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I don't want to be this jerk anymore.

—Jake Puckerman, Puppet Master

Jacob "Jake" Puckerman is a major character on the fourth and fifth seasons of Glee. He was a student at William McKinley High School. Jake is Noah Puckerman's younger half-brother. He is from Lima Heights. Jake briefly enters into a relationship with Kitty Wilde in Britney 2.0, but decides to break up with her in The Break-Up. Later, he is in a relationship with Marley Rose until he cheated on her with Bree, which she finds out about in The End of Twerk and consequently breaks up with him. He is made fun of for being half white and half black. From Britney 2.0 up until New Directions, he was a member of the school's Glee Club.

In Homecoming, it is revealed that Sue transferred him to another school after the disbandment of the glee club. He is now a senior student.

Jake was a recurring character in Season Four, but was promoted to main cast in Season Five. He has been demoted again in Season Six and he returned in the series finale. He is portrayed by actor, singer, and dancer Jacob Artist.


Introducing himself as just "Jake," Jake Puckerman auditions for New Directions, performing the song Never Say Never. When Mr. Schuester stops the performance early, Jake is confused and lashes out, angry because he has been working on the song for several nights in preparation for his audition. He throws a music stand across the stage before departing. When Mr. Schuester posts the callback list on the bulletin board, Jake checks for his name, and when he doesn't see it, he angrily balls up the paper. Mr. Schuester calls Jake into his office to talk, and revealed that he has discovered that he is Noah Puckerman's half-brother. He tells Jake that Puck never mentioned having a brother, to which Jake responds that Puck doesn't know. Will tells Jake the reason why he cut his performance was because he knew the moment Jake finished the first verse that he was good that he wanted him in the Glee Club. Despite being briefly taken aback by Will's complement, Jake refuses to accept Will's offer of a spot in the club, believing Will is only offering him a second chance because he is related to Puck. Jake is last shown looking on during the New Directions performance of Chasing Pavements, similar to how Puck watches New Directions perform Don't Stop Believin' in the Pilot episode. (The New Rachel)

Jake is seen chatting with Tina in the hallways of McKinley, exchanging stares with Marley as she passes by. When Marley expresses interest in Jake to Unique, Unique says that that he has already wrecked several girls' hearts at McKinley, despite only being at the school for two weeks. To further explain her point, Unique, Tina, and Marley launch into a performance of Womanizer, following Jake around as he bounces around from girl to girl throughout in school, quickly losing interest in one as another walks by. As the performance concludes in the gym, Jake tells Marley that they should "hang out sometime," to which she quickly accepts, much to the chagrin of Unique and Tina. Later, after a huge breakdown with Brittany in the hallway, Mr. Schuester catches Jake riding a scooter in the hallway. Mr Schuester pulls him into a room and tells him he has learned Jake is not attending his classes. Will states that it was his mistake not to accept Jake into Glee Club the first time and extends the offer yet again. Jake refuses, and Mr. Schuester compares him to Puck, stating how much he changed through his time in the Glee Club and saying it was because he had a community. Jake replies that he doesn't need friends and scooters off.

Crazy/U Drive Me Crazy

Later on, Jake meets Marley outside on the football field's bleachers. Marley states she can tell that Jake's guitar, leather jacket, and hair are all walls to keep people from seeing how hurt he is inside. Rebuffing her comments, he asks her what they are singing in Glee Club and scoffs when he finds out it's Britney Spears Week. Marley dismisses his apparent scorn for her music, stating he hasn't heard her version yet. They launch into a duet with each other, Crazy/'U Drive Me Crazy, and almost share a kiss once the song ends. When Marley states that it has suddenly gotten colder, Jake takes off his jacket and puts it around her, before exchanging shy smiles and leaving. At lunch, two jocks, Phil and Bobby, start to tease Marley's mom, and Jake comes to her defense resulting in a physical altercation between the three boys. Mr. Schuester breaks up the escalating fight and pulls Jake into the choir room, where we find Puck waiting. The two Puckerman's have a brief heart-to-heart conversation where Puck encourages Jake to join Glee Club, but as he leaves, states that regardless if Jake joins New Directions or not, he's still his brother. Jake and Marley have a conversation with each other in the hallway where it is revealed Jake has decided to join New Directions. Kitty approaches and reveals that Jake and Kitty are dating, leaving Marley heartbroken. Later, as Jake enters the choir room, he is overwhelmed by the stares and greetings of some of New Directions' members, and quickly finds a seat. Marley then asks Mr. Schue if she could perform one more Britney song for the club. Still dismayed by Jake and Kitty's relationship, she performs Everytime. Jake watches the performance regretfully as we cut to Jake serenades Kitty on the football field as Marley sadly observes from the bleachers. (Britney 2.0)

Jake is seen in the choir room as he and the rest of New Directions talk about the set list for Sectionals. When Will says he has an idea, but actually doesn't, Jake suggests they start preparing for their upcoming competition. Jake is also briefly seen sitting in the audience at the Senior Class Presidential Campaign, putting his arms around two girls, furthering his ladies man reputation. (Makeover)

Jake catches Marley 

trying to hide her free lunch tickets, and reveals he also has them. He tells Marley that his mom works extra to pay for his dance classes. He shares that she used to be a real estate agent and that they were "solid middle class" before the economic downturn, but now she is the only black waitress at the Lima Country Club. Kitty comes up and invites Marley to the Left Behind Club meeting at Breadstix in preparation for 'The Rapture'. At Breadstix, Jake apologizes to Marley for making her come, but Marley jokingly responds by asking if he'll go to heaven at half speed since he's half Jewish. Once Dottie leave the room, Kitty makes everyone hide in order to simulate The Rapture. When Dottie begins to freaks out, Jake tells Kitty that Kitty took things way too far. As everyone begins to leave, Marley tells Jake she doesn't like Kitty and can't believe Jake does. Later on, when Jake apologizes to Marley at school, she reiterates that she doesn't get why someone like Jake would be with someone like Kitty. She says that he tries to act like he doesn't care what anyone thinks, but he must be desperate to fit in and be popular if he's willing to date Kitty. Jake states that Marley doesn't know what its like being on the outside since the black kids think he is "too white" and the white kids think he's "too black" and that Kitty can be crazy, but she likes him, and when he stands next to her, no one makes fun of him. Kitty sees the two talking and approaches, hurling insults at Marley, to which Jake tells her to stop or he's breaking up with her. When Kitty presses the issue, Jake ends their brief relationship, to which Kitty holds Marley responsible. Once Kitty leaves, Marley tells Jake that he didn't need to do that, but Jake responds that he actually did have to. She invites Jake to go over “Grease” music with her, revealing that she wants to audition for the role of Sandy, but he politely declines and says that he’ll see her in Glee rehearsal. (The Break-Up)

