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Jeremiah is a minor character who makes a one-episode appearance in the Season Two episode, Silly Love Songs. He is revealed to be the person whom Blaine Anderson had a crush on after going for coffee together twice.

He is portrayed by Alexander Nifong.


Season Two

Silly Love Songs

After sharing two dates (going out for coffee) together prior to Valentine's Day, Blaine hopes to pursue a deeper relationship with Jeremiah. He asks Kurt Hummel and the other Warblers to help serenade Jeremiah with the song When I Get You Alone as a Valentine's Day gesture.

The performance takes place at Jeremiah's workplace, The Gap, and is a big hit for the customers, but Jeremiah shows obvious discomfort. Afterwards, Jeremiah kindly speaks to Blaine, telling him that he should not have come to his workplace to 'bust a groove'. Blaine points out that the customers liked it. Jeremiah gently explains that he didn't, and neither did his boss. He was fired as a result of the performance. He tells Blaine that his co-workers had not known he was gay.

Jeremiah continues to explain to Blaine that he did not consider the two coffee meetings to be dates, and that he cannot have a relationship with him because it would be illegal, as Blaine is underage. He smiles slightly, pats Blaine on the arm and leaves a confused and embarrassed Blaine behind. Kurt appears pleased but quickly switches to sympathetic when Blaine turns to look at him.

After the incident, Blaine tells Kurt he is embarrassed and realizes that he imagined a romantic attachment with Jeremiah where none existed.

Season Six


Jeremiah is briefly mentioned outside's Rachel's home, when Kurt refers to him, about how Blaine liked him before he and Kurt dated. They wonder what happened to him.


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