to take over when the time came. (Loser Like Me)

Rachel walks into the auditorium during Sue and Becky's announcement about homecoming, and walks past Finn's plaque. (Homecoming)

Quinn mentions her lying about carrying Finn's baby to Becky. (Jagged Little Tapestry)

After discussing with Rachel about making Vocal Adrenaline underperform at invitationals, Will seems reluctant to let this happen, but somehow changes his mind after a look at Finn's plaque in the auditorium. (The Hurt Locker, Part One)

Finn is mentioned during Brittany and Santana's wedding where Carole and Burt say how much his death had made them realize the importance of living a meaningful life. (A Wedding)

Finn appears in a flashback when the New Directions members are placing the trophies they had won over the years back into the display windows. (We Built This Glee Club)

After his basketball game with Sue, Will mentions having recruited Finn to the glee club and his hopes that it will convince some of the more popular students to join. Artie mentions how Finn saved him from being locked in a Porta Potty while he, Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes, and Tina are voting about whether or not he should be allowed to remain in the club. Finn is then shown pushing Artie down a sidewalk while taking him home, although his face is never shown. They all agree that he's one of the few people at McKinley High who never bullied them. Finn also appears towards the end of the episode when the footage of New Directions' first performance of "Don't Stop Believin" is shown. (2009)

Sue Sylvester, now Vice President of the United States of America, renames the McKinley High auditorium the Finn Hudson Auditorium in his honor. Finn, along with Rory and Marley, is one of the only former members of New Directions to not participate in the final musical number. However, his memorial plaque can be seen on the wall of the auditorium alongside Lillian Adler's plaque and a picture of all of the New Directions members and alumni from the performance in the final scene. (Dreams Come True)



Finn has been shown to be one of the most complex characters on Glee.

During Season One, and less so in the first part of Season Two, Finn has been shown at time to give into peer-pressure because he wants to be liked and not made into an outcast. Despite feeling guilty, Finn has bullied others at school and has often allowed others to bully him into doing things he would usually not agree to. A factor in this has been that Finn has been shown at times to think (wrongly) that popularity is about the only thing he has going for him. However, the second part of Season Two has seen Finn bury his earlier concerns with popularity and image and he is now unambiguously a "Gleek." While he is often able to "get" people and intuit them well. Intellect appears to not be one of his talents, and combined with his naturally trusting nature, this has allowed many of his friends to manipulate his naivety, to suit their own personal desire. The most notable examples would be Quinn's lie regarding how Finn supposedly impregnated her, Rachel getting Finn to kiss her in Season One and then later trying to get him to realize what they had was real, and Mr. Schuester planting pot on him to blackmail him into joining the Glee group by exploiting the way he was committed into doing his mother proud. He's also a natural born leader, and tries his best. No matter what Finn does, he always tries to give his all. He is especially concerned about being a good son, and becoming a good man in his future.

After having lost his father in Desert Storm, he vowed to do whatever it took to make his mother proud of him. His search for a father figure (now apparently ended with the Hummel-Hudson family going strong) has also been important. Finn also enjoys singing very much, having discovered his natural talent while singing with her mother's ex-boyfriend one afternoon, he's said that the glee club is the one thing that's made him happy in a long time. Because of his positions as the captain of the football and basketball teams, co-captain of New Directions, and all of the other responsibilities expected of him as a son, brother, friend, boyfriend and student, Finn is often extremely stressed out. He often tries to keep his stress levels hidden from others, but it often results in him exploding when pushed too far, as seen when he discovered that Quinn's baby was not his, or when he gets upset with Kurt after he moves in.

Finn's low self-esteem has also been made central as of the most recent seasons; as he's spent most of his life attempting to fit in or to please others, he's easily prone to resigning himself to stand in the shadow of some of his more outgoing and ambitious friends; and easily feels threatened by other male characters whom he deems to possess talents that eclipse his own. Especially those whom have a natural charm and wit that he himself lacks, this was seen in Season Three, where he expressed jealousy of Blaine Anderson's abilities; and would often let his personal feelings override his responsibilities as a leader, which served to alienate Blaine and made him feel uncomfortable being in the Glee club. Finn's jealousy was rooted in how Blaine possessed all the talents he had, in addition to being a good dancer and having natural charm, intelligence and wit, which in turn made Finn question himself as "not being good enough." In Season Four, his self-esteem is still low. After Rachel broke up with him, he said "Who am I? I barely graduated high school, and my life has absolutely no direction." Showing that he still considers himself "nothing."

