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Homecoming is the second episode of Glee's sixth season and the one hundred and tenth episode overall. It aired on January 9, 2015 as part of the season's two hour premiere. Filming on this episode presumably began on September 9th, 2014. Source

This episode was written by Ryan Murphy and directed by Bradley Buecker.

The McKinley alums return for Homecoming, including Artie, Becky, Brittany, Mercedes, Puck, Quinn, Santana and Tina. The former New Directions members agree to help Rachel and Kurt recruit for the resurrected glee club. Blaine faces a problem when a girl named Jane, newly admitted to Dalton Academy, wants to join the all-male Warblers.


At Dalton, Blaine’s voiceover starts off with him saying how some things stay the same. He was very affected after his break-up with Kurt, as was his connection to music. But after being appointed coach of the Warblers, his abilities came back. He experimented with his hair, to not apply gel, and not wearing bow ties, being unrecognisable by the Warbler’s and Sam. He decided to not change and be back at Dalton, where nothing changed. He sees a girl in the Dalton choir room in the uniform and is surprised as Dalton is an all-boys school. She introduces herself as Jane and explains that she’s new to Dalton, being there having won favour to go to Dalton, following her dad and her uncle’s footsteps. Blaine says he’s shocked, quickly rephrasing to say it's amazing. Jane, seeing Blaine’s attitude towards her, says that she wants to be a Warbler. Blaine is even more astonished at this.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 4.53.16 pm
At McKinley, Sue talks to the her students through the intercom, explaining that Homecoming is arriving, insulting past alumni, and announcing that the Homecoming dance is cancelled citing Sharia law as the reason. As Sue says this, Rachel walks down the hallway, announcing that glee club is back. Looking at the sign-up sheet, she sees a few people who have signed up with fake names. She turns around just as Becky comes by calling her a “Lima Loser”. Becky slushies Rachel in the face.

Later that night, at Will's apartment, Rachel relates the slushy episode to Sam and Kurt in the living room, as Will walks in saying dinner is ready. They take their seats, Will asking if Kurt and Rachel are co-directing, to have both answering differently. The door bell rings, Rachel saying Blaine must be here. Kurt, looking uncomfortable, sees Blaine come in. Will starts off the meeting, by saying they must have rules as they’re competing each other in sectionals. They state that they don’t spy, don’t poach each other’s members and must be supportive of each other. After agreeing on all the terms, Blaine restates what happened that day with Jane, saying he doesn’t want to break tradition, to which they all say she should at least have an audition, which Blaine ponders.

The following day, in the Dalton Academy Warblers choir room, the Warbler’s go against Blaine about Jane auditioning. Blaine says no decision has been made, but that he is only presenting the issue to them. One Warbler states that there will be sexual tension, but Blaine states his presumption that most of them are gay, to which the Warbler takes offence, and another Warbler argues that they all have girlfriends. Blaine questions this, seeing as they act a bit feminine, to which all the Warblers respond disbelief. Blaine continues, saying she should at least have an audition, for equality, to which the Warblers reluctantly agree.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 4.57.03 pm
In the choir room, Kurt and Rachel argue about how they have no members in the glee club, and their differences in sorting sheet music. Kurt tells Rachel to be proactive, as McKinley has changed to learn that the arts don’t exist anymore. Kurt walks out, going to the auditorium. After he leaves, Rachel hears a voice, echoing from somewhere. Presuming that it's coming from the boys locker room, she goes there, but doesn’t find the person there. She meets up with Sam, thinking he hears the voice too. After failing to find the voice, she walks away from Sam, who thinks Rachel is going insane.

The following day, in the auditorium, Kurt apologises as Rachel walks in. She admits that she needed the advice and talked to a few people. He asks who. A voice answers from the stage, where it is revealed that Brittany, Mercedes and Santana have been sitting there. Kurt and Rachel walk up to them, as Artie, Sam, Quinn and Puck walk on. They all hug. Tina walks in late, upset they didn’t wait for her. They all applaud for Tina to join them, to which she does. Sam asks Mercedes if she’s still a virgin. She avoids the question, annoyed at him.

