The 'Glist'

The Glist is a weekly ranking of the members of the New Directions based on their sexual actions and their looks. It was shown only in Bad Reputation, and featured the rankings of nine members. Principal Figgins ordered the Glist be taken down and the creator suspended. After investigating each member of the club, Mr. Schuester discovered that Quinn created the Glist in an attempt to regain her popularity. However, Mr. Schuester decided not to report Quinn to Figgins, claiming that "the Glists have stopped."

TinaArtieMercedes, and Kurt do not appear on the Glist. In order to gain some sort of reputation, they perform U Can't Touch This in the library. Brittany joins in, as she is disappointed she didn't make it to the top three. Meanwhile, Rachel performs Run Joey Run in an attempt to get a bad reputation and to move higher on the Glist.


The ordering of the Glist is as follows:

  1. Quinn +45
  2. Santana +43
  3. Puck +38
  4. Brittany +35
  5. Jesse +29
  6. Finn +19
  7. Mike +11
  8. Matt +5
  9. Rachel -5


  • Rachel is the only person to get a negative number in the glist.
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