The Kurt-Rachel Relationship, most commonly known as Hummelberry or Kurtchel, is the friendship between Kurt Hummel and Rachel Berry.



During much of Season One, Kurt and Rachel dislike each other due to both of them wanting to be the star of the New Directions and receive the affection of Finn. However, in Season Two, they begin to develop a friendship which grows stronger once Kurt moves to Dalton Academy and they are no longer competing for solos. In Season Three, the two bond over their shared love of musical theater and their applications to NYADA, calling themselves "twinsies". Their friendship is tested in Goodbye, the twenty-second and final episode of that season, after Rachel is accepted into NYADA and Kurt is declined, but they remain close, with Kurt preparing Rachel for her new life in the big city.

In Season Two, Rachel and Kurt pick up from that topsy-turvy friendship, and there are less vile actions and insults. When Kurt transfers to Dalton, Rachel and Kurt become closer, as she helps him for his audition for the Warblers sectional set-list, which Kurt doesn't get. Kurt grows closer to Blaine, and when Blaine and Rachel kiss at her party, this causes a bit of a jealousy feud, but that quickly ends as Blaine realizes that he is really gay. Kurt and Rachel refer themselves at "The Best Singers in Glee Club." At the end of Season Two, Rachel and Kurt have grown close, as they break into a Broadway stage and sing For Good, as they ponder upon their future in New York together as best friends.

At the beginning of Season Three, Rachel and Kurt are officially best friends, determined to go to a New York performing arts school and be able to live out their dream on Broadway. They are stunned when they attend a small NYADA meeting in Ohio and sees that there are many other applicants out there, exactly like them and that they need to begin to be bigger. Rachel auditions for the role of Maria in the West Side Story musical, in hopes of getting something down on her application for NYADA and Kurt, to run for senior class president. When Rachel thinks she won't get the Maria role, she runs for senior class president, which angers Kurt and they have another feud. That ends, because when Rachel does her speech, she withdraws from the Senior Class President campaign and tells everyone to vote for Kurt, and their friendship is then again, mended. When Kurt runs for Senior Class President, he knows he'll lose and Rachel helps him cheat by stuffing in more ballots. In the end, she gets caught, and then faces a consequence of not performing at Sectionals. As the Season progresses, Kurt and Rachel do their first try-outs for NYADA, as they are accepted as finalists. Kurt does well, but Rachel chokes, and she tries to convince Mrs.Tibideaux to let her have a second chance, which Rachel gets, because she attends Rachel's Nationals competition. By Goodbye, Kurt and Rachel discover their results; Kurt does not make it in while Rachel does. When Finn sets Rachel free, she catches a train to New York, ready for NYADA as she bids farewell to everyone, including Kurt.

Kurt and Rachel lived together in a loft in Bushwick for two years, during the whole Season Four and Season Five. Between Swan Song and Bash they both attended NYADA together, after Kurt gets accepted and before Rachel quits to work in Funny Girl full time. In Diva, they have a fight over Rachel's diva attitude, but in the end they make up and Kurt encourages Rachel to audition for the role of Fanny Brice in Funny Girl.

At the end of Season Five, Rachel is offered a TV program starring herself, which makes her move to Los Angeles whereas Kurt stays in New York with Blaine. Therefore, as Rachel said, this is the first moment they are apart in five years.

Starting Season Six and following Rachel's failure on TV, she returns to Lima. Kurt continues attending NYADA and, as this is his third year, he has to go out to the world and present some project. They both decide to asociate to reboot the New Directions at McKinley, since it was disbanded and inactive for the entire prior year. Thereby, they become the new directors of the Glee Club. Later in the season, Rachel attends Brittany and Santana's wedding as one of the bridesmaids. This wedding turns out to be Kurt and Blaine's as well. In the time jump in the final episode, Rachel becomes the surrogate for Kurt and Blaine's baby due to how she was born. A few moments later Kurt excitedly watches as Rachel receives her Tony award for her part in the Jane Austin Sings musical.


Pilot Kurt criticizes Rachel over her leadership methods in Glee Club. When they sing You're the One That I Want, he looks jealously at Rachel as she dances with Finn. Acafellas In order to hide the fact that he is gay and has a crush on Finn, Kurt pretends to have a crush on Rachel after being questioned by Mercedes about dating her. Mercedes is angry that he does not reciprocate her feelings for him, resulting in her singing Bust Your Windows. At the end of the episode, he admits that he is not in love with Rachel and finally comes out to her. The Rhodes Not Taken Kurt informs Rachel that the glee club has just been rocked with its first scandal, Mercedes tells Rachel that Quinn's knocked up, and then Kurt finishes telling Rachel the news that hurts Rachel the most - that the "baby daddy" is Finn. Throwdown Kurt hugs Rachel after the group performs Ride wit Me. Wheels They compete for the solo of Defying Gravity, but Kurt blows the high F and Rachel wins. Since they are both competitive, this causes a rivalry between the two divas. Ballad While the New Directions are singing Lean on Me to Finn and Quinn to show their support, Kurt is seen leaning on Rachel. At the end of the song, he puts his arm around her neck. Hairography

Hummelberry - Plan.gif
Kurt purposely sabotages Rachel by giving her a bad makeover in order to ruin her chances with Finn. Rachel invites Finn to come over her house to practice some songs for Glee Club and shows off her new image. When Finn is unimpressed, she confronts Kurt. She says that she has a better chance of dating Finn because she is a girl. Kurt tells her that they are both kidding themselves; Finn loves Quinn and they are just getting in the way. They later wave to each other in the hallway. Mattress Rachel asks Kurt to help her with a 'gaylesball' to help her become the most involved student in school. He declines the offer. Sectionals Although admitting that it pains him to say it, Kurt decides that Rachel is their best performer. Hell-O During Gives You Hell, Kurt seems unimpressed with Rachel. She does grab his hand, though, and lifts him out of his chair to try to get him to start dancing. Kurt is also one of the many members of New Directions that urge Rachel to break it off with Jesse, calling her Benedict Arnold. The Power of Madonna At the games halftime performance, Sue add vocals to the Cheerios with Kurt and Mercedes and perform 4 Minutes. Rachel is in the stands with Jesse when she witnesses this for the first time. Funk Kurt is upset when Vocal Adrenaline (including Jesse) egg Rachel, insisting that "[The glee club] are the only ones that get to humiliate her." They get Jesse and Vocal Adrenaline back by doing a funk number, something that Vocal Adrenaline could never pull off because they are "soulless automatons".

Britney/Brittany Kurt is disgusted by the apparent lack of hygiene of Rachel's teeth when the New Directions chew the capsules, exclaiming 'oh my god' scathingly as he turns around to look at her. Grilled Cheesus When Kurt's dad has a heart attack, Rachel tries to support him by singing Papa, Can You Hear Me?. Although Kurt rejects her prayers, he later regrets it. Duets

Singing Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy

Kurt pines for Britney/Brittany he thinks. She says to him that she know he's lonely, but he's not alone. She then offers to sing the mash-up Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy with him for fun, which marks the beginning of their friendship.

The Substitute

Hummelb Forget You.gif
When Mr. Schue is sick, Kurt gets Holly Holliday to substitute, due to Rachel taking over Glee Club and trying to make it all about her.


Rachel calls a meeting among the Glee girls to get their boyfriends to defend Kurt from Karofsky. She is very upset when Finn refuses to do so. While the plan only ends with Sam getting a black eye, Kurt thanks them for trying. She is also visibly upset when Kurt tells the Glee Club he's leaving, but also asks him if he will be against them at Sectionals.

Special Education

Kurt goes to Rachel for advice on choosing his audition song for a solo at Sectionals. He first wants to sing My Heart Will Go On, but Rachel says he has to sing a song that is more personal, more like Kurt. She suggests Don't Cry for Me Argentina. During Sectionals, they talk, and Rachel is apologetic when Kurt tells her he didn't get the solo. Kurt manages to tell Rachel that she is the best singer there and Kurt is obviously jealous of her talent, and they weren't friends only because they fought for solos. They hug and laugh until Blaine comes and tells Kurt that he needs to go. When the Warblers are performing Hey, Soul Sister, Kurt is very anxious. When Rachel notices it, she signals him to smile.

The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

It's shown that Rachel has met Kurt's friend Blaine. Blaine gives Rachel and Mercedes the idea to join the football team themselves. Kurt is shown attending the game that Rachel plays in - and enjoying the half-time show that Rachel dances in.

Silly Love Songs

When Kurt finds out Blaine has feelings for another guy, he goes to Rachel's house along with Mercedes for a sleepover seeking comfort. They make him realize that he simply played up the relationship in his head. During the title song he plays around with them and hugs Rachel.

Blame It on the Alcohol

Kurt and Rachel in Blame It on the Alcohol.


Rachel kisses Blaine during a game of spin the bottle, which bothers Kurt, especially when Blaine arranges a date with Rachel and starts to think he may be bisexual. Kurt is jealous of Rachel, but offers his support. He goes to her house to help her clear up the party mess, but he really wants to talk to her about Blaine. Kurt tries to make her understand that Blaine and her will never have chemistry, because Blaine is gay. Rachel claims that Blaine is "confused." The two then start a bet, in which Rachel has to kiss Blaine while sober. When she does this, Blaine declares he is "100% gay," Rachel isn't sad at all, she thinks it's "song writing gold," and Kurt feels better about his chances with Blaine. Rachel hugged and kissed Kurt at the end of the episode to thank him for helping her.

Original Song

During New Directions' performance at Regionals, Kurt starts handing out foam fingers to the Warblers and jumps up to cheer them on. Rachel also shares an excited, but nervous look with Kurt later as the results for Regionals are announced.

A Night of Neglect

Kurt attends the benefit concert with Blaine, to support Rachel and the rest of New Directions.

Born This Way

Kurt, with help from Puck and the rest of New Directions, convinces Rachel to not get a nose job and plays an important role in Rachel's "Barbravention." He tells her that she would be letting her idol, Barbra Streisand, and her future fans down by getting one. He dances along to Duck Sauce's Barbra Streisand, along with a flash-mob. They hug at the end of the performance and Kurt taps Rachel's nose playfully. Rachel realizes that the Glee Club is right and decides to not get a nose job.