Glee.S04E05.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 290.jpg
In the beginning of the episode, Jake is mentioned as one of the New Directions members who turned down the opportunity to play Danny Zuko in Grease by Finn, Artie, Mercedes, and Mike. Meanwhile, a jealous Jake is shown watching on with Kitty as Marley talks to Ryder Lynn, flirting innocently. Kitty walks up to them and hurls an array of insults at Marley, causing her to run off. Jake decides to audition for the Grease musical to prevent Ryder from starring alongside Marley, but his plan backfires as Marley is hurt when she walks in and watches on jealously as Jake performs Everybody Talks with Kitty for their audition. Jake and Ryder are decided as the finalists for the role of Danny.
As part of their final audition, Jake, Marley, Ryder, and Kitty perform Born to Hand Jive with Mercedes and Mike. During the performance, Jake nearly gets into a fight with Ryder and has to break from the choreography to intercept a jealous Kitty who appeared moments away from attacking Marley. Afterwards, Finn, Mercedes, Artie and Mike confirm the roles for Grease, and Jake gets the role of Putzie. His facial expression, however, shows that he isn't very fond of his role because he hoped to star opposite Marley in the musical. (The Role You Were Born to Play)

Although his role in this episode is brief, he is seen at the Auto Shop where he expresses his disbelief that Ryder got the part over him. He performs Greased Lightning with Ryder, Sam, Joe, and Mike. During Grease, he sees Ryder kiss Marley backstage before the final performance, and walks away disappointed. He performs with the cast in You're the One That I Want, but is only seen briefly because Rachel imagines his role being performs by Mike instead of him. (Glease)

Glee.407.hdtv-lol 0070.jpg
Jake approaches Marley by her locker and asks if she plans on joining the school's Superhero Club that several of the other glee club members have joined. Marley insists that she won't, noting in part that she would feel self-conscious in a tight superhero costume. Jake proceeds to ask Marley out on a date, only to have Ryder quickly interrupt and point out that Marley already has plans to watch him play at an upcoming football game. This incites a fight between the two guys, and Marley tries to break it up before Finn intervenes.
Glee.407.hdtv-lol 194.jpg
After Finn partners Jake and Ryder together with the hopes that they get over their differences, the two boys perform Superman, both taking the opportunity to serenade Marley. What begins as shoving one another aside, escalates to Jake punching Ryder. As the two tussle on the ground, Finn and Sam separate them. Finn takes them to the auditorium and gives them a new assignment: each must reveal their kryptonite, their greatest weakness, to the other. As the work out in the weight room, Jake gives Ryder a note stating it contains his kryptonite in it. Ryder tells Jake to be a man and tell him to his face, to which Jake tells him being half black, half white, and half Jewish, he never felt that he fit in anywhere and that he feels like he is constantly reminded of it. Hearing Jake's confession, Ryder admits that he had Jake tell him his kryptonite because he couldn't read it. Jake seeks out Finn to get Ryder help. Talking to Ms. Rose at lunch, Jake says that there is something different about her. She reveals she lost some weight, he says that she looks great. When Ms. Rose confides to Jake that Marley talks about him all the time, he states that he feels like he blew his chance, but Ms. Rose replies that it's never too late. When Phil and Bobby start insulting Ms. Rose yet again, Jake confronts them, recalling their past altercation. Phil and Bobby reveal that they aren't alone this time and several nearby jocks surround Jake, ready to attack, Fortu
Glee.407.hdtv-lol 361.jpg
nately, Ryder and several of the members of Superhero Club come to Jake's aid, running them off. In the hallway, Jake calls Puck for advice on what to do in regards to his situation with Marley, his new friendship with Ryder, and how it might affect things if he goes after her. Puck tells him to not to give up, but play it cool and don't be a dick. Jake thanks him and smiles at Marley as she walks to class.
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Ryder approaches Marley and tells her that they have to cancel their plans due to his plans with his dyslexia teacher, and asks to reschedule. Kitty tells her that it sound like Ryder was lying, but Marley rejects the notion, and empowered by the week, asks Jake out on a date. Marley and the rest of New Directions perform Some Nights, celebrating their anticipation of Sectionals. (Dynamic Duets)

Jake is partnered up with Puck as a mentor for Sectionals. He later tells Ryder that he and Marley went on a date last Friday, and wanted to make sure that it was fine with him and their new friendship, if he continued on, to which Ryder said it was, but asks Jake not to take the dance solo away from him.

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When Mike auditions the guys to see who will be Brittany's dance partner during Gangnam Style, Jake throws the competition, hiding his true ability, in order for Ryder to win. Later, when Quinn sees him and Marley together in the hallways, Kitty lies and says that he's been pressuring Marley into losing her virginity to him. Marley tells Jake she can't believe he isn't the one dancing with Brittany as she's seen him dance and he's incredible and he loves it. Jake tells he wanted to Ryder a favor since he was cool about the two of them dating and that he'll make sure Ryder does a great job. He ask her to let him take her to lunch since she's been skipping all week, but Marley says she can't because she has to practice.
Glee.S04E08.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 0523.jpg
Quinn interrupts a conversation between Puck and Jake, telling him to stay away from Marley, comparing Jake and Marley's situation to Puck and Quinn's based off Kitty's false information before storming off. Jake is later seen giving a struggling Ryder dancing advice, revealing his ballet training in confidence. Ryder tells Jake he should be the one dancing, but Jake says he isn't going to take it away from Ryder, and offers to train him for the performance, pulling out the laptop the The Warblers left behind when they stole New Direction's Nationals trophy to show Ryder the original Gangnam Style video.
Glee.S04E08.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 0916.jpg
After watching The Warblers perform their set list, Jake tries to comfort a visibly shaken Marley and calm her nerves. Right before the New Directions are about to go out, Marley confesses to a worried Jake that she hasn't slept in days, and that she feels that she’s under an extreme amount of pressure and if they lose, it'll be her fault. Jake assures her that it's just nerves and that she’ll kill the performance. Eavesdropping on their conversation, Ryder gives Jake the dance solo and New Directions heads out to the stage, performing Gangnam Style. Towards the end of the performance, Marley passes out, ending New Direction’s performance prematurely. (Thanksgiving)

Jake and Ryder carry Marley into the choir room, where the group tries to help her recuperate following her fall from “Thanksgiving.” Jake explains that Marley hasn't been eating, and Santana confronts Kitty, saying that she’s been trying to turn Marley into an anorexic. Because New Directions left the stage in the middle of the performance to check on Marley, they are disqualified from the competition, and the Warblers are declared the winners. After losing Sectionals, Jake and Ryder join the basketball team. When Finn tries to get the group to rehearse for an upcoming holiday concert In the auditorium, Marley seems to be the only one who shows up ready to rehearse, with Jake leaving with Ryder for basketball practice despite Marley asking him to stay. After Finn sends out a mass e-mail to the club. talking about the importance of the club, New Directions meets up and sings Don't Dream It's Over. He cuddles with Marley while singing. (Swan Song)

When Jake gets into another fight with Phil and Bobby as a result of their taunts, Puck comes out of nowhere and breaks it up. As Jake and Puck walk down the hallway, Puck asks Jake to come with him to L.A. When they arrive, they go to Paramount Studios and perform Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah. Later, as they hang out at what Jake believes to be Puck's home, the actual homeowner returns and kicks them out. He admits to Jake he didn't want him to see his apartment so brought him to the home of one of his pool cleaning clients.