However, despite Finn's low self-esteem, he is overall looked as the leader of Glee club. Finn, in the first three seasons, served as the true leader of the Glee club. Despite Rachel stating that she is the leader multiple times, it never looked up to how Finn took over. Finn will address an issue if members of the club are fighting, like how Rachel found out he slept with Santana before Sectionals in Special Education. He has developed a great reputation over the course of the seasons he was in, always proving himself to others, especially in The Sue Sylvester Shuffle. Despite people looking at Sam as the favorite in the first-half of the second season, Finn finally presented his true-self starting from Furt. He is also not afraid to tell people how he feels about them, people such as Rachel, Jesse, or Santana. Finn looks at someone for who they are and continuously celebrates it, not blaming someone for hating them for being different, as he has been looked at his entire time in Glee club from the Football team.

Finn has shown to have relationships with almost every Glee club member, often speaking to them at least a couple of times over the course of his appearances. After sleeping with Santana in The Power of Madonna, the two didn't truly interact with each other until the third season, where Finn finally broke Santana. Dealing with Santana's mean and "bitchy" comments of him, Finn revealed that he knows that Santana is a lesbian. Despite Santana slapping him at the end of Mash Off, Finn shows that he accepts the good parts of someone rather than the bad, admitting that he loves Santana as a friend, even after she has bullied him for three seasons. This culminated into her breakdown in The Quarterback. Sue even stated in the same episode that she thought of Finn as a good guy, and that she was the only Glee member she liked. Finn was the only one that the hateful Sue Sylvester actually admired, and that the potential of Finn's future was lost after his death, leaving her distraught. Finn has developed such good friendships that it seemed to have affected everyone he knew when he died, especially Will, who finally cried at the end of Finn's tribute episode.

Finn's accomplishments and role-model at McKinley has inspired many characters over the course of the show. His plaque of him is looked at by several character to change their mindsets on Glee, with Will as a primary example. Finn has been honored many times after his death, like Rachel's tattoo of his name, his Letterman jacket hung up in the boy's locker room, a tree carved with his name on it, Will's son having Finn as his middle name, and the school auditorium was renamed the "Finn Hudson Auditorium" in his honor. Finn's potential to become someone extraordinary may have been cut short after his sudden death, but seemed to have carried on in the final seasons of the series.


Main article: Finn-Rachel Relationship (Finchel)
Rachel is Finn's close friend, fellow Glee Club member and primary love interest. He admitted to Rachel that he found her to be talkative and that he even checked under his bed to make sure that she wasn't "hanging out under there" but that once he heard her sing, she touched something in him. Although at first scared by her aggressive nature in just about everything, Finn found himself immensely attracted to her (particularly the fact she wore short skirts and had a nice body) saying that she was hot in a "Swimfan" sort of way. After practicing singing together, the two shared a kiss, proving their mutual attraction. They got engaged in Michael and were about to get married when Quinn was hit by a car in On My Way. They broke up as of Goodbye after Finn sets Rachel free so she could go to New York and to NYADA while he redeems his father by going to the army. However, they are still in love with each other; they hooked up in I Do. They seem to restart a friendship during Sweet Dreams.

