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Jake's mother is a character on Glee. She was a waitress who had an affair with Puck's father, which resulted in an unplanned pregnancy and the birth of their son Jake Puckerman.

She is portrayed by Aisha Tyler.


Season Four

Britney 2.0

She is mentioned for the first time in this episode. Puck tells his younger brother that he remembers his parents fighting when he was very young, because a waitress was pregnant with Jake. The waitress he is referring to is Jake's mother.

The Break-Up

Jake explains to Marley that he gets free lunch at school because his mother lost her job through the recession.

Glee, Actually

Jake's mother appears physically for the first time in this episode. She is brought to a dinner at Breadstix organised by Noah Puckerman, to which he, Jake, and Puck's mother are invited. At first, she exchanges insults with Mrs. Puckerman, because Mr. Puckerman cheated on her with Jake's mother. However, Jake then steps in, confronts both, and reminds them that his and Puck's father never truly loved either of them, and that he isn't worth to be fought over. She then enganges in a friendly conversation with Mrs. Puckerman for the rest of the episode.

She is then shown appreciating Noah, Jake, Brittany, and Sam as they sing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

Shooting Star

During the school shooting, Jake leaves a message to his mother.

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