Glee.S04E10.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 1416.jpg
Jake tells him they should go back to Lima for the holidays. After returning and setting up a "family dinner" at BreadstiX between Jake, Puck, Jake's mom and Puck's, Jake and Noah get them to stop hating each other once they bond over the awfulness of their dad. Noah tells Jake he plans on staying in Lima to watch over him and their moms. He later sings in Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas with his brother, Brittany, and Sam at BreadstiX. (Glee, Actually)

Jake is seen walking the halls with the boys while being eyed by several girls as a result of the Sadie Hawkins dance. In the science class room where glee club practice is being help, Kitty makes clear that she plans on asking Jake to the dance, much to Marley's chagrin. Encouraged by Brittany to empower herself and ask Jake out, Marley and New Directions girls perform Tell Him, asking Jake out at the song's conclusion she asks Jake to which he happily accepts. In the hallways, Kitty corners Jake and tells him to go with her. He says no, but she offers him something she says she is certain Marley won't not give him: sex. Later, Jake tells Puck about Kitty seduction attempt. Puck promises to make Kitty leave him alone. As Jake and Marley dance with each other. Marley tells Jake she really likes him, but that she wan

ts to take things slow and for them to be exclusive to each other, and that if Jake can't commit to those terms, she can't be with him. Marley walks in preparation of her upcoming performance, giving Jake time to make a decision. Jake is front and center as the New Directions girls sing Locked Out of Heaven. As they slow dance to I Only Have Eyes for You,, Jake tells Marley that she’s the most amazing person he’s ever met, and that he doesn't want to be with anyone, but her, affirming their relationship. (Sadie Hawkins)

Jake agrees to pose for Tina's “Men of McKinley Calendar." Preparing under Sam's instruction, he and the rest of the New Direction boys, sans Artie, perform Centerfold/Hot in Herre. He is asked by Marley to meet her in the auditorium and asks for his help with planning possible songs for Regionals. The two perform A Thousand Years. After the song, the two share their first kiss. Jake tells her that he can feel that she wants to tell him something, and she almost tells him that she loves him, before chickening out and saying that she doesn’t think the song is right for Regionals even though she loves it.
Jake admits that he's in love with Marley during a heart-to-heart with Ryder, who encourages him to be emotionally open, so Jake decides to sing an acoustic version of Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)during glee club to Marley. Throughout the song, she’s visibly moved to the point of tears.
MOM October.jpg
While Marley is waiting in line to get her calendar signed, Jake gives her one her already signed that says "I Love You." She tells him that she loves him back. At the end of the episode, she performs This is the New Year with the rest of New Directions. (Naked)

When the Diva competition is announced, Jake replies that the guys of New Directions are screwed this week, to which Blaine replies guys can be divas too. (Diva)

After Marley gives

Jake an early Valentine's Day gift, Jake reveals to Ryder fielding less-than-helpful suggestions from his brother Puck and that he's in over his head, but Ryder has an idea: Jake should turn Valentine's Day into Valentine's Week, and he offers his assistance in making it a memorable one. During Marley's class, Jake surprises Marley and the couple duet on Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell's You’re All I Need to Get By with the New Direction boys backing them. When Marley finds Peonies waiting for her to both her and Jake's surprise, Ryder credits Jake for remembering it was her favorite flower. Ryder question Jake not coming up with any of the gift ideas, to which Jake tells him that he's been trying, but all his own ideas are stupid. Jake is handed a pendant that's "pretty, but it's not too expensive so she won't think you stole it" to which Jake replies that "I'm going to ignore the subtly racist overtones of that comment because you are my hero." Jake suggests that he and Marley will be going "all the way" tonight, to which Ryder protests on the grounds of her recent eating disorders. Jake assures him Marley is special and he tells Ryder that he thinks he's in love with her and that she's finally ready to love him back.
They are amidst the couples performing We've Got Tonite while heading off to hotel rooms, but unlike the other couples, they don’t have sex as Marley realizes she isn't quite ready yet. Marley apologizes for not being ready to which Jake earnestly tells her not worry about it. She is still distraught over the fact that he must have spent a lot of money on the room, to which Jake responds that he stole their hotel room key card from a maid's cart and tried all the doors until he found one that opened. Quickly revealing to the stunned Marley that he was only joking and receiving a playful punch to the arm, he suggests that they leave the room to go downstairs to have another dance to which she happily agrees. (I Do)

Jake is singing "Unchained Melody" as a way to apologize to Marley.

He's seen singing back-up during the performance of Shout. As the mash-up competition gets underway, he performs with the other New Directions guys Old Time Rock & Roll/Danger Zone, with he, Sam, and Ryder, wearing only shirt, socks, and underwear in homage to Risky Business.

Jake has Marley meet him in an art classroom, where he confesses that he didn't come up with all his impressive Valentine's Day touches on his own. To make up for using Ryder's ideas, Jake sets up a pottery wheel and plans to sings Marley's favorite song, Unchained Melody, recreating the iconic scene from Ghost. During the performance, a guilt-ridden Marley has an out-of-body experience, watching in anguish as Ryder replaces Jake at the pottery wheel, singing to and kissing her. At the end of the song, as Jake attempts to kiss her, she stops him and confesses that she let Ryder kiss her. Jake quietly storms out of the room as she pleads for him not to go, leaving her in tears. (Girls (and Boys) on Film)