New York

Kurt and Rachel

Kurt wakes Rachel up so that they can have breakfast at Tiffany's. Rachel tells Kurt that he is the only one other than her who understands how amazing New York is, before the two agree they are coming to New York as soon as they graduate. However, Rachel is unsure whether she wants to leave Finn behind, leading to Kurt pointing to the theater with 'Wicked' advertised on the side to help her make her decision. The two break into the Gershwin Theater and perform For Good from Wicked, a song about a deep friendship. They hug after the song.

Hummelberry - Wicked Realization.gif

After they perform, when the list of the top 10 groups has been posted and they don't know if they placed or not, Kurt and Rachel are both excited before heading over to the list and Rachel touches Kurt's back as she is kind of encouraging him to walk faster.

The Purple Piano Project

Emma encourages Rachel and Kurt to sign up for the New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts (NYADA) to study musical theater at college. Kurt and Rachel perform Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead to practice for their performance. They then go to the NYADA social, only to find that the other applicants look, dress and act exactly like them. After being humiliated by the performance of NYADA applicants Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do, Kurt and Rachel are seen crying in the car saying that they have never been more humiliated in their lives. Kurt tells Rachel that he will not let her give up, and assures her that she will get into NYADA as she wants it more than anyone else. I Am Unicorn Kurt and Rachel audition for Tony and Maria respectively for the upcoming production of West Side Story. However, Kurt overhears Coach Beiste talking with Emma and Artie, saying that he isn't right for the role. Desperate to convince them he can be Tony, he asks Rachel to help him re-audition, which she agrees to. They perform a scene from Romeo and Juliet, which West Side Story was originally based on. At the end; Shannon, Emma, Artie, and Rachel start laughing at him. Asian F Rachel is helping Kurt hand out buttons for his run as class president. After the diva-off, Rachel knows that Mercedes did better than her, and visits Coach Beiste to tell her that she is going to run for class president. Kurt finds this out and is not happy. She tells Kurt that she would make him her vice-president, and hopefully vice versa. He wants to win to set an example, while he feels that she's only doing it to gain attention and popularity. Kurt leaves saying "Ten years from now, you'll be remembering the friends you had, and ones you tossed aside." Pot o' Gold When Rory is singing Take Care of Yourself, Rachel is smiling hugely as she nudges Kurt - this happens as Rory sings a note as high as he can. Rachel and Kurt don't speak at all, this episode, though, - they were not talking to each other due to the presidential campaign. The First Time No interaction is shown between the two other than Kurt watching from backstage when Blaine & Rachel as Tony & Maria have an intimate scene on stage, but they both lose their virginities to their respective boyfriends in this episode. Mash Off Rachel tries to engage Kurt in conversation about New York and after Kurt ignores her attempts, she admits to missing Kurt and their friendship. Later in the episode after Rachel drops out of the election, the two of them are shown to reconcile their friendship and decide to work on Kurt's campaign together, Rachel telling him that part of her dream of New York is going there with him. I Kissed a Girl Rachel has an internal monologue explaining that Kurt is clearly the superior candidate of the campaign and also saying that everyone in the school is too caught up in their own little worlds to realize how much the campaign will affect her; winning class president would give Kurt an edge and help him to get accepted into NYADA; she can't go to New York without her "best gay" in case she needs "an emergency makeover or last-minute soufflé." Rachel ends up stuffing the ballot box with votes for Kurt. For a brief moment, Kurt actually thinks that he has won. The school realises the election is rigged, and accuses Kurt of cheating, immediately disqualifying him from the campaign. Rachel admits to what she did and is suspended from competing in Sectionals. Extraordinary Merry Christmas Rachel and Kurt smile at each other as they sing My Favorite Things with Blaine and Mercedes. Michael When Kurt receives his NYADA letter saying he is a finalist, he rushes to tell Rachel, only to find that when he asks what hers said, she hadn't gotten one. He tells her not to worry, and that they might just have not sent it yet. She cries, and says that she has no plans other than her relationship with Finn. She continues to cry as Kurt comforts her in sympathy by hugging her. At the end of the episode, Rachel walks up to Kurt at his locker and shows him that she has received her letter from NYADA, in which she reveals that she is also a finalist. They hug once again. In a scene that didn't air, Rachel and Kurt, with Blaine, Santana and Artie, visit Dalton Academy where they witness the Warblers performing their Michael Jackson number, I Want You Back by The Jackson 5. While the group was performing, both of them consistently looked unimpressed and disgusted at their performance. The Spanish Teacher Rachel and Kurt, along with Mercedes, have a sleepover at Rachel's house. Rachel reveals to them that she and Finn are engaged, to which Kurt retaliates the most, talking about how Finn is not likely going to be there with them when they head off to NYADA. Rachel responds that no matter what happens, Finn would be the only man for her. Later, when Kurt's talking to Finn, he says to him, "Look, I'm not telling you that you shouldn't marry Rachel. I love her despite all of her crazy, and I think that you'd be lucky to marry her one day." On My Way
Kurt and Rachel are seen at the Lima Bean together looking through wedding magazines, and Kurt is terrified and upset when Sebastian threatens to put the picture of Finn online if Rachel performs at Regionals. Along with Quinn and Mercedes, he comes around and decides to support his brother and best friend at their wedding. Kurt and Blaine are seen with the bridesmaids before Rachel and Finn's wedding. Dance with Somebody During the performance of My Love Is Your Love at the end of the episode, when Rachel runs into the auditorium, she runs into Kurt and squeezes him in a tight hug. Then they skip up to the stage (sort of dance-walking) together, each one of them with one of their arms on each other's back. Choke Rachel comes up to Kurt after he decides to change his audition piece from The Music of the Night to Not the Boy Next Door. She explains that playing safe is the preferred option while Kurt believes that he should take a chance and be excited about it, but decides to listen to her advice. Kurt makes it into the next stage of the audition while Rachel falters resulting in Rachel breaking down. Kurt tries to comfort her, but he doesn't do much to help her cause. He hugs her and tells her he loves her and she says she loves him too. Prom-asaurus While Rachel sings Big Girls Don't Cry, Kurt and Blaine walk in and sit down to join her. Rachel can be seen smiling at Kurt while he walks in, and he makes a hand gesture to Rachel, encouraging her to sing. They then discuss prom, and when they realize that they don't really want to attend it, they develop their own celebration known as the "Anti-Prom," which they open up to general public. At the Anti-Prom, Rachel suggests that they have a fashion show, and Kurt immediately jumps in with ideas based on 'The Sound of Music', but Becky and Puck veto the idea. When Finn arrives, he convinces Kurt, Rachel and Blaine to come to prom. Being last year's prom queen, Kurt gets to present Rachel with her crown and tells her to "Smile and breathe" while doing so. Goodbye

Rachel saying Goodbye to Kurt

During Kurt's goodbye performance to the club of I'll Remember, Rachel is seen singing along, and looking at Kurt in admiration. After, Rachel finds Kurt and Finn in the hallways, she tells them that the acceptance letters are coming this week and that they should all share the moment together and open them in the choir room. They both agree and Kurt gets them to pinky swear. In the choir room, the three of them huddle around the letters in anticipation and fear. As Finn opens his letter first, Rachel walks beside Kurt and shares a tender moment of contact. They share disappointment when Finn does not get accepted. Kurt opens his next, and also receives rejection. Rachel looks shocked and tells him that she's sorry. Rachel opens hers next, and gets accepted. After, Rachel decides to stay in Lima saying she could help Kurt get into NYADA next year. She's happy she got accepted, but it wouldn't be complete without Kurt and Finn by her side in New York. At the train station, Rachel boards a train headed to New York after Finn broke up the relationship and planned wedding so that she could go to NYADA. At the station, a crying Rachel shares a final hug and embrace with Kurt, and she walks onto the train. When she sits down in her seat, Kurt, alongside the other members, wave farewell. In a scene that was cut from the episode - but was intended to be included in Kurt's look back at his years in McKinley - Kurt and Rachel are sitting in the library across from each other. Rachel then tells Kurt that although they have two days to write in each other's yearbook, she already finished, admitting that she shed a few tears while writing it. Kurt admits that he's still working on hers, but Rachel tells Kurt to read her message - so that it can give him inspiration for his. In it she writes: "Dear Kurt. I love you so much. You've challenged me, inspired me, and taught me the importance of having a signature style. You're the bravest, truest person I've ever met, and because of you I will never apologize for who I am or how I look... even with this nose. Thank goodness we're going to be in New York together, because I don't think I could survive there without my best friend and soulmate, which is what you are to me. I love you forever and see you on Broadway." - Rachel Berry

Throughout the reading, Kurt tries hard, but unsuccessfully, to hold back tears. When he finishes, they hold hands over the table, and Kurt tells her "I love you."

The New Rachel Rachel and Kurt have a phone conversation about New York and NYADA. Rachel lies to Kurt, and tells him how fantastic it is. They talk about Brody and Kurt asks Rachel if she likes him. She denies that she does that and then the conversation ends shortly.