Back in the choir room, Artie is drawing on a board, practicing for his storyboard class. Kurt and Rachel ask the other alumni to help them recruit new members, and bring glee club back to its glory. Kurt plays a song on the speaker, as they all gather to Artie’s storyboard, starting to perform Take On Me, with them transitioning into stencil outlines through a stencil mirror. Sue discovers Artie’s storyboard, with them performing. Horrified, Sue draws herself in, in an attempt to stop the performance, trying to bring them back to reality. Near the end of the performance, Sue stops it by throwing Artie’s storyboard’s in the bin which Artie promptly retrieves. Rachel, unhappy, sees that their plan has failed.
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Another voiceover begins. A chubby boy with headphones explains how he’s been treated, because of his weight, escaping through music, being a transfer from Chicago. He looks at the sign-up sheet of the glee club. Rachel walks up to him, and guides him to the glee club, talking feverishly fast. He tries to talk to her, but she keeps interrupting. He then lies, saying he’s really busy, as Puck walks in. Puck states that Rachel scared him away, as she looks disheartened.

Back in Dalton, Blaine runs up to Jane to tell her that they’re letting her tryout, before breaking a tradition. Looking irritated, she retells what Blaine said, saying they’re letting her perform, so that they can re-check their sexist and discriminate system, Blaine simply replies yes. He tries to convince her that change is scary, and to forget her pride. She ponders on this, as Blaine says she needs to meet someone. He introduces her to Rachel. Jane, knowing who she is, says she’s a legend. Rachel answers that it is a matter of opinion. Blaine walks out. Jane, suspicious, asks why she’s helping her. She explains that she’s helping her, because she’s overturning a tradition. Jane smiles at this. Rachel helps her with her audition, giving her advice on how to perform and finds her her audition song.

In the boys' locker room, Kurt fails a catch as Spencer throws a ball to him. Kurt talks about how he was a kicker and how it changed the school. Spencer asks why they sent him, after Kurt says all the cool guys are back for Homecoming, knowing that the reason is because they're gay.
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Kurt says they know that it's hard for them in the world. Spencer retorts, saying that Kurt’s sexuality defined him and he’s not letting that happen to himself. Kurt says Spencer owes glee club for the equality, Spencer responding he owes Modern Family. He states, that he was bullied by two people who were kicked off the football team because of them having problems with his sexuality. He continues by saying he doesn’t like most of the things other homosexuals like and honestly says that he thinks glee club sucks, not because it's gay and straight. Kurt looks outraged by this plot twist.

Outside the choir room, Jane waits to be called in for her audition. Rachel texts her, saying she can do it. Blaine leads her in, and introduces her. She then performs Tightrope. At first, the Warblers seem unfazed by her performing, until most of them start to dance alongside her. At the end of the performance, she shakes the Head Warbler's hand, everyone applauding her.

Back in William McKinley; Puck walks in with Mercedes, Tina, Quinn and Sam to the Tea Party Patriot Club, calling them teabaggers. They put down muffins for them, Quinn explaining about their life in McKinley, saying how the Celibacy Club and the God Squad were popular. Mercedes asks if they're Christians, to which they reply they all are. Quinn once again says she only hung out with people just like her, Tina saying she changed for the better, after getting pregnant by Puck.
A member reveals that the TPPC is the most popular group in McKinley. Tina replies how horrible it is and questions what happens to America. The leader starts to reply, Mercedes listening to him, saying they’ve had the worst economic depression in history, stating that allowing equality in sexes and different ethnicities, has brought it upon them. Mercedes, looking horrified, repulsed by them, states how ignorant, homophobic and discriminating they are, to which the alumni agree. Puck, Tina and Mercedes walk out. Quinn walks up to them, taking away the muffins. Sam states how Quinn had sex with a Latina lesbian, from which he says he learnt in glee club, bumping into Quinn, causing her to laugh, as the TPPC go into chaos.

Back in Dalton, the Warblers file out as Jane sits and waits for the decision. Blaine, looking slightly down, tells Jane that she’s not in, as they don’t want to break the tradition. Jane, looking disgruntled, questions what she’s going to say to her father. Blaine tells her to tell him, that he’s going to help her be in the group, by threatening to resign his post as coach. Jane questions this, saying he’s doing this so she can be in an environment where no one else wants her. Blaine, simply says yes, saying it's wrong what's happening. Jane, looks unfazed by this.

