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Julie is a student at the Brooklyn Film Academy. She's a friend and colleague of Artie Abrams. They go on a date together, but when he tells her about the other girls he has been seeing, she ends the relationship before it even began.

She is portrayed Stephanie Hunt.


Season Five


Julie first appears as Artie is doing his voiceover about how his love life has changed for the better since coming to New York. He says that Julie is the one he really has his heart set on. They leave together to work on Artie's short film, "Bags in the Wind." He says that a year ago he would have been terrified to ask her out but that he has learned that you just have to go for it. This leads into the performance of Addicted to Love in which Artie is seen with multiple girls including Julie. After the song, Artie asks Julie out. She says that she would love to but that she has a policy where she doesn't date anyone she is working with.

Later, Julie approaches Artie in the hallway and says that she has thought about going out with him and that she is an idiot for saying no and that she would love to. They agree to go out for food the following night.

Julie Artie Mercedes Sam Tested

Julie and Artie come into the Spotlight Diner and Kurt and Julie get introduced. Julie thinks that the diner was worth the 45 minute subway ride. Artie keeps on thinking about the fact that he has an STD and is hearing everyone around him talk about STDs even when they aren't. Artie tells Julie that they should wait to have sex for 7 to 10 days because he really cares about her. She seems confused at the suddenness and says that this is a first date and she wasn't even thinking about sex so it shouldn't be a problem to wait. This leads into Artie and Mercedes signing Let's Wait Awhile. Throughout the song, Julie seems confused and uncomfortable. She sings backup at the end of the song.

The next day, Artie approaches Julie in the hallway and apologizes about the date being weird. He says that there was a reason he was acting weird and tells her that he has Chlamydia and doesn't know who he got it from. She tells him that sleeping with those two girls is even grosser then the STD. He says that he just wanted to be honest and she says that honesty lets her see that he isn't who she thought he was and that he is a creeper and totally skives her out. Then she walks away from him.

Later when Artie, Blaine, Kurt, and Sam are eating out together, Artie says that being a player lost him Julie and he is giving up the game.


Backup Vocals

Season Five
Song Episode Sung by Backup with
Let's Wait Awhile Tested Artie and Mercedes Sam
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