Main article: Finn-Quinn Relationship (Fuinn/Fabson)
Quinn was Finn's first girlfriend. Quinn was the president of the Celibacy Club and is a member of the Glee Club and head cheerleader. As two of the most popular kids in the school, they began dating almost four months prior to the series start. At the start of the first season, Quinn had a habit of manipulating the sweet, but somewhat naïve Finn. During most of their relationship, whenever the pair of them began to get physically intimate, Quinn would abruptly stop and ask that they pray instead. Although Finn wanted to sleep with Quinn, she always refused due to her religious beliefs. Ironically, Quinn ended up having sex with Noah Puckerman when he got her drunk on wine coolers and seduced her, resulting in her becoming pregnant. Rather than admit to the truth, Quinn lied to Finn and claimed the baby was his, after Finn prematurely ejaculated in Quinn's hot tub, due to wanting to be with him over Puck. Under the false belief that Quinn was carrying his child, Finn attempted to become a good father, while ignoring possible feelings for Rachel. While Rachel seemed to pose a threat to Finn and Quinn, they consistently got over their fights and proved their love for each other. When Quinn got kicked out of her home by her family, Finn stood up for her, and he and his mother took her in. When Finn finds out Puck is the father of the baby, he says he is done with Quinn and Glee Club, ending their relationship, and his friendship with Puck. Throughout the rest of the season, particularly in Hell-O, it appears that Finn still has feelings for Quinn, and she feels the same. Finn and Quinn had gotten back together in the episode Silly Love Songs and were broken up again in Funeral after Finn realized his lingering feelings for Rachel and how he didn't have those same feelings for Quinn.

Main article: Finn-Puck Relationship (Pinn/F*ck)
Finn and Puck were always best friends even though they past through a lot during the

Finn and Puck after winning Nationals.

Season One. In the third season Puck wants Finn to join him after graduation, but Finn desist. Instead, he helps him to finish the year with a good mark and so he can graduate. In Season Four both discover that they now are roommates. In Season Five, with Finn's sad and sudden death, Puck becomes depressed, and sings to him No Surrender. Also, to honor Finn, Puck decides to join the Air Force.

Main article: Finn-Santana Relationship (Finntana)
Under the orders of Sue Sylvester, Santana and Brittany agree to go on a threesome date with Finn. However, the date test was horrible, as the two girls spend all the time abusing the wait-staff, their fellow glee club members and friends (Finn included), and demands he pay for them, in spite of keeping him out of any conversation. That provokes Finn to go for Rachel. Later, when Sue Sylvester is trying to inspire the Cheerios with Madonna as an icon, she sends the girls to get young dates. Brittany starts dating a seven-year-old and suggests that Santana should date Finn, who Brittany believes to be younger despite his birthday being three days before Santana's, and take his virginity. Santana approaches Finn in a business-like manner, alleging that his virginity makes it difficult to even look at him. Finn initially declines, but after Santana told him that Rachel was dating Jesse St. James he succumbs to her offer. They spend a night together in a hotel room when Finn loses his virginity to Santana. But he says he felt empty as it did not mean anything. But he still does not reveal the fact that he did it to Rachel. Santana finally tells Rachel some time before Sectionals, leaving Rachel distraught and hurt. It has been revealed that because he lost his virginity to her, he cannot stand the idea of "his first" getting hurt in any way. Santana and Finn are not close friends, but she had been shown trying to help him win back Rachel by the end of Season Four.

Main article: Finn-Kurt Relationship (Furt)
Kurt is Finn's step-brother and friend. Even before they joined Glee together, Kurt and Finn had a great deal of interaction, due to the football team constantly picking on Kurt and throwing him in a dumpster. Despite the fact Finn never tried to stop the bullying, it was clear that he was never comfortable with mistreating Kurt, and often tried to help Kurt in small ways, such as allowing Kurt to take off his expensive clothing before getting tossed in the trash. After Finn joins glee, it is implied that Kurt has developed a crush on Finn. Kurt is often seen watching Finn out of the corner of his eye, and during Push It, Kurt slapped Finn playfully on the butt. It appears that Finn is aware of Kurt's feelings, or at least uneasy about Kurt being gay. This was demonstrated when Kurt made to ask Finn to help him get a shot on the football team. When Kurt approached him, Finn immediately cut off Kurt's question and said that while he was flattered, he was going to go to the school dance with Quinn, leaving Kurt obviously hurt, despite the fact that asking Finn to the dance was not his intent at all. When the Glee group is split into pairs and asked to sing ballads to their partners, Kurt and Finn are paired. Finn is reluctant to pair off against a boy, for fear of being pegged as gay. Kurt, however, is overjoyed at the idea, and attempts to seduce Finn through the guise of friendship and advice for Finn's personal problems. His plan works in that he and Finn become closer friends, but backfires in other ways.
In the end, Kurt admits to Finn that he is in love with him, with his ballad choice "I Honestly Love You." Whether Finn understood this confession is unclear, as his reaction was to comment that he did not know the song, but thought it sounded great. In the episode Home, Kurt sets up their parents in an attempt to get closer to Finn. Finn is not happy with the relationship at first, but when Burt tells him he is not trying to replace his father he feels a lot better about it. Finn and Burt start to hang out more, making Kurt jealous and has him changing his looks. However, when they move in together Finn explodes due to stress and describes their shared room as 'faggy'. Burt then kicks him out of the house. In Season Two, it appears that Kurt's crush on Finn had lessened over the summer. Rather than watching Finn with loving adoration like before, their interaction action comes off as more casual and at one point frosty. Said point occurred when Finn claimed that the new student Sam Evans, would be auditioning for the Glee Club. When Sam doesn't show, Finn is disappointed, and Kurt coolly says: "You're not the quarterback anymore. Nobody's gonna do what you do 'cause they think you're cool." It seems that Finn in particularly has come to see Kurt as a sibling, and when Kurt's father Burt ended up in the hospital, Finn became distraught and angry for not being told soon, and admitted softly that he thought of Burt and Kurt as stepfather and stepbrother.

