Katie is a character who was first featured in Feud, the sixteenth episode of Season Four, as Ryder's online love interest. She and Ryder exchanged photos and messages for about a month. She is later on revealed to be the fictitious creation of Unique, as a disguise used to get closer to Ryder.

She is portrayed by Ginny Gardner (voice) and Alex Newell (as the "real" Katie).


Season Four


During this episode it appears that Katie is interested in Ryder's life and gives him meaningful advice how he should go around issues involved with Unique and Marley. At the end of the conversation, Ryder asks to meet up with Katie. Typing is heard to suggest it is someone in McKinley. When Ryder asked Katie if they could meet, Katie goes offline suspiciously, leaving Ryder confused and hurt.

Shooting Star

After meeting "Katie" in the flesh for the first time, Ryder serenades her with Your Song yet discovers that it had not been the person he'd been talking to online, but a regular student named Marissa, who shows an interest in him. He, however, only cares about learning who the real "Katie" is. Realizing he'd been catfished, he immediately blames Jake and Marley, both of whom deny his accusations. During the shooting, he attempts to call Katie as another's ringtone is heard in the choir room, suggesting it's one of the New Directions. He then attempts to meet "Katie" in person, who fails to show. Ryder is left hurt as he joins the New Directions' performance of Say, all of whom comfort him. 

Lights Out

Ryder is chatting with Katie in the library when the power goes back on. Katie says she'll be right back and then seconds later Kitty arrives asking Ryder if he wants to join her for lunch. Ryder says no and as soon as Kitty leaves, Katie types back "Hey Babe."

All or Nothing

After an angry Ryder creates a scene in Glee club, Marley admits being the catfish. Jake defends Marley, so Ryder won't yell. Later, Unique admits to being Katie after Ryder becomes furious with Marley. Unique states it started out innocent but became so much more. Ryder stands up to her and says there is nothing between them and he will never speak to her again. They are later seen giving awkward, angry glances at one another during Regionals.


  • Since her introduction in Feud, she is only mentioned every two episodes.


Ryder: He was way out of line.
Katie: Didn't you tell me it was feud week in Glee club? Well get your aggression out through song. Challenge him to a duel.
Ryder: Has anyone ever told you your kind of a genius?

Ryder Lynn to Katie about Unique Adams, Feud

Katie: Enough about me and my sad, boring stories. How did your feud duet go with that guy go?
Ryder: I killed it but we're still feuding.

—Katie to Ryder Lynn about Unique Adams, Feud


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