Fondue For Two is an internet talk show created and hosted by Brittany Pierce. It debuted with its only appearance in Season Two episode Rumours. It returned in Season Four episode Naked and appears in every season afterwards. It's hosted by Brittany and features her cat Lord Tubbington and, since Season Four, her other cat Lady Tubbington.

Appearances in the series

Rumours Brittany explains the name of the show, saying that it combines the two things she likes most: hot cheese and talking to people. In the first show, the guests are Mercedes and Tina. While they were talking, Brittany accidentally reveals that her best friend Santana Lopez "plays for the other team" (hinting that she is a lesbian, even though Brittany was just referring to her former position as a Cheerio and current membership with New Directions).

Santana becomes furious and yells at Brittany, which causes Artie Abrams, her boyfriend, to confront her, arguing that Brittany was cheating on him with Santana. Artie becomes frustrated and calls her "stupid," sending Brittany away in tears and ending their relationship. Santana comforts Brittany and sings Fleetwood Mac's song Songbird to her. Brittany asks her to be a guest on Fondue For Two so she can ask her to prom and the only thing Santana has to say is yes. Santana accepts it, but then she gets cold feet and texts Brittany, saying simply, "I can't." Brittany appears confused over it and instead interviews her cat, Lord Tubbington about the movie The Aristocats and the fact that he started smoking again. Funeral Brittany asks Jesse to come to Fondue for Two to judge her cat, meaning she's still making episodes.

Naked Brittany asks Marley what she's doing after school and she questions Marley in her segment, "Fondue For Two." She asks her about Jake, and the fact "Marley is Bulimic" shows across the screen. Marley then tries to put some fondue into her mouth, but it's too hot. Brittany even asks what Marley thinks her cat is doing, to which Marley says it's overweight and has an online gambling problem. Brittany questions Marley of what she thinks of Jake being portrayed in that calendar, and if she wants some to which she doesn't answer. Brittany replies, "I thought so!"  Guilty Pleasures

Brittany and Kitty telling each other their 'guilty pleasures'

Brittany tells Kitty that everybody hates her, and nobody want to work with her. Kitty said that she's trying to change but the pastor even said that Jesus takes a baby steps. Brittany then ask if she goes to church of Satan because she's really mean for calling Marley's fat even though Kitty's face looks like a soccer ball. Brittany then said that blonds have magical powers like doing splits and turning Swedish, she then said that Kitty must've use her power for good not for evil, that's why Brittany asks her to be her guest on Fondue For Two. First, Brittany introduces her guest as "McKinley High's biggest bitch, the girl with a lizard ears, Kitty."

Brittany asks Kitty to say what her guilty pleasures are, and she'll do the same so people can get to know her. Kitty said that her guilty pleasures is that she like to fart around old people and just look at their faces cause they just assume they did it. And Brittany's guilty pleasures is when she look at a white dog or cat, she assumed that they're racist. Then she said that Lord Tubbington's guilty pleasure is scientology. Brittany continues their game by saying, "Guilty pleasures: Bring It On," to which Kitty responds with, "Bring It On Again," and the two list each movie they like. After they finish the list, Brittany asks Kitty to go again but Kitty won't tell her because it's too horrible. Meanwhile, Tina, who is watching the show on her laptop in the library, anxiously waits for Kitty to say her guilty pleasure. Brittany then asks, "Can you whisper it in my ears?" Kitty does this and it ends with Brittany saying, "Oh my God!"

The next day at school, Tina, Marley, and Unique demand to know what Kitty whispered, Brittany then butts in and says, "Spice Girls." The three girls look shocked, then they all freak out and decide to do the Spice Girls for their assignment.#

All or Nothing

Brittana during Fondue For Two

Will and Sue are the guest-stars, where Brittany tells the audience that they were friends, then enemies, then enemies again, and then friends again, and after that nobody cared about it. She also says that she knows who Robin Sylvester's father is: Michael Bolton, much to Sue's surprise. She says that she discovered after doing researchers, and after she listened to a Michael Bolton's song named So Proud to Be Your Father, Robin Sylvester. Later in the episode, Santana is the new guest-star, but she turns off the camera, after seeing Brittany telling her that everything will change - meaning she's leaving McKinley for her MIT early admission.