At the beginning of the episode, Jake is seen in the choir room, watching the feud between Finn and Will escalate. At their lockers, Marley clarifies and apologizes to Jake for her role in the kiss with Ryder. The two make up and kiss. Marley informs Jake know that she is going to forgive Ryder and not give him the cold shoulder as Jake suggest they do, explaining that it is Jake that she loves and that he doesn't have anything to worry about as far as Ryder or anybody else is concerned . Jake is then seen in the choir room, sitting beside Marley enjoying Ryder's and Unique's performance. When Ryder refuses to accept Unique as a girl, Jake calls Ryder a douchebag and tells him the in the New Direction's choir rooms, the students are whatever they choose to be. Jake and Blaine perform with Mr Schue, while the other boys perform with Finn in the Bye Bye Bye/I Want It That Way mash-up.
Jarley152 zm.png
Ryder calls Jake, Marley and Unique for a talk. He apologized to Jake for betraying his trust and says it won't happen again. Jake says that it will take a while for regain to regain his trust and Ryder accepts that. Along with Kitty, they all agree that they will fight to win Regionals and that it will be up to them to take care of the glee club next year. (Feud)

Jake is first seen when Blaine and Sam announce the "guilty pleasures" theme to the glee club. He performs Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go with the rest of New Directions, and later dances during Sam performance of 'Copacabana in the choir room, admitting his love of Barry Manilow to the others after th

Jake gp.png
e performance. Marley angrily races towards Jake after hearing from Tina that his guilty pleasure is Chris Brown. Jake explains that he merely likes some of Chris Brown's songs, not him as a person, and argues you should be able to separate the art from the artist which the girls of New Direction do not agree with. Jake brings up the fact that the glee club has done songs by Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, and Rihanna, and he doesn't think that they are good role models either yet no one has a problem singing their songs. Looking to avoid drama, Jake still performs a Brown song, But instead of Chris, it's Bobby. Jake sings My Prerogative. When the performance ends, Artie explains to Jake why the girls still aren't happy with his choice: Bobby Brown allegedly got Whitney Houston addicted to drugs, a fact of which Jake wasn't aware. Jake later apologizes to the girls, and he and Marley go talk privately, Marley accepts his apology, She reveals her guilty pleasure: anything starring Jessica Simpson, but adds that he is one as well, and the two kiss. Later on, he sings in the New Directions' performance of Mamma Mia. (Guilty Pleasures)

When Ryder tells Jake about Katie, Jake advises him to take it slow and come up with a plan to personally introduce himself to her. However, after Ryder realizes that he's being catfished, However, Jake and Marley are both accused and questioned. Jake tells him that he wouldn't do something like like that, as does Marley, and Ryder storms off confused. Afterwards,

Lastmessage jake.gif
Jake performs with New Directions to Lord Tubbington in the auditorium, In the choir room, after two gunshots are heard, Jake hides in the dark choir room with the rest of New Directions, comforting Marley, who is worried about her mom. Artie Starts to record the others saying there goodbyes if they don't survive with Jake telling his Mother and Puck that He loves them. After the SWAT team indicates that the coast is clear, Jake hugs the Glee Club. Jake and Ryder question Kitty to see if she's the catfisher. He is seen performing Say with New Directions, and once Ryder arrives after a failed meeting with the catfisher, Jake is the first one to console his depressed friend. (Shooting Star)

Jake is seen giving Marley a kiss before Mr. Schuester announces t

he set list for Regionals to the Glee Club, and he is present at Blaine's secret meeting to discuss their issues with Will's plans. He gets angry at Kitty when she shoots down Marley's original songs. Jake is also present when Mr. Schuester apologizes to New Directions and hugs Marley when Will asks her to teach New Directions one of her songs. At the end of the episode, he has a solo in Marley's song, Outcast. (Sweet Dreams)

Jake is first seen walking inside of the choir room with Marley before the school is hit by a blackout. Later on, Jake is seen walking with Ryder, telling him to let go of Katie because

--We Will Rock You--.png
he doesn't know her. He questions the secret Ryder is so nervous might get out, but Ryder refuses to elaborate, and Jake replies that maybe he should tell his secrets to someone else. During Ryder's performance of Everybody Hurts, Jake and Marley flashback to getting slushied in the hallway by jocks. Later on, Jake performs We Will Rock You with New Directions, and does a dance while being cheered on by the group. At the end of the episode, Jake is seen performing Longest Time with New Directions. (Lights Out)

Jake is first seen with the rest of New Directions in the choir room when the week's assignment revealed. He is next scene dancing back-up with Ryder during Kitty's performance of Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours. In the auditorium, he is seen dancing with the group as Mercedes, Blaine, and Marley perform Superstition. Later, Mercedes and Mike approach Jake, offering Jake the chance to be one of the featured dancers for Mercedes' music video. Mike tells him that he is a triple threat: he is an amazing singer, he got some sick dance moves and—as Mercedes completes

I Wish Performance.png
the list—he is sexy as hell. They think Jake is New Directions' secret weapon. Jake responds that he is just a sophomore, but they urge him to be a leader. Mercedes, quoting Jesus, tells him not to hide his light under a bushel, and asks him if he is going to argue with "our lord and savior," to which Jake replies that he is Jewish. Mercedes responded, "So is he." Later in the glee club. Mike and Jake shows off their moves in I Wish. When Mercedes asks the glee members what they're gonna do at Regionals, Jake answered, "Step up to the plate and embrace your talent." At the end of the episode, Jake is seen performing For Once in My Life with New Directions. (Wonder-ful)

Jake was with New Directions when Will briefed them on Regionals. He was next seen entering the choir room in the midst of a disagreement with Marley, presumably over what to do what the information that Unique has been catfishing Ryder since he rushes to Marley's defense when she falsely claims that it was her who was the guilty party. When Brittany tells the club about her early acceptance to MIT, Jake is happy for her. Later, Jake performs at Regionals with the club, getting a solo during Hall of Fame.

(All or Nothing)

In Season Five, Jacob Artist, Jake's actor, was promoted to series regular.

Jake is seen in the choir room when Will announces that the Glee Club is doing a tribute to The Beatles, he is seen to be very excited about it. After Kitty questions if anyone can still relate to them, Jake tells the group how he relates to John Lennon by mentioning how Lennon's Dad walked out of his life when he was younger and that he can relate to it. Later, he is seen having fun with Marley and the rest of the club at the carnival during Drive My Car. While Blaine is telling the club about his master plan, he seems unenthusiastic about the idea, but goes with Blaine and Sam to the different show choirs to get them to help him. During Help!, he is seen teaching one of the Vocal Adrenaline members how to perfect his backflip.