Near the end of the episode, Rachel calls Kurt and falls apart, admitting to him how terrible this new experience is. When she talks about her mysterious roommate, Kurt suggests that she finds a new one. Rachel doesn't think it's all that easy and he responds by telling her to turn around. When she does, she sees Kurt standing at the opposite end of the fountain, to which she smiles at seeing him, and they both run up to each other and hug. Britney 2.0 Rachel and Kurt have found a new place to live, big enough that the two of them rode bicycles around their open new space. After, the two of them sit on the floor eating pizza. Rachel asks Kurt if he has heard anything from Finn, which he has not. Kurt then changes the subject and tells Rachel that Blaine has told him that New Directions are doing another Britney tribute week. He also tells her that his plan in New York is to audition for NYADA for next semester and that he has applied for a job at Rachel complains about Cassandra July, and Kurt tells her about her breakdown on stage. Kurt also helps motivate Rachel by telling her that she has to make Cassie love her, and give her sexy - which inspires Rachel to perform Oops!... I Did It Again. Later, Kurt and Rachel are painting the brick walls of their pads. Rachel is still thinking of Finn as she has painted his name on the wall with a giant heart around it and Kurt tries to comfort her. To cheer her up, he decided to get cake. Just as he's going to leave, there's a knock at the door and Brody is standing there. Kurt introduces himself and gives Rachel a coyish look and leaves the two of them alone, smiling as he closed the door. During the performance of Everytime, Kurt watches Rachel paint over Finn's name. Makeover Rachel tells Kurt about her experience at NYADA, and how cruel some of the students were based on her outfit. Kurt gets the idea to break into Vogue so that Rachel can feel better about herself and they can film a music video for When they are caught by Isabelle, she agrees, they sing The Way You Look Tonight/You're Never Fully Dressed, and give Rachel an overdue makeover. Towards the end of the episode, Brody and Rachel have a dinner date at Kurt and Rachel's NYC apartment and later they kiss and make out. When the door knocks, Rachel thinks it's Kurt forgetting his keys, but when she slides the door open, it turns out to be Finn. The Break-Up When Rachel wakes up, she is first greeted by Kurt making breakfast. Kurt mentions that although he loves her and Finn, he was happy he had earplugs so he wouldn't have to listen to them in bed, although Rachel admits that nothing happened between them. When Finn wakes up, Kurt leaves them to have a moment alone. Later in their apartment, both of them are trying to convince Finn that he needs to suit up for Callbacks. And when Blaine shows up, both of them extremely excited that he's there early and the four them can go out together. Later in the episode when both relationships develop problems, Kurt and Finn have a personal brotherly moment. Kurt asks Finn if he wants him to talk to Rachel for him, but Finn declines the offer and leaves. Glease
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Kurt and Rachel are stretching at NYADA in Cassandra's dance studio as Kurt is helping out Rachel for her off-Broadway audition. Tina contacts Kurt about the Grease update, but Rachel doesn't really want to talk about it. Cassandra walks in at this point and overhears them. They explain the situation for her, and she believes that it would be good for them to get closure. Rachel insists that she's good, but Kurt is determined to convince her to come along, mainly because he needs to see Blaine and he can't do it alone.
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The two arrive at McKinley for the musical and are walking down the halls when they become sentimental over their old lockers and reflect on their high school years. They talk about the time Kurt lied to Mercedes about being in love with Rachel (Acafellas), and Mercedes surprises them, jokingly saying that it still hurts. The three are instantly in smiles and hug, and Mercedes insists that they go backstage with her. When they get there, Rachel and Kurt meet with Blaine and Finn in an extremely awkward conversation. Kurt tells them about Rachel's audition coming up, and Finn thanks them for coming. When Finn and Blaine leave, Kurt admits to Rachel that this was a bad idea and that he can't do this. Rachel comforts him, telling him that they will have fun, laugh, and be by each-others side throughout the whole show and they won't see them sweat. During the show, Blaine sings Beauty School Drop Out. During this number, Kurt looks heartbroken while Blaine is about to burst into tears. Rachel also notices this and comforts him some more. Later, both of them have a small fantasy where the two of them are performing You're the One That I Want with some of the original New Directions members. Back in reality, Kurt gives a standing ovation, while Rachel is still shaken up and needs to leave.
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At the end, Finn and Rachel have one last argument and cut off all communication ties. Kurt intervenes by telling Finn that Will wants to see him. When he leaves, Rachel tells him that she wants to go home, and that this doesn't feel like home anymore. Blaine then walks up, and Rachel lets them have a moment alone. Kurt is too upset to listen, and tells him that Rachel was right, that this isn't home. He then turns away from him and leaves with Rachel by his side. Thanksgiving
Glee.S04E08.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 0216.jpg
Kurt and Rachel are walking through New York, talking about their lives. Rachel mentions that she didn't get cast in The Glass Menagerie, but is going to spend all weekend prepping for the NYADA showcase. She then segues into Kurt and his future at NYADA, and he tells her that he did submit an application, and even put it on stationary so it would stand out. Rachel is happy that they are staying for Thanksgiving, but Kurt is slightly more reluctant. Although he does say "yes" numerous times, he admits that it is Thanksgiving and sectionals, and that he still misses his friends and his dad. Rachel agrees, but feels that going back would be sad, a feeling Kurt also agrees with. They have their dreams, ambitions, and each other, and Rachel adds saying that Kurt is the only "significant other" she needs. They agree to forget about boys, and focus on themselves and their new life. Rachel calms down Kurt some more saying that they will have the best Thanksgiving ever, and they seal it with a pinky promise. On their own, Rachel invites Brody, and Kurt invites Isabelle and some of her friends for their orphan's Thanksgiving. At the apartment, Rachel and Kurt are joined by Brody when preparing to cook the turkey. Kurt is slightly horrified, seeing the way Brody handles the turkey, but lets him do it his way (while Rachel smiles, watching the two and their friendly banter). And although they had reservations about doing their Thanksgiving, both of them are content with their arrangement. However, Brody then drops a bombshell, saying that nobody can burst into song, and both Kurt and Rachel turn to him in shock and a hint of anger. Brody then gets Rachel to help him butter the turkey, and Kurt looks almost disgusted by the way they fondle the bird. They also realize that it is five, and sectionals is about to begin. Kurt doesn't understand why they decided to hold the competition on Thanksgiving, and Rachel guesses that it's because with tons of people home for the holidays, they would sell more tickets. Rachel then starts to reminisce about her first sectionals, and how she would always pump herself up by giving herself a pep talk in front of a mirror.

Let's Have a Kiki

At the table, Kurt asks if Rachel is okay, but she says she's just having a moment. She mentions her past Thanksgivings with her dads, and how she would sing medleys over pie and now it feels weird that things in her life are over. Kurt assures her that as long as they are together, they will never lose holiday medleys. When the turkey is done, there is a knock at the door. Kurt opens it only to be bombarded by Isabelle's guests, only they were told it was a party. Kurt turns to Brody and Rachel and tells them apparently they're having a party and Rachel looks in shock, yet welcoming. The crowd is very active at their apartment, but Isabelle is still not there. Isabelle calls Kurt on his phone and when she arrives, Kurt, Rachel and Isabelle burst into Let's Have a Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time. The two immediately are celebrating this idea, and are genuinely happy and excited. The two even help Brody understand what a "Kiki" is.

Swan Song

Glee.S04E09.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 024.jpg
In Swan Song, Kurt first tells Rachel that Blaine told him about New Direction's lost at Sectionals due to Marley passing out, shocking Rachel. Rachel contemplates about calling Finn, Kurt says if that makes him feel better. Rachel decides it's a bad idea, as she'll remind him of a bigger loss, him losing her, adding to New Direction's loss, making things worse. The two then go on to speak about Kurt's re-audition at NYADA. Rachel assures him that he'll always have time to apply, Kurt denies himself, saying that the Universe is trying to tell him that he's bad at something. Rachel says it's just Carmen Tibideaux, to which he replies "Is there a difference?" He then questions Rachel about whether Carmen has handed out the invitation to NYADA's Winter Showcase. Rachel says that she hasn't and besides, she won't be getting one, because a freshmen of NYADA hasn't gotten one for at least 7 years and that person was Broadway-stage raised. Kurt admits he has been active on the NYADA blogs recently to re-audition and that's why he found out about the showcase. He places a record on as he explains about the Winter Showcase. It then shows Carmen Tibideaux writing the invitations. Kurt says that every year, 10 students are specifically chosen to perform at the showcase, Rachel listening. Carmen hand writes each invitation and delivers them. Just being invited is an honour. He goes on to explain that former winners have won Emmys, Oscars and Golden Globes. Just as this happens, Rachel receives one from Carmen Tibideaux.  After Brody and Rachel kiss, Kurt calls Rachel, as it is time for her to perform. During her two performances, Rachel receives standing ovations, Kurt and Brody watching intently in the audience. 
Glee.S04E09.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 374.jpg
Carmen says that Rachel's two solos were wonderful, and then says "No, they were superb." Carmen then says there will be a brief intermission and if he thinks he is ready, Kurt Hummel will perform for everyone. As Kurt rushes down, Rachel follows. He can't believe Carmen and her idea of making Kurt perform in front of the entire NYADA faculty and theatrical audience. Rachel says she's giving Kurt a second chance and seeing if Kurt can perform under pressure. Kurt is nervous, sure he will fail. As Kurt tries to select his song, he decides to do Being Alive by Company. But he knows Carmen may hate the song and he needs costume and props to which Rachel immediately says he doesn't need at all! Rachel says she knows when Kurt was at his best when he sung I Want to Hold Your Hand in the choir room and it gave her chills just thinking about it. Kurt says that was different because his dad was in the hospital. He says he can't dedicate it to anyone, but then asks, "Carmen?" Rachel then says, "To yourself."  Kurt introduces himself after he and Rachel's pep talk. He jokes, saying he is auditioning for the role of NYADA student. The song, Being Alive, begins to play, Rachel and Brody watching Kurt intently.
Glee.S04E09.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 500.jpg
When Kurt reaches towards the ending of the song, he and Rachel both have teary eyes. At the end of the performance, Rachel, Brody, Carmen and the rest of the NYADA faculty and audience members applaud Kurt. During Don't Dream It's Overback in New York, Kurt reads a letter in tears. Rachel asks what happened, as Kurt says he got his NYADA letter and that he got in. Rachel runs to hug him as they cry.

Glee, Actually

Schermafbeelding 2013-01-30 om 23.05.07.png.jpg
At their apartment, Rachel is packing up her stuff while Kurt is getting ready for Christmas. Rachel tells him that if he's not going home, he should at least come with her and her dads on their cruise. Kurt refuses, since he needs to save money for NYADA. Then when the Burt arrives to surprise Kurt, both of them super excited to see Kurt. They help him set up the tree he brought, and Burt starts telling Rachel the history of Hummel Christmas Tee. When Rachel is just about to leave, Burt gives Rachel one little Christmas/Hanukkah present. She opens it up and receives a glittery red apple ornament which she and Kurt hang, representing the first of many holidays in New York.