100 Fondue For Two returns from its hiatus when Brittany comes back to McKinley to commemorate the glee club's last lessons. She invites Rachel and Mercedes onto the show in order to clear up the diva-style feud that the two are having.  She first questions Rachel's continuity on the show, asking how she can both work at a diner, rehearse for the lead in a Broadway musical, be a full-time student and NYADA, and still have the time to return to Ohio for a whole week. She questions whether Rachel even lives in New York. Rachel, flustered, points out that Brittany's cats are making out, much to her delight. Mercedes is then asked about her apparent inability to dance, with Brittany theorising that she hid it for her entire time in glee club so that Will would allow her to "park and bark." Mercedes declines to comment. Brittany's final question asks what songs the two are going to pick to sing to the glee club. They quickly realise that they both plan on singing the same song, Defying Gravity and, unable to sort out the issue, decide to simply stage a diva-off instead.

What the World Needs Now Brittany invites Santana's abuela; Alma, to a Spanish version of the show; called Queso por Dos, where they talk about marriage, and Brittany reveals that she just sold the show to Univision, besides revealing to her audience that Stephen Hawking is her real father. Brittany implies that she should just elope with her fiancé, in front of a shocked Alma, who tells her that if she does that, she will get them back, as she explains how a wedding is such a special moment for both of the fiances. This new version of the show also gains a lot of attention for Brittany from her latino fans. Later on, is revealed that Queso por Dos was renewed for two more seasons by Univision.

Theme Song - Lyrics

Fondue for two (Hey!)
Fondue for two (Yes!)
That's some hot dish!
Fondue for two!

Queso por dos
Queso por dos
¡Es un plato caliente!
¡Queso por dos!


She has done two more videos as well before Mercedes and Tina's, implying she already interviewed at least two more people.


  • The Cheerio doll from Audition appears in the background on a white plush chair. When Sue manipulated Brittany into making a false allegation against Coach Beiste, Principal Figgins had Brittany use the doll to show where Coach Beiste "touched her." It's unknown if the doll was hers to begin with or she got to keep it as she's seen walking out of the office with it.
  • At the end of her interview with Mercedes and Tina, Brittany mentions that in her next episode they'd be dipping raw meat into boiling chocolate. This may be a reference to Will Schuester's line in Mash-Up about how the big differences in things are what makes them great when put together, "Like...chocolate and bacon."
  • Brittany's guests having the roof of their mouths being burned by the melted cheese is a recurring gag.
  • The suggestion videos on the side are: "Monster the Majestic Cat," "Fondue for Two - Raw Meat," "Purr-fect Cat," "Funniest Cat Video Ever," and "Fondue for Two - Freaking Hot Cheese."
  • Fondue For Two was first actually an idea from a fan of Glee. The fan, Teresa Musumeci, wrote in a letter about a talk show called Fondue For Two that could be in the show. She then went to New York and got a security guard to hand the letter to Cory (Finn).
  • The Fondue For Two theme song was written by music producer Adam Anders and co-creator Ian Brennan. [1]
  • In anger, Santana called Fondue For Two "That ridiculous melted cheese show," in the episode, Rumours.
  • Brittany questions Mercedes as to if it's true that she was really a good dancer all of the time, but just wanted to be a "park and bark." This is a reference to Amber Riley's recent win on Dancing With the Stars.
  • The website where Brittany's videos are uploaded is non-existent in real life.
  • She is said to have posted three videos as of May 4, 2011. They are "Fondue for Two - Lord Tubbington," "Fondue for Two - Raw Meat," and "Fondue for Two - Freaking Hot Cheese."
  • In What the World Needs Now, Brittany does a spanish version of the show called "Queso por dos".
    • Although the literal translation to english is "cheese by two" these words were chosen because of the similarity to it's english counterpart.




Fondue For Two Theme song


Queso por dos

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