While Kitty is talking about the failed relationships in the Glee club, Jake takes offense to that and smirks at Blaine when he says, “Kurt and I will have a happy ending.” He is then sitting with Sam and Ryder listening to Blaine coming up with an idea on how to help Tina, which leads them to dressing up as The Beatles’ and perform I Saw Her Standing There for her and the other girls. At the end of the episode, he is at Dalton Academy with the rest of New Directions, Haverbrook Choir, Vocal Adrenaline, The Warblers, Santana, Rachel, Mercedes, and Burt by providing backup during All You Need Is Love. (Love, Love, Love)

Jake is seen in the choir room while Mr. Schuester talks about The Beatles’ experimental period. He is then shown to be excited about Blaine, Artie, Kitty, and Tin

a when they are nominated for Prom Court as well as enjoying Tina’s short solo right before the bell rings. He then leaves the choir room holding Marley’s hand. While in line with Ryder and Sam, he provides backup for Sam’s solo, Something while staring at Penny through the blinds. He is later seen performing Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band at prom with Ryder, Unique, and Marley. After Tina gets slushied, he is in the choir room with the rest of the group trying to get Tina to go back out there as well as providing backup during Hey Jude and cheering her on when they go back to the prom. At the end of the episode, he is performing Let It Be with the New Directions in the Auditorium. (Tina in the Sky with Diamonds)

Jake has a very minor role and is seen for the first time in the auditorium with the other underclassmen singing Seasons of Love for Finn Hudson and is then is joined by the seniors and the alumni. He later sings back-up vocals for Mercedes when she is singing her dedication song for Finn, I'll Stand by You. Jake also sings in the background during Artie and Sam's duet, Fire and Rain, Santana's If I Die Young, and later watches his half brother, Puck, sing, No Surrender for Finn. Once Puck is done singing, he goes to hug him with everyone else before Santana storms in asking him where Finn's jacket is. He is later shown putting a pair of drumsticks at Finn's memorial with several other New Direction members and is last seen when Rachel sings Make You Feel My Love for Finn while comforting Marley. (The Quarterback)

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Jake is in the choir room whilst Mr. Schue reads them who their competition are for Nationals, he looks worried when Mr. Schue, Tina, and Blaine talk about Throat Explosion. He raises his hand when Mr. Schue asks the club who is a Gaga along with Kitty, Tina, and Unique, and are then told to perform a number by Katy Perry. At Jake’s locker, Marley comes up to him and tells him what their plans are for their upcoming date. Jake is a little bored then tells her he loves her, but wants to do new and exciting things on their date. Marley offers several other suggestions, which all get turned down by Jake and then says that she is "such a Katy and I don’t know how you’re going to pull off Lady Gaga." He kisses her on the cheek and then leaves saying he is excited to see her Gaga performance. Later on, they are walking down the hallway and Marley suggests they go see John Mayer live, at first Jake doesn’t like the idea, but eventually says that he is looking forward to it.  Bree then walks up to them and asks Jake for some help with the Cheerios hip hop/ballet choreography. He is hesitant at first because he isn’t a choreographer, but Marley suggests he should do it. In the choir room with Kitty, Tina, and Unique, Jake is lying on top of the piano as the girls come up with ideas for their assignment. He is bored because they’ve been there for five hours. He then gets up and mentions that he is going to the dance studio to help the cheerleaders with a routine and is then dancing with Bree as Marley watches through the window. Later, Jake is seen sitting with the other "Katy's," Becky and Mr. Schue as the "Gaga's" are performing Applause. He looks rather intrigued at the performance and is
Vollbildaufzeichnung 05.11.2013 000042.jpg
slightly offended when Marley says that she won’t change for any guy. He then looks sad when Mr. Schue suspends her for the rest of the week. The next day, Jake (in a lion costume) is watching Kitty, Tina, and Unique freak out about what they are going to do for their performance. In the auditorium, Jake with Kitty, Tina, and Unique are performing a stripped down version of Katy Perry's Wide Awake.
After the performance, Jake goes up to Marley and talks to her to help her feel better. He suggests that she come over after school so they can hang out and watch "Marry Poppins." He also tells her that he is really digging her Katy look and makes a suggestive comment to which Marley picks up on. In Jake’s room, they are making out and Jake starts to feel her up before Marley tells him to stop. Jake moves to the other side of the bed and asks if they can have an honest conversation about doing other things. Jake tells Marley that he is upset that she won’t consider the idea of taking their relationship to the next level and that she doesn’t understand how hard it is for him at times. He mentions that he has been patient with her and he no longer stops talking to girls who wouldn't let him into their pants after six hours, this makes Marley gets upset and she tells him to go and be with one of those girls. She then starts crying and Jake comforts her. He is then seen walking down the hallway to the dance studio and asks Bree if she wants to go to a private place in the school with him, the two then walk out together.
He is last seen in the choir room sitting next to Ryder looking a bit lost as Tina bursts in telling them that Throat Explosion will be doing "Applause" at Nationals and Blaine suggests that they are mocking them. He turns to Ryder and asks him if Mr. Schue just made that up to which he responds with "no, Mr. Schue is a genius." Along with the rest of the club, he is suspended by Sue and performs Roar with the rest of the club. During the performance he is happy to see Marley watching him perform, but is soon consumed with guilt as Bree walks into the auditorium and stands next to Marley. (A Katy or A Gaga)

At the start of the episode, Jake is in the choir room with the rest of New Directions, watching Blaine’s twerk video.

Twerk-torial from The End Of Twerk GLEE 157.jpg
After Mr. Schuester announces the assignment for the week, "twerking," he is picked, along with Kitty, as a coach to help the New Directions learn how to twerk in the auditorium. Bree walks into the boy’s bathroom and makes out with Jake, who was a bit surprised by this, but then goes along with it. After "Sue's Corner," Jake is furious along with the rest of New Directions about what Sue said against "twerking." He then joins Mr. Schuester and the others in a rendition of Blurred Lines, which leads to an all out "twerkout" with many students that moves throughout the hallways, classrooms, and into the auditorium.
Tumblr mvg6bwqCqg1r4ezfzo1 500.jpg
After Unique performs If I Were a Boy, Jake, Ryder, and Sam stand up and ask for the names of the boys who made fun of her. Mr. Schuester says that isn’t the way to handle things and Unique says that it wouldn’t do anything. Next, Mr. Schuester is in the auditorium in front of the school board to try and get their permission to "twerk" by showing the evolution of dances that were deemed "inappropriate" for their time. Jake and Marley dance the "lambada," an ‘80s style Brazilian dance, then twerks along with everyone else. Jake is then in the choir room with the rest of New Directions staring quizzically at a purple porta potty with question marks on it that Sue installed as a "gender confused bathroom." Marley confronts Jake in the hallways to ask him to show her his right hip because Bree told her that she and Jake got it on and she hoped Bree was lying. Jake then apologizes for his actions and Marley leaves crying. Jake is last seen in the choir room looking upset after his falling out with Marley and then performs On Our Way in the auditorium. As Marley is singing the final line of the song, Jake has a really sad look on his face. (The End of Twerk)

Jake is first seen in the choir room when Mr. Schue announces the weekly assignment, Billy Joel, stating that looking "too Jewish" was one of the obstacles the artist had to face, before sharing an awkward look with Marley. He provides back up in the performance of Movin' Out (Anthony's Song).

