Frida Romero is a former minor character on Glee, and the lead singer of her Glee Club, The Hoosierdaddies. She is introduced briefly in Lights Out, the twentieth episode of Season Four. She makes her official singing debut in All or Nothing, with The Hoosierdaddies during Regionals.

She is portrayed by American Idol Season 11 runner-up, Jessica Sanchez.


Season Four

Lights Out

Frida only makes a brief appearance when Mr. Schuester mentions her, he is seen going into a room where Frida is singing USA's national anthem The Star-Spangled Banner. Mr. Schuester describes her as "Hooserdaddies' secret weapon—a tiny, little sophomore, who never competed before but has a voice that could fill an arena." This makes Will worried.

All or Nothing

Frida, along with the Hoosierdaddies, compete against New Directions and the The Waffletoots at the 2013 Regional Championship with Frida leading the show choir. Their setlist includes the songs Clarity and Wings. The crowd seems to enjoy their performance. Eventually, Frida's group land second place with the New Directions taking the top spot. They look disappointed as the New Directions receive the first place trophy.


Unreleased Songs
  • The Star-Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key (Lights Out)


  • She is the only character to sing two solos and yet not have any lines on the show.
    • She was supposed to have lines on the show, but those scenes were deleted. 
  • She is the first character to be portrayed by an American Idol runner-up, the second being Elliott Gilbert.


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