Sadie Hawkins

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In Sadie Hawkins, Kurt begins his first week at NYADA, but says his first week was kind of lonely for him due to the fact that he thought college would be different, but it has its cliques. He also thought that Rachel and him would be inseparable twins, but she's been helping Brody which involves him being shirtless, apparently for a Magic Mike musical. At their New York apartment, Rachel says Brody took her out for dinner and he dropped her back. She invited him to their apartment for dinner sometime. Rachel encourages Kurt to start searching for someone, and asks how his first week at NYADA was. Kurt explains that it was lonely, but he wants to join Adam and The Apples, a show choir group at NYADA. But Rachel says they aren't in McKinley anymore and joining that group would be social and career suicide, unless he wants to be a teapot at Disneyland. After Kurt takes interest into Adam, Kurt and Rachel stroll through New York. Rachel says he should ask him out if he doesn't ask first, so Rachel and Brody and Kurt and Adam can have double dates. She then walks across the street to hug Brody as they meet-up at the library.


Kurt scolds Rachel for allowing her boyfriend to sit his bare ass on his vintage flea market chairs. When Rachel announces that she will be doing a topless scene in a student film, Kurt disagrees. But Brody says that to win an Oscar, Rachel should expose herself. Kurt says that a year ago, Rachel wore plaid skirts and wondered if Finn liked her - and now she's slutty Barbie. Rachel says regardless of whether Kurt supports her, she'll go on to do the scene. Later, it is revealed by Santana that Kurt was the one that called Quinn and Santana to give Rachel a lady-vention.


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In this episode, their friendship reaches a boiling point. Ever since Rachel won the Winter Showcase, her ego has grown significantly, and Kurt has had enough. In a voice-over, Kurt calls her "insufferable" and "out of control." At NYADA, she has separated herself from Kurt and now hangs with suck-ups he calls "Sycophant." And it's not only her at NYADA that's bugging him, it's also her at home by using all the hot water, leaves rings in the tub, has clogged the sink because of her hair extensions, and gets him to answer her phone because she is saving her voice. And finally he's had enough and that he is determined to knock her down a few pegs because he is the only one who can do so.
Back in their apartment, Kurt is rudely awakened by Rachel's constant warm-ups. When Rachel pushes Kurt to make her some tea, he finally snaps. When Rachel calls him out, Kurt tells straight-up that she has been a "Nightmare," but Rachel takes it as a form of jealousy. They get into a vicious argument throwing low blows at each other. Rachel mentions that the only reason he got to sing at the showcase was because Carmen Tibideaux knew that they were friends, and Kurt saying that even though she won, it was his performance that everyone was talking about. Kurt then challenges her to Midnight Madness. Rachel laughs it off reminding him of the first diva-off they ever had (Defying Gravity from Wheels) and how she totally beat him. Kurt then breaks the news that he threw the high F because he didn't want to embarrass his father by having a son singing a girls song. Rachel doesn't believe it a first, but Kurt tells her that it's "truth time." Rachel then is the one to explode, saying that it was because of the that battle that she built her confidence on. Kurt then gets all smirk and tells her that she better get ready cause this time he isn't holding anything back, leaving Rachel a mix of shock and anger. When walking through the halls of NYADA with Brody, the two "Sycophants" come up to Rachel and starts talking smack about him. However, Rachel stands up for Kurt, telling them that he earned his place based on his talent. At Midnight Madness, the rules are clear. Two singers perform the same song, and the audience choices by walking over to the side of the individual they believe sung it better. Brody brings them up, they give each other a weak smile, and draws the song, discovering it to be Bring Him Home. Rules state that since Kurt challenged Rachel, he goes first. During the performance, they are seen cutting through both Kurt and Rachel's solo. Both of them sing with intensity, emotion and passion, and periodically look at each other. At the end, Brody calls for the audience to decide the winner, and with a close call, Kurt is declared the winner. Kurt is ecstatic, and even though Rachel gives him a "Silent Applause," she is clearly devastated by her loss.
In the halls, Kurt tells Adam that he feels bad for winning feeling that he had a major advantage because that was one of the first scores he ever sung. Kurt notices Rachel looking at the bulletin board, excuses himself from Adam, and walks up to her. Kurt suggest that the two of them go to the open audition for Funny Girl, but Rachel quickly shoots the suggestion down and says that he will make a great Fanny Bryce.
Back at home, Kurt comes in Rachel's room and tells her that he has signed them up for auditions for Funny Girl. When Rachel says she isn't going to audition, Kurt tells her that she needs to get over her loss. He also tells her that they are even and that she was born to play Fanny Bryce. Rachel starts to get afraid that if she does get the part, she would be a bigger and badder diva, and will start to isolate herself from her friends and get people to hate her. Kurt tells her that yes, she is a diva - talented, ambitious and original. Rachel then starts to tear up, adding "I love you," apologize, and hug it out. At the end of the episode, they receive a knock at their door from Santana. Kurt opens it and both of them are shocked to see her. When they ask her what she's s doing, Santana walks in telling them that she is moving in.

I Do

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Kurt and Rachel interact during the wedding. They sing back-up during Getting Married Today, and sit next to each other at the wedding. When Becky walks down the aisle, she throws rose petals at the two of them aggressively, making them embarrassed as they share glances.

Girls (and Boys) on Film

Rachel, Kurt, Santana and Adam are all stuck inside the apartment because of a massive snowfall that has closed NYADA. In the apartment, Santana starts to make comments about Rachel's weight and relationship and Kurt tries to remind her that they are letting her stay for free. However, that doesn't stop Rachel as she bursts from the bathroom in anger. She says that this apartment is her and Kurt's safe place and threatens that she'll have to leave. Kurt calms her down by changing the topic to movies Santana choose. After she brings up "She's Having A Baby," Rachel immediately shoots them all down. Kurt then turns to her somewhat disappointed because he brings up how she loves that movie and always cries when she has the baby. He however lets it go and decides they should watch "Moulin Rouge!," and Rachel puts on a small grin in the background.

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During the movie, Rachel has her head on Kurt's shoulder. Kurt starts crying from an imaginary scene he has depicting him and Blaine performing Come What May - a song Kurt mentioned would be sung and their wedding. When he blames it on his non-existent contacts, Rachel gullibly believes him. Santana then brings up the subject about Brody. She admits that she went through all of the drawers in the house, shocking both Rachel and Kurt and continue to have their own mini conversation. When she believes that Brody is a drug dealer, they are both surprised, but Kurt then turns to curiosity and turns to Rachel.


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At the New York apartment, Santana comes back and sees Kurt and Rachel sitting, ready to conduct an intervention. The two find out from Brody that Santana went to NYADA to confront Brody and attack his character, via the song Cold Hearted. Rachel speaks for both of them feeling embarrassed that she would do that at their school and Kurt tells her that they want her to move out. Santana defends herself, bringing up the past they've shared and that they are a family, although starts by calling The Olsen Twins, and that they are annoying 90% of the time. They give her an ultimatum, either lay off on Brody, or leave. She decides to leave their apartment, and takes her stuff and leaves. When she's gone, Rachel mentions that Santana stole her comforter and Kurt adds that she took his pillow.

Guilty Pleasures

Santana and Kurt are in the bathroom while Rachel showers and Santana complains that she doesn't have enough shelf space. She tells Rachel to remove all of her skin products, but Kurt tells her that she's a bitch, and that those things are his, defending Rachel. Kurt then makes a rude remark to Santana and so she then walks up to him and blackmails him, telling him that she will tell Rachel the truth about Brody if she doesn't give her shelf space. Kurt, trying to protect Rachel before her Funny Girl audition, reluctantly agrees. After he leaves, Santana suggests playing a prank on 'Lady Hummel' in order to cheer her up, and Rachel agrees.  

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They walk into his room, and unintentionally find out about Kurt's guilty pleasure: a boyfriend arm pillow named Bruce. Later, Kurt buys Rachel and Santana boyfriend arm pillows, but makes Santana's a girl's arm. Even though Santana seems to be enjoying her pillow, Rachel says she doesn't need it since she isn't lonely. Rachel later comes in, and as she found out earlier about Brody's secret life, tells them that she and Brody are over for good. They join her in Mamma Mia.

Sweet Dreams

When Rachel auditions for the role of Fanny in Funny Girl, Kurt is seen performing with the original members of Glee Club: ArtieTinaFinn, and Mercedes, as Rachel sings Don't Stop Believin' for her audition, although they are only there in Rachel's imagination. Kurt is only seen at the end of this episode as he bakes cookies while Rachel nervously waits

for the call to confirm if she made the cut. Kurt tries to converse with her and attempts to offer her a cookie, while she talks about her dreams. However, when the phone rings, Kurt tells Rachel to answer it. When she does and gets off the phone seconds later, Rachel ecstatically cheers that she made the role of Fanny for Funny Girl and they jump around after the good news, while the intro to Outcast starts playing.

Lights Out

Rachel and Kurt show disdain over the fact that Santana is throwing her life away and they both try to give her advice and suggestions on what she should do, but Santana ignores them. Meanwhile, when Kurt announces that the three would go to the Ballet Gala, Rachel and Kurt are ecstatic, and they both express their memories of attending ballet classes. Later, they both perform At the Ballet with Santana and Isabelle.


Kurt's inner thoughts include that Rachel had assured him it was a natural response for him to get a little OCD prior to his dad's appointment about his cancer.

