Grace Hitchens is a fictional character in the Glee, she is the show choir director at Jane Addams Academy. She made her first appearance in the eleventh episode of Season OneHairography

She is portrayed by rapper and actress, Eve Jeffers.


Season One


Grace Hitchens' glee club are one of the rival groups against New Directions at 2009 Western Ohio Sectional Championship. When Will Schuester believes that Sue Sylvester is leaking the set list to her and her school's Glee club, Emma Pillsbury advises him to go and ask them rather than brood on something that may not have actually happened. When Will gets there, he learns how disadvantaged their school is, not even having an auditorium to practice in. Feeling guilty, Will invites them to their school to practice, where they perform Bootylicious, using hairography in order to distract the audience. This causes Will to consider following that approach, but in the end decides against it. Sue meanwhile ends up doing exactly what Will fears and give Grace and the Haverbrook School for the Deaf director the glee club's set list so that the New Directions will lose. Grace originally seems reluctant to take the list, but in the end decides to do it in order to that her students will win.


Grace's glee club performs And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going, as well as Proud Mary in wheelchairs. Mrs. Pillsbury, who is chaperoning for the New Directions, confronts Grace and Dalton Rumba about cheating. Grace tries to justify her actions, but Emma counters it by saying that by cheating, Grace is not helping her girls, but rather implying that she believed her girls were incapable of winning on their own. After all three schools perform, Grace realizes that Emma was right and it would be best that she tell the judges what they had done. Unfortunately, before she is given the chance, the Judges had already chosen New Directions as the winner. However, still racked by guilt, Grace and Dalton still go to Principal Figgins and hand over the proof that Sue helped them cheat, including stationary with Sue's letterhead. As a result of their coming forward, Sue is suspended from work temporarily.


  • The role of Grace was originally written for Whitney Houston. 


Aphasia, give Mr. Schuester his wallet back!

—-Grace Hitchens, Hairography


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