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Girls (and Boys) on Film Source is the fifteenth episode of Glee's fourth season, and the eighty-first episode overall. It is set to premiere on March 7th, 2013 and it's directed by Ian Brennan and written by Michael Hitchcock Source. Filming began on January 22, 2013. Source



  • This episode will only feature songs from movies. Source
  • The kids of New Directions go head-to-head in a boys vs. girls mash-up competition using the music of the movies. Santana’s snooping results in two shocking discoveries. Source
  • Will’s weekly assignment for New Directions is to choose aspirational songs from their favorite movies, and he pits the boys against the girls in a Glee Club mash-up competition. Snowed in at their New York apartment, Santana continues to ruffle her new roommates’ feathers. When her snooping reveals two shocking discoveries, it leads to speculation about one cohabitant, and elicits a difficult confession from another. Meanwhile, Finn tries to locate Emma; Rachel, Finn and Marley each make risky confessions with varying degrees of success; and a secret about Brody is revealed. Source

Emma's Parents


  • Kurt and Blaine will have a scene on top of an apartment building in New York at night and perform Come What May. The scene will be romantic with paper lanterns, but Kurt will seem torn. Source
  • There will be a scene between Will and Finn, which ends with "Finn's fire to find Emma rages hotter." Source
  • Chris, Lea, and Naya filmed a scene together (1/22) Source
  • Lea, Chris, and Naya filmed a fun scene, where Lea was wearing a Zebra snuggie. (01/24) Source  Source
  • Will and Emma will have a dance scene together, this is most likely You're All The World To Me Source
  • Darren shot two numbers today, one from his favorite movie (most likely, Come What May). And another number (Shout) which is the 500th performance on Glee. (01/30) Source 1 Source 2
  • Chord tweeted about filming the 501st number to be filmed on Glee (01/31) Source
  • Chord shot a fun number (02/04) Source
  • John Lock and Samuel tweeted about the scenes for both the mash-ups being filmed today (02/07) Source 1 Source 2


Source Source

Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Come What May  Cast of Moulin Rouge Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson
Sparkling Diamonds/Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend Nicole Kidman/Carol Channing Marley Rose and Wade "Unique" Adams
Footloose Kenny Loggins Artie AbramsSam Evans and Joe Hart
You're All the World to Me Fred Astaire Will Schuester and Emma Pillsbury
Shout The Isley Brothers Blaine Anderson and Brittany Pierce
In Your Eyes Peter Gabriel

Will Schuester and Wade "Unique" Adams

Unchained Melody Todd Duncan (The Righteous Brothers version) Jake Puckerman and Ryder Lynn
Old Time Rock and Roll/Danger Zone Bob Seger/Kenny Loggins Blaine Anderson and Sam Evans

Song Notes:

  • There will be eight songs from nine different movies featured in this episode (one will be a mash-up). Source Source

Guest Cast



  • Shout will be the 500th musical number on the show.


  • Kitty Marilyn
  • "Come What May" scene
  • Sugar on set
  • Snow day in LA!!
  • Vanessa,Heather and Kevin in set
  • Vanessa, Blake and Becca with Zach in set (@littlelengies)
  • Jarley...
  • Sleepy Melissa
  • Ryder/Artie/Wade scene


Glee - Come What May 4x15 (Klaine Script Preview)-0

Glee - Come What May 4x15 (Klaine Script Preview)-0


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