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Glee Wiki Style Guide are the guidelines for editing pages. The following text are rules, so they must be obeyed. More information shall be added by the admins.

Also make sure to check out the Categories Guide.

Character Pages

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The character pages are the most important part of the wiki. They should say everything that character did in that episode. The pages will now be model after Artie Abrams' page.



  • A character page shouldn't have too many pictures, nor too little pictures. It should one pictures for every two episodes.


  • Character pages should include the original name of the character even if they go by a nickname. The nickname can be included in quotations. i.e. David "Dave" Karofsky , not Dave Karofsky .

Relationship pages


  • Nicknames for pairings can be added to the Relationship pages, but using "'(W/ill and Emma)"' is not needed anymore.


  • Friendship pages should be renamed to Relationship pages.

Song Pages

Song pages are bountiful here on the wiki. Song pages are also very hard because they don't always include everything they need. A good example of a properly written song page is Somebody to Love.


The order in which song pages should go is:

  1. Infobox
  2. Description
  3. Lyrics
  4. Charts
  5. Photo Gallery
  6. Videos


  • The song page should include links to who sang the song (which character) and in which episode it was sang in.


  • A song page should include the original song, the Glee Cast version, the acapella version, and, if available, the scene.


Gallery are pages on the wiki that are highly neglected. They show off the pictures of the character(s).

How to Add Pictures

  • A mistake seen a lot is pictures placed in randomly. To add pictures:
    • Scroll down the page and click "Add to gallery".
    • You'll be taken to a menu where you can take away pictures and/or add a description. (NOTE: Do not mess with the postion, the amount, and/or description of the pictures unless it is needed.)
    • In the upper right hand corner, there will be a button saying "Add pictures". It will show the recently added pictures.
    • Click on the pictures that involve the page--i.e. if you are editing Gallery: Rachel Berry, click on pictures that have Rachel Berry.
    • When you are done, click "Done" then "Finish" in the left hand bottom corner.
  • If the button does not appear, press "Edit" on the top of the page. Do not just added the picture to page as you would when adding it to another page. Move your mouse over to the gallery symbol that's on the page, and click "Modify". Then follow the same instuctions as you would normally.

Episode pages

Episode pages are also as important as characters.

Things that should be added

  • Infobox episode
  • Detail in the beginning like who directed, when aired etc.
  • Plot summary - Should not be too long nor too short
  • Three-Four images
  • Song-lists
  • Recurring Casts
  • Guest Stars.
  • A proper link like [[Rachel Berry]] instead of [[Rachel]]

Things that shouldn't be added

  • Song videos after the episode is aired should be removed immediately
  • Many images, no more than 3-4 images should be added


You can write in any way you want on a blog because it is there for you to express your opinion on something. But it has to be Glee related! If it's a Glee fanfiction, news about Lea Michele, or you telling us about your new Glee shirt, it doesn't matter since it's Glee. It's it's not even remotely related, it will be deleted.


Comments no uniformed way of writing, but there are some rules that need to be followed.

Couple Bashing

Many people have gotten in trouble because they have insulted a couple. If you do not like them, simply type "I do not ship them." Any comments bashing shipping pairs will be deleted. It is fine to state your opinion as long as it isn't taken to far (IE insulting other users who don't agree with you).


It is fine to curse on the wiki. But it must be censored. Just type the first letter then * the rest. Ex. F***. You may only censor the acual word; you can leave the rest if you like (i.e. f***ing or a******s). Any comments with uncensored cursing will be deleted.

Comment Wars

Sometimes, people's opinions clash and they lead to what we call "Comment Wars". Remember: do NOT participate in any comment wars! Not only will the comments be deleted, the people involved will be banned for up to a week. This is only if you have taken it too far (IE insulting other users who don't agree with you).


Team pages are a way for fans of a shipping to unite together. It is important for them to look good, so people join! Remember, the model Team is The St. Berry Team.


  1. Rules Logo ([[File:obeyrule.png]])
  2. Signatures
  3. Own Flair!


Flair is very important when it comes to teams, as it gives your team personality. On the St. Berry Team, they have several things. Here are some of the things they have:

  • Gallery (A place where you can store photoshopped pictures, or just pictures of the couple!)
  • Cinema (A place where you can show videos of your couple, fanmade or real!)
  • Song Wish List (A place where you can list songs you want to see your couple sing)
  • "Of The Week" (There are several of these, St. Berry has a "video" of the week, but you can do polls, pictures, etc...)
  • Trivia (A place where you can learn about your couple's fun facts, or even the shipper's fun facts!)
  • Help Center: It is always a good thing to have a few people in charge, so things don't get out of hand.

Remember, stick to the rules of teams to, but have fun!