Marley opens her locker and several roses fall out, but she kicks them away. Jake walks up to her holding another rose and apologizes, but she walks away after saying that he will never change. While Jake is working out in the locker room, Ryder confronts him about messing up his relationship with Marley. Agitated, Jake claims that is who he is and that his friend can either accept that or leave him alone. He performs My Life for the rest of the club, during which he is seen flirting with several girls, including Bree. He is seen upset when Ryder performs An Innocent Man to Marley and asks her out on a date, but later congratulates them, before leaving after a couple of girls. After Will and the New Directions confront Sue in the hallway, he participates in their performance of You May Be Right. (Movin' Out)

Jake is first seen in the choir room, playing guitar while everyone else is jamming out before the club starts. After Blaine walks in telling them that they need to work on ideas for Nationals, Jake and Sam are talking silently to each other to come up with some ideas until Blaine tells them to be quiet. While everyone else disagrees with Blaine’s ideas, Jake gets up and says that "Acapella is worth a shot" while everyone else is reluctant.

Tumblr mwky6gH38a1r4ezfzo5 1280.jpg
In Blaine’s fantasy, Jake and the rest of New Directions are puppets and dance along with him as Blaine sings You're My Best Friend. During the performance, Jake is playing the piano with Mr. Schue until Blaine slaps him away. Jake is then shown instructing the Cheerios, minus Kitty, on their routine until he tells them to stop because they aren't getting it. As the girls are walking out of the room, he checks each one of them out. As Jake is checking out one of the cheerleaders Bree walks up to him looking hurt and asks if he’s been doing her too and Jake responds saying that he has been doing all of them. In the hallway, Blaine walks up to him and thanks him for sticking up for him. He then tells Jake to sit in the back corner of the choir room because it is "crazy." As he walks into the choir room, Mr. Schuester tells the New Directions that dancing has been their weak spot and maybe with Jake, they can kick it up a notch by having him choreograph something. Jake walks to the chair, that Blaine told him to sit in, and he shoots down Mr. Schue’s idea by saying that he could choreograph a sick dance, but no one would be able to keep up and he doesn’t want to waste his time to come up
Tumblr mw631a4Xip1qg49w0o4 1280.jpg
with an easy dance. The whole club looks really offended and Marley calls him out by saying that his dance "moves are fine, not epic," and Sam looks at her like she is crazy. As the gas is starting to really affect his mind, Jake asks them if they want to see an epic routine and Nasty/Rhythm Nation starts playing. The Cheerios, minus Kitty, with a new look, join him in the number as well Marley. When Marley walks out of the room, Jake and the Cheerios go to follow her into the hallway. Bree then starts singing towards Jake, and to his surprise, she slaps him. The number then becomes black and white, looking like Janet Jackson’s music video for Rhythm Nation and Jake wears a male version of what she wore in the video, while the rest of New Directions as well as Bree watch from behind a cage. When the song ends, Jake is woken up by Figgins and he tells him that everyone has left the room uttering hateful things about Jake’s behavior. As Bree drags Jake down the hallway, he tells her that he doesn’t want a girlfriend, but she says that she doesn’t want to be his girlfriend either, which confuses Jake. She then tells him that she is pregnant with his baby. Jake asks her what her parents are going to say, but Bree tells him “no parents” and that it is going to stay between them forever. Jake is then shown with Blaine and Becky in detention, which Figgins calls the "Beck-fast club" named after Becky. Jake is in detention for being caught red-handed starting another exciting yet forbidden fistfight in the hallways. He then asks him, "Why are you such a mysterious musical bad boy?" to which Jake responds with a shrug. Jake then looks over at Becky, puts his head down, and then looks up at Blaine with a confused look on his face when Blaine says they could use this time to get to know each other. After Becky shuts him down, Blaine turns around, and both Jake and Becky turn into puppets. Jake thanks Becky for sharing a personal story about herself then asks Blaine, what is going on with him. He helps lift up Blaine’s spirits for missing Kurt’s show because he "goes to New York all the time" and the he was just there last week. He goes on to tell Blaine that they all need him because he is awesome, and that everyone should wise up and start doing whatever Blaine says because he is "right" every time. He then asks Blaine if he noticed that he is having puppet fantasies outside of the choir room, and tells him to get a CAT scan. When Blaine’s fantasy ends, Jake asks Blaine if he will cover for him because he has to go meet up with Bree. When he gets to Bree’s locker to ask if she is ready to go, she tells him that there is no need to because she had her period. Jake tells Bree that he is so relieved by this news she then gives him some tough love. She tells him that he is a douchey playboy who’s gonna spend the rest of his life dealing with one mess after another. She tells him that she feels sorry for whomever he will actually knock up next. Jake responds saying he will be a great one, and Bree says, "To who? Your seven kids by seven different women? Not unless you change." Jake tries to calm her down, but Bree tells him to stay away from him because he is toxic.
Tumblr mwky6gH38a1r4ezfzo8 1280.jpg
Jake goes to confront Marley in the hallway and tells her that he misses her and that he knows he screwed up really badly and that he is sorry. He tells her he can’t be without her because he doesn’t want to be a jerk anymore and that she was the only one who can make him a better person. Jake is hurt when Marley tells him that they gave it shot and it didn’t work. He asks her if she has any feelings for him and she tells him that she doesn’t feel the same way about him as he does. Jake looks really down when Marley leaves for class. He is then shown in the choir room looking uninterested and is the last one to get up when Blaine brings out a box of puppets. He is shown playing with his then performs The Fox in the auditorium dressed as an elephant and then dances with his puppet. (Puppet Master)

In the choir room, Jake can be seen, along with New Directions, talking about the new living Nativity play they are preparing for. During the McKinley High Non-Denominational Christmas Club meeting Jake curiously asks if manger scenes are permitted on school grounds; however, he doesn't get an answer. 
Screenshot 2014-03-04 21.04.53.png

Meanwhile, Jake performs Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree with New Directions in the choir room, as he shares moments with Marley and decorates the Christmas tree with the rest of the glee club. Jake is later seen cheering Marley, Tina, and Unique on as they audition for the role of Virgin Mary. Later on, Jake performs in a very controversial reenactment of the living Nativity story, including performing in Love Child, to immediately push Kitty to get the part as the Virgin Mary. At the end of the episode, Jake performs in Away in a Manger with the rest of New Directions during their Nativity scene. (Previously Unaired Christmas)