Behind the bleachers of the football field, and on the field, The Unholy Trinity and Artie start to perform Problem, with the crowd, the band and the Cheerios accompanying them. At the end of the performance, it is revealed that Kitty is still there, as she pushes to the front of the gathered Cheerios.
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Artie asks her to come back. She answers, saying how they think that she’ll come back, after how they treated her and the others, abandoning them. She states that she’s the star player, which is why she wasn’t transferred, unlike Rachel, who didn’t remember their names. Brittany states she remembers, calling her Quinn, even though Quinn’s next to her, calling her a liar, when Quinn speaks. Santana questions why they don’t want to be stars. Kitty retorts, calling her a hypocrite for going back in their Cheerio uniforms. Two people, a male and female, ask if they can try out together. Quinn replies they can, after Santana, Brittany and her did try out together. Kitty rolls her eyes, revealing that the two people are twins, calling them the "incest twins". Back in the glee club, Brittany helps Kurt try to go back with Blaine, stating bad ideas in his eyes. Rachel asks about the progress to everyone, to which they reply it's not going well. Rachel hears the voice again in the vent, and they follow it to the library, to where they find the singer, Roderick Meeks. They gather around him, revealing him to be the one who was with Rachel. He believes they came to believe him. The alumni all say how good he is. He says that having him as the first member will draw everyone else away. They talk about how glee club has changed their lives, being different before and now being good friends.
Listen to Roderick

In Sue’s office, Sue starts to write in her journal, talking about the glee club, and reveals that she’s got an ulcer, and needs to drink disgusting drinks. She writes how she needs to find a way to get into the glee club and destroy it. At the end of the entry, she realises she’s going to use a gay person, revealing it to be Spencer, as she talks to him the next day. He restates what Sue wants, and she starts bribing him, with a custom-made Tom Brady flashlight, to which he awkwardly refuses. She bribes him even more, by saying she’ll drug Coach Beiste to make him the quarterback. He refuses again, honestly saying he’s not for sale, and if she wants to overthrow the club, she needs better items, to which he walks out. Talking to herself she says “Touché, postmodern gay.”

In the auditorium, Roderick performs Mustang Sally for his audition. Brittany, Quinn and Santana, go on stage after a few seconds, and perform back-up for him. They all enthusiastically applaud, and Rachel says he’s instantly in the club.

The following day, once again in Sue’s office, Sue talks about how it's Homecoming day and introduces Becky as the grand marshall. Becky starts making rules up, to which Sue and Becky fight over the microphone. Kurt and Roderick walk in to find Rachel sitting in the auditorium alone, thinking about Mr. Schue making the club from nothing, to something special. Kurt says you need to open up to find something new. Roderick asks why they can’t have the meeting in the auditorium, to which they reply it's tradition to have the first meeting in the choir room. Rachel reveals someone else is in the club. Blaine walks in, feeling betrayed that Rachel poached Jane. A flashback reveals that Jane went to Rachel, to be part of their glee club, saying at least she’ll be making a difference here, and it's a fair fight. Blaine says he’s been trying to help her in, feeling humiliated. The three of them argue, as Roderick fails in walking away. Blaine says there’s no more friendly competition between them anymore and storms off.

Back in the choir room, Roderick and Jane sit together, as the first two members of the revived club. Brittany, Quinn and Santana introduce Mason and Madison. The twins act abnormally in the eyes of everyone, to which Santana thinks she’s made a mistake, for bringing them. Rachel says they need to try out in their highly difficult system, to which Tina contradicts, briefly mentioning Sugar as being tone deaf, Artie retorting she was hot. Rachel talks to the alumni, saying how grateful Kurt and she is for coming back to help and they all hug, including the new members.
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Sam starts to whistle, where they all start to perform Home, as they all head to the field: Sam, Kurt and Rachel riding to the field on a golf cart, Santana and Brittany already outside happily dancing, Tina rolling Artie to the bonfire, and Mercedes waits for them, Puck and Quinn already there. Back in the auditorium, Mason and Madison perform the song for their audition, to which everyone happily claps for them. The McKinley Titans run to Sue, where she says that having sex with Michael Bolton and not falling in love is hard, everyone looking awkward. The new members walk through the hallway, towards the entrance of the homecoming, with Spencer in the locker room, considering to join the glee club, but decides against it, not knowing Artie, Kurt and Sam are watching him. Everyone joins together, dancing. Blaine, David and Will are revealed to be watching the fireworks. The song ends with Kurt and Rachel looking at Blaine. He notices them, looking away from them quickly, as Kurt and Rachel look downcast.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Take On Me A-ha Alumni
Tightrope Janelle Monáe feat. Big Boi Jane Hayward with
Dalton Academy Warblers
Problem Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea Artie Abrams, Brittany Pierce,
Quinn Fabray, and Santana Lopez with WMHS Cheerios
Mustang Sally Wilson Pickett Roderick Meeks with Brittany Pierce,
Quinn Fabray, and Santana Lopez
Home Edward Sharpe
and the Magnetic Zeros
Alumni, New Directions,
and Spencer Porter

