The Giardi Triplets are Kyle Giardi and two unnamed brothers, the sons of Kendra and Phil.

All three boys are triplets and are almost identical. Despite neither parents having red hair, all the boys do, most likely due to recessive genes. They have ADHD, which Kendra says comes from Dr. Wu, who giving her too much Pitocin during birth. Kyle has asthma, and needs an inhaler.


Season One


The Triplets first appear in Showmance. They are seen running around crazily due to having ADHD. Kendra tells Phil to get Kyle his inhaler when he tries to go to the bathroom. They are later seen jumping on the bed of the house that the Schuesters are going to buy, while Phil measures the bed.


They can be seen hectically jumping on the couch, whilst Kendra is on the phone with Terri.


They appear in this episode when Quinn and Puck are recruited to babysit them. Despite at first running riot and holding the pair hostage, Quinn and Puck latterly manage to entertain them, by performing the song Papa Don't Preach (Quinn sings while Puck plays guitar). The song is enough to tame the trio, Quinn and Puck manage to bath them and get them all to fall asleep, much to their mother's amazement. This is the last time the Giardi Triplets are seen on the series.

Season Three

Pot o' Gold

They do not appear, but are briefly mentioned by Quinn when persuading Shelby that she and Puck should babysit Beth.

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