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It's Not Unusual by Tom Jones is featured in The Purple Piano Project, the first episode of Season Three. It is sung by Blaine with the Cheerios singing back-up vocals (except for Becky and Brittany).

Near the end of the performance, the Cheerios dance around the purple piano, spraying lighter fluid on it. As the song ends, Quinn sets it on fire by flicking her cigarette onto the piano. It is later revealed that Sue had ordered the Cheerios to destroy the piano and make it look like an accident, which resulted in Santana getting suspended from the New Directions for her role in the incident until she could give her loyalty to the New Directions and not to Sue and the Cheerios. 


It's not unusual to be loved by anyone,
It's not unusual to have fun with anyone
But when I see you hangin' about with anyone
It's not unusual, to see me cry
Oh, I wanna die

It's not unusual to go out at any time
But when I see you out and about it's such a crime
If you should ever want to be loved by anyone,

Blaine (with the Cheerios):
It's not unusual, (It happens every day, No matter what you say)
You'll find it happens all the time
(Love will never do, What you want it to)
Why can't this crazy love be- (Miiiiiiine!)

It's not unusual to be mad with anyone
It's not unusual to be sad with anyone
But if I ever find that you've changed at anytime
It's not unusual
To find out I'm in love with you
Oh oh


  • Santana, along with Blaine did the "Naya dance" in this song.
  • Blaine starts the number with the "Carlton dance" from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It's not unusual is also the song from the original Carlton dance.




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