The Heckling Club is a club started by Sandy at Sue's behest in A Night of Neglect, the seventeenth episode of Season Two. They heckle the New Directions at their Night of Neglect Benefit Concert. The club is the third founded by Sue to cause havoc among New Directions (the others: Sue's Kids and the Old Maid's Club). Their job is to be disruptive and rude to the performers at New Directions' benefit concert.


Season Two

A Night of Neglect

The Heckling Club is only active for this episode. They are first seen in a meeting with Sue and Sandy. Azimio is not impressed with being tricked into joining, having come on the pretext of being given homework help.

At the benefit concert, they heckle Tina as she performs I Follow Rivers. Tina leaves upset and crying, and Will devises an idea to shut the hecklers up. Quinn hands out taffy, while telling them to vote for her for Prom Queen. They don't heckle Mike during his dance performance to Bubble Toes as they are too busy eating it. During the intermission, Holly convinces Azimio, Becky and Jacob to stop their heckling and they leave. Sandy is won over by Mercedes' rendition of Ain't No Way and decides to cease his heckling and dissolve the club.

Known Members


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