Main article: Finn-Emma Relationship (Femma)
Tumblr mhcmav3zs01qj5p41o11 r1 500.jpg

Finn does not interact romantically with Emma until Diva. The first scene involving the two of them is in the teachers' lounge, with Emma complaining about the stress of organizing her and Will's wedding, which is next week. Finn tells Emma that he's struggling to prepare New Directions for Regionals and she suggests a Diva-Off. Finn takes her idea on board and invites her to be the celebrity guest judge. Finn and Emma are then present sitting together while watching Blaine perform Don't Stop Me Now. Finn is then seen telling Emma about his break up with Rachel and how heartbroken he still feels. Emma suggests going back out there and finding a new girlfriend. Finn thanks Emma and says Will is so lucky. Emma stops Finn and asks her which centerpiece she should use for the wedding. Finn replies by saying she should use a white centerpiece because white is pure, like her. The two then introduce Santana and the Cardinals to the New Directions in the choir room as they perform Nutbush City Limits. They are also present in the courtyard as Tina performs Hung Up.

Near the end of the episode, Finn finds Emma in a panic. She tells him that she is convinced that Will didn't like her choice for the centerpiece. She tearfully says she can't get married again because the last time with Carl was over before it even began. As she begins uncontrollably knocking over things, Finn tries to calm her down and ends up kissing her, leaving Emma visibly shocked.


Total - 106

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season One
Song Episode Solos with
Push It Showmance Artie, Mercedes, Rachel, and Tina
I Wanna Sex You Up Acafellas Puck, Sandy, and Will
Somebody to Love The Rhodes Not Taken Artie, Mercedes, and Rachel
It's My Life/Confessions Part II Vitamin D Artie and Puck
Imagine Hairography Artie, Mercedes, and Rachel
Jump Mattress
You Can't Always Get What You Want Sectionals
My Life Would Suck Without You Rachel and Tina
Hello, Goodbye Hell-O Mercedes and Rachel
Like a Virgin The Power of Madonna Emma, Jesse, Rachel, Santana, and Will
What It Feels Like For a Girl Artie, Kurt, and Puck
Like a Prayer Jesse, Kurt, Mercedes, and Rachel
Run Joey Run Bad Reputation Jesse, Puck, and Rachel
Total Eclipse of the Heart
Shout It Out Loud Theatricality Artie and Puck
Good Vibrations Funk Mercedes and Puck
Give up the Funk Artie, Kurt, Mercedes, and Tina
Any Way You Want It/Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' Journey Artie, Kurt, Mercedes, Puck, and Rachel
Don't Stop Believin' Artie, Kurt, Mercedes, Puck, Rachel, and Santana
To Sir, with Love Artie, Kurt, Mercedes, Rachel, Santana, and Tina
Unreleased songs