Jake, along with the rest of New Directions, joins in Artie and Tina's performance of Whenever I Call You Friend. When Becky blatantly storms into the Choir Room to insult their performance, Jake asks her what's up. When Artie and Tina both nominate themselves for a solo at Nationals, Jake, along with the rest of New Directions, does back-up vocals and dancing for My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It). He's shocked when Tina pushes Artie out of her wheelchair. At the end of the week, Artie, Blaine, and Tina perform Breakaway in the Auditorium to practice for their valedictorian song. Jake, along with the rest of New Directions, watches the performance and later joins in. (Frenemies)

Jake is first seen sitting and watching Blaine, Sam, and Tina dance and sing Jumpin' Jumpin' then dances with them in the hallway. Jake is then seen walking into the choir room with the other members and listening to Mr. Schuester talk about having one for more till Nationals then sits next to Kitty in the audience while watching Artie, Blaine, Sam, and Tina singing Hold On. (Trio)

Tumblr mzk7ovIGyF1r4ezfzo5 500.jpg
Jake is first seen in the choir room listening to Will, Burt, and Carole give them a pep talk to get ready for Nationals. He then joins in with Will, Blaine, Artie, and Sam by singing I Love LA while on the tour bus in Hollywood. Jake is then in a hotel lobby as Mercedes walks in and is happy to see her. He is also amused when Kitty tells Blaine that no one reads show choir blogs. Along with New Directions, Jake sneaks onto the Nationals stage where Sam gives them a pep talk and takes out Finn’s plaque before Throat Explosion walks in.

Jake is next lying shirtless on his bed as Ryder walks in telling him to get ready. Jake tells Ryder how he felt about Ryder trying to date Marley shortly after she broke up with him. Jake forgives him then wonders why Marley is quitting glee club after Nationals then helps Ryder find Mercedes to have her talk to Marley to get her to stay in Glee Club. Inside the bus going to Nationals, Jake sits next to Tina as Sam is giving another pep talk to them.Jake is backstage with New Directions getting ready to perform when Burt and Carole show up to tell them to give it everything they have and win, then does a show circle with the team. Jake is performing backing vocals during the New Directions performance's of More Than a Feeling, America, and I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, while dancing with Marley. After the performance, Jake is cheering with the New Directions in excitement before going on stage waiting to hear who won. Jake is then upset when he hears that the New Directions got second place. He is then seen back in the choir room putting with the New Directions still looking upset, but then when Burt and Carole walk in to cheer the team up by saying that Finn would’ve been proud for what they did. (City of Angels)

Jake is first seen in the choir room with both the current and alumni members of New Directions as Mr. Schuester is giving them a final lesson when April Rhodes comes in. He is then by the piano with everyone as April tells them about her newest relationship then sings backup and dances with Mike and Mr. Schue during Raise Your Glass. Jake is then scene in the choir room watching The Unholy Trinity perform Toxic. He is then shown sitting in the choir room watching Kurt, Mercedes, and Rachel sing Defying Gravity in order to see who is the true star of the club: Mercedes or Rachel.

100 still (10).jpg

Following this, he is in a classroom with Artie, Kitty, Marley, and Ryder where both Mercedes and Rachel tell them why they should vote for them. Jake is then shown first watching Brittany and Santana perform Valerie then gets up and joins the routine along with Mike. He is then in the auditorium where he sings back up for Puck as he sings Keep Holding On to Quinn, then helps recreate the routine on the risers with the rest of the club. Jake is back in the choir room sitting next to his half brother when Santana says why people shouldn’t vote for Rachel. He is then shown sitting next to Ryder when he asks him who he is going to vote for, and Jake responds with “Well I’m torn, one is black and one is Jewish” then claps when Mr. Schue says that both Mercedes and Rachel are equally talented. When he sees Holly enter, he looks confused while the alumni, Artie, Tina, and Sam clap when they see her. He then sings backup and dances with her and Mike during Happy. (100)

Jake first appears in the auditorium, sitting next to Blaine, when Kurt and Mercedes sing I Am Changing to Rachel and Santana. He is later seen in the choir room watching and clapping along to Be Okay, which is sung by Rachel and Santana. He is then sitting next to Mercedes while Puck and Quinn sing Just Give Me a Reason and confess their relationship. He then looks sad and disappointed when Mr. Schue tells them that this is the last song that will be sung in the choir room for Glee Club.


He is then in seen walking into the auditorium with the rest of New Directions and performing backing vocals to Don't Stop Believin', with the alumni and Mr. Schue. He also dances with Mr. Schue, Mike, Kitty, and Brittany, as well as doing a flip. When the song is over he hugs Mr. Schue with the rest of the club.

Screenshot 2014-03-27 18.07.56.png
Before graduation, Jake is shown in the choir room with Kitty, Marley, Ryder, and Unique as they finish cleaning the choir room and say their goodbyes to the Glee Club as well as remembering his duet with Ryder. They then they share a big hug before heading to the auditorium to see his friends graduate. Jake is last seen in the auditorium sitting with his half brother, clapping and cheering on his friends as they go and get their diplomas. This is the last time we see Jake in Season Five. (New Directions)

In Season Six, Jacob Artist was demoted to recurring cast and made guest appearance in the series finale.


In Homecoming, it is revealed that Sue transferred him to another school after the disbandment of the glee club. It's mentioned by Kitty, too.

The Hurt Locker, Part Two

Jake is mentioned by Rachel when she talks with Kurt about the former New Directions and that she didn't knew any of the new members' names, and referred to Jake as Puck's Brother.

Dreams Come True

Jake makes his first appearance this season in the New Directions performance of I Lived for the re-dedication of The April Rhodes Civic Pavilion as the Finn Hudson Auditorium. He shows up in the middle of the song with Brittany, Santana, Puck, Kitty, Lauren, Dave, Joe, Ryder, and Unique. He reunited with his old friends Ryder, Kitty, and Unique for the first time since New Directions and joins the whole cast of Glee on the stage. He's seen dancing with everyone, and seems happy about it. This marks the last time we saw Jake Puckerman on Glee.