Love, Love, Love

After getting a text from Blaine, Rachel travels to Ohio with Santana in order to help him propose to Kurt. At the beginning of the performance of All You Need Is Love, they greet each other with a kiss on the cheek. Rachel later leads Kurt through Dalton Academy, showing him the different parts of the performance put on by the show choirs, while singing back up. She is thrilled when Kurt and Blaine get engaged. Tina in the Sky with Diamonds Kurt meets Rachel at NYADA, where she is helping with the annual piano tuning. He claims that she has lost her mojo, and that she can't let her failure in getting the role of Fanny Brice define her. They perform Get Back together, singing and dancing around the pianos. Later, while Santana and Rachel are talking at the Spotlight Diner, Kurt shows up wearing a waiter uniform, much to Santana's surprise. He explains that he needs cash to start a Madonna cover band and Rachel is very excited about them working together, though Kurt claims she'll be leaving them soon to play Fanny Brice. She
isn't very hopeful, but when Kurt tries to cheer her up, she confidently says she knows she is special and that she will play the part one day. Soon she is called to wait a table, where the producer of Funny Girl announces she's gotten the part. She squeals hysterically, running across the diner to hug Kurt tightly, as the two celebrate along with Santana. They both sing solo lines in the song Let It Be as they open a bottle of champagne back at the apartment, and celebrate with Santana and her new girlfriend, Dani. The Quarterback
Before leaving New York to participate in the Glee Club's memorial to Finn back at McKinley, Kurt sadly says goodbye to Rachel. Later, Rachel also travels to Ohio, and the two of them meet the Glee Club members by Finn's locker. During Rachel's performance of Make You Feel My Love, Kurt is seen holding Blaine's hand, moved. A Katy or A Gaga Kurt is discussing the creation of his band with Dani, Santana, and Rachel at the diner, and invites them to join it. When Rachel declines, he states that Finn would want her to live her life, but she claims to be too busy with her Funny Girl rehearsals. After being shown Starchild's audition by Santana, Rachel questions Kurt about whether he rejected the auditionee because he doesn't want to share the spotlight, to which Kurt responds that Starchild is too eccentric, and that he wants to take a break from the struggle of being different or he'll never
be successful. Rachel disagrees, encouraging her friend and stating that he and Starchild are unique talents and that he must remain true to himself. Later, the band is discussing name ideas in the apartment when Rachel arrives and suggests the name "Pamela Lansbury," which Kurt loves. He then convinces her to join the band, and they all perform Roar together. The End of Twerk When Rachel returns from practice for Funny Girl, Kurt is immediately shocked that she seems to have cut her hair, until she reveals that it is only a wig, much to his relief. Rachel elaborates: Rupert, the director, has far too strict views on how things should be, and so she felt she wanted to rebel a bit. Kurt is a bit appalled by that, and she provokes him by saying he has become boring with the habits he repeats every evening. When Kurt becomes defensive, she explains that she felt really rebellious and alive fooling her director, and that she wants to keep feeling that way. She encourages Kurt to take a risk along with her. Kurt eventually relents. They go to a tattoo studio after agreeing that they will both get one as their act of rebellion. Before getting it, they agree that they won't say which motif they will choose in order to surprise each other. Kurt ends up going through with it. The following morning he proudly presents a lettering that should have said "It Gets Better." Rachel is impressed at first, but then notices, horrified, that it says "It's Get Better" instead. She tells him he has to get the tattoo removed, but he immediately says he can't afford it. She then says he has to go back to the studio to get it fixed. Kurt asks her to go with him, hoping her tattoo is also messed up so they would fix it together, but Rachel reveals that she ended up not getting a tattoo, which is later revealed to be a lie. Angry at her, he then runs back to the tattoo studio to see what he can do about the spelling mistake.
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When Rachel greets Kurt upon his return and he doesn't reply, she is upset, thinking isn't talking to her, but he reveals that he's not speaking because he got his tongue pierced for free after getting his tattoo fixed. He shows her the tattoo that now reads "It's got BetteMidler." They then talk about Kurt's piercing; Kurt admits that he has felt as if he's been in a trance ever since Finn's death and used the piercing as a "shock back to life." He encourages her to get a stud too, but Rachel declines the suggestion, saying her body is too precious to her to harm it like that. Kurt then leaves the room to show, announcing that he's off to show his piercing to Blaine via Skype. Movin' Out
Rachel and Kurt are thrilled when Sam and Blaine arrive at the apartment to spend the week, and hug each of them. Later, during Blaine's performance of Piano Man at the Spotlight Diner, the two are seen cheering for him and dancing with the other staff members while holding up red candles. Back at the apartment after Sam's meeting with Bichette, the two assure him that he looks great the way he is and shouldn't try to lose weight. When Blaine suggests that they sing about the issue, the two of them enthusiastically agree, and the four proceed to perform Just the Way You Are, with Santana soon joining in as well. Puppet Master Rachel and Kurt gather with the rest of Pamela Lansbury at the apartment for an emergency meeting. Kurt announces he has booked them a debut gig at Callbacks, which, unlike the remaining band members, Rachel is very excited about. In Kurt's vision they perform Into The Groove with the rest of the band.
They are next seen at Callbacks, when Rachel sadly informs Kurt that no one has come to the concert. Later, at another meeting of the band, Kurt delivers the news that he has booked them a second gig, at a much more popular location, and the two celebrate with their friends. After Kurt gets an apology gift from Blaine, and even though Rachel seems initially scared by the puppets, they use them in their performance of The Fox with Pamela Lansbury. Previously Unaired Christmas
Both Kurt and Rachel are happy for Santana to visit them for Christmas. The three of them decide to work as Christmas Elves at Santa Land in the Mid-Town Mall, where they, upon facing an angry crowd, start an impromptu performance of Here Comes Santa Claus, after which they have food thrown at them by the angered children. When Santana doesn't show up for work the next day, Rachel and Kurt decide to call her and persuade her to come to the Mall, where Santana steps in as Mrs. Clause, seeing as Santa Clause didn't show up either. Both Rachel and Kurt are more than shocked at the things Santana tells the children sitting on her lap. Later, the three of them are close to giving up when Cody Tolentino arrives and offers his help, which they gladly accept. They invite him over for dinner to the Bushwick Apartment, where they enjoy some eggnog and a helium-induced performance of The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late), after which Kurt and Cody start making out, much to Rachel and Santana's surprise. Waking up the next morning in a hungover haze, Rachel and Santana find Kurt on his bed, tied up by Cody, and their apartment robbed. Later that day, Rachel learns that Cody has also robbed Santa Land, and convinces Kurt and Santana to take up another holiday-themed job. The three of them perform Away In A Manger in a shop window, dressed as living mannequins. Frenemies Rachel, Kurt and Santana are together in the Bushwick apartment, with Kurt being excited about band rehearsals that night. Rachel then tells him she can't be there, because they are auditioning their understudy and she has to be there, although she finds it ridiculous that they think they need an understudy because she would never miss a show. Kurt gets a little mad at the fact that she's missing the rehearsal, to which Rachel replies that she is under a lot of stress right now and needs her friends' support. She also tells them it's really hard being a star, which visually annoys Kurt.
We see them back in the loft later on in the episode, after Santana unexpectedly auditioned to be Rachel's understudy. Rachel is discussing this with Kurt, who tells her she is overreacting. Santana then comes in, which results in Rachel and her fighting. Kurt tries to calm them down, but it doesn't help. The last time we see them is in the Bushwick apartment again, after Funny Girl rehearsals. Rachel states they can't all live there any more and Kurt should decide who gets to stay, but he tells them he's not picking sides. He does, however, defend Santana, which upsets Rachel. She tells Santana they have never been nor will they ever be real friends. She also tells them both that she feels betrayed by her two friends, who she now feels aren't "real" friends to her. Kurt is shown to be a little annoyed by it all, but in the end Rachel is the one moving out, and she hugs Kurt before leaving. Trio
At the Spotlight Diner, it is revealed that Rachel feels Kurt is a "traitor" and refuses to talk to him, instead trying to get closer to Elliott in hopes of winning his favor. The contentious performance of Gloria between Rachel and Santana however provokes Elliott into leaving Pamela Lansbury. As Rachel and Santana are still feuding, Kurt attempts to talk some sense into both girls by mediating a discussion between the two. Unfortunately, Rachel and Santana refuse to budge and continue the hostility toward one another. At his wits end, Kurt then tells Rachel and Santana that he, Elliott, and Dani have decided to kick both girls out of the band. Kurt invites Rachel and Santana to attend his first gig with the trio as One Three Hill. Rachel tells Santana that they should be good friends to Kurt and be civil to one another for one night so Kurt can get through the performance, to which Santana agrees. Rachel seems sad as she watches Kurt's band perform The Happening 100 Both Kurt and Rachel go back to Lima to partake in Mr. Schue's last Glee club assignment. WhenSantana stands up to give a speech about how awful Rachel is, Kurt is visibly frustrated with the whole feud. After the performance of Keep Holding On, Rachel appears upset and goes to Kurt, presumably, for comfort. New Directions
Tina has a concussed dream in which she's working at the Spotlight Diner with Rachel and Kurt, in a loose parody of Friends. Later we see Kurt and Mercedes singing I Am Changing in an attempt to make Rachel and Santana put aside their differences and be friends again. Rachel is initially sceptical, but later smiles, enjoying the performance. Afterwards, she attempts to make up with Santana. Kurt and Rachel, along with the rest of New Directions perform Don't Stop Believin' to an emotional Will. At graduation, they sit next to each other, and congratulate the seniors as they graduate. New New York Rachel and Kurt both sing Downtown as they're on their way to meet each other and the rest of their friends. Rachel runs towards Kurt to hug him when they meet. He is surprised to see that she has her own town car, and Rachel wants to take everybody out for lunch, which Kurt happily accepts.
