Howard Bamboo was one of Terri's co-workers at Sheets-N-Things, and is a former member of the Acafellas.

He is portrayed by Kent Avenido.



He is first seen when Terri helps him fold a fitted sheet. He reveals that he is dyslexic. After the conversation with Terri, a customer returns wetted sheets to Howard.


Howard brings Henri a birthday cake, and celebrates with Henri, KenSandy and Will. They sing For He's a Jolly Good Fellow and decide to form a boy band called Acafellas; it was him who came up with that name. Howard rehearses This Is How We Do It with them in Will's living room. They perform Poison at a bar, and they all receive good reviews, except Howard (even though he is actually a relatively good singer). He later drops out of the group, saying it was never his dream.

The Rhodes Not Taken

Howard is mentioned by Terri, but not seen. Vitamin D

Howard attempts to give Terri a large amount of decongestant that she requested and gets arrested, because police thought he was building and running a meth lab. Whether he was charged or not is unknown.


He bosses Finn and Puck around when they become employees of Sheets-N-Things since he has a higher position than them, but later Terri promotes Finn to assistant-assistant-manager ahead of him. He later sings Loser with Finn, Terri, Sandy, and Puck.


Terri, Howard, Sue

In Funeral, he helps Terri and Sue hack into Principal Figgins' email by guessing his password, 1234. He has not been seen since, although it's assumed he may have gone to Miami, Florida with Terri to be her Assistant Manager.


He is seen working for Terri, as she demanded. Rachel arrives and talks to Terri, but to no avail. When Howard sees that Rachel is displeased, he says that he always wanted to be in an all-male a capella group, but maybe it won't come true.


  • Howard is dyslexic, being the first out of the three characters to have the same condition, the others being Sam Evans and Ryder Lynn.
  • He can't count higher than 30.
  • He is afraid of his vacuum cleaner.
  • In the original draft of Pilot, Howard Bamboo was supposed to be a middle aged woman called Ginny.
  • He has never been seen wearing anything other than his Sheets-N-Things uniform, even when performing the song Poison, during which he only takes his brown vest off.
  • He always wanted to be part of an all male acapella group, and later became a member of the Acafellas.


I can't count higher than thirty.

—Howard Bamboo, Acafellas

I'm afraid of my vacuum.

—Howard Bamboo, Acafellas

Howard: Do I get a supervillain nickname?
Sue: Your nickname is Panda Express.
Howard: But I'm not Chinese.
Sue: Neither is the food at Panda Express.

—Howard Bamboo and Sue Sylvester, Funeral


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