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The relationship is first seen briefly in The New Rachel, after Will posts who

will be in New Directions, Marley saw she got in, when she walks by Jake they glance at each other. They are seen looking at each other again while Marley performs Chasing Pavements with the new directions and Jake comes into the auditorium for a few moments and leaves. The two have flirted and talked with one another in Britney 2.0, Jake asks her out and she accepts. Later they perform Crazy/You Drive Me Crazy in the football field in the bleachers, and come close to kissing. Jake gives her, his jacket after she says she's chilled, Marley kept the jacket until Kitty and Jake reveal they are in a relationship which Marley is saddened about. Jake still hangs out with Marley even though he was dating Kitty, he breaks up with Kitty in The Break-Up when Kitty starts insulting Marley and her mom, After they break up Marley asks Jake to audition with her for Grease as the roles of Sandy and Danny, which he turns down. After seeing Ryder flirt with Marley in The Role You Were Born to Play, Jake becomes jealous. Marley watches as he and Kitty perform Everybody Talks for their audition, during callbacks performing Born to Hand Jive, Jake tries to dance with Marley more, which causes Kitty to almost attack her, Jake pulls her off the stage to prevent that. After losing the role of Danny to Ryder, Jake sees them kiss before they perform You're The One That I Want. In Dynamic Duets, Jake asks Marley out again, which Ryder intervenes this time. Ryder and Jake fight for Marley's affections, after Ryder cancels his date with Marley, she asks Jake out and they've been dating ever since.

Marley becomes more open with Jake in Thanksgiving, and after she faints and people blame her for losing sectionals, Jake stays by her side. When, Sadie Hawkins dance is announced, Marley finds the confidence to ask Jake to the dance which he accepts. At the dance, Marley confesses that she really likes Jake, but she can only be with him if he can only be with her and take things slow, as she is afraid of getting hurt. Later, Jake says that he is done looking and only wants to be with her, affirming their relationship. In Naked, Brittany advises Marley to confess her true feelings towards Jake. Marley tries to do this by asking Jake to the auditorium where they perform A Thousand Years, where they share a kiss. Soon after, Marley tries to say 'I love you' to Jake, but ends up saying she loves the song. When Jake reveals what happened in the auditorium to Ryder, he advises Jake to say 'I love you first'. He tries to do this by singing Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself), but when asked if there was anything to say to her, he says the song pretty much said it, indirectly saying his feelings. When signing the Men of McKinley calendar, he sees Marley and gives her one that says 'I Love You- Jake' on it. Overwhelmed, she says I love you back and she kisses him. In A Katy or A Gaga, Marley tells Jake that she is still insecure about getting intimate with him and they fight, leading Jake to cheat on her with Bree and feeling guilty about it later. In The End of Twerk, Marley finally finds out that Jake slept with Bree and breaks up with him. In Movin' Out, Jake tries to apologize to Marley by singing My Life to her, but she refuses to forgive him. Shortly afterwards, Marley accepts to go out on a date with Ryder, making Jake jealous. They are also seen dancing happily together while Holly performs Happy along with the rest of New Directions, April, Will and the Alumni, which could indicate that they are now in good terms.

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The relationship is first seen in Britney 2.0, when Jake and Kitty reveal to Marley that they are in a relationship. Jake breaks up with her in The Break-Up and Kitty blames it on Marley and says that he and Marley will regret it. In The Role You Were Born to Play, Kitty spots Jake looking at Ryder flirti
ng with Marley and says that he is jealous, but after making fun of Marley. They talk at the sign up sheet and Kitty says that she has the perfect song for "us" to sing. They sing Everybody Talks in order to get the roles of Sandy and Danny in the musical of Grease. In the callbacks for Born to Hand Jive, Kitty begins to get feisty and at one point is taken of the stage by Jake after she tried to go after Marley. At the callback sheet, Jake and Kitty lose the roles of Sandy and Danny to Marley and Ryder. Jake getting the role of Putzie and Kitty getting Patty Simcox. Jake says that it didn't work out and Kitty says that he has been saying that a lot.

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Their relationship begins in A Katy or A Gaga, when Bree decides to seduce Jake and consequently break Marley's heart because she's attacking Glee Club under Sue's orders. Asking for his help to choreograph a Cheerios number, she manages to draw him away from Marley, and eventually has sex with him. In The End of Twerk, Bree tells Marley about her hookup with Jake, and she confronts Jake. When doesn't deny that he has cheated on her, she leaves him. 

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Puck and Jake have never met until Will calls Puck and has him come to Lima to talk with Jake. They've been keeping in touch as of (Dynamic Duets), and Finn chose Puck to be Jake's mentor in Thanksgiving. Puck gives Jake advice. They spend Hanukkah in L.A. together, but goes back to Lima, where Puck tells him he plans on staying there to look after Jake and their moms. They seen eachother again in 100 and New Directions . Jake seems happy about Puck's relationship with Quinn.

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Jake becomes jealous when he sees Ryder flirting with Marley, for whom he himself has feelings. He then attempts to get in their way by getting hold of the lead role in the school musical

Tumblr mootmfpq2u1qgkj12o1 500.png
himself, but is unsuccesful. Following the musical, they form a rivalry, and every effort from members of the glee-club appear to fail. However, once Jake helps Ryder uncover that he is dyslexic, the latter starts seeing Jake as a friends, and repays him with another favour. They subsequently become friends, and Ryder even acts accepting towards Jake's relationship with Marley, and even helps, contrary to his own feelings. Although Jake kisses his girlfriend, Jake seems able to forgive Ryder, and comforts him with his catfish.

They fight about Marley from anew in Movin' Out. Ryder is furious at Jake for cheating on her, and Jake forms a grudge on Ryder when he asks Marley out himself very soon after their break-up. They remain on bad terms for some time, but make up in City of Angels, and help Marley with a struggle together.


Total - 34

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Five
Song Episode Solos with
I Saw Her Standing There Love, Love, Love Blaine, Ryder, and Sam
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Tina in the Sky with Diamonds Marley, Ryder, and Unique
Wide Awake A Katy or A Gaga Kitty, Tina, and Unique
Blurred Lines The End of Twerk Artie, Bree, Kitty, and Will
On Our Way Artie, Blaine, Kitty, Marley, Ryder, Sam, Tina, and Unique
You May Be Right Movin' Out Artie, Kitty, Ryder, and Will
Nasty/Rhythm Nation Puppet Master Bree and Marley
The Fox Artie, Blaine, Elliott, Kitty, Rachel, Santana, and Tina
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree Previously Unaired Christmas Artie, Kitty, Marley, and Will
I Love LA City of Angels Artie, Blaine, Sam, and Will



  • His phone number is [[1]]. (Dynamic Duets)
  • New New York was the first episode he did not appear since his first appearance in The New Rachel, appearing in 35 episodes in a row.
    • He was present on every Glee Club meeting.
  • Opposite to his brother, he doesn't like to go by his surname.
  • He keeps a razor scooter in his locker and is usually seen riding it in the hallways.
  • Jake is the only member who joined in Season Four to not sing a duet with one of the original six.



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