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Herb Duncan is a minor character on Glee. He is the director of Les Misérables at the Lima Theatre Guild and owns a dry-cleaning business where the Cheerios get their dry-cleaning done. His first and only appearance was in Dream On, the nineteenth episode of Season One.

Herb Duncan is portrayed by actor Paul Vogt.


Season One

Dream On

When Will and Bryan Ryan audition for the role of Jean Val Jean in Les Misérables at the Lima Theatre Guild, they argue over who will be singing Aerosmith's Dream On. Herb makes them sing it as a duet because he doesn't have time to wait and has business he has to get back to. After the amazing performance, Herb says he'll call them and rushes off. Later, after Will gets the lead role and Bryan gets a chorus part with one line, the two men feud, and eventually Bryan threatens to cancel the Glee Club, so Will gives him the major role in the show to pacify him. Bryan begins talking to Herb about how he doesn't follow directions well, and he has some ideas of his own for the production.

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