When Rachel returns to the Bushwick apartment that evening, Kurt tells her Artie got mugged on the subway. She is shocked to hear that, but tells him a story about not getting change from a homeless guy she once gave money. Meanwhile Kurt tries to take care of Artie, while being annoyed by Blaine's behaviour and Rachel being a diva. Later on, Kurt is studying with Blaine at the Bushwick Apartment when Rachel and Artie get home. They tell about how Artie peppersprayed the mugger, when they took the subway home together. Kurt is very excited to hear the story. When they're done, Blaine tells them how he and Kurt decided that he should move out for a little while. Rachel is shocked to hear that, but understands and supports it as soon as they explain it. They are both excited and happy when Mercedes enters the room, telling them she's moving to New York. Later, they help her move into her new apartment. However, while Kurt and Blaine are doing all the heavy lifting, Rachel sits on the side, playing with her phone. She soon has to leave, but they reconfirm their dinner plans for that night. Bash The two of them, along with Blaine and Sam, attend a public memorial for their neighbour's friend, Russ, walking arm-in-arm and singing to No One is Alone. At their apartment, the two of them host the traditional Monday night group dinner. The two of them, plus Blaine, start getting excited over their Sondheim performances for NYADA's Mid-Winter Critique. For the assignment, Rachel and Blaine perform Broadway Baby, which receives a great applause from the audience, including Kurt. However, Carmen Tibideaux isn't impressed, failing the two of them, but giving them a chance to do the performance correctly - as a solo. Rachel is not satisfied with this deal because she has Funny Girl rehearsals to work on. After getting into a disagreement with Carmen, she ends up quitting NYADA.
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Rachel meets up with Kurt at a restaurant, where Kurt quickly addresses the "elephant in the room" - Rachel quitting NYADA. Kurt doesn't understand, since she would have done anything to get into NYADA, and that an education from NYADA will get her places, since working on Broadway isn't a stable job. When Kurt brings up the fact that this might be her last role on Broadway, she goes on to attack. Rachel doesn't want to spend money on classes she can't attend and teachers who don't support her. When Kurt begs her to reconsider, Rachel doesn't understand how Kurt isn't on her side. She tells Kurt that he is afraid to venture out of his safety zone and that he needs NYADA since he won't ever take any risks and avoids growing up. To that, Kurt replies with a simple "screw you", and she leaves the restaurant immediately. This causes Kurt to leave alone, where he sees a homosexual being attacked in an alley. When he gets involved and tries to stop it, he gets attacked and knocked unconscious.  News quickly gets around about Kurt's attack, and Rachel receives a call during her Funny Girl rehearsal. She is the first one to be at the hospital, but isn't allowed to have any updates because she isn't a family member. When the doctor does show up, he allows the group to visit him, even though he is on several pain killers and is asleep. In the room, Rachel looks devastated and starts blaming herself because of the fight they had earlier. Blaine comforts her, telling her he would have done this regardless, and she leaves the room so Blaine and Kurt can be alone. At the apartment, Rachel approaches Kurt's room hoping to have a talk. Kurt, in one last attempt, tries to convince Rachel to not drop out. Rachel insists that college just isn't for her. When Kurt kindly jabs at Rachel's previous comments at dinner, Rachel immediately apologizes and Kurt accepts it, adding they've had worse fights. Rachel tells him that he is the most talented person she knows, that he has taken more risks then she ever will, and that he is her best friend and she loves him, Kurt echoing her last sentiment. The two hug it out and emerge from Kurt's room when the group arrives for their Monday potluck. At the table, Rachel announces to the group about Kurt's performance for the critique and hopes that everyone will attend his performance with her. At the showcase, Kurt performs I'm Still Here, with Rachel and the gang in the audience. When it's all done, Rachel participates in the standing ovation and quickly runs over to celebrate with Kurt and partake in a group hug. Opening Night In Rachel's Funny Girl induced nightmare, Kurt wakes her up. Dressed as a stage manager, he leads her through the performance of Lovefool, dancing along with Blaine, Santana, Tina and Sam. At the end of the performance, he crowds around her with the others, booing her.
In the morning, Kurt tries to work out why Rachel is so nervous about opening night. He orders her to stay off the internet and unofficial reviews, taking her phone and banning her from using the internet. He resolves to keep Rachel in a "hermetically sealed lovebubble", providing her with all the positive energy she needs to have confidence on opening night. Rachel reluctantly agrees to the plan. When Tina arrives, Kurt and Rachel both welcome her. However, Kurt quickly becomes alarmed when Tina begins to make tactless remarks about the abuse Rachel is receiving online. He wakes in the night to the sound of crying, and, upon further investigation, discovers Rachel, who has covertly reconnected to the internet and is binge-watching abusive blogs. In the morning, Kurt explains the situation to Mercedes, Sam, Tina and Blaine. Rachel refuses to get out of bed, and he explains that they must fill her with love and validation in order to succeed. In desperation, he gets Tina to forge a note from Barbra Streisand encouraging Rachel to get out of bed, but she quickly sees through his ruse due to a spelling error in her name. When Santana finally succeeds in getting Rachel out of bed, he runs to hug her happily. At Rachel's opening night, Kurt watches her happily. He remonstrates with Sue for making rude remarks about the show, reminding her that she is talking to the critic from the New York Times. During the interval, he reassures her that Sue leaving won't have any affect on the critic's review. He watches nervously as Sidney briefs Rachel on the importance of Act Two. After the performance, he celebrates with the group at a New York gay bar, accompanying Rachel during Pumpin Blood.
Back at the apartment in the morning, Kurt and Rachel are both shocked and disgusted to find Sue and Mario in their apartment, having retreated there the previous night to copulate wildly. After Rachel shouts at Sue for her complete apathy, Kurt fights back a smile. He leads the applause as Sue and Mario leave. In the street, Rachel buys a paper, but is too nervous to open it. She offers it to Kurt, but he also refuses. Santana grabs it, and they all take turns to read out the highly positive review. Will rings them, and announces that his baby son has been born. They congratulate him, happily. The Back-Up Plan At the Bushwick apartment, Rachel explains her plans to audition for a TV role to Kurt. Despite her insistence that it is a really big chance for her, he is suspicious of her plan to lie to Sidney. When Rachel turns it around to ask him if he would take the deal, he grudgingly agrees, but strongly advises that she doesn't deceive Sidney. Rachel, not listening, is already on the phone confirming the audition, and Kurt watches her, worried.
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Later, Rachel sits in a traffic jam in Los Angeles, incredibly late for her show that night. In desperation she calls Kurt, and begs him to help her. He rushes to the Spotlight Diner, and asks Mercedes and Santana to help him plan a diversion. Telling him that his ideas are horrible, Santana steps in and plays the part of Fanny Brice for Rachel until she gets back. Old Dog, New Tricks In a New York cafe, Kurt invites the friends to see a movie with him, but before she can answer, Rachel reveals the online leak over her skipping a Funny Girl performance. As she becomes increasingly upset, Kurt reminds her to use her 'inside voice'. He watches, bemused, as Rachel remonstrates with the customer who she spots trying to force her dog into a bag. Later, Rachel tells Kurt about her new dog rescue charity. Kurt offers to perform at the promotional event, but Santana unconvincingly turns him down, telling him that his brilliance would overshadow Rachel's - who is supposed to be the star of the show.o Rachel tries to reason with him, but Kurt leaves, upset. Later at the apartment, Rachel unhappily reflects on the disaster of the morning with Santana. Kurt arrives, and announces his part in Peter Pan. The girls are unimpressed, and despite his requests that they are there for him on performance night, insist that they are too busy with the publicity event to attend the show. Kurt angrily tells Rachel that he's done with being her friend only when it's convenient for her and storms out, leaving her disgruntled. Just before he goes on to perform at the opening night of Peter Pan, Kurt rings Rachel to apologise and wish her good luck with the benefit. He tells her that his life would be very dull without friends like her, and she thanks him, but tells him that she has to go - her best friend's show is about to start. Shocked, he looks into the audience to see Blaine, Rachel, Artie and Sam. They share smiles and waves. Rachel smiles happily as she watches Kurt perform, and congratulates him at the end of the show. Afterwards, she invites the entire cast to perform at her 'Broadway Bitches' event.
At the Spotlight Diner, Kurt and Rachel perform Take Me Home Tonight with the staff and care home residents. After the song, Rachel gives an interview. She credits Kurt for the idea behind the project, but Kurt is quick to remind her that it was a group effort, and that they're just happy to be giving back. Rachel, Kurt and Santana share a group hug, happily. The Untitled Rachel Berry Project Kurt doesn't like the idea of legendary TV writer Mary Halloran crashing the Monday night dinner the group of friends has every week just so that she can get a glimpse into Rachel's life. Rachel explains that all of these friends of hers (including Kurt) are so much a part of her life and of her essence, and Kurt smiles. Rachel, Kurt, and Brittany team up to encourage Mercedes to break up with Sam before she goes on tour. Kurt is there with the group of friends when they begin their first-read through of the first draft of the script Mary Halloran has written. The first scene is shown to be Rachel in a bathtub eating an entire sheet cake and Kurt, in the character of "Cert", entering the bathroom wearing a dinosaur costume. He sits on the toilet beside the tub and they have a conversation. They end the scene by saying the word "Hashtag" and various abbreviations in unison many times, transitioning out of the visual in the bathroom back to the scene of both of them holding the script in the apartment, both seemingly feeling awkward about the apparently awful script. Kurt agrees with everyone else that Rachel needs to do something about the script and get Mary Halloran to change it. Rachel is there to see Kurt perform American Boy with Blaine. At one point, during the lyric "Would you be my love?", Kurt extends his hand toward Rachel and she smiles, takes it and stands up and begins dancing with them, as do the rest of the friends who are all there to cheer Kurt and Blaine on. Kurt and Rachel both like the new version of the script and Kurt toasts "to two glorious years in the greatest city on Earth" and Rachel lifts her glass in return saying, "Cheers to that".
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When Sam announces that he's leaving New York and returning to Ohio, and he adds that everyone in New York is just scattering anyway, Rachel mentions that if she gets the TV show, it'll be the first time in five years that she'll be separated from Kurt. Kurt tells her if they can get through that, he thinks their friendship can survive anything and he wraps an arm around her for a side-hug. During the performance of Pompeii, Rachel finds out the script is being picked up and turned into a pilot, and she announces that she's going to L.A. with excitement. She runs to Blaine and then Kurt, hugging each of them. All three jump for joy.

