Glee: The Music, Volume 1 is the first album of songs released from the FOX TV show Glee. It is a collection of songs from Season One episodes 1-5 and 7-9 (though only two songs from the episode appear on this volume, as Proud Mary is on Glee: The Music, Volume 2), as no songs from episode 6 were featured in this album. It was released on November 3, 2009.

Critical Reception

Reviewing the album, Christopher John Farley for The Wall Street Journal opined that: "some of the singers on the show are quite good," writing: "The show shines when the songs don’t seem too polished–then the actors can serve as surrogates for the karaoke ham inside of each one of us. If you’re  fan of the show, the album will evoke fond memories of favorite episodes, giving the songs with an emotional backstory that many pop hits lack. Jon Dolan for Rolling Stone commented: "Star Matthew Morrison couldn't rap his way out of a 98° rehearsal. But Amber "Mercedes" Riley crushes Jazmine Sullivan's "Bust Your Windows," and the Gleeks' "Don't Stop Believin'" is a triumphal moment against which resistance is futile." Allmusic's Andrew Leahey noted that Cory Monteith and Dianna Agron "can't sing nearly as well as their co-stars," but opined that the album: "has enough star power to keep things trucking along, especially when powerhouse alto Lea Michele takes the wheel. She sounds fantastic throughout, whether she's holding her own during a duet with Broadway queen Kristin Chenoweth or covering the likes of Jordin Sparks, Avril Lavigne, and Queen." Leahey described the soundtrack as being mostly a vehicle for Michele's voice, but noted: "it also gives ample stage time to Matthew Morrison, who downplays his own Broadway career by rapping on two different tracks. Tuneful performances by Mark Salling [...] and former boy band member Kevin McHale [...] also point to the fact that Glee is an ensemble production in disguise, but Lea Michele still receives top billing, as she sings circles around most of the pop stars whose music is featured here."

Entertainment Weekly's Leah Greenblatt wrote that the album: "has a giddy sort of 'let's put on a show' charm; on record, it's basically fancy (albeit fun) karaoke." Brian Linder of IGN characterized it as having "an appealing irreverent spirit that tamps down the earnestness just as it begins to overwhelm." He noted that "Matthew Morrison isn't going to win any emcee battles," but enjoyed his renditions of "Gold Digger" and "Bust A Move" nonetheless. Linder commented: "Glee's musical selections are almost always solid. The only area where there's occasional slippage is when the cast are asked to perform played out pop songs of yesteryear. "Sweet Caroline" and "Say a Little Prayer" (the iTunes bonus track) have very little resonance. And the talents of Dianna Agron (Quinn) are wasted on an uninspiring cover of the Supreme's "You Keep Me Hangin' On," the soundtrack's weakest link. They're like watching one of the lame theme weeks on American Idol." More positively, he noted: Glee's sonic palate would be incomplete without McKinley High's student-diva Mercedes." Linder felt that: "for all its sass, wit, and irony, Glee's at its musical best when the cast are belting out big ballads with starry-eyed sincerity. Their cover of Queen's "Somebody to Love" would make Freddie Mercury proud. And Avril's "Keep Holding On" is given an especially affecting treatment that (apologies to Ms. Lavigne) surpasses the original." Linder commended Michele's vocal's, opining that she has a "plucked-off-the-street appeal that is instantly endearing" and deeming her voice "inspiring and immaculate."


Glee: The Music, Volume 1
# TitleWriter(s)Original Artist(s) Length
1. "Don't Stop Believin'" (Performed by Lea Michele and Cory Monteith)Jonathan Cain, Steve Perry, Neal SchonJourney 3:50
2. "Can't Fight This Feeling" (Performed by Cory Monteith)Kevin CroninREO Speedwagon 3:29
3. "Gold Digger" (Performed by Kevin McHale, Matthew Morrison, and Amber Riley)Kanye West, Ray Charles, Renald RichardKanye West feat. Jamie Foxx 3:00
4. "Take a Bow" (Performed by Lea Michele)Ne-Yo, T.E. Hermansen, M.S. EriksenRihanna 3:35
5. "Bust Your Windows" (Performed by Amber Riley)Jazmine Sullivan, Salaam Remi, Soulja Boy Tell 'EmJazmine Sullivan 4:19
6. "Taking Chances" (Performed by Lea Michele)Kara DioGuardi, David A. StewartCeline Dion 3:55
7. "Alone" (Performed by Kristin Chenoweth and Matthew Morrison)Billy Steinberg, Tom KellyHeart 3:40
8. "Maybe This Time" (Performed by Kristin Chenoweth and Lea Michele)John Kander & Fred EbbLiza Minnelli in Cabaret 2:57
9. "Somebody to Love" (Performed by Kevin McHale, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Amber Riley)Freddie MercuryQueen 4:43
10. "Hate on Me" (Performed by Amber Riley and Jenna Ushkowitz)Jill Scott, Adam Blackstone, Steve McKieJill Scott 3:30
11. "No Air" (Performed by Lea Michele and Cory Monteith)James Fauntleroy II, Eric "Blue Tooth" Griggs, Harvey Mason, Jr., Damon Thomas, Steve RussellJordin Sparks with Chris Brown 4:23
12. "You Keep Me Hangin' On" (Performed by Dianna Agron)Holland-Dozier-HollandThe Supremes 2:40
13. "Keep Holding On" (Performed by Lea Michele and Cory Monteith)Avril Lavigne, Dr. LukeAvril Lavigne 4:04
14. "Bust a Move" (Performed by Matthew Morrison)Marvin Young, Matt Dike, Michael RossYoung MC 4:24
15. "Sweet Caroline" (Performed by Mark Salling)Neil DiamondNeil Diamond 1:58
16. "Dancing with Myself" (Performed by Kevin McHale)Billy Idol, Tony JamesGeneration X 3:10
17. "Defying Gravity" (Performed by Chris Colfer and Lea Michele)Stephen SchwartzCast of Wicked 2:21
iTunes Bonus Track
# TitleWriter(s)Original artist(s) Length
18. "I Say a Little Prayer" (Performed by Dianna Agron)Burt Bacharach, Hal DavidDionne Warwick 1:40
Target Bonus Tracks
# TitleWriter(s)Original Artist(s) Length
18. "I Wanna Sex You Up" (Performed by Cory Monteith, Mark Salling, Matthew Morrison, and Stephen Tobolowsky)Dr. FreezeColor Me Badd 2:06
19. "I Could Have Danced All Night" (Performed by Jayma Mays)Frederick Loewe, Alan Jay LernerCast of My Fair Lady 1:23
20. "Leaving on a Jet Plane" (Performed by Matthew Morrison)John DenverJohn Denver 4:03
Wal-Mart Bonus Tracks
# TitleWriter(s)Original Artist(s) Length
18. "Take a Bow" (Karaoke Instrumental)Ne-Yo, T.E. Hermansen, M.S. EriksenRihanna 3:35
19. "Gold Digger" (Karaoke Instrumental)Kanye West, Ray Charles, Renald RichardKanye West feat. Jamie Foxx 3:00
20. "Somebody to Love" (Karaoke Instrumental)Freddie MercuryQueen 4:43


Chart (2010) Peak
ARIA Charts 3
AMPROFON Charts 37
Canadian Albums Chart 4
Irish Albums Chart 1
RIANZ Charts 8
Scottish Albums Chart 1
UK Albums Chart 1
U.S. Billboard 200 4


  • The upper chest partition of Quinn's Cheerios uniform is black, when it is supposed to be white.


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