Unreleased Songs



Guest Stars


  • Madeline Bertani as Martha
  • Bobo Chang as terrified Dalton student
  • Jacy King as Janet
  • Myko Olivier as Skylar
  • Mason Trueblood as Super Gay Warbler
  • Austin Brue as Other Really Gay Warbler
  • Alex Mentzel as Warbler #1
  • JP Dubée as Warbler #2
  • Jordan Ward as Warbler #3
  • Parker Harris as Warbler #4
  • Max Wilcox as Warbler #5
  • Nick Fink as Warbler #6
  • Rilan Roppolo as Warbler #7


  • This
    episode's title card changes to pay homage to the cartoon drawing of the original music video of Take On Me.
    • The transition between several scenes features the same drawing, as opposed to simply cutting to the following scenes as in previous episodes.
      • This is also the final time in the entire series the title card changes.
  • Harry Shum Jr. is the only alive cast member of the 2012 alumni group who is absent this episode.
  • This episode marks Becca Tobin's first appearance since the show's move to New York after New Directions.
  • This episode marks the first appearances of Jane HaywardMason McCarthy, and Madison McCarthy.
  • Sue's quote "You think this is hard? Try having sex with Michael Bolton and not fall in love. That's hard!" evokes a recurrent phrase of hers back in Season One. It also resembles her first line on the show.
  • This is the fifth episode where every member of New Directions sings a solo line, the others being Pilot, Britney 2.0, A Katy or a Gaga and The End of Twerk.
  • This is, preceded by Loser Like Me, is the second two-part season premiere after Season Five premiere and the first two-part episodes (and the only season premiere) to air on the same day.
  • This episode is the first to make a reference to Sue's human canon from The Sue Sylvester Shuffle, followed by We Built This Glee Club.

Cultural references

  • Sue mentions the White Walkers of Game of Thrones.
  • As she journals, Sue calls the Glee Club her white whale, a reference to Moby Dick.


  • When Blaine, Kurt, Rachel, Sam and Mr. Schue have dinner at Mr. Schue's house, Blaine can be seen having no food on his plate, then there is food on his plate, then no food in the next shot.
  • When Mason and Madison first enter The Choir Room, they are first seen without binders, then with binders, and then without binders in the next shot.
  • Puck is nowhere to be seen during the last scene in The Choir Room for the first official Glee Club meeting before the performance of Home, in which he is present.
  • Quinn is nowhere to be found during the performance of Home, at the bonfire, but she can still be heard singing.



Jane: Let me get this straight. I have to go in there and perform for the Warblers just to make sure I'm good enough to warrant them taking a closer look at their already sexist and discriminatory admission policies?

Blaine: Yeah.

Jane, and Blaine

But, uh, aren't most of you guys gay?

Blaine to the Dalton Academy Warblers

Kitty: [...] Unlike Rachel Berry, who never even knew any of our names.

Brittany: I know your name, it's Quinn.

Quinn: I'm Quinn.

Brittany: Liar.

Kitty, Brittany, and Quinn

Rachel: When I'm with these people, they remind me of the best parts of myself. And they would never make fun of me.

Brittany: Mmm, not to her face, no way.

Rachel, and Brittany to Roderick

Mason: Now, I know what you're thinking. They can obviously log roll and kick toss, but can they sing? Well, not to toot our own horns...

Madison: We've won karaoke night at the Wapakoneta Summer Cheer Camp every year since we were three. It's in our blood. Our parents met while touring with the inspirational, world-famous singing group, Up with People.

Santana: Oh, no, no, no, no. I think I've made a mistake.

Mason, Madison, and Santana

You think this is hard? Try having sex with Michael Bolton and not fall in love. That's hard!



Glee Season 6 6x02 Sneak Peek & Behind The Scenes "Homecoming" HQ

Glee Season 6 6x02 Sneak Peek & Behind The Scenes "Homecoming" HQ

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GLEE Mystery Voice from "Homecoming"


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