Loser Like Me After getting approval for launching the Glee Club once again, Rachel comes back home, where she finds Kurt crying on her bed. They share a quiet hug and confort each other. They start a conversation, where Kurt tells Rachel he was the only one to show up outside their former New York loft (as they had agreed to do in the previous season's finale). He tells her how he regrets "having blown the best thing that had happened to him." Kurt asks Rachel to help him reunite with Blaine, and when Kurt tells her he wants to be with his friends to finally redeem themselves, Rachel comes up with the idea of co-directing McKinley's recently reinstated Glee Club, as Kurt has to run a project for his third year at NYADA.

In the next scene, we see Rachel and Kurt setting up the choir room again with the help of the A.V. Club and the Jazz Band, promising they will keep their relationsip strong as always and even learn their names. Promptly Sue finds them and they confront her saying that there's nothing she can do; she tells them she will destroy them before unleashing a tantrum. Homecoming Rachel meets Kurt, along with Sam, Blaine and Will at the latter's aparment. They explain they haven't actually come to a desicion about their position (as directors) in the recently reinstated Glee Club yet. Later, in the Choir Room, (now named "Becky Jackson Memorial") Rachel and Kurt discuss about their charge at the Glee Club, as Kurt doesn't want to be Rachel's assistant, and they agree to wait until there is actually a Glee Club to direct. We discover Rachel has sorted the music sheets chronologically whereas Kurt has ordered them based on emotions, which leads them to start arguing. Kurt tells Rachel they have to find a way to attract people to the club since their approach isn't much working. Shortly after in the auditorium, Kurt apologizes to Rachel, but she isn't mad because she thinks he is right. We soon learn that Rachel has called most of the alumni back to help, and this is a big surprise for Kurt. They go and hug everyone. In the Choir Room Kurt and Rachel speak to the former Glee Club members to remind them of how important is the club and ask them for help at recruiting new people. The two lead the Alumni in the performance of Take on Me.
Later, they approach Roderick with the rest of their friends and tell him how special he is and how honored they would be if he was a part of the club. They both are there at Roderick's audition, Mustang Sally. Rachel tells him they will call him to inform how did it go, but Kurt suggest accepting him right away, and Rachel agrees. Rachel is alone at the auditorium when is found by Kurt and Roderick. She says that she doesn't know how Mr. Schue managed to bring them together and make them better people, and Kurt says they have to be open to creating a new group with new people. Rachel then informs them that Jane has joined the club. After that, Rachel and Kurt present the new New Directions, which is only integrated by two people. However, Mason and Madison walk in with Santana, Quinn, and Brittany asking to join, and they are accepted as well. The new directors thank everyone for helping so much and the old and new members share a group hug before breaking into song with Home. Jagged Little Tapestry Rachel and Kurt sit on the floor of the Choir Room while sorting some music sheets. He tells her he ran into Blaine and Dave at the music store and this made him fantasize about singing It's Too Late with him. This leads Kurt to come up with the idea of making Carole King's Tapestry album the week's lesson, which Rachel thinks is brilliant but "kind of a downer," and suggests doing Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill. Kurt says they should show their students as many kinds of music as they can. Rachel says that their job was probably easier for Mr. Schue since he was on his own, and fears that she and Kurt will end up hating each other for co-teaching together. At the end of the scene, the two agree to do an assignment that takes account of both albums. Later in their office, Kurt and Rachel briefly discuss how to start the lesson before suddenly breaking into the Choir Room. They explain the New Directions will have to make mash-ups, just like they mashed up the names of the chosen albums. They awkwardly describe the assignment and end up whispering each other about interrupting them. The rest of the group looks uncomfortable, so Brittany and Santana agree to go first. In the Choir Room, Santana and Brittany sing Hand in My Pocket/I Feel the Earth Move, and Santana proposes to Brittany afterwards. Rachel seems happy for them whereas Kurt openly expresses he thinks it's a terrible idea. Santana comfronts Kurt in the hallways for interrupting the proposal. Rachel wants to go but Santana makes her stay to witness a long and agressive lecture against Kurt. Rachel silently stands besides a startled Kurt when Santana leaves. Later in the auditorium, Jane and Mason perform their assignment song, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow/Head Over Feet. Kurt seems sad as he remembers past moments with Blaine, and at the end of the song he says he's not satisfied with them despite Rachel reminding them it's their first time. Rachel breaks the conversation and takes Kurt away the group, where she says he should go home because he's not feeling well. Kurt agrees. By the end of the episode, Kurt and Rachel come across in the Choir Room and Kurt apologizes, but she interrupts him because she thinks he was right. Rachel tells Kurt Jane and Mason came to talk to her and agree as well. She tells him that they have different views of world but they both work and they sit together at the piano and talk about changing the world together. In the auditorium, Rachel and Kurt along with the New Directions and the rest of the alumni sing You Learn/You've Got a Friend. The Hurt Locker, Part One The two are shortly seen in the auditorium while talkin with Blaine. Blaine says he wants the Warblers to go on second and asks Rachel and Kurt how they are doing with their team. They don't seem very preocupied right now and try to downplay the Invitationals. Rachel says they could play easy on the New Directions since they have less members, but Blaine has other plans. The conversation is interrupted by a message of Dave and Blaine says he has to go. The two follow him to their apartment. Blaine, Kurt and Rachel find Dave standing on a chair and screaming, terrified. When they rush to the bedroom, they find a bear, which makes Rachel and Blaine look bewildered; however, Kurt already knows that it was put by Sue.
Kurt and Rachel are later seen in the Choir Room where they announce they have come up with two songs for Invitationals. They explain the club that it is only a preparation for the real competition. Shortly after Rachel shows the team her new 'piano skills', and interrupts Kurt when he tries to start talking, which makes him look a little irritated. Although Kurt tries to seem optimistic, he whispers to Rachel that they're clearly screwed. Later, during Vocal Adrenaline's performances of Rock Lobster and Whip It, Kurt tells Rachel that Will is clearly not underperforming as they were expecting, as they, along with the rest of the New Directions, appear astonished in a shot that resembles the first time the Glee Club went to see Vocal Adrenaline perform with Will and Emma. The Hurt Locker, Part Two
Kurt talks to Rachel, who is desperate after the turn of events with Will and Vocal Adrenaline. Besides, as Sue announced, they are now lacking eight members if they want to compete. Fortunately, Kurt has come with the idea of bringing Kitty back to the New Directions. Rachel is against this because she knows Kitty hates her for ignoring the new kids for the past two years. Still, Kurt makes her realise it will probably the only chance for them to win while they are being unknowingly watched by Sue. Later, Rachel notices that Kurt is missing and calls the police, but they only make fun of her and her failed TV show. When an officer finally shows up at McKinley a while later, all he does is insult her and discuss about Kurt and Blaine's relationship. Kurt and Blaine approach Rachel at the end of It Must Have Been Love. Rachel is shocked and wants to know what happened, but Kurt says it's a long story. She tells him the same when Kurt asks about the new setlist the New Directions are performing. Rachel catches him up about the news: Kitty and Spencer are in. During All Out of Love, Kurt and Rachel look at Blaine and Sam, respectively, smiling. They also celebrate with joy when New Directions win the invitationals. Later in the Choir Room, Rachel and Kurt put the trophy in the showcase, with their students following them. Roderick thanks them for bringing all of them together and Rachel says in the name of both how proud they are. Kurt tells the kids to take position for the New Directions' classic show circle. Rachel joins them and everyone raise their hands and shout "amazing!" What the World Needs Now Rachel and Kurt open the lesson talking about their shiny new trophy and present the new assignment they have for the kids: they will do Burt Bacharach. He enumerate all his achievements and she explains why his music is so amazing. Kurt reminds everyone that they are five weeks away from Sectionals as he and Rachel present the week's guest, Mercedes. Later, Kurt sings Arthur's Theme to Rachel in the auditorium along with Blaine, Artie and the New Directions boys. At the end of the episode, they both join the New Directions and some of the Alumni in the performance of What the World Needs Now. Transitioning Kurt and Sam call Artie, Blaine, Kitty, and Mercedes to a McKinley empty classroom to tell them Rachel's house has been recently sold and ask them for help to make her feel better.
Later in the choir room, Rachel announces the week's lesson: "Buckeye Bullseye", featuring only artists from Ohio. Everyone seems excited, but Kurt has other plans. He interrupts Rachel, who is surprised to know that the lesson has been changed to "Transitioning", which is a way to help her dealing with leaving her childhood home. She says that she think the lesson is very sweet. Rachel and Kurt sit next to each other during Rachel's party until they start dancing with everyone to All About That Bass. When Sam and Rachel go upstairs to Rachel's soon-to-be former room and start looking at Rachel's photos, there are some ones of Kurt, especially one from The New Rachel where they are hugging each other. Later, during the performance of Time After Time, Kurt helps Rachel to pack everything from her room along with her other friends. Kurt and Rachel are seen again in the choir room along with Sam and Walter where they happily announce to Blaine that they are going on a double date. Shortly after they listen to Unique and the Transpersons Choir's perfomance of I Know Where I've Been. Will returns to the choir room with Kurt and Rachel and shares with them his and Emma's plans for the future. He tells them how proud he is of them and accepts Rachel and Kurt's offer to be New Directions' "Special Alumni Consultant." Kurt and Rachel are told to start calling Mr Schue Will, to which Kurt is a little resistant. Closing the episode, they are shown talking about the New Directions' kids and how Kurt and Rachel should try to get to know them better. A Wedding They both help planning and show up at Brittany and Santana's wedding with their respective couples. Rachel only realizes that she's attending Kurt and Blaine's wedding when the grooms enter the room along with the brides, during the performance of At Last. Although Rachel seems shocked at first, she is clearly happy in the end. They share some gazes before the vows, smiling. Rachel stands next to Kurt and Blaine and enjoy the party along with everyone else. The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester Rachel is excited for her new Broadway show and anxiously announces that she is going to tell Kurt about it. Later, Rachel and Kurt with Will and Blaine assist as mediators when things get heated between the New Directions and the former Warblers during a rehearsal. Kurt thinks that they seem disconnected and Rachel suggests finding new and common uniforms for all of the kids. While watching the performance of The Final Countdown, Rachel and Kurt agree that Will and Sue both went crazy, and Kurt says he and Rachel can't let that happen to them.
All of the New Directions co-directors have a final reunion in the episode where they share their thoughts about the new challenges coming next, and they all agree that they will fight just like they did it before. At the end of the episode, Kurt and Rachel watch the performance of Rise during which they discover the new official outfits of the glee club, as they were presumably designed by Blaine and the members of New Directins. We Built This Glee Club Kurt approaches Rachel on the back of the auditorium when she is busy organising the brushes. While he makes clear that he wants the best for her, Kurt tells Rachel he can't help being concerned about her decision (Broadway or NYADA) after the way things turned out for her the last time. Rachel confesses she is worried she won't be hired ever again if she doesn't accept the role, but Kurt says that he is confident that won't happen. He continues stating that she inspired him when she came back to Lima and reminds Rachel that she is a role model for all the kids in the Glee Club and that it's in her hands to make the difference this time. Rachel is left reflective. Later, Kurt and Rachel are seen next to each other during Sectionals and the Show Circle. Both seem surprised yet delighted when Myron breaks into the New Directions' performance of Chandelier. They are also present when the glee club is announced as the winner, and celebrate with the kids. In the choir room, all of the New Directions members and co-directors are gathered to celebrate the club's victory. Everyone put the old trophies back into the case as a series of flashbacks is shown in which Rachel and Kurt are with the rest of the club celebrating past victories during their teenage years. 2009 Kurt is looking for a place to sit down while he is having his lunch, and after being driven away from the football jocks' table, he ends up placing next to Rachel, who is decorating some posters apparently made by herself. Rachel asks him to be careful with them, and this is when Kurt realises that the posters are from the Speech Club, which is only one of the clubs Rachel is in, as explained by her. He also congratulates her for her talent after having watched some of her MySpace videos. This leads to them formally introducing themselves to each other. It is soon made clear that Rachel takes acting very seriously, unlike Kurt. Despite looking unimpressed by Kurt, she encourages him to try out for the new Glee Club, and even offers him help to explore his vocal range in the auditorium.
Rachel and Kurt perform Popular there for this purpose. Although they smile and seem comfortable with each other, Rachel declines Kurt's invitation to audition together due to her competitive nature. Later, it is revealed that the Glee members haver arranged a secret meeting to decide what to do with Finn, since some ones are not certain about him. Kurt clarifies that he isn't hurt by Rachel being unsatisfied with him or Artie, but that the male lead shouldn't be someone as evil as Finn. Rachel shows to be reluctant to accept that, and she and Artie manage to convince the others to give him another chance. At the end of the episode, Kurt performs back-up vocals for Rachel and Finn during Don't Stop Believin'. Dreams Come True Opening the episode, Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine are seen on the background while Will is getting ready for 2015 National's results. When Will is prepared, they get out of the room and quickly enter the stage where the competition was held. Kurt, Rachel and Blaine wait for the results together on the side of the stage, and celebrate with everyone when the New Directions are announced winners. After Will is announced Principal of the new William McKinley School for the Arts, the group, now of over 30 members, gathers in the choir room along with some of the alumni. Rachel and Kurt share a joke with Will about the number of members since they will no more have difficulty finding students to fill the number.
Later, after Mercedes' performance of Someday We'll Be Together in the auditorium, Kurt and Rachel share a hug, visibly moved by Mercedes' departure. After the flash-forward, Kurt is shown entering Rachel's new house while she is getting ready for the Tonys. We learn that Rachel is pregnant and acording to her, and that she is the surrogate of Kurt and Blaine's baby. Rachel says that they are going to be "the most amazing dads." Later, Kurt cheers loudly with all of Rachel's friends when she is announced winner of the Tony to the "Best Actress in a Musical." Closing the episode (and therefore the series), Kurt and Rachel sing and dance to I Lived with the rest of the Glee cast, which exposes how they look in 2020.