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Two
Song Episode Solos with
Empire State of Mind Audition Artie, Mercedes, Puck, Rachel and Santana
One of Us Grilled Cheesus Kurt, Mercedes, Quinn, Rachel, and Tina
There's a Light (Over at the Frankenstein Place) The Rocky Horror Glee Show Kurt and Rachel
Time Warp Artie, Brittany, Kurt, Mercedes, Quinn, Santana (album) and Tina
Stop! In the Name of Love/Free Your Mind Never Been Kissed Artie, Puck, and Sam
Marry You Furt Artie, Brittany, Mike, Quinn, Rachel, Sam, and Tina
Jingle Bells Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Artie and Puck
Deck the Rooftop Artie, Mercedes, Rachel, Santana, and Tina
Last Christmas Mercedes and Rachel
Thriller/Heads Will Roll The Sue Sylvester Shuffle Artie, Rachel, and Santana
Loser Like Me Original Song Brittany, Mercedes, Rachel, and Santana
Don't Stop Rumours Quinn, Rachel, and Sam
Pure Imagination Funeral Artie, Kurt, and Tina
I Love New York/New York, New York New York Artie, Brittany, Mercedes, Rachel, and Santana
Light up the World Artie, Brittany, Rachel, Santana, and Tina
Unreleased songs

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Three
Song Episode Solos with
You Can't Stop the Beat The Purple Piano Project Artie, Kurt, Mercedes, Rachel, and Tina
It's All Over Asian F Kurt, Mercedes, Mike, Puck, Santana, and Will
I Can't Go For That/You Make My Dreams Mash Off Quinn, Rory, and Tina
Red Solo Cup Hold on to Sixteen Mike, Puck, Quinn, Sam, and Tina
Man in the Mirror Artie, Blaine, Mike, Puck, and Sam
We Are Young Mercedes, Quinn, Rachel, Sam, and Santana
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Volume 2 Joe and Puck
Do They Know It's Christmas? Extraordinary Merry Christmas Artie, Blaine, Brittany, Kurt, Mercedes, Puck, Rachel, Santana, and Tina
Summer Nights Yes/No Kurt, Mercedes, Puck, Rory, Sam, Santana, Sugar, and Tina
Ben Michael Kurt and Rachel
Fly/I Believe I Can Fly On My Way Artie, Blaine, Mercedes, Rachel, and Santana
Stayin' Alive Saturday Night Glee-ver Mercedes and Santana
Paradise by the Dashboard Light Nationals Blaine, Brittany, Kurt, Mercedes, Mike, Puck, and Rachel
Tongue Tied Artie, Rachel, and Santana
We Are the Champions Kurt, Puck, Quinn, Rachel, and Santana
You Get What You Give Goodbye Mercedes, Puck, and Rachel
Back-up singing
Season Three
Song Episode Sung by Backup with
Hot for Teacher Mash Off Puck Blaine and Mike
Unreleased songs



  • The last appearance of Finn Hudson on Glee is Sweet Dreams because Cory Monteith went into rehab in April 2013 and eventually passing away on July 13, 2013, having appeared in a total of 81 episodes throughout his time in the series.
  • He breaks up with both of his ex-girlfriends in a car: first with Quinn in Funeral and again with Rachel in Goodbye.
  • In wake of his death, Rachel makes a plaque in his honor with his famous quotation, "The show must go all over the place...or something," said in A Night of Neglect.
  • Finn was a high baritone (baritenor). In The Pilot, when singing "You're The One That I Want" his voice strains easily within his higher register; implying he's more comfortable in his lower range and that he initially lacked the confidence and experience with musical theatre singing (his vocal style specialised more within classic rock); hence asking Rachel to help him improve with his singing in Showmance.
  • His favorite song was I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For by U2. It was performed in his honor by the New Directions at Nationals, in City of Angels.
  • In The End of Twerk, Rachel tattooed his name as fin.
  • Don't Stop Believin' is his first and last duet in the series.
  • Sue named the auditorium after Finn during the 2015-2020 time jump.
  • His middle name is a reference to the name of his late father, Christopher Hudson.
  • Will and Emma named their son, Daniel Schuester's middle name, after Finn.
  • He is the second student to be featured in every song of a New Directions setlist (2010 Regionals and 2011 Nationals) after Rachel Berry (2009 Sectionals, 2010 Regionals, 2011 Regionals, 2011 Nationals) he was followed by Santana Lopez (2010 Sectionals) and Kitty Wilde (2014 Sectionals).