Sang Together (In a Group Number)
Song Episode

Solos with

Like a Prayer The Power of Madonna Jesse, Finn, and Mercedes
Any Way You Want It/Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' Journey Finn, Puck, Artie, and Mercedes
Don't Stop Believin' Finn, Puck, Santana, Mercedes, and Artie
To Sir, With Love Finn, Santana, Mercedes, Artie, and Tina

Sang Together (In a Group Number)
Song Episode

Solos with

One of Us Grilled Cheesus Tina, Finn, Quinn, and Mercedes
There's a Light (Over at the Frankenstein Place) The Rocky Horror Glee Show Finn
Related Songs

Sang Together (In a Group Number)
Song Episode

Solos with

You Can't Stop the Beat The Purple Piano Project Artie, Finn, Tina, and Mercedes
Do They Know It's Christmas? Extraordinary Merry Christmas Finn, Mercedes, Blaine, Artie, Puck, Brittany, Tina, and Santana
My Favorite Things Blaine and Mercedes
Ben Michael Finn
Black or White Mercedes, Artie, and Santana
Love Shack Heart Blaine, Mercedes, Brittany, and Sugar
How Will I Know Dance with Somebody Mercedes and Santana
Big Girls Don't Cry Prom-asaurus Blaine
Paradise by the Dashboard Light Nationals Finn, Puck, Blaine, Santana, Brittany, Mike, and Mercedes
We Are the Champions Finn, Puck, Santana, and Quinn
Related Songs

Sang Together (In a Group Number)
Song Episode

Solos with

The Way You Look Tonight/You're Never Fully Dressed Makeover Isabelle
Don't Speak The Break-Up Blaine and Finn
The Scientist Will, Emma, Blaine, Finn, Santana, and Brittany
You're the One That I Want Glease Ryder, Marley, Finn, Blaine, Santana, and Brittany
Let's Have a Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time Thanksgiving Isabelle
We've Got Tonite I Do Finn, Blaine, Santana, Quinn, Marley, Jake, Artie, and Betty
Mamma Mia Guilty Pleasures Blaine, Marley, Sam, Santana, Kitty, and Unique
At the Ballet Lights Out Santana and Isabelle
Related Songs

Sang Together (In a Group Number)
Song Episode

Solos with

Let It Be Tina in the Sky with Diamonds Santana, Tina, Kitty, and Artie
Just the Way You Are Movin' Out Sam, Blaine, and Santana
Into the Groove Puppet Master Elliott
Here Comes Santa Claus (Down Santa Claus Lane) Previously Unaired Christmas Santana
The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late) Cody and Santana
Away In A Manger Kitty and Santana
Hold On Trio Artie, Blaine, Dani, Elliott, Sam, Santana, and Tina
Defying Gravity 100 Mercedes
Don't Stop Believin' New Directions Artie, Blaine, Tina, and Will
Downtown New New York Artie, Blaine, and Sam
No One Is Alone Bash Blaine
Take Me Home Tonight Old Dog, New Tricks Artie, Blaine, Maggie, Mercedes, Sam, and Santana
Pompeii The Untitled Rachel Berry Project Artie, Blaine, Brittany, Mercedes and Sam
Related Songs

Sang Together (In a Group Number)
Song Episode

Solos with

Take On Me Homecoming Artie, Brittany, Mercedes, Puck, Quinn, Sam, Santana, and Tina Cohen-Chang
Home Artie, Brittany, Jane, Madison, Mason, Puck, Quinn, Roderick, Santana, Spencer, and Tina
You Learn/You've Got a Friend Jagged Little Tapestry Brittany, Quinn, Santana, and Tina
What the World Needs Now What the World Needs Now Artie, Blaine, Mercedes, Sam, and Will
I Lived Dreams Come True Artie, Blaine, Mercedes, Roderick, Sam, and Will


  • They have both kissed Blaine. (Rachel in Blame It on the Alcohol and Kurt in multiple episodes)
  • They both love the musical Wicked.
    • Three of their duets are from Wicked.
    • Additionally, every song from Wicked that was sung on Glee was done by Kurt and Rachel as a duet at least once, with the only non-duet being Defying Gravity.
  • They both admire and look up to Patti LuPone and Barbra Streisand.
  • They both grew up without a mother. Kurt lost his mother when he was eight and Rachel was raised by her two dads.
    • However, Rachel has met her mom on multiple occasions.
  • They both have been in love with a boy of another school (Rachel with Jesse and Kurt with Blaine).
  • Both lose their virginities in The First Time. (Rachel to Finn and Kurt to Blaine)
  • Both have been romantically interested in Finn, Blaine, and Sam.
  • Both are best friends with Mercedes.
  • Rachel refers to Kurt as her "Best Gay." (I Kissed a Girl)
  • They both think they are going to be on Broadway in the year 2030. (The Spanish Teacher)
  • All their duets in seasons one through four were duets/mash-ups from musicals. (Defying Gravity, Don't Cry for Me Argentina, Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead, For GoodHappy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy, and Bring Him Home.) In season five, the pattern is broken when they sung a song from The Beatles (Get Back).
  • They both win Prom Queen; (Kurt in Season Two and Rachel in Season Three).
  • Three of the "duets" they performed in the series were technically solos performed consecutively. They were shown inter-cut on the series, but were released for sale as two separate solo-versions of the songs (Defying Gravity, Don't Cry for Me Argentina, Bring Him Home). Other duets have been performed in that manner on the show (e.g. Out Here on My Own), but had still been released as one version.
  • They are the only friendship which has at least one duet in every season.
  • They have both sang a duet with their self at some point in the series. (Kurt sang Le Jazz Hot and Rachel sang Torn)
  • They get their first tattoos together, although Rachel's is kept a secret. (The End of Twerk)
  • They both love Grey's Anatomy. (The Back-Up Plan)
  • They were both crowned as the write-in Prom Queen winners at their respective proms. (Kurt in Prom Queen, and Rachel in